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Update -- May 14, 2024[edit]

I want to add some clarity around our policy regarding addons. Our general policy is to prohibit addons that provide a player with an advantage over another player. To increase the specificity of this policy with respect to GW1, I want to make it clear that using any addon in PVP violates the policy.

Using addons always has risk. ArenaNet does not support any of these tools and using one can cause undefined behavior, especially now that there are more internal changes being made to the game. That said, I have been in contact with the GwToolbox developers. They have worked on a new interface to the game that should be more resilient to changes. And I asked them to ensure that Toolbox is not active in PVP maps which they have also done. As such, GwToolbox in its current state is permitted for use in PVE maps, though ArenaNet reserves the right to change this determination in the future.

We plan on adding this policy clarification to ArenaNet’s Code of Conduct in the coming weeks. As a side note, I am aware that there is an outdated user agreements in the GW1 client and am working on updating it to match the current agreements, which are available at

"PVP Maps" includes at least the following competitive maps and their lobbies:

Thanks for your attention,

Stephen Clarke-Willson, Game Director, Guild Wars

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