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Zimmy's Particulars
Mid Twenties
Here since 
May 2007
GW since 
November 2004
GWOnline since 
August 2005
My guild 
[Order of Dii] [Dii]

Primary character
WarriorMaster Zimmy

Other characters
MonkOasis of Restoratio
ElementalistMs El Ranger
RitualistSpirits of Zimmy
ParagonGenesis of Zimmy

My Background[edit]

My gaming background consists primarily of NES/SNES, Playstations, and XBox. I've always loved the EA sporting games, primarily baseball, and have always been intriqued by the shooter/strategy games. I had never really played many computer games before GW. I was introduced to GWs during the last Beta event before the first release by a couple of my good friends (they were Diablo junkies back then). They were having a LAN party & invited me to come try out this "new game". Well, I was hooked & have been playing GW ever since.

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North American territory.
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My Characters[edit]

Master Zimmy
Warrior-icon.png Master Zimmy
Primary Character: Protector of All Continents, Legendary Skill Capper, Currently working on the GMC titles
Oasis of Restoratio
Monk-icon.png Oasis of Restoratio
Beat all three chapters, but have a little more skill capping to do. If you ever need a monk, send a whisper.
Ms El Ranger
Elementalist-icon.png Ms El Ranger
I like fire! Beat Prophecies & Nightfall - now have my vision set on Factions! Some more skill capping to do now in Cantha.
Spirits of Zimmy
Ritualist-icon.png Spirits of Zimmy
Beat factions. Learning how do use as a farmer - too many other good things to do.
Genesis of Zimmy
Paragon-icon.png Genesis of Zimmy
Part of The Order Of Dii's Genesis Project. Currently stalled in one of the early cities.

My Awesome Alliance[edit]

Gwonline Guild Alliance
Leader Gwonline Guild
Members Blade And RoseBlood Of The MartyrEmbers Of The FlameIn Pace Requiescat • Massively Overpowered • The Order Of DiiU L G GVeritas Invictus

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