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Bitch at me here.

I'm from Portland, OR. I live in Denton, TX. It's hot here and the grass likes to set itself on fire. I co-lead Team Asshat with Sirix Leai. Team Asshat is a pack of noobs, but I love them anyway. I'm pretty sure they are the good kind of noobs, but sometimes I wonder.

If I had to be on a side I'm definately on the PvE side, but PvP can be fun, assuming the people I am with know what they are doing, because I sure as hell don't. I'm also a Luxon, because they are like Pirates. Kurzick are like emo tree hugging clowns, easy choice.

I can be a nice person, I generally start out that way. I do not however suffer fools or morons. This is not to be mistaken for stupid people. Some people can't help being stupid, but if they can and are, they are morons. You'll either love me or hate me, either way really is fine with me. If you are generally disrespectful without reason, I'll tell you to STFU and chase you out of my damn alliance. If you are in my PuG, may Grenth have mercy on your soul.

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