Feast of Bokka

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Feast of Bokka
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Royal Chef Hatundo
in Plains of Jarin
Type Secondary quest

Just outside of Kamadan on the Plains of Jarin you find Royal Chef Hatundo who needs some special local dishes for his employer Prince Bokka the Magnificent.

Quest information[edit]





Since the locations of all the chefs can be looked up in your Quest Log, the only problem you're faced with is actually acquiring the ingredients for each dish. All three chefs function like collectors - you'll be able to exchange one Chunk of Drake Flesh for a drake kabob in Kamadan, two Skale Fins for skalefin soup in The Astralarium, and two Iboga Petals for pahnai salad in Champion's Dawn. As for where to get those:

Iboga Petals are the easiest to get. Simply farm your way through all the Fanged Iboga wandering across the Plains of Jarin. If you're somewhat low-level, you'll have to watch out for some of the level 6 variety crawling around, but in all, it won't be difficult to gain the two petals for the salad. You can also go to Churrhir Fields and fight Iboga Root if you are low level.
Skale Fins will, as the name implies, drop from any of the Skale species. There are some low-level Skale in the Plains of Jarin, but it won't be easy solo-farming them for the fins. You'll be fighting your way through quite a lot of these critters if you explore Istan, though, so if you just try to finish all quests in the region, you'll most likely end up with more than two of these.
A Chunk of Drake Flesh is the hardest to acquire. They drop off Irontooth Drakes, which are quite rare in the starting areas (though you can find one surrounded by termites near the Astralarium, and a couple in the shallow water just east and north of the Champion's Dawn portal in Plains of Jarin), and even then, they're level 10. The drop rate isn't all that magnificent, either. Trying to get this immediately will become tedious very quickly. If you're desperate to complete the quest without leveling up first, you can always buy some from another player. Beware, though, because the prices charged for these items are definitely not of the 'cheap' variety.
Hint: Try to do this quest alone, it will increase the drop rate for all the ingredients. If you have any higher level characters you can use them to solo and then place the items in your Xunlai Storage for your other characters.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Royal Chef Hatundo

"I am the greatest chef in the world, of course you've heard of me! What an honor for you to help me. I know, I know, you're deeply touched. How wonderful! I was sent to Istan by Prince Bokka the Magnificent of Vabbi. He asked me to collect some specialty dishes to take home. My lord would very much like to have a bite of savory local cuisines, and it's all on my head! I've heard that drake kabob, skalefin soup, and pahnai salad are all fantastic. Go forth and bring me those dishes! Defy those with bland palettes! Stake your life on spice and vinegar! My prince is very wealthy, by the way, and I can make it worth your while."
Yes Accept: "Um, sure. I feel a little hungry."
No Decline: "Do I look like a butcher boy to you?"
Ask Ask: "Please bring me the following dishes: drake kabob, skalefin soup, and Pahnnai [sic] salad."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Royal Chef Hatundo

"That smells wonderful. The prince will be most pleased. With this, I'll be the toast of Vabbi, my recipes lauded with a hundred smiles. I will be like unto a god of cooking! You're a culinary genius!"


Anomaly Anomaly. Unlike most quests, there appears to be no chat screen notice about Royal Chef Hatundo taking the items.