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Demonic Cobra
Feared by many, loved by a few. Even the most harded persons fear his swiftness. The Charr covers his scars after they captured him with their famous Dread Mask. The only mistake was to keep Demonic captive. After the complete destruction of the Charr encampment, he left to fight many more Charrs.
  • Tyrian Male Warrior/Any
  • Pet: None yet.
  • Created: Spawned out of the darkness on 3 Februari 2008
  • Experience:
1.4.885, which would translate to a level 78 character
  • Armor:
  • Heroes:


  • HoM Statues:
  • Goals:
  • Titles in Progress:

  • HoM Statues to get:
  • Heroes to get:
  • No Heroes left to get
  • Titles:

Favourite Skill Bar:

Whirling Axe.jpg
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Disrupting Chop.jpg
Furious Axe.jpg
Lion's Comfort.jpg

Fear me no longer. My axe will end your live swiftly.