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Skill 2500(edit) Tengu's Mimicry
Skill 2501(edit) Tongue Lash
Skill 2502(edit) Soulrending Shriek
Skill 2504(edit) Siege Devourer
Skill 2505(edit) Siege Devourer Feast
Skill 2506(edit) Devourer Bite
Skill 2507(edit) Siege Devourer Swipe
Skill 2508(edit) Devourer Siege
Skill 2509(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2510(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2511(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2512(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2513(edit) Dismount Siege Devourer
Skill 2514(edit) The Master's Mark
Skill 2515(edit) The Sniper's Spear
Skill 2516(edit) Mount
Skill 2517(edit) Reverse Polarity Fire Shield
Skill 2518(edit) Tengu's Gaze
Skill 2520(edit) Armor of Salvation (item effect)
Skill 2521(edit) Grail of Might (item effect)
Skill 2522(edit) Essence of Celerity (item effect)
Skill 2527(edit) Duncan's Defense
Skill 2536(edit) Invigorating Mist
Skill 2537(edit) Courageous Was Saidra
Skill 2538(edit) Animate Undead (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2539(edit) Order of Unholy Vigor (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2540(edit) Order of the Lich (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2541(edit) Golem Boosters
Skill 2544(edit) Tongue Whip
Skill 2545(edit) Lit Torch
Skill 2546(edit) Dishonorable
Skill 2548(edit) Veteran Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2549(edit) Veteran Dwarven Raider
Skill 2550(edit) Veteran Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2551(edit) Veteran Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2565(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2566(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2567(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2568(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2570(edit) Great Dwarf's Blessing
Skill 2571(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2574(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2575(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2576(edit) Hunt Rampage (Deldrimor)
Skill 2577(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2578(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2583(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2585(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2589(edit) Vanguard Commendation
Skill 2591(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2592(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2593(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2594(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2596(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2598(edit) Strength of the Norn
Skill 2599(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2601(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2602(edit) Hunt Rampage (Norn)
Skill 2603(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2604(edit) Candy Corn (item effect)
Skill 2605(edit) Candy Apple (item effect)
Skill 2606(edit) Anton (disguise)
Skill 2607(edit) Erys Vasburg (disguise)
Skill 2608(edit) Olias (disguise)
Skill 2609(edit) Argo (disguise)
Skill 2610(edit) Mhenlo (disguise)
Skill 2611(edit) Lukas (disguise)
Skill 2612(edit) Aidan (disguise)
Skill 2613(edit) Kahmu (disguise)
Skill 2614(edit) Razah (disguise)
Skill 2615(edit) Morgahn (disguise)
Skill 2616(edit) Nika (disguise)
Skill 2617(edit) Seaguard Hala (disguise)
Skill 2618(edit) Livia (disguise)
Skill 2619(edit) Cynn (disguise)
Skill 2620(edit) Tahlkora (disguise)
Skill 2621(edit) Devona (disguise)
Skill 2622(edit) Zho (disguise)
Skill 2623(edit) Melonni (disguise)
Skill 2624(edit) Xandra (disguise)
Skill 2625(edit) Hayda (disguise)
Skill 2626(edit) Complicate
Skill 2627(edit) Reaper's Mark
Skill 2628(edit) Enfeeble
Skill 2630(edit) Signet of Lost Souls
Skill 2632(edit) Searing Flames
Skill 2633(edit) Glowing Gaze
Skill 2634(edit) Steam
Skill 2635(edit) Flame Djinn's Haste
Skill 2636(edit) Liquid Flame
Skill 2639(edit) Smite Condition
Skill 2640(edit) Crippling Slash
Skill 2641(edit) Sun and Moon Slash
Skill 2642(edit) Enraging Charge
Skill 2643(edit) Tiger Stance
Skill 2644(edit) Burning Arrow
Skill 2645(edit) Natural Stride
Skill 2646(edit) Falling Lotus Strike
Skill 2647(edit) Anthem of Weariness
Skill 2648(edit) Pious Fury
Skill 2649(edit) Pie Induced Ecstasy
Skill 2651(edit) Togo (disguise)
Skill 2652(edit) Turai Ossa (disguise)
Skill 2653(edit) Gwen (disguise)
Skill 2654(edit) Saul D'Alessio (disguise)
Skill 2655(edit) Dragon Empire Rage
Skill 2656(edit) Call to the Spirit Realm
Skill 2658(edit) Hide
Skill 2659(edit) Feign Death
Skill 2660(edit) Flee
Skill 2661(edit) Throw Rock
Skill 2663(edit) Siege Strike
Skill 2664(edit) Spike Trap (spell)
Skill 2665(edit) Barbed Bomb
Skill 2667(edit) Balm Bomb
Skill 2668(edit) Explosives
Skill 2669(edit) Rations
Skill 2670(edit) "Form Up and Advance!"
Skill 2672(edit) Spectral Agony (hex)
Skill 2673(edit) Stun Bomb
Skill 2674(edit) Banner of the Unseen
Skill 2675(edit) Signet of the Unseen
Skill 2676(edit) "For Elona!"
Skill 2677(edit) Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)
Skill 2678(edit) Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)
Skill 2680(edit) Distortion
Skill 2681(edit) Shared Burden (Gwen)
Skill 2682(edit) Sum of All Fears
Skill 2683(edit) Castigation Signet
Skill 2684(edit) Unnatural Signet
Skill 2685(edit) Dragon Slash
Skill 2686(edit) Essence Strike
Skill 2687(edit) Spirit Burn
Skill 2688(edit) Spirit Rift
Skill 2689(edit) Mend Body and Soul
Skill 2690(edit) Offering of Spirit
Skill 2691(edit) Disenchantment
Skill 2692(edit) Fire Dart
Skill 2699(edit) Journey to the North
Skill 2701(edit) Rat Form
Skill 2702(edit) Ox Form
Skill 2703(edit) Tiger Form
Skill 2704(edit) Rabbit Form
Skill 2705(edit) Dragon Form
Skill 2706(edit) Snake Form
Skill 2707(edit) Horse Form
Skill 2708(edit) Sheep Form
Skill 2709(edit) Monkey Form
Skill 2710(edit) Rooster Form
Skill 2711(edit) Dog Form
Skill 2712(edit) Party Time!
Skill 2841(edit) Awakened Head Form
Skill 2842(edit) Spider Form
Skill 2844(edit) Golem Form
Skill 2845(edit) Hellhound Form
Skill 2846(edit) Norn Form
Skill 2847(edit) Ooze Form
Skill 2848(edit) Rift Warden Form
Skill 2851(edit) Snowman Form
Skill 2852(edit) Energy Drain (PvP)
Skill 2853(edit) Energy Tap (PvP)
Skill 2854(edit) PvP (effect)
Skill 2855(edit) Ward Against Melee (PvP)
Skill 2856(edit) Lightning Orb (PvP)
Skill 2857(edit) Aegis (PvP)
Skill 2858(edit) "Watch Yourself!" (PvP)
Skill 2859(edit) Enfeeble (PvP)
Skill 2860(edit) Ether Renewal (PvP)
Skill 2861(edit) Penetrating Attack (PvP)
Skill 2862(edit) Shadow Form (PvP)
Skill 2863(edit) Discord (PvP)
Skill 2864(edit) Sundering Attack (PvP)
Skill 2865(edit) Ritual Lord (PvP)
Skill 2866(edit) Flesh of My Flesh (PvP)
Skill 2867(edit) Ancestors' Rage (PvP)
Skill 2868(edit) Splinter Weapon (PvP)
Skill 2869(edit) Assassin's Remedy (PvP)
Skill 2870(edit) Blinding Surge (PvP)
Skill 2871(edit) Light of Deliverance (PvP)
Skill 2872(edit) Death Pact Signet (PvP)
Skill 2873(edit) Mystic Sweep (PvP)
Skill 2874(edit) Eremite's Attack (PvP)
Skill 2875(edit) Harrier's Toss (PvP)
Skill 2876(edit) Defensive Anthem (PvP)
Skill 2877(edit) Ballad of Restoration (PvP)
Skill 2878(edit) Song of Restoration (PvP)
Skill 2879(edit) "Incoming!" (PvP)
Skill 2880(edit) "Never Surrender!" (PvP)
Skill 2882(edit) Mantra of Inscriptions (PvP)
Skill 2883(edit) "For Great Justice!" (PvP)
Skill 2884(edit) Mystic Regeneration (PvP)
Skill 2885(edit) Enfeebling Blood (PvP)
Skill 2886(edit) Summoning Sickness
Skill 2887(edit) Signet of Judgment (PvP)
Skill 2888(edit) Chilling Victory (PvP)
Skill 2891(edit) Unyielding Aura (PvP)
Skill 2892(edit) Spirit Bond (PvP)
Skill 2893(edit) Weapon of Warding (PvP)
Skill 2895(edit) Smiter's Boon (PvP)
Skill 2896(edit) Battle Fervor (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎
Skill 2897(edit) Cloak of Faith (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎
Skill 2898(edit) Dark Aura (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎‎
Skill 2899(edit) Chaotic Power (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎‎
Skill 2900(edit) Strength of the Oak (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Skill 2901(edit) Sinister Golem Form
Skill 2902(edit) Reactor Blast
Skill 2903(edit) Reactor Blast Timer
Skill 2904(edit) Jade Brotherhood Disguise
Skill 2905(edit) Internal Power Engaged
Skill 2906(edit) Target Acquisition
Skill 2907(edit) N.O.X. Beam
Skill 2908(edit) N.O.X. Field Dash
Skill 2909(edit) N.O.X.ion Buster
Skill 2910(edit) Countdown
Skill 2911(edit) Bit Golem Breaker
Skill 2912(edit) Bit Golem Rectifier
Skill 2913(edit) Bit Golem Crash
Skill 2914(edit) Bit Golem Force
Skill 2916(edit) N.O.X. Phantom
Skill 2917(edit) N.O.X. Thunder
Skill 2918(edit) N.O.X. Lock On
Skill 2919(edit) N.O.X. Driver
Skill 2920(edit) N.O.X. Fire
Skill 2921(edit) N.O.X. Knuckle
Skill 2922(edit) N.O.X. Divider Drive
Skill 2923(edit) Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Grog
Skill 2924(edit) Oath of Protection
Skill 2925(edit) Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP)
Skill 2928(edit) Amulet of Protection
Skill 2957(edit) Western Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 2958(edit) Eastern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 2959(edit) Expert's Dexterity (PvP)
Skill 2962(edit) Grentch Form
Skill 2965(edit) Signet of Spirits (PvP)
Skill 2966(edit) Signet of Ghostly Might (PvP)
Skill 2967(edit) Avatar of Grenth (PvP)
Skill 2968(edit) Oversized Tonic Warning|}