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Hello everyone, i'm an old Guild Wars player and i decide to make my page on this wiki. I started playing Guild Wars in June 2007 with my Elementalist and after i started also to play in PvP. Actually i reduced my role on PvP just for make the Z. Combats and some runs just for Fun.

My principal location is in Pve or in Random Arena for the PvP zone, also if i don't make the title.

Information of Account

  • Age: 40 Months.
  • Games: All the Expansions.
  • Started on: Nightfall.
  • Favourite Game: Eye of The North


I am one of the Official in the Guild: Luca di Anor [Anor].
In those 3 years i play only in 2 Guilds.
I play in the Guild: Spirits From Hell [SH] from June 2007 to March 2010, when the Guild disband.
After i join the [Anor] and i find my new Guild Wars Home :)


My Main characters are only two, normally i play in PvE with Devil Luca, my first character.
In PvP if it's possible i play with Aires PvP also an Elementalist.


In PvE i like to do some things like Wanted Mission, Dungeons and some Missions, but also different things like Fow / Uw and etc.
In this case, sincerly i don't like Speedway team (also if i player Soo Sc for a while).
The best for me is to do Fow Hm like most time ago, when we make our team without speed clear or special skills.


Normally i play Random Arena in PvP, with all my chars, also if i prefer to do the Blinder.
I play also in HA, but since 1 year i do HA only if there is the Z.Combat.
GvG and Codex don't work a lot for me and so i do them only if some guilds want to organizate.

Favourite Things

My favourite things in guildwars are the Minipet and Tonics. I really love the Mysterious Tonics and all the Minipets!