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Skill 1500(edit) Mirage Cloak
Skill 1502(edit) Arcane Zeal
Skill 1503(edit) Mystic Vigor
Skill 1504(edit) Watchful Intervention
Skill 1505(edit) Vow of Piety
Skill 1506(edit) Vital Boon
Skill 1507(edit) Heart of Holy Flame
Skill 1508(edit) Extend Enchantments
Skill 1509(edit) Faithful Intervention
Skill 1510(edit) Sand Shards
Skill 1512(edit) Lyssa's Haste
Skill 1513(edit) Guiding Hands
Skill 1514(edit) Fleeting Stability
Skill 1515(edit) Armor of Sanctity
Skill 1516(edit) Mystic Regeneration
Skill 1517(edit) Vow of Silence
Skill 1518(edit) Avatar of Balthazar
Skill 1519(edit) Avatar of Dwayna
Skill 1520(edit) Avatar of Grenth
Skill 1521(edit) Avatar of Lyssa
Skill 1522(edit) Avatar of Melandru
Skill 1523(edit) Meditation
Skill 1524(edit) Eremite's Zeal
Skill 1525(edit) Natural Healing
Skill 1526(edit) Imbue Health
Skill 1527(edit) Mystic Healing
Skill 1528(edit) Dwayna's Touch
Skill 1529(edit) Pious Restoration
Skill 1530(edit) Signet of Pious Light
Skill 1531(edit) Intimidating Aura
Skill 1532(edit) Mystic Sandstorm
Skill 1533(edit) Winds of Disenchantment
Skill 1534(edit) Rending Touch
Skill 1535(edit) Crippling Sweep
Skill 1536(edit) Wounding Strike
Skill 1537(edit) Wearying Strike
Skill 1538(edit) Lyssa's Assault
Skill 1539(edit) Chilling Victory
Skill 1540(edit) Conviction
Skill 1541(edit) Enchanted Haste
Skill 1542(edit) Pious Concentration
Skill 1543(edit) Pious Haste
Skill 1544(edit) Whirling Charge
Skill 1545(edit) Test of Faith
Skill 1546(edit) Blazing Spear
Skill 1547(edit) Mighty Throw
Skill 1548(edit) Cruel Spear
Skill 1549(edit) Harrier's Toss
Skill 1550(edit) Unblockable Throw
Skill 1551(edit) Spear of Lightning
Skill 1552(edit) Wearying Spear
Skill 1553(edit) Anthem of Fury
Skill 1554(edit) Crippling Anthem
Skill 1555(edit) Defensive Anthem
Skill 1556(edit) Godspeed
Skill 1557(edit) Anthem of Flame
Skill 1558(edit) "Go for the Eyes!"
Skill 1559(edit) Anthem of Envy
Skill 1560(edit) Song of Power
Skill 1561(edit) Zealous Anthem
Skill 1562(edit) Aria of Zeal
Skill 1563(edit) Lyric of Zeal
Skill 1564(edit) Ballad of Restoration
Skill 1565(edit) Chorus of Restoration
Skill 1566(edit) Aria of Restoration
Skill 1567(edit) Song of Concentration
Skill 1568(edit) Anthem of Guidance
Skill 1569(edit) Energizing Chorus
Skill 1570(edit) Song of Purification
Skill 1571(edit) Hexbreaker Aria
Skill 1572(edit) "Brace Yourself!"
Skill 1573(edit) Awe
Skill 1574(edit) Enduring Harmony
Skill 1575(edit) Blazing Finale
Skill 1576(edit) Burning Refrain
Skill 1577(edit) Finale of Restoration
Skill 1578(edit) Mending Refrain
Skill 1579(edit) Purifying Finale
Skill 1580(edit) Bladeturn Refrain
Skill 1581(edit) Glowing Signet
Skill 1583(edit) Leader's Zeal
Skill 1584(edit) Leader's Comfort
Skill 1585(edit) Signet of Synergy
Skill 1586(edit) Angelic Protection
Skill 1587(edit) Angelic Bond
Skill 1588(edit) Cautery Signet
Skill 1589(edit) "Stand Your Ground!"
Skill 1590(edit) "Lead the Way!"
Skill 1591(edit) "Make Haste!"
Skill 1592(edit) "We Shall Return!"
Skill 1593(edit) "Never Give Up!"
Skill 1594(edit) "Help Me!"
Skill 1595(edit) "Fall Back!"
Skill 1596(edit) "Incoming!"
Skill 1597(edit) "They're on Fire!"
Skill 1598(edit) "Never Surrender!"
Skill 1599(edit) "It's just a flesh wound."
Skill 1600(edit) Barbed Spear
Skill 1601(edit) Vicious Attack
Skill 1602(edit) Stunning Strike
Skill 1603(edit) Merciless Spear
Skill 1604(edit) Disrupting Throw
Skill 1605(edit) Wild Throw
Skill 1606(edit) Curse of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1607(edit) Aura of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1608(edit) Power of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1609(edit) Scepter of Ether
Skill 1610(edit) Summoning of the Scepter
Skill 1611(edit) Rise From Your Grave!
Skill 1612(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1613(edit) Corsair Disguise
Skill 1616(edit) Queen Heal
Skill 1617(edit) Queen Wail
Skill 1618(edit) Queen Armor
Skill 1619(edit) Queen Bite
Skill 1620(edit) Queen Thump
Skill 1621(edit) Queen Siege
Skill 1622(edit) Junundu Tunnel
Skill 1623(edit) Skin of Stone
Skill 1624(edit) Dervish of the Mystic
Skill 1625(edit) Dervish of the Wind
Skill 1626(edit) Paragon of Leadership
Skill 1627(edit) Paragon of Motivation
Skill 1628(edit) Dervish of the Blade
Skill 1629(edit) Paragon of Command
Skill 1630(edit) Paragon of the Spear
Skill 1631(edit) Dervish of the Earth
Skill 1633(edit) Malicious Strike
Skill 1634(edit) Shattering Assault
Skill 1635(edit) Golden Skull Strike
Skill 1636(edit) Black Spider Strike
Skill 1637(edit) Golden Fox Strike
Skill 1638(edit) Deadly Haste
Skill 1639(edit) Assassin's Remedy
Skill 1640(edit) Fox's Promise
Skill 1641(edit) Feigned Neutrality
Skill 1642(edit) Hidden Caltrops
Skill 1643(edit) Assault Enchantments
Skill 1644(edit) Wastrel's Collapse
Skill 1645(edit) Lift Enchantment
Skill 1646(edit) Augury of Death
Skill 1647(edit) Signet of Toxic Shock
Skill 1648(edit) Signet of Twilight
Skill 1649(edit) Way of the Assassin
Skill 1650(edit) Shadow Walk
Skill 1651(edit) Death's Retreat
Skill 1652(edit) Shadow Prison
Skill 1653(edit) Swap
Skill 1654(edit) Shadow Meld
Skill 1655(edit) Price of Pride
Skill 1656(edit) Air of Disenchantment
Skill 1657(edit) Signet of Clumsiness
Skill 1658(edit) Symbolic Posture
Skill 1659(edit) Toxic Chill
Skill 1660(edit) Well of Silence
Skill 1661(edit) Glowstone
Skill 1662(edit) Mind Blast
Skill 1663(edit) Elemental Flame
Skill 1664(edit) Invoke Lightning
Skill 1665(edit) Battle Cry
Skill 1666(edit) Mending Shrine Bonus
Skill 1667(edit) Energy Shrine Bonus
Skill 1668(edit) Northern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 1669(edit) Southern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 1670(edit) Siege Attack (Bombardment)
Skill 1671(edit) Curse of Silence
Skill 1672(edit) "To the Pain!" (Hero Battles)
Skill 1673(edit) Edge of Reason
Skill 1674(edit) Depths of Madness (environment effect)
Skill 1675(edit) Cower in Fear
Skill 1676(edit) Dreadful Pain
Skill 1677(edit) Veiled Nightmare
Skill 1678(edit) Base Protection
Skill 1679(edit) Kournan Siege Flame
Skill 1680(edit) Drake Skin
Skill 1681(edit) Skale Vigor
Skill 1682(edit) Pahnai Salad (item effect)
Skill 1683(edit) Pensive Guardian
Skill 1684(edit) Scribe's Insight
Skill 1685(edit) Holy Haste
Skill 1686(edit) Glimmer of Light
Skill 1687(edit) Zealous Benediction
Skill 1688(edit) Defender's Zeal
Skill 1689(edit) Signet of Mystic Wrath
Skill 1690(edit) Signet of Removal
Skill 1691(edit) Dismiss Condition
Skill 1692(edit) Divert Hexes
Skill 1693(edit) Counterattack
Skill 1694(edit) Magehunter Strike
Skill 1695(edit) Soldier's Strike
Skill 1696(edit) Decapitate
Skill 1697(edit) Magehunter's Smash
Skill 1698(edit) Soldier's Stance
Skill 1699(edit) Soldier's Defense
Skill 1700(edit) Frenzied Defense
Skill 1701(edit) Steady Stance
Skill 1702(edit) Steelfang Slash
Skill 1703(edit) Sunspear Battle Call
Skill 1704(edit) Untouchable
Skill 1705(edit) Earth Shattering Blow
Skill 1706(edit) Corrupt Power
Skill 1707(edit) Words of Madness
Skill 1708(edit) Gaze of Moa'vu'Kaal
Skill 1709(edit) Presence of the Skale Lord
Skill 1710(edit) Madness Dart
Skill 1711(edit) The Apocrypha is changing to another form!
Skill 1715(edit) Reform Carvings
Skill 1717(edit) Sunspear Siege
Skill 1718(edit) Soul Torture
Skill 1719(edit) Screaming Shot
Skill 1720(edit) Keen Arrow
Skill 1721(edit) Rampage as One
Skill 1722(edit) Forked Arrow
Skill 1723(edit) Disrupting Accuracy
Skill 1724(edit) Expert's Dexterity
Skill 1725(edit) Roaring Winds
Skill 1726(edit) Magebane Shot
Skill 1727(edit) Natural Stride
Skill 1728(edit) Heket's Rampage
Skill 1729(edit) Smoke Trap
Skill 1730(edit) Infuriating Heat
Skill 1731(edit) Vocal Was Sogolon
Skill 1732(edit) Destructive Was Glaive
Skill 1733(edit) Wielder's Strike
Skill 1734(edit) Gaze of Fury
Skill 1735(edit) Gaze of Fury (attack)
Skill 1736(edit) Spirit's Strength
Skill 1737(edit) Wielder's Zeal
Skill 1738(edit) Sight Beyond Sight
Skill 1739(edit) Renewing Memories
Skill 1740(edit) Wielder's Remedy
Skill 1741(edit) Ghostmirror Light
Skill 1742(edit) Signet of Ghostly Might
Skill 1743(edit) Signet of Binding
Skill 1744(edit) Caretaker's Charge
Skill 1745(edit) Anguish
Skill 1746(edit) Anguish (attack)
Skill 1747(edit) Empowerment
Skill 1748(edit) Recovery
Skill 1749(edit) Weapon of Fury
Skill 1750(edit) Xinrae's Weapon
Skill 1751(edit) Warmonger's Weapon
Skill 1752(edit) Weapon of Remedy
Skill 1753(edit) Rending Sweep
Skill 1754(edit) Onslaught
Skill 1755(edit) Mystic Corruption
Skill 1756(edit) Grenth's Grasp
Skill 1757(edit) Veil of Thorns
Skill 1758(edit) Harrier's Grasp
Skill 1759(edit) Vow of Strength
Skill 1760(edit) Ebon Dust Aura
Skill 1761(edit) Zealous Vow
Skill 1762(edit) Heart of Fury
Skill 1763(edit) Zealous Renewal
Skill 1764(edit) Attacker's Insight
Skill 1765(edit) Rending Aura
Skill 1766(edit) Featherfoot Grace
Skill 1767(edit) Reaper's Sweep
Skill 1768(edit) Harrier's Haste
Skill 1769(edit) Focused Anger
Skill 1770(edit) Natural Temper
Skill 1771(edit) Song of Restoration
Skill 1772(edit) Lyric of Purification
Skill 1773(edit) Soldier's Fury
Skill 1774(edit) Aggressive Refrain
Skill 1775(edit) Energizing Finale
Skill 1776(edit) Signet of Aggression
Skill 1777(edit) Remedy Signet
Skill 1778(edit) Signet of Return
Skill 1779(edit) "Make Your Time!"
Skill 1780(edit) "Can't Touch This!"
Skill 1781(edit) "Find Their Weakness!"
Skill 1782(edit) "The Power Is Yours!"
Skill 1783(edit) Slayer's Spear
Skill 1784(edit) Swift Javelin
Skill 1790(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1791(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1792(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1793(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1794(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1795(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1796(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1797(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1798(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1799(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1800(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1801(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1802(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1803(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1804(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1805(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1808(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1809(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1810(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1811(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1812(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1813(edit) Lightbringer
Skill 1814(edit) Lightbringer's Gaze
Skill 1815(edit) Lightbringer Signet
Skill 1816(edit) Sunspear Rebirth Signet
Skill 1817(edit) Wisdom
Skill 1818(edit) Maddened Strike
Skill 1819(edit) Maddened Stance
Skill 1820(edit) Spirit Form
Skill 1822(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1823(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1824(edit) Behemoth Hunt
Skill 1825(edit) Behemoth Hunt
Skill 1826(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1827(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1828(edit) Harpy Bounty
Skill 1829(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1830(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1831(edit) Demon Hunt
Skill 1832(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1833(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1834(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1835(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1836(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1837(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1838(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1839(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1840(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1841(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1842(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1843(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1844(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 1845(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 1846(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1847(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 1848(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 1849(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 1850(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1851(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 1852(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1853(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1854(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1855(edit) Kournan Siege
Skill 1856(edit) Lose your Head
Skill 1857(edit) Wandering Mind
Skill 1859(edit) Altar Buff
Skill 1860(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1861(edit) Choking Breath
Skill 1862(edit) Junundu Bite
Skill 1863(edit) Blinding Breath
Skill 1864(edit) Burning Breath
Skill 1865(edit) Junundu Wail
Skill 1866(edit) Capture Point
Skill 1867(edit) Approaching the Vortex
Skill 1871(edit) Avatar of Sweetness
Skill 1873(edit) Corrupted Lands
Skill 1875(edit) Words of Madness
Skill 1876(edit) Unknown Junundu Ability
Skill 1880(edit) Torment Slash (Smothering Tendrils)
Skill 1881(edit) Bonds of Torment
Skill 1882(edit) Shadow Smash
Skill 1884(edit) Consume Torment
Skill 1885(edit) Banish Enchantment
Skill 1886(edit) Summoning Shadows
Skill 1887(edit) Lightbringer's Insight
Skill 1889(edit) Repressive Energy
Skill 1890(edit) Enduring Torment
Skill 1891(edit) Shroud of Darkness
Skill 1892(edit) Demonic Miasma
Skill 1893(edit) Enraged
Skill 1894(edit) "Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh"
Skill 1895(edit) Wild Smash
Skill 1896(edit) Unyielding Anguish
Skill 1897(edit) Jadoth's Storm of Judgment
Skill 1898(edit) Anguish Hunt
Skill 1899(edit) Avatar of Holiday Cheer
Skill 1900(edit) Side Step
Skill 1901(edit) Jack Frost
Skill 1902(edit) Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill)
Skill 1903(edit) Avatar of Dwayna (snow fighting skill)
Skill 1904(edit) Steady Aim
Skill 1905(edit) Rudi's Red Nose
Skill 1911(edit) Volatile Charr Crystal
Skill 1912(edit) Hard mode
Skill 1913(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 1916(edit) Sugar Jolt (short)
Skill 1917(edit) Rollerbeetle Racer
Skill 1918(edit) Ram
Skill 1919(edit) Harden Shell
Skill 1920(edit) Rollerbeetle Dash
Skill 1921(edit) Super Rollerbeetle
Skill 1922(edit) Rollerbeetle Echo
Skill 1923(edit) Distracting Lunge
Skill 1924(edit) Rollerbeetle Blast
Skill 1925(edit) Spit Rocks
Skill 1926(edit) Lunar Blessing
Skill 1927(edit) Lucky Aura
Skill 1928(edit) Spiritual Possession
Skill 1929(edit) Water
Skill 1930(edit) Pig Form
Skill 1931(edit) Beetle Metamorphosis
Skill 1933(edit) Sugar Jolt (long)
Skill 1934(edit) Golden Egg (item effect)
Skill 1937(edit) Infernal Rage
Skill 1938(edit) Putrid Flames
Skill 1940(edit) Flame Call
Skill 1942(edit) Whirling Fires
Skill 1943(edit) Charr Siege Attack (What Must Be Done)
Skill 1944(edit) Charr Siege Attack (Against the Charr)
Skill 1945(edit) Birthday Cupcake (skill)
Skill 1947(edit) Blessing of the Luxons
Skill 1948(edit) Shadow Sanctuary
Skill 1949(edit) Ether Nightmare
Skill 1950(edit) Signet of Corruption
Skill 1951(edit) Elemental Lord
Skill 1952(edit) Selfless Spirit
Skill 1953(edit) Triple Shot
Skill 1954(edit) "Save Yourselves!"
Skill 1955(edit) Aura of Holy Might
Skill 1957(edit) Spear of Fury
Skill 1959(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1960(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1961(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1962(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1963(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1964(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1965(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1966(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1967(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1968(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1969(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1970(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1971(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1972(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1973(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1974(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1975(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1976(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1977(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1978(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1979(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1980(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1981(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1982(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1983(edit) Fire Dart
Skill 1984(edit) Ice Dart
Skill 1985(edit) Poison Dart
Skill 1986(edit) Vampiric Assault
Skill 1987(edit) Lotus Strike
Skill 1988(edit) Golden Fang Strike
Skill 1990(edit) Falling Lotus Strike
Skill 1991(edit) Sadist's Signet
Skill 1992(edit) Signet of Distraction
Skill 1993(edit) Signet of Recall
Skill 1994(edit) Power Lock
Skill 1995(edit) Waste Not, Want Not
Skill 1996(edit) Sum of All Fears
Skill 1997(edit) Withering Aura
Skill 1998(edit) Cacophony
Skill 1999(edit) Winter's Embrace