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Skill 1000(edit) Blinding Snow
Skill 1001(edit) Avalanche (skill)
Skill 1002(edit) Snowball
Skill 1003(edit) Mega Snowball
Skill 1004(edit) Yuletide
Skill 1006(edit) Ice Fort
Skill 1007(edit) Yellow Snow
Skill 1008(edit) Hidden Rock
Skill 1009(edit) Snow Down the Shirt
Skill 1010(edit) "Mmmm. Snowcone!"
Skill 1011(edit) Holiday Blues
Skill 1012(edit) Icicles
Skill 1013(edit) Ice Breaker
Skill 1014(edit) "Let's Get 'Em!"
Skill 1015(edit) Flurry of Ice
Skill 1016(edit) Snowball
Skill 1018(edit) Critical Eye
Skill 1019(edit) Critical Strike
Skill 1020(edit) Blades of Steel
Skill 1021(edit) Jungle Strike
Skill 1022(edit) Wild Strike
Skill 1023(edit) Leaping Mantis Sting
Skill 1024(edit) Black Mantis Thrust
Skill 1025(edit) Disrupting Stab
Skill 1026(edit) Golden Lotus Strike
Skill 1027(edit) Critical Defenses
Skill 1028(edit) Way of Perfection
Skill 1029(edit) Dark Apostasy
Skill 1030(edit) Locust's Fury
Skill 1031(edit) Shroud of Distress
Skill 1032(edit) Heart of Shadow
Skill 1033(edit) Impale
Skill 1034(edit) Seeping Wound
Skill 1035(edit) Assassin's Promise
Skill 1036(edit) Signet of Malice
Skill 1037(edit) Dark Escape
Skill 1038(edit) Crippling Dagger
Skill 1039(edit) Star Strike
Skill 1040(edit) Spirit Walk
Skill 1041(edit) Unseen Fury
Skill 1042(edit) Flashing Blades
Skill 1043(edit) Dash
Skill 1044(edit) Dark Prison
Skill 1045(edit) Palm Strike
Skill 1046(edit) Assassin of Lyssa
Skill 1047(edit) Mesmer of Lyssa
Skill 1048(edit) Revealed Enchantment
Skill 1049(edit) Revealed Hex
Skill 1050(edit) Disciple of Energy
Skill 1052(edit) Accumulated Pain
Skill 1053(edit) Psychic Distraction
Skill 1054(edit) Ancestor's Visage
Skill 1055(edit) Recurring Insecurity
Skill 1056(edit) Kitah's Burden
Skill 1057(edit) Psychic Instability
Skill 1058(edit) Chaotic Power
Skill 1059(edit) Hex Eater Signet
Skill 1060(edit) Celestial Haste
Skill 1061(edit) Feedback
Skill 1062(edit) Arcane Larceny
Skill 1063(edit) Chaotic Ward
Skill 1064(edit) Favor of the Gods
Skill 1065(edit) Dark Aura (blessing)
Skill 1066(edit) Spoil Victor
Skill 1067(edit) Lifebane Strike
Skill 1068(edit) Bitter Chill
Skill 1069(edit) Taste of Pain
Skill 1070(edit) Defile Enchantments
Skill 1071(edit) Shivers of Dread
Skill 1072(edit) Star Servant
Skill 1073(edit) Necromancer of Grenth
Skill 1074(edit) Ritualist of Grenth
Skill 1075(edit) Vampiric Swarm
Skill 1076(edit) Blood Drinker
Skill 1077(edit) Vampiric Bite
Skill 1078(edit) Wallow's Bite
Skill 1079(edit) Enfeebling Touch
Skill 1080(edit) Disciple of Ice
Skill 1081(edit) Teinai's Wind
Skill 1082(edit) Shock Arrow
Skill 1083(edit) Unsteady Ground
Skill 1084(edit) Sliver Armor
Skill 1085(edit) Ash Blast
Skill 1086(edit) Dragon's Stomp
Skill 1087(edit) Unnatural Resistance
Skill 1088(edit) Second Wind
Skill 1089(edit) Cloak of Faith
Skill 1090(edit) Smoldering Embers
Skill 1091(edit) Double Dragon
Skill 1092(edit) Disciple of the Air
Skill 1093(edit) Teinai's Heat
Skill 1094(edit) Breath of Fire
Skill 1095(edit) Star Burst
Skill 1096(edit) Glyph of Essence
Skill 1097(edit) Teinai's Prison
Skill 1098(edit) Mirror of Ice
Skill 1099(edit) Teinai's Crystals
Skill 1100(edit) Celestial Storm
Skill 1101(edit) Monk of Dwayna
Skill 1102(edit) Aura of the Grove
Skill 1103(edit) Cathedral Collapse
Skill 1104(edit) Miasma
Skill 1105(edit) Acid Trap
Skill 1106(edit) Shield of Saint Viktor
Skill 1107(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1108(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1109(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1110(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1111(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1112(edit) Aura of Light
Skill 1113(edit) Kirin's Wrath
Skill 1114(edit) Spirit Bond
Skill 1115(edit) Air of Enchantment
Skill 1116(edit) Warrior's Might
Skill 1117(edit) Heaven's Delight
Skill 1118(edit) Healing Burst
Skill 1119(edit) Karei's Healing Circle
Skill 1120(edit) Jamei's Gaze
Skill 1121(edit) Gift of Health
Skill 1122(edit) Battle Fervor
Skill 1123(edit) Life Sheath
Skill 1124(edit) Star Shine
Skill 1125(edit) Disciple of Fire
Skill 1126(edit) Empathic Removal
Skill 1127(edit) Warrior of Balthazar
Skill 1128(edit) Resurrection Chant
Skill 1129(edit) Word of Censure
Skill 1130(edit) Spear of Light
Skill 1131(edit) Stonesoul Strike
Skill 1132(edit) Shielding Branches
Skill 1133(edit) Drunken Blow
Skill 1134(edit) Leviathan's Sweep
Skill 1135(edit) Jaizhenju Strike
Skill 1136(edit) Penetrating Chop
Skill 1137(edit) Yeti Smash
Skill 1138(edit) Disciple of the Earth
Skill 1139(edit) Ranger of Melandru
Skill 1140(edit) Storm of Swords
Skill 1141(edit) "You Will Die!"
Skill 1142(edit) Auspicious Parry
Skill 1143(edit) Strength of the Oak
Skill 1144(edit) Silverwing Slash
Skill 1145(edit) Destroy Enchantment
Skill 1146(edit) Shove
Skill 1147(edit) Base Defense
Skill 1148(edit) Carrier Defense
Skill 1149(edit) The Chalice of Corruption
Skill 1151(edit) Song of the Mists
Skill 1152(edit) Demonic Agility
Skill 1153(edit) Blessing of the Kirin
Skill 1155(edit) Juggernaut Toss
Skill 1156(edit) Aura of the Juggernaut
Skill 1157(edit) Star Shards
Skill 1172(edit) Turtle Shell
Skill 1174(edit) Cathedral Collapse
Skill 1175(edit) Blood of zu Heltzer
Skill 1176(edit) Afflicted Soul Explosion
Skill 1179(edit) Dark Chain Lightning
Skill 1181(edit) Corrupted Breath
Skill 1182(edit) Renewing Corruption
Skill 1183(edit) Corrupted Dragon Spores
Skill 1184(edit) Corrupted Dragon Scales
Skill 1185(edit) Construct Possession
Skill 1186(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (The Eternal Grove)
Skill 1187(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (Fort Aspenwood)
Skill 1188(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (Gyala Hatchery)
Skill 1189(edit) Of Royal Blood
Skill 1190(edit) Passage to Tahnnakai
Skill 1191(edit) Sundering Attack
Skill 1192(edit) Zojun's Shot
Skill 1194(edit) Predatory Bond
Skill 1195(edit) Heal as One
Skill 1196(edit) Zojun's Haste
Skill 1197(edit) Needling Shot
Skill 1198(edit) Broad Head Arrow
Skill 1199(edit) Glass Arrows
Skill 1200(edit) Archer's Signet
Skill 1201(edit) Savage Pounce
Skill 1202(edit) Enraged Lunge
Skill 1203(edit) Bestial Mauling
Skill 1204(edit) Energy Drain (effect)
Skill 1205(edit) Poisonous Bite
Skill 1206(edit) Pounce
Skill 1207(edit) Celestial Stance
Skill 1208(edit) Sheer Exhaustion
Skill 1209(edit) Bestial Fury
Skill 1210(edit) Life Drain
Skill 1211(edit) Viper's Nest
Skill 1212(edit) Equinox
Skill 1213(edit) Tranquility
Skill 1215(edit) Clamor of Souls
Skill 1217(edit) Ritual Lord
Skill 1218(edit) Cruel Was Daoshen
Skill 1219(edit) Protective Was Kaolai
Skill 1220(edit) Attuned Was Songkai
Skill 1221(edit) Resilient Was Xiko
Skill 1222(edit) Lively Was Naomei
Skill 1223(edit) Anguished Was Lingwah
Skill 1224(edit) Draw Spirit
Skill 1225(edit) Channeled Strike
Skill 1226(edit) Spirit Boon Strike
Skill 1227(edit) Essence Strike
Skill 1228(edit) Spirit Siphon
Skill 1229(edit) Explosive Growth
Skill 1230(edit) Boon of Creation
Skill 1231(edit) Spirit Channeling
Skill 1232(edit) Armor of Unfeeling
Skill 1233(edit) Soothing Memories
Skill 1234(edit) Mend Body and Soul
Skill 1235(edit) Dulled Weapon
Skill 1236(edit) Binding Chains
Skill 1237(edit) Painful Bond
Skill 1238(edit) Signet of Creation
Skill 1239(edit) Signet of Spirits
Skill 1240(edit) Soul Twisting
Skill 1241(edit) Celestial Summoning
Skill 1244(edit) Ghostly Haste
Skill 1245(edit) Gaze from Beyond
Skill 1246(edit) Ancestors' Rage
Skill 1247(edit) Pain
Skill 1248(edit) Pain (attack)
Skill 1249(edit) Displacement
Skill 1250(edit) Preservation
Skill 1251(edit) Life
Skill 1252(edit) Earthbind
Skill 1253(edit) Bloodsong
Skill 1254(edit) Bloodsong (attack)
Skill 1255(edit) Wanderlust
Skill 1256(edit) Wanderlust (attack)
Skill 1257(edit) Spirit Light Weapon
Skill 1258(edit) Brutal Weapon
Skill 1259(edit) Guided Weapon
Skill 1260(edit) Meekness
Skill 1261(edit) Frigid Armor
Skill 1262(edit) Healing Ring
Skill 1263(edit) Renew Life
Skill 1264(edit) Doom
Skill 1265(edit) Wielder's Boon
Skill 1266(edit) Soothing
Skill 1267(edit) Vital Weapon
Skill 1268(edit) Weapon of Quickening
Skill 1269(edit) Signet of Rage
Skill 1270(edit) Fingers of Chaos
Skill 1271(edit) Echoing Banishment
Skill 1272(edit) Suicidal Impulse
Skill 1273(edit) Impossible Odds
Skill 1274(edit) Battle Scars
Skill 1275(edit) Riposting Shadows
Skill 1276(edit) Meditation of the Reaper
Skill 1280(edit) Blessed Water
Skill 1281(edit) Defiled Water
Skill 1282(edit) Stone Spores
Skill 1287(edit) Haiju Lagoon Water
Skill 1288(edit) Aspect of Exhaustion
Skill 1289(edit) Aspect of Exposure
Skill 1290(edit) Aspect of Surrender
Skill 1291(edit) Aspect of Death
Skill 1292(edit) Aspect of Soothing
Skill 1293(edit) Aspect of Pain
Skill 1294(edit) Aspect of Lethargy
Skill 1295(edit) Aspect of Depletion (energy loss)
Skill 1296(edit) Aspect of Failure
Skill 1297(edit) Aspect of Shadows
Skill 1298(edit) Scorpion Aspect
Skill 1299(edit) Aspect of Fear
Skill 1300(edit) Aspect of Depletion (energy depletion damage)
Skill 1301(edit) Aspect of Decay
Skill 1302(edit) Aspect of Torment
Skill 1303(edit) Nightmare Aspect
Skill 1304(edit) Spiked Coral
Skill 1305(edit) Shielding Urn
Skill 1306(edit) Extensive Plague Exposure
Skill 1307(edit) Forest's Binding
Skill 1308(edit) Exploding Spores
Skill 1309(edit) Suicide Energy
Skill 1310(edit) Suicide Health
Skill 1311(edit) Nightmare Refuge
Skill 1315(edit) Rage of the Sea
Skill 1316(edit) Meditation of the Reaper
Skill 1318(edit) Fireball
Skill 1319(edit) Final Thrust
Skill 1323(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1324(edit) Torment Slash
Skill 1325(edit) Spirit of the Festival
Skill 1326(edit) Trade Winds
Skill 1327(edit) Dragon Blast
Skill 1328(edit) Imperial Majesty
Skill 1329(edit) Monster doesn't get death penalty
Skill 1333(edit) Extend Conditions
Skill 1334(edit) Hypochondria
Skill 1335(edit) Wastrel's Demise
Skill 1336(edit) Spiritual Pain
Skill 1337(edit) Drain Delusions
Skill 1338(edit) Persistence of Memory
Skill 1339(edit) Symbols of Inspiration
Skill 1340(edit) Symbolic Celerity
Skill 1341(edit) Frustration
Skill 1342(edit) Tease
Skill 1343(edit) Ether Phantom
Skill 1344(edit) Web of Disruption
Skill 1345(edit) Enchanter's Conundrum
Skill 1346(edit) Signet of Illusions
Skill 1347(edit) Discharge Enchantment
Skill 1348(edit) Hex Eater Vortex
Skill 1349(edit) Mirror of Disenchantment
Skill 1350(edit) Simple Thievery
Skill 1351(edit) Animate Shambling Horror
Skill 1352(edit) Order of Undeath
Skill 1353(edit) Putrid Flesh
Skill 1354(edit) Feast for the Dead
Skill 1355(edit) Jagged Bones
Skill 1356(edit) Contagion
Skill 1358(edit) Ulcerous Lungs
Skill 1359(edit) Pain of Disenchantment
Skill 1360(edit) Mark of Fury
Skill 1362(edit) Corrupt Enchantment
Skill 1363(edit) Signet of Sorrow
Skill 1364(edit) Signet of Suffering
Skill 1365(edit) Signet of Lost Souls
Skill 1366(edit) Well of Darkness
Skill 1367(edit) Blinding Surge
Skill 1368(edit) Chilling Winds
Skill 1369(edit) Lightning Bolt
Skill 1370(edit) Storm Djinn's Haste
Skill 1371(edit) Stone Striker
Skill 1372(edit) Sandstorm
Skill 1373(edit) Stone Sheath
Skill 1374(edit) Ebon Hawk
Skill 1375(edit) Stoneflesh Aura
Skill 1376(edit) Glyph of Restoration
Skill 1377(edit) Ether Prism
Skill 1378(edit) Master of Magic
Skill 1379(edit) Glowing Gaze
Skill 1380(edit) Savannah Heat
Skill 1381(edit) Flame Djinn's Haste
Skill 1382(edit) Freezing Gust
Skill 1384(edit) Sulfurous Haze
Skill 1386(edit) Sentry Trap (skill)
Skill 1389(edit) Light of Seborhin
Skill 1390(edit) Judge's Intervention
Skill 1391(edit) Supportive Spirit
Skill 1392(edit) Watchful Healing
Skill 1393(edit) Healer's Boon
Skill 1394(edit) Healer's Covenant
Skill 1395(edit) Balthazar's Pendulum
Skill 1396(edit) Words of Comfort
Skill 1397(edit) Light of Deliverance
Skill 1398(edit) Scourge Enchantment
Skill 1399(edit) Shield of Absorption
Skill 1400(edit) Reversal of Damage
Skill 1401(edit) Mending Touch
Skill 1402(edit) Critical Chop
Skill 1403(edit) Agonizing Chop
Skill 1404(edit) Flail
Skill 1405(edit) Charging Strike
Skill 1406(edit) Headbutt
Skill 1407(edit) Lion's Comfort
Skill 1408(edit) Rage of the Ntouka
Skill 1409(edit) Mokele Smash
Skill 1410(edit) Overbearing Smash
Skill 1411(edit) Signet of Stamina
Skill 1412(edit) "You're All Alone!"
Skill 1413(edit) Burst of Aggression
Skill 1414(edit) Enraging Charge
Skill 1415(edit) Crippling Slash
Skill 1416(edit) Barbarous Slice
Skill 1417(edit) Vial of Purified Water
Skill 1418(edit) Disarm Trap
Skill 1419(edit) Feeding Frenzy (skill)
Skill 1420(edit) Quake Of Ahdashim
Skill 1422(edit) Create Light of Seborhin
Skill 1423(edit) Unlock Cell
Skill 1430(edit) Wave of Torment
Skill 1433(edit) Corsair's Net
Skill 1434(edit) Corrupted Healing
Skill 1436(edit) Corrupted Strength
Skill 1437(edit) Desert Wurm (disguise)
Skill 1438(edit) Junundu Feast
Skill 1439(edit) Junundu Strike
Skill 1440(edit) Junundu Smash
Skill 1441(edit) Junundu Siege
Skill 1442(edit) Junundu Tunnel
Skill 1443(edit) Leave Junundu
Skill 1444(edit) Summon Torment
Skill 1445(edit) Signal Flare
Skill 1446(edit) The Elixir of Strength
Skill 1447(edit) Ehzah from Above
Skill 1449(edit) Last Rites of Torment
Skill 1450(edit) Abaddon's Conspiracy
Skill 1451(edit) Hunger's Bite
Skill 1454(edit) Call to the Torment
Skill 1455(edit) Command of Torment
Skill 1456(edit) Abaddon's Favor
Skill 1457(edit) Abaddon's Chosen
Skill 1458(edit) Enchantment Collapse
Skill 1459(edit) Call of Sacrifice
Skill 1460(edit) Enemies Must Die!
Skill 1461(edit) Earth Vortex
Skill 1462(edit) Frost Vortex
Skill 1463(edit) Rough Current
Skill 1464(edit) Turbulent Flow
Skill 1465(edit) Prepared Shot
Skill 1466(edit) Burning Arrow
Skill 1467(edit) Arcing Shot
Skill 1468(edit) Strike as One
Skill 1469(edit) Crossfire
Skill 1470(edit) Barbed Arrows
Skill 1471(edit) Scavenger's Focus
Skill 1472(edit) Toxicity
Skill 1473(edit) Quicksand
Skill 1474(edit) Storm's Embrace
Skill 1475(edit) Trapper's Speed
Skill 1476(edit) Tripwire
Skill 1477(edit) Kournan Guardsman Uniform
Skill 1478(edit) Renewing Surge
Skill 1479(edit) Offering of Spirit
Skill 1480(edit) Spirit's Gift
Skill 1481(edit) Death Pact Signet
Skill 1482(edit) Reclaim Essence
Skill 1483(edit) Banishing Strike
Skill 1484(edit) Mystic Sweep
Skill 1485(edit) Eremite's Attack
Skill 1486(edit) Reap Impurities
Skill 1487(edit) Twin Moon Sweep
Skill 1488(edit) Victorious Sweep
Skill 1489(edit) Irresistible Sweep
Skill 1490(edit) Pious Assault
Skill 1491(edit) Mystic Twister
Skill 1493(edit) Grenth's Fingers
Skill 1495(edit) Aura of Thorns
Skill 1496(edit) Balthazar's Rage
Skill 1497(edit) Dust Cloak
Skill 1498(edit) Staggering Force
Skill 1499(edit) Pious Renewal