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Skill 1(edit) Healing Signet
Skill 2(edit) Resurrection Signet
Skill 3(edit) Signet of Capture
Skill 4(edit) BAMPH!
Skill 5(edit) Power Block
Skill 6(edit) Mantra of Earth
Skill 7(edit) Mantra of Flame
Skill 8(edit) Mantra of Frost
Skill 9(edit) Mantra of Lightning
Skill 10(edit) Hex Breaker
Skill 11(edit) Distortion
Skill 12(edit) Mantra of Celerity
Skill 13(edit) Mantra of Recovery
Skill 14(edit) Mantra of Persistence
Skill 15(edit) Mantra of Inscriptions
Skill 16(edit) Mantra of Concentration
Skill 17(edit) Mantra of Resolve
Skill 18(edit) Mantra of Signets
Skill 19(edit) Fragility
Skill 20(edit) Confusion
Skill 21(edit) Inspired Enchantment
Skill 22(edit) Inspired Hex
Skill 23(edit) Power Spike
Skill 24(edit) Power Leak
Skill 25(edit) Power Drain
Skill 26(edit) Empathy
Skill 27(edit) Shatter Delusions
Skill 28(edit) Backfire
Skill 29(edit) Blackout
Skill 30(edit) Diversion
Skill 31(edit) Conjure Phantasm
Skill 32(edit) Illusion of Weakness
Skill 33(edit) Illusionary Weaponry
Skill 34(edit) Sympathetic Visage
Skill 35(edit) Ignorance
Skill 36(edit) Arcane Conundrum
Skill 37(edit) Illusion of Haste
Skill 38(edit) Channeling
Skill 39(edit) Energy Surge
Skill 40(edit) Ether Feast
Skill 41(edit) Ether Lord
Skill 42(edit) Energy Burn
Skill 43(edit) Clumsiness
Skill 44(edit) Phantom Pain
Skill 45(edit) Ethereal Burden
Skill 46(edit) Guilt
Skill 47(edit) Ineptitude
Skill 48(edit) Spirit of Failure
Skill 49(edit) Mind Wrack
Skill 50(edit) Wastrel's Worry
Skill 51(edit) Shame
Skill 52(edit) Panic
Skill 53(edit) Migraine
Skill 54(edit) Crippling Anguish
Skill 55(edit) Fevered Dreams
Skill 56(edit) Soothing Images
Skill 57(edit) Cry of Frustration
Skill 58(edit) Signet of Midnight
Skill 59(edit) Signet of Weariness
Skill 60(edit) Signet of Illusions (beta version)
Skill 61(edit) Leech Signet
Skill 62(edit) Signet of Humility
Skill 63(edit) Keystone Signet
Skill 64(edit) Mimic
Skill 65(edit) Arcane Mimicry
Skill 66(edit) Spirit Shackles
Skill 67(edit) Shatter Hex
Skill 68(edit) Drain Enchantment
Skill 69(edit) Shatter Enchantment
Skill 70(edit) Disappear
Skill 71(edit) Unnatural Signet (alpha version)
Skill 72(edit) Elemental Resistance
Skill 73(edit) Physical Resistance
Skill 74(edit) Echo
Skill 75(edit) Arcane Echo
Skill 76(edit) Imagined Burden
Skill 77(edit) Chaos Storm
Skill 78(edit) Epidemic
Skill 79(edit) Energy Drain
Skill 80(edit) Energy Tap
Skill 81(edit) Arcane Thievery
Skill 82(edit) Mantra of Recall
Skill 83(edit) Animate Bone Horror
Skill 84(edit) Animate Bone Fiend
Skill 85(edit) Animate Bone Minions
Skill 86(edit) Grenth's Balance
Skill 87(edit) Verata's Gaze
Skill 88(edit) Verata's Aura
Skill 89(edit) Deathly Chill
Skill 90(edit) Verata's Sacrifice
Skill 91(edit) Well of Power
Skill 92(edit) Well of Blood
Skill 93(edit) Well of Suffering
Skill 94(edit) Well of the Profane
Skill 95(edit) Putrid Explosion
Skill 96(edit) Soul Feast
Skill 97(edit) Necrotic Traversal
Skill 98(edit) Consume Corpse
Skill 99(edit) Parasitic Bond
Skill 100(edit) Soul Barbs
Skill 101(edit) Barbs
Skill 102(edit) Shadow Strike
Skill 103(edit) Price of Failure
Skill 104(edit) Death Nova
Skill 105(edit) Deathly Swarm
Skill 106(edit) Rotting Flesh
Skill 107(edit) Virulence
Skill 108(edit) Suffering
Skill 109(edit) Life Siphon
Skill 110(edit) Unholy Feast
Skill 111(edit) Awaken the Blood
Skill 112(edit) Desecrate Enchantments
Skill 113(edit) Tainted Flesh
Skill 114(edit) Aura of the Lich
Skill 115(edit) Blood Renewal
Skill 116(edit) Dark Aura
Skill 117(edit) Enfeeble
Skill 118(edit) Enfeebling Blood
Skill 119(edit) Blood is Power
Skill 120(edit) Blood of the Master
Skill 121(edit) Spiteful Spirit
Skill 122(edit) Malign Intervention
Skill 123(edit) Insidious Parasite
Skill 124(edit) Spinal Shivers
Skill 125(edit) Wither
Skill 126(edit) Life Transfer
Skill 127(edit) Mark of Subversion
Skill 128(edit) Soul Leech
Skill 129(edit) Defile Flesh
Skill 130(edit) Demonic Flesh
Skill 131(edit) Barbed Signet
Skill 132(edit) Plague Signet
Skill 133(edit) Dark Pact
Skill 134(edit) Order of Pain
Skill 135(edit) Faintheartedness
Skill 136(edit) Shadow of Fear
Skill 137(edit) Rigor Mortis
Skill 138(edit) Dark Bond
Skill 139(edit) Infuse Condition
Skill 140(edit) Malaise
Skill 141(edit) Rend Enchantments
Skill 142(edit) Lingering Curse
Skill 143(edit) Strip Enchantment
Skill 144(edit) Chilblains
Skill 145(edit) Signet of Agony
Skill 146(edit) Offering of Blood
Skill 147(edit) Dark Fury
Skill 148(edit) Order of the Vampire
Skill 149(edit) Plague Sending
Skill 150(edit) Mark of Pain
Skill 151(edit) Feast of Corruption
Skill 152(edit) Taste of Death
Skill 153(edit) Vampiric Gaze
Skill 154(edit) Plague Touch
Skill 155(edit) Vile Touch
Skill 156(edit) Vampiric Touch
Skill 157(edit) Blood Ritual
Skill 158(edit) Touch of Agony
Skill 159(edit) Weaken Armor
Skill 160(edit) Windborne Speed
Skill 161(edit) Lightning Storm
Skill 162(edit) Gale
Skill 163(edit) Whirlwind
Skill 164(edit) Elemental Attunement
Skill 165(edit) Armor of Earth
Skill 166(edit) Kinetic Armor
Skill 167(edit) Eruption
Skill 168(edit) Magnetic Aura
Skill 169(edit) Earth Attunement
Skill 170(edit) Earthquake
Skill 171(edit) Stoning
Skill 172(edit) Stone Daggers
Skill 173(edit) Grasping Earth
Skill 174(edit) Aftershock
Skill 175(edit) Ward Against Elements
Skill 176(edit) Ward Against Melee
Skill 177(edit) Ward Against Foes
Skill 178(edit) Ether Prodigy
Skill 179(edit) Incendiary Bonds
Skill 180(edit) Aura of Restoration
Skill 181(edit) Ether Renewal
Skill 182(edit) Conjure Flame
Skill 183(edit) Inferno
Skill 184(edit) Fire Attunement
Skill 185(edit) Mind Burn
Skill 186(edit) Fireball
Skill 187(edit) Meteor
Skill 188(edit) Flame Burst
Skill 189(edit) Rodgort's Invocation
Skill 190(edit) Mark of Rodgort
Skill 191(edit) Immolate
Skill 192(edit) Meteor Shower
Skill 193(edit) Phoenix
Skill 194(edit) Flare
Skill 195(edit) Lava Font
Skill 196(edit) Searing Heat
Skill 197(edit) Fire Storm
Skill 198(edit) Glyph of Elemental Power
Skill 199(edit) Glyph of Energy
Skill 200(edit) Glyph of Lesser Energy
Skill 201(edit) Glyph of Concentration
Skill 202(edit) Glyph of Sacrifice
Skill 203(edit) Glyph of Renewal
Skill 204(edit) Rust
Skill 205(edit) Lightning Surge
Skill 206(edit) Armor of Frost
Skill 207(edit) Conjure Frost
Skill 208(edit) Water Attunement
Skill 209(edit) Mind Freeze
Skill 210(edit) Ice Prison
Skill 211(edit) Ice Spikes
Skill 212(edit) Frozen Burst
Skill 213(edit) Shard Storm
Skill 214(edit) Ice Spear
Skill 215(edit) Maelstrom
Skill 216(edit) Iron Mist
Skill 217(edit) Crystal Wave
Skill 218(edit) Obsidian Flesh
Skill 219(edit) Obsidian Flame
Skill 220(edit) Blinding Flash
Skill 221(edit) Conjure Lightning
Skill 222(edit) Lightning Strike
Skill 223(edit) Chain Lightning
Skill 224(edit) Enervating Charge
Skill 225(edit) Air Attunement
Skill 226(edit) Mind Shock
Skill 227(edit) Glimmering Mark
Skill 228(edit) Thunderclap
Skill 229(edit) Lightning Orb
Skill 230(edit) Lightning Javelin
Skill 231(edit) Shock
Skill 232(edit) Lightning Touch
Skill 233(edit) Swirling Aura
Skill 234(edit) Deep Freeze
Skill 235(edit) Blurred Vision
Skill 236(edit) Mist Form
Skill 237(edit) Water Trident
Skill 238(edit) Armor of Mist
Skill 239(edit) Ward Against Harm
Skill 240(edit) Smite
Skill 241(edit) Life Bond
Skill 242(edit) Balthazar's Spirit
Skill 243(edit) Strength of Honor
Skill 244(edit) Life Attunement
Skill 245(edit) Protective Spirit
Skill 246(edit) Divine Intervention
Skill 247(edit) Symbol of Wrath
Skill 248(edit) Retribution
Skill 249(edit) Holy Wrath
Skill 250(edit) Essence Bond
Skill 251(edit) Scourge Healing
Skill 252(edit) Banish
Skill 253(edit) Scourge Sacrifice
Skill 254(edit) Vigorous Spirit
Skill 255(edit) Watchful Spirit
Skill 256(edit) Blessed Aura
Skill 257(edit) Aegis
Skill 258(edit) Guardian
Skill 259(edit) Shield of Deflection
Skill 260(edit) Aura of Faith
Skill 261(edit) Shield of Regeneration
Skill 262(edit) Shield of Judgment
Skill 263(edit) Protective Bond
Skill 264(edit) Pacifism
Skill 265(edit) Amity
Skill 266(edit) Peace and Harmony
Skill 267(edit) Judge's Insight
Skill 268(edit) Unyielding Aura
Skill 269(edit) Mark of Protection
Skill 270(edit) Life Barrier
Skill 271(edit) Zealot's Fire
Skill 272(edit) Balthazar's Aura
Skill 273(edit) Spell Breaker
Skill 274(edit) Healing Seed
Skill 275(edit) Mend Condition
Skill 276(edit) Restore Condition
Skill 277(edit) Mend Ailment
Skill 278(edit) Purge Conditions
Skill 279(edit) Divine Healing
Skill 280(edit) Heal Area
Skill 281(edit) Orison of Healing
Skill 282(edit) Word of Healing
Skill 283(edit) Dwayna's Kiss
Skill 284(edit) Divine Boon
Skill 285(edit) Healing Hands
Skill 286(edit) Heal Other
Skill 287(edit) Heal Party
Skill 288(edit) Healing Breeze
Skill 289(edit) Vital Blessing
Skill 290(edit) Mending
Skill 291(edit) Live Vicariously
Skill 292(edit) Infuse Health
Skill 293(edit) Signet of Devotion
Skill 294(edit) Signet of Judgment
Skill 295(edit) Purge Signet
Skill 296(edit) Bane Signet
Skill 297(edit) Blessed Signet
Skill 298(edit) Martyr
Skill 299(edit) Shielding Hands
Skill 300(edit) Contemplation of Purity
Skill 301(edit) Remove Hex
Skill 302(edit) Smite Hex
Skill 303(edit) Convert Hexes
Skill 304(edit) Light of Dwayna
Skill 305(edit) Resurrect
Skill 306(edit) Rebirth
Skill 307(edit) Reversal of Fortune
Skill 308(edit) Succor
Skill 309(edit) Holy Veil
Skill 310(edit) Divine Spirit
Skill 311(edit) Draw Conditions
Skill 312(edit) Holy Strike
Skill 313(edit) Healing Touch
Skill 314(edit) Restore Life
Skill 315(edit) Vengeance
Skill 316(edit) To the Limit!
Skill 317(edit) Battle Rage
Skill 318(edit) Defy Pain
Skill 319(edit) Rush
Skill 320(edit) Hamstring
Skill 321(edit) Wild Blow
Skill 322(edit) Power Attack
Skill 323(edit) Desperation Blow
Skill 324(edit) Thrill of Victory
Skill 325(edit) Distracting Blow
Skill 326(edit) Protector's Strike
Skill 327(edit) Griffon's Sweep
Skill 328(edit) Pure Strike
Skill 329(edit) Skull Crack
Skill 330(edit) Cyclone Axe
Skill 331(edit) Hammer Bash
Skill 332(edit) Bull's Strike
Skill 333(edit) I Will Avenge You!
Skill 334(edit) Axe Rake
Skill 335(edit) Cleave
Skill 336(edit) Executioner's Strike
Skill 337(edit) Dismember
Skill 338(edit) Eviscerate
Skill 339(edit) Penetrating Blow
Skill 340(edit) Disrupting Chop
Skill 341(edit) Swift Chop
Skill 342(edit) Axe Twist
Skill 343(edit) "For Great Justice!"
Skill 344(edit) Flurry
Skill 345(edit) Defensive Stance
Skill 346(edit) Frenzy
Skill 347(edit) Endure Pain
Skill 348(edit) "Watch Yourself!"
Skill 349(edit) Sprint
Skill 350(edit) Belly Smash
Skill 351(edit) Mighty Blow
Skill 352(edit) Crushing Blow
Skill 353(edit) Crude Swing
Skill 354(edit) Earth Shaker
Skill 355(edit) Devastating Hammer
Skill 356(edit) Irresistible Blow
Skill 357(edit) Counter Blow
Skill 358(edit) Backbreaker
Skill 359(edit) Heavy Blow
Skill 360(edit) Staggering Blow
Skill 361(edit) Dolyak Signet
Skill 362(edit) Warrior's Cunning
Skill 363(edit) Shield Bash
Skill 364(edit) "Charge!"
Skill 365(edit) Victory is Mine!
Skill 366(edit) Fear Me!
Skill 367(edit) "Shields Up!"
Skill 368(edit) I Will Survive!
Skill 369(edit) "Don't Believe Their Lies!"
Skill 370(edit) Berserker Stance
Skill 371(edit) Balanced Stance
Skill 372(edit) Gladiator's Defense
Skill 373(edit) Deflect Arrows
Skill 374(edit) Warrior's Endurance
Skill 375(edit) Dwarven Battle Stance
Skill 376(edit) Disciplined Stance
Skill 377(edit) Wary Stance
Skill 378(edit) Shield Stance
Skill 379(edit) Bull's Charge
Skill 380(edit) Bonetti's Defense
Skill 381(edit) Hundred Blades
Skill 382(edit) Sever Artery
Skill 383(edit) Galrath Slash
Skill 384(edit) Gash
Skill 385(edit) Final Thrust
Skill 386(edit) Seeking Blade
Skill 387(edit) Riposte
Skill 388(edit) Deadly Riposte
Skill 389(edit) Flourish
Skill 390(edit) Savage Slash
Skill 391(edit) Hunter's Shot
Skill 392(edit) Pin Down
Skill 393(edit) Crippling Shot
Skill 394(edit) Power Shot
Skill 395(edit) Barrage
Skill 396(edit) Dual Shot
Skill 397(edit) Quick Shot
Skill 398(edit) Penetrating Attack
Skill 399(edit) Distracting Shot
Skill 400(edit) Precision Shot
Skill 401(edit) Splinter Shot (monster skill)
Skill 402(edit) Determined Shot
Skill 403(edit) Called Shot
Skill 404(edit) Poison Arrow
Skill 405(edit) Oath Shot
Skill 406(edit) Debilitating Shot
Skill 407(edit) Point Blank Shot
Skill 408(edit) Concussion Shot
Skill 409(edit) Punishing Shot
Skill 410(edit) Call of Ferocity
Skill 411(edit) Charm Animal
Skill 412(edit) Call of Protection
Skill 413(edit) Call of Elemental Protection
Skill 414(edit) Call of Vitality
Skill 415(edit) Call of Haste
Skill 416(edit) Call of Healing
Skill 417(edit) Call of Resilience
Skill 418(edit) Call of Feeding
Skill 419(edit) Call of the Hunter
Skill 420(edit) Call of Brutality
Skill 421(edit) Call of Disruption
Skill 422(edit) Revive Animal
Skill 423(edit) Symbiotic Bond
Skill 424(edit) Throw Dirt
Skill 425(edit) Dodge
Skill 426(edit) Savage Shot
Skill 427(edit) Antidote Signet
Skill 428(edit) Incendiary Arrows
Skill 429(edit) Melandru's Arrows
Skill 430(edit) Marksman's Wager
Skill 431(edit) Ignite Arrows
Skill 432(edit) Read the Wind
Skill 433(edit) Kindle Arrows
Skill 434(edit) Choking Gas
Skill 435(edit) Apply Poison
Skill 436(edit) Comfort Animal
Skill 437(edit) Bestial Pounce
Skill 438(edit) Maiming Strike
Skill 439(edit) Feral Lunge
Skill 440(edit) Scavenger Strike
Skill 441(edit) Melandru's Assault
Skill 442(edit) Ferocious Strike
Skill 443(edit) Predator's Pounce
Skill 444(edit) Brutal Strike
Skill 445(edit) Disrupting Lunge
Skill 446(edit) Troll Unguent
Skill 447(edit) Otyugh's Cry
Skill 448(edit) Escape
Skill 449(edit) Practiced Stance
Skill 450(edit) Whirling Defense
Skill 451(edit) Melandru's Resilience
Skill 452(edit) Dryder's Defenses
Skill 453(edit) Lightning Reflexes
Skill 454(edit) Tiger's Fury
Skill 455(edit) Storm Chaser
Skill 456(edit) Serpent's Quickness
Skill 457(edit) Dust Trap
Skill 458(edit) Barbed Trap
Skill 459(edit) Flame Trap
Skill 460(edit) Healing Spring
Skill 461(edit) Spike Trap
Skill 462(edit) Winter
Skill 463(edit) Winnowing
Skill 464(edit) Edge of Extinction
Skill 465(edit) Greater Conflagration
Skill 466(edit) Conflagration
Skill 467(edit) Fertile Season
Skill 468(edit) Symbiosis
Skill 469(edit) Primal Echoes
Skill 470(edit) Predatory Season
Skill 471(edit) Frozen Soil
Skill 472(edit) Favorable Winds
Skill 473(edit) High Winds
Skill 474(edit) Energizing Wind
Skill 475(edit) Quickening Zephyr
Skill 476(edit) Nature's Renewal
Skill 477(edit) Muddy Terrain
Skill 478(edit) Bleeding
Skill 479(edit) Blind
Skill 480(edit) Burning
Skill 481(edit) Crippled
Skill 482(edit) Deep Wound
Skill 483(edit) Disease
Skill 484(edit) Poison
Skill 485(edit) Dazed
Skill 486(edit) Weakness
Skill 487(edit) Cleansed
Skill 488(edit) Eruption (environment)
Skill 489(edit) Fire Storm (environment)
Skill 490(edit) Vital Blessing (monster skill)
Skill 491(edit) Fount Of Maguuma
Skill 492(edit) Healing Fountain
Skill 493(edit) Icy Ground
Skill 494(edit) Maelstrom (environment)
Skill 495(edit) Mursaat Tower (skill)
Skill 496(edit) Quicksand (environment effect)
Skill 497(edit) Curse of the Bloodstone
Skill 498(edit) Chain Lightning (environment)
Skill 499(edit) Obelisk Lightning
Skill 500(edit) Tar
Skill 501(edit) Siege Attack
Skill 502(edit) Resurrect Party
Skill 503(edit) Scepter of Orr's Aura
Skill 504(edit) Scepter of Orr's Power
Skill 505(edit) Burden Totem
Skill 506(edit) Splinter Mine (skill)
Skill 507(edit) Entanglement
Skill 508(edit) Dwarven Powder Keg
Skill 509(edit) Seed of Resurrection
Skill 510(edit) Deafening Roar
Skill 511(edit) Brutal Mauling
Skill 512(edit) Crippling Attack
Skill 514(edit) Breaking Charm
Skill 515(edit) Charr Buff
Skill 516(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 517(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 518(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 519(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 520(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 521(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 522(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 523(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 524(edit) Dozen Shot
Skill 525(edit) Nibble
Skill 526(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 527(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 528(edit) Reflection
Skill 530(edit) Giant Stomp
Skill 531(edit) Agnar's Rage
Skill 532(edit) Healing Breeze
Skill 533(edit) Crystal Haze
Skill 534(edit) Crystal Bonds
Skill 535(edit) Jagged Crystal Skin
Skill 536(edit) Crystal Hibernation
Skill 539(edit) Hunger of the Lich
Skill 540(edit) Embrace the Pain
Skill 541(edit) Life Vortex
Skill 542(edit) Oracle Link
Skill 543(edit) Guardian Pacify
Skill 544(edit) Soul Vortex
Skill 546(edit) Spectral Agony
Skill 551(edit) Stun on Critical Hit
Skill 554(edit) Undead sensitivity to Light
Skill 558(edit) Titans get plus Health regen and set enemies on fire each time he is hit.
Skill 560(edit) Resurrect (Gargoyle)
Skill 562(edit) Lightning Orb
Skill 563(edit) Wurm Siege
Skill 564(edit) Wurm Siege
Skill 565(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 566(edit) Shiver Touch
Skill 567(edit) Spontaneous Combustion
Skill 568(edit) Vanish
Skill 569(edit) "Victory or Death!"
Skill 570(edit) Mark of Insecurity
Skill 571(edit) Disrupting Dagger
Skill 572(edit) Deadly Paradox
Skill 575(edit) Holy Blessing
Skill 576(edit) Statue's Blessing
Skill 578(edit) Siege Attack
Skill 580(edit) Domain of Energy Draining
Skill 581(edit) Domain of Elements
Skill 582(edit) Domain of Health Draining
Skill 583(edit) Domain of Slow
Skill 584(edit) Divine Fire
Skill 585(edit) Swamp Water
Skill 586(edit) Janthir's Gaze
Skill 589(edit) Stormcaller (skill)
Skill 590(edit) Knock
Skill 593(edit) Blessing of the Kurzicks
Skill 596(edit) Chimera of Intensity
Skill 657(edit) Life Stealing (effect)
Skill 763(edit) Jaundiced Gaze
Skill 764(edit) Wail of Doom
Skill 765(edit) Hero's Insight
Skill 766(edit) Gaze of Contempt
Skill 767(edit) Berserker's Insight
Skill 768(edit) Slayer's Insight
Skill 769(edit) Viper's Defense
Skill 770(edit) Return
Skill 771(edit) Aura of Displacement
Skill 772(edit) Generous Was Tsungrai
Skill 773(edit) Mighty Was Vorizun
Skill 774(edit) "To the Death!"
Skill 775(edit) Death Blossom
Skill 776(edit) Twisting Fangs
Skill 777(edit) Horns of the Ox
Skill 778(edit) Falling Spider
Skill 779(edit) Black Lotus Strike
Skill 780(edit) Fox Fangs
Skill 781(edit) Moebius Strike
Skill 782(edit) Jagged Strike
Skill 783(edit) Unsuspecting Strike
Skill 784(edit) Entangling Asp
Skill 785(edit) Mark of Death
Skill 786(edit) Iron Palm
Skill 787(edit) Resilient Weapon
Skill 788(edit) Blind Was Mingson
Skill 789(edit) Grasping Was Kuurong
Skill 790(edit) Vengeful Was Khanhei
Skill 791(edit) Flesh of My Flesh
Skill 792(edit) Splinter Weapon
Skill 793(edit) Weapon of Warding
Skill 794(edit) Wailing Weapon
Skill 795(edit) Nightmare Weapon
Skill 796(edit) Sorrow's Flame
Skill 797(edit) Sorrow's Fist
Skill 798(edit) Blast Furnace
Skill 799(edit) Beguiling Haze
Skill 800(edit) Enduring Toxin
Skill 801(edit) Shroud of Silence
Skill 802(edit) Expose Defenses
Skill 803(edit) Power Leech
Skill 804(edit) Arcane Languor
Skill 805(edit) Animate Vampiric Horror
Skill 806(edit) Cultist's Fervor
Skill 808(edit) Reaper's Mark
Skill 809(edit) Shatterstone
Skill 810(edit) Protector's Defense
Skill 811(edit) Run as One
Skill 812(edit) Defiant Was Xinrae
Skill 813(edit) Lyssa's Aura
Skill 814(edit) Shadow Refuge
Skill 815(edit) Scorpion Wire
Skill 816(edit) Mirrored Stance
Skill 817(edit) Discord
Skill 818(edit) Well of Weariness
Skill 819(edit) Vampiric Spirit
Skill 820(edit) Depravity
Skill 821(edit) Icy Veins
Skill 822(edit) Weaken Knees
Skill 823(edit) Burning Speed
Skill 824(edit) Lava Arrows
Skill 825(edit) Bed of Coals
Skill 826(edit) Shadow Form
Skill 827(edit) Siphon Strength
Skill 828(edit) Vile Miasma
Skill 830(edit) Ray of Judgment
Skill 831(edit) Primal Rage
Skill 832(edit) Animate Flesh Golem
Skill 834(edit) Reckless Haste
Skill 835(edit) Blood Bond
Skill 836(edit) Ride the Lightning
Skill 837(edit) Energy Boon
Skill 838(edit) Dwayna's Sorrow
Skill 839(edit) "Retreat!"
Skill 840(edit) Poisoned Heart
Skill 841(edit) Fetid Ground
Skill 842(edit) Arc Lightning
Skill 843(edit) Gust
Skill 844(edit) Churning Earth
Skill 845(edit) Liquid Flame
Skill 846(edit) Steam
Skill 847(edit) Boon Signet
Skill 848(edit) Reverse Hex
Skill 849(edit) Lacerating Chop
Skill 850(edit) Fierce Blow
Skill 851(edit) Sun and Moon Slash
Skill 852(edit) Splinter Shot
Skill 853(edit) Melandru's Shot
Skill 854(edit) Snare
Skill 856(edit) "Kilroy Stonekin"
Skill 857(edit) Adventurer's Insight
Skill 858(edit) Dancing Daggers
Skill 859(edit) Conjure Nightmare
Skill 860(edit) Signet of Disruption
Skill 862(edit) Ravenous Gaze
Skill 863(edit) Order of Apostasy
Skill 864(edit) Oppressive Gaze
Skill 865(edit) Lightning Hammer
Skill 866(edit) Vapor Blade
Skill 867(edit) Healing Light
Skill 869(edit) "Coward!"
Skill 870(edit) Pestilence
Skill 871(edit) Shadowsong
Skill 872(edit) Shadowsong (attack)
Skill 873(edit) Resurrect (Factions monster skill)
Skill 874(edit) Consuming Flames
Skill 875(edit) Chains of Enslavement
Skill 876(edit) Signet of Shadows
Skill 877(edit) Lyssa's Balance
Skill 878(edit) Visions of Regret
Skill 879(edit) Illusion of Pain
Skill 880(edit) Stolen Speed
Skill 881(edit) Ether Signet
Skill 882(edit) Signet of Disenchantment
Skill 883(edit) Vocal Minority
Skill 884(edit) Searing Flames
Skill 885(edit) Shield Guardian
Skill 886(edit) Restful Breeze
Skill 887(edit) Signet of Rejuvenation
Skill 888(edit) Whirling Axe
Skill 889(edit) Forceful Blow
Skill 891(edit) "None Shall Pass!"
Skill 892(edit) Quivering Blade
Skill 893(edit) Seeking Arrows
Skill 894(edit) Rampager's Insight
Skill 895(edit) Hunter's Insight
Skill 897(edit) Oath of Healing
Skill 898(edit) Overload
Skill 899(edit) Images of Remorse
Skill 900(edit) Shared Burden
Skill 901(edit) Soul Bind
Skill 902(edit) Blood of the Aggressor
Skill 903(edit) Icy Prism
Skill 904(edit) Furious Axe
Skill 905(edit) Auspicious Blow
Skill 906(edit) "On Your Knees!"
Skill 907(edit) Dragon Slash
Skill 908(edit) Marauder's Shot
Skill 909(edit) Focused Shot
Skill 910(edit) Spirit Rift
Skill 911(edit) Union
Skill 913(edit) Tranquil Was Tanasen
Skill 914(edit) Consume Soul
Skill 915(edit) Spirit Light
Skill 916(edit) Lamentation
Skill 917(edit) Rupture Soul
Skill 918(edit) Spirit to Flesh
Skill 919(edit) Spirit Burn
Skill 920(edit) Destruction
Skill 921(edit) Dissonance
Skill 922(edit) Dissonance (attack)
Skill 923(edit) Disenchantment
Skill 924(edit) Disenchantment (attack)
Skill 925(edit) Recall
Skill 926(edit) Sharpen Daggers
Skill 927(edit) Shameful Fear
Skill 928(edit) Shadow Shroud
Skill 929(edit) Shadow of Haste
Skill 930(edit) Auspicious Incantation
Skill 931(edit) Power Return
Skill 932(edit) Complicate
Skill 933(edit) Shatter Storm
Skill 934(edit) Unnatural Signet
Skill 935(edit) Rising Bile
Skill 936(edit) Envenom Enchantments
Skill 937(edit) Shockwave
Skill 938(edit) Ward of Stability
Skill 939(edit) Icy Shackles
Skill 941(edit) Blessed Light
Skill 942(edit) Withdraw Hexes
Skill 943(edit) Extinguish
Skill 944(edit) Signet of Strength
Skill 946(edit) Trapper's Focus
Skill 947(edit) Brambles
Skill 948(edit) Desperate Strike
Skill 949(edit) Way of the Fox
Skill 950(edit) Shadowy Burden
Skill 951(edit) Siphon Speed
Skill 952(edit) Death's Charge
Skill 953(edit) Power Flux
Skill 954(edit) Expel Hexes
Skill 955(edit) Rip Enchantment
Skill 957(edit) Spell Shield
Skill 958(edit) Healing Whisper
Skill 959(edit) Ethereal Light
Skill 960(edit) Release Enchantments
Skill 961(edit) Lacerate
Skill 962(edit) Spirit Transfer
Skill 963(edit) Restoration
Skill 964(edit) Vengeful Weapon
Skill 966(edit) Spear of Archemorus
Skill 967(edit) Spear of Archemorus
Skill 968(edit) Spear of Archemorus
Skill 969(edit) Spear of Archemorus
Skill 970(edit) Spear of Archemorus
Skill 971(edit) Argo's Cry
Skill 972(edit) Jade Fury
Skill 973(edit) Blinding Powder
Skill 974(edit) Mantis Touch
Skill 975(edit) Exhausting Assault
Skill 976(edit) Repeating Strike
Skill 977(edit) Way of the Lotus
Skill 978(edit) Mark of Instability
Skill 979(edit) Mistrust
Skill 980(edit) Feast of Souls
Skill 981(edit) Recuperation
Skill 982(edit) Shelter
Skill 983(edit) Weapon of Shadow
Skill 984(edit) Torch Enchantment
Skill 985(edit) Caltrops
Skill 986(edit) Nine Tail Strike
Skill 987(edit) Way of the Empty Palm
Skill 988(edit) Temple Strike
Skill 989(edit) Golden Phoenix Strike
Skill 990(edit) Expunge Enchantments
Skill 991(edit) Deny Hexes
Skill 992(edit) Triple Chop
Skill 993(edit) Enraged Smash
Skill 994(edit) Renewing Smash
Skill 995(edit) Tiger Stance
Skill 996(edit) Standing Slash
Skill 997(edit) Famine
Skill 998(edit) Torch Hex
Skill 999(edit) Torch Degeneration Hex
Skill 1000(edit) Blinding Snow
Skill 1001(edit) Avalanche (skill)
Skill 1002(edit) Snowball
Skill 1003(edit) Mega Snowball
Skill 1004(edit) Yuletide
Skill 1006(edit) Ice Fort
Skill 1007(edit) Yellow Snow
Skill 1008(edit) Hidden Rock
Skill 1009(edit) Snow Down the Shirt
Skill 1010(edit) "Mmmm. Snowcone!"
Skill 1011(edit) Holiday Blues
Skill 1012(edit) Icicles
Skill 1013(edit) Ice Breaker
Skill 1014(edit) "Let's Get 'Em!"
Skill 1015(edit) Flurry of Ice
Skill 1016(edit) Snowball
Skill 1018(edit) Critical Eye
Skill 1019(edit) Critical Strike
Skill 1020(edit) Blades of Steel
Skill 1021(edit) Jungle Strike
Skill 1022(edit) Wild Strike
Skill 1023(edit) Leaping Mantis Sting
Skill 1024(edit) Black Mantis Thrust
Skill 1025(edit) Disrupting Stab
Skill 1026(edit) Golden Lotus Strike
Skill 1027(edit) Critical Defenses
Skill 1028(edit) Way of Perfection
Skill 1029(edit) Dark Apostasy
Skill 1030(edit) Locust's Fury
Skill 1031(edit) Shroud of Distress
Skill 1032(edit) Heart of Shadow
Skill 1033(edit) Impale
Skill 1034(edit) Seeping Wound
Skill 1035(edit) Assassin's Promise
Skill 1036(edit) Signet of Malice
Skill 1037(edit) Dark Escape
Skill 1038(edit) Crippling Dagger
Skill 1039(edit) Star Strike
Skill 1040(edit) Spirit Walk
Skill 1041(edit) Unseen Fury
Skill 1042(edit) Flashing Blades
Skill 1043(edit) Dash
Skill 1044(edit) Dark Prison
Skill 1045(edit) Palm Strike
Skill 1046(edit) Assassin of Lyssa
Skill 1047(edit) Mesmer of Lyssa
Skill 1048(edit) Revealed Enchantment
Skill 1049(edit) Revealed Hex
Skill 1050(edit) Disciple of Energy
Skill 1052(edit) Accumulated Pain
Skill 1053(edit) Psychic Distraction
Skill 1054(edit) Ancestor's Visage
Skill 1055(edit) Recurring Insecurity
Skill 1056(edit) Kitah's Burden
Skill 1057(edit) Psychic Instability
Skill 1058(edit) Chaotic Power
Skill 1059(edit) Hex Eater Signet
Skill 1060(edit) Celestial Haste
Skill 1061(edit) Feedback
Skill 1062(edit) Arcane Larceny
Skill 1063(edit) Chaotic Ward
Skill 1064(edit) Favor of the Gods
Skill 1065(edit) Dark Aura (blessing)
Skill 1066(edit) Spoil Victor
Skill 1067(edit) Lifebane Strike
Skill 1068(edit) Bitter Chill
Skill 1069(edit) Taste of Pain
Skill 1070(edit) Defile Enchantments
Skill 1071(edit) Shivers of Dread
Skill 1072(edit) Star Servant
Skill 1073(edit) Necromancer of Grenth
Skill 1074(edit) Ritualist of Grenth
Skill 1075(edit) Vampiric Swarm
Skill 1076(edit) Blood Drinker
Skill 1077(edit) Vampiric Bite
Skill 1078(edit) Wallow's Bite
Skill 1079(edit) Enfeebling Touch
Skill 1080(edit) Disciple of Ice
Skill 1081(edit) Teinai's Wind
Skill 1082(edit) Shock Arrow
Skill 1083(edit) Unsteady Ground
Skill 1084(edit) Sliver Armor
Skill 1085(edit) Ash Blast
Skill 1086(edit) Dragon's Stomp
Skill 1087(edit) Unnatural Resistance
Skill 1088(edit) Second Wind
Skill 1089(edit) Cloak of Faith
Skill 1090(edit) Smoldering Embers
Skill 1091(edit) Double Dragon
Skill 1092(edit) Disciple of the Air
Skill 1093(edit) Teinai's Heat
Skill 1094(edit) Breath of Fire
Skill 1095(edit) Star Burst
Skill 1096(edit) Glyph of Essence
Skill 1097(edit) Teinai's Prison
Skill 1098(edit) Mirror of Ice
Skill 1099(edit) Teinai's Crystals
Skill 1100(edit) Celestial Storm
Skill 1101(edit) Monk of Dwayna
Skill 1102(edit) Aura of the Grove
Skill 1103(edit) Cathedral Collapse
Skill 1104(edit) Miasma
Skill 1105(edit) Acid Trap
Skill 1106(edit) Shield of Saint Viktor
Skill 1107(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1108(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1109(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1110(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1111(edit) Urn of Saint Viktor
Skill 1112(edit) Aura of Light
Skill 1113(edit) Kirin's Wrath
Skill 1114(edit) Spirit Bond
Skill 1115(edit) Air of Enchantment
Skill 1116(edit) Warrior's Might
Skill 1117(edit) Heaven's Delight
Skill 1118(edit) Healing Burst
Skill 1119(edit) Karei's Healing Circle
Skill 1120(edit) Jamei's Gaze
Skill 1121(edit) Gift of Health
Skill 1122(edit) Battle Fervor
Skill 1123(edit) Life Sheath
Skill 1124(edit) Star Shine
Skill 1125(edit) Disciple of Fire
Skill 1126(edit) Empathic Removal
Skill 1127(edit) Warrior of Balthazar
Skill 1128(edit) Resurrection Chant
Skill 1129(edit) Word of Censure
Skill 1130(edit) Spear of Light
Skill 1131(edit) Stonesoul Strike
Skill 1132(edit) Shielding Branches
Skill 1133(edit) Drunken Blow
Skill 1134(edit) Leviathan's Sweep
Skill 1135(edit) Jaizhenju Strike
Skill 1136(edit) Penetrating Chop
Skill 1137(edit) Yeti Smash
Skill 1138(edit) Disciple of the Earth
Skill 1139(edit) Ranger of Melandru
Skill 1140(edit) Storm of Swords
Skill 1141(edit) "You Will Die!"
Skill 1142(edit) Auspicious Parry
Skill 1143(edit) Strength of the Oak
Skill 1144(edit) Silverwing Slash
Skill 1145(edit) Destroy Enchantment
Skill 1146(edit) Shove
Skill 1147(edit) Base Defense
Skill 1148(edit) Carrier Defense
Skill 1149(edit) The Chalice of Corruption
Skill 1151(edit) Song of the Mists
Skill 1152(edit) Demonic Agility
Skill 1153(edit) Blessing of the Kirin
Skill 1155(edit) Juggernaut Toss
Skill 1156(edit) Aura of the Juggernaut
Skill 1157(edit) Star Shards
Skill 1172(edit) Turtle Shell
Skill 1174(edit) Cathedral Collapse
Skill 1175(edit) Blood of zu Heltzer
Skill 1176(edit) Afflicted Soul Explosion
Skill 1179(edit) Dark Chain Lightning
Skill 1181(edit) Corrupted Breath
Skill 1182(edit) Renewing Corruption
Skill 1183(edit) Corrupted Dragon Spores
Skill 1184(edit) Corrupted Dragon Scales
Skill 1185(edit) Construct Possession
Skill 1186(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (The Eternal Grove)
Skill 1187(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (Fort Aspenwood)
Skill 1188(edit) Siege Turtle Attack (Gyala Hatchery)
Skill 1189(edit) Of Royal Blood
Skill 1190(edit) Passage to Tahnnakai
Skill 1191(edit) Sundering Attack
Skill 1192(edit) Zojun's Shot
Skill 1194(edit) Predatory Bond
Skill 1195(edit) Heal as One
Skill 1196(edit) Zojun's Haste
Skill 1197(edit) Needling Shot
Skill 1198(edit) Broad Head Arrow
Skill 1199(edit) Glass Arrows
Skill 1200(edit) Archer's Signet
Skill 1201(edit) Savage Pounce
Skill 1202(edit) Enraged Lunge
Skill 1203(edit) Bestial Mauling
Skill 1204(edit) Energy Drain (effect)
Skill 1205(edit) Poisonous Bite
Skill 1206(edit) Pounce
Skill 1207(edit) Celestial Stance
Skill 1208(edit) Sheer Exhaustion
Skill 1209(edit) Bestial Fury
Skill 1210(edit) Life Drain
Skill 1211(edit) Viper's Nest
Skill 1212(edit) Equinox
Skill 1213(edit) Tranquility
Skill 1215(edit) Clamor of Souls
Skill 1217(edit) Ritual Lord
Skill 1218(edit) Cruel Was Daoshen
Skill 1219(edit) Protective Was Kaolai
Skill 1220(edit) Attuned Was Songkai
Skill 1221(edit) Resilient Was Xiko
Skill 1222(edit) Lively Was Naomei
Skill 1223(edit) Anguished Was Lingwah
Skill 1224(edit) Draw Spirit
Skill 1225(edit) Channeled Strike
Skill 1226(edit) Spirit Boon Strike
Skill 1227(edit) Essence Strike
Skill 1228(edit) Spirit Siphon
Skill 1229(edit) Explosive Growth
Skill 1230(edit) Boon of Creation
Skill 1231(edit) Spirit Channeling
Skill 1232(edit) Armor of Unfeeling
Skill 1233(edit) Soothing Memories
Skill 1234(edit) Mend Body and Soul
Skill 1235(edit) Dulled Weapon
Skill 1236(edit) Binding Chains
Skill 1237(edit) Painful Bond
Skill 1238(edit) Signet of Creation
Skill 1239(edit) Signet of Spirits
Skill 1240(edit) Soul Twisting
Skill 1241(edit) Celestial Summoning
Skill 1244(edit) Ghostly Haste
Skill 1245(edit) Gaze from Beyond
Skill 1246(edit) Ancestors' Rage
Skill 1247(edit) Pain
Skill 1248(edit) Pain (attack)
Skill 1249(edit) Displacement
Skill 1250(edit) Preservation
Skill 1251(edit) Life
Skill 1252(edit) Earthbind
Skill 1253(edit) Bloodsong
Skill 1254(edit) Bloodsong (attack)
Skill 1255(edit) Wanderlust
Skill 1256(edit) Wanderlust (attack)
Skill 1257(edit) Spirit Light Weapon
Skill 1258(edit) Brutal Weapon
Skill 1259(edit) Guided Weapon
Skill 1260(edit) Meekness
Skill 1261(edit) Frigid Armor
Skill 1262(edit) Healing Ring
Skill 1263(edit) Renew Life
Skill 1264(edit) Doom
Skill 1265(edit) Wielder's Boon
Skill 1266(edit) Soothing
Skill 1267(edit) Vital Weapon
Skill 1268(edit) Weapon of Quickening
Skill 1269(edit) Signet of Rage
Skill 1270(edit) Fingers of Chaos
Skill 1271(edit) Echoing Banishment
Skill 1272(edit) Suicidal Impulse
Skill 1273(edit) Impossible Odds
Skill 1274(edit) Battle Scars
Skill 1275(edit) Riposting Shadows
Skill 1276(edit) Meditation of the Reaper
Skill 1280(edit) Blessed Water
Skill 1281(edit) Defiled Water
Skill 1282(edit) Stone Spores
Skill 1287(edit) Haiju Lagoon Water
Skill 1288(edit) Aspect of Exhaustion
Skill 1289(edit) Aspect of Exposure
Skill 1290(edit) Aspect of Surrender
Skill 1291(edit) Aspect of Death
Skill 1292(edit) Aspect of Soothing
Skill 1293(edit) Aspect of Pain
Skill 1294(edit) Aspect of Lethargy
Skill 1295(edit) Aspect of Depletion (energy loss)
Skill 1296(edit) Aspect of Failure
Skill 1297(edit) Aspect of Shadows
Skill 1298(edit) Scorpion Aspect
Skill 1299(edit) Aspect of Fear
Skill 1300(edit) Aspect of Depletion (energy depletion damage)
Skill 1301(edit) Aspect of Decay
Skill 1302(edit) Aspect of Torment
Skill 1303(edit) Nightmare Aspect
Skill 1304(edit) Spiked Coral
Skill 1305(edit) Shielding Urn
Skill 1306(edit) Extensive Plague Exposure
Skill 1307(edit) Forest's Binding
Skill 1308(edit) Exploding Spores
Skill 1309(edit) Suicide Energy
Skill 1310(edit) Suicide Health
Skill 1311(edit) Nightmare Refuge
Skill 1315(edit) Rage of the Sea
Skill 1316(edit) Meditation of the Reaper
Skill 1318(edit) Fireball
Skill 1319(edit) Final Thrust
Skill 1323(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1324(edit) Torment Slash
Skill 1325(edit) Spirit of the Festival
Skill 1326(edit) Trade Winds
Skill 1327(edit) Dragon Blast
Skill 1328(edit) Imperial Majesty
Skill 1329(edit) Monster doesn't get death penalty
Skill 1333(edit) Extend Conditions
Skill 1334(edit) Hypochondria
Skill 1335(edit) Wastrel's Demise
Skill 1336(edit) Spiritual Pain
Skill 1337(edit) Drain Delusions
Skill 1338(edit) Persistence of Memory
Skill 1339(edit) Symbols of Inspiration
Skill 1340(edit) Symbolic Celerity
Skill 1341(edit) Frustration
Skill 1342(edit) Tease
Skill 1343(edit) Ether Phantom
Skill 1344(edit) Web of Disruption
Skill 1345(edit) Enchanter's Conundrum
Skill 1346(edit) Signet of Illusions
Skill 1347(edit) Discharge Enchantment
Skill 1348(edit) Hex Eater Vortex
Skill 1349(edit) Mirror of Disenchantment
Skill 1350(edit) Simple Thievery
Skill 1351(edit) Animate Shambling Horror
Skill 1352(edit) Order of Undeath
Skill 1353(edit) Putrid Flesh
Skill 1354(edit) Feast for the Dead
Skill 1355(edit) Jagged Bones
Skill 1356(edit) Contagion
Skill 1358(edit) Ulcerous Lungs
Skill 1359(edit) Pain of Disenchantment
Skill 1360(edit) Mark of Fury
Skill 1362(edit) Corrupt Enchantment
Skill 1363(edit) Signet of Sorrow
Skill 1364(edit) Signet of Suffering
Skill 1365(edit) Signet of Lost Souls
Skill 1366(edit) Well of Darkness
Skill 1367(edit) Blinding Surge
Skill 1368(edit) Chilling Winds
Skill 1369(edit) Lightning Bolt
Skill 1370(edit) Storm Djinn's Haste
Skill 1371(edit) Stone Striker
Skill 1372(edit) Sandstorm
Skill 1373(edit) Stone Sheath
Skill 1374(edit) Ebon Hawk
Skill 1375(edit) Stoneflesh Aura
Skill 1376(edit) Glyph of Restoration
Skill 1377(edit) Ether Prism
Skill 1378(edit) Master of Magic
Skill 1379(edit) Glowing Gaze
Skill 1380(edit) Savannah Heat
Skill 1381(edit) Flame Djinn's Haste
Skill 1382(edit) Freezing Gust
Skill 1384(edit) Sulfurous Haze
Skill 1386(edit) Sentry Trap (skill)
Skill 1389(edit) Light of Seborhin
Skill 1390(edit) Judge's Intervention
Skill 1391(edit) Supportive Spirit
Skill 1392(edit) Watchful Healing
Skill 1393(edit) Healer's Boon
Skill 1394(edit) Healer's Covenant
Skill 1395(edit) Balthazar's Pendulum
Skill 1396(edit) Words of Comfort
Skill 1397(edit) Light of Deliverance
Skill 1398(edit) Scourge Enchantment
Skill 1399(edit) Shield of Absorption
Skill 1400(edit) Reversal of Damage
Skill 1401(edit) Mending Touch
Skill 1402(edit) Critical Chop
Skill 1403(edit) Agonizing Chop
Skill 1404(edit) Flail
Skill 1405(edit) Charging Strike
Skill 1406(edit) Headbutt
Skill 1407(edit) Lion's Comfort
Skill 1408(edit) Rage of the Ntouka
Skill 1409(edit) Mokele Smash
Skill 1410(edit) Overbearing Smash
Skill 1411(edit) Signet of Stamina
Skill 1412(edit) "You're All Alone!"
Skill 1413(edit) Burst of Aggression
Skill 1414(edit) Enraging Charge
Skill 1415(edit) Crippling Slash
Skill 1416(edit) Barbarous Slice
Skill 1417(edit) Vial of Purified Water
Skill 1418(edit) Disarm Trap
Skill 1419(edit) Feeding Frenzy (skill)
Skill 1420(edit) Quake Of Ahdashim
Skill 1422(edit) Create Light of Seborhin
Skill 1423(edit) Unlock Cell
Skill 1430(edit) Wave of Torment
Skill 1433(edit) Corsair's Net
Skill 1434(edit) Corrupted Healing
Skill 1436(edit) Corrupted Strength
Skill 1437(edit) Desert Wurm (disguise)
Skill 1438(edit) Junundu Feast
Skill 1439(edit) Junundu Strike
Skill 1440(edit) Junundu Smash
Skill 1441(edit) Junundu Siege
Skill 1442(edit) Junundu Tunnel
Skill 1443(edit) Leave Junundu
Skill 1444(edit) Summon Torment
Skill 1445(edit) Signal Flare
Skill 1446(edit) The Elixir of Strength
Skill 1447(edit) Ehzah from Above
Skill 1449(edit) Last Rites of Torment
Skill 1450(edit) Abaddon's Conspiracy
Skill 1451(edit) Hunger's Bite
Skill 1454(edit) Call to the Torment
Skill 1455(edit) Command of Torment
Skill 1456(edit) Abaddon's Favor
Skill 1457(edit) Abaddon's Chosen
Skill 1458(edit) Enchantment Collapse
Skill 1459(edit) Call of Sacrifice
Skill 1460(edit) Enemies Must Die!
Skill 1461(edit) Earth Vortex
Skill 1462(edit) Frost Vortex
Skill 1463(edit) Rough Current
Skill 1464(edit) Turbulent Flow
Skill 1465(edit) Prepared Shot
Skill 1466(edit) Burning Arrow
Skill 1467(edit) Arcing Shot
Skill 1468(edit) Strike as One
Skill 1469(edit) Crossfire
Skill 1470(edit) Barbed Arrows
Skill 1471(edit) Scavenger's Focus
Skill 1472(edit) Toxicity
Skill 1473(edit) Quicksand
Skill 1474(edit) Storm's Embrace
Skill 1475(edit) Trapper's Speed
Skill 1476(edit) Tripwire
Skill 1477(edit) Kournan Guardsman Uniform
Skill 1478(edit) Renewing Surge
Skill 1479(edit) Offering of Spirit
Skill 1480(edit) Spirit's Gift
Skill 1481(edit) Death Pact Signet
Skill 1482(edit) Reclaim Essence
Skill 1483(edit) Banishing Strike
Skill 1484(edit) Mystic Sweep
Skill 1485(edit) Eremite's Attack
Skill 1486(edit) Reap Impurities
Skill 1487(edit) Twin Moon Sweep
Skill 1488(edit) Victorious Sweep
Skill 1489(edit) Irresistible Sweep
Skill 1490(edit) Pious Assault
Skill 1491(edit) Mystic Twister
Skill 1493(edit) Grenth's Fingers
Skill 1495(edit) Aura of Thorns
Skill 1496(edit) Balthazar's Rage
Skill 1497(edit) Dust Cloak
Skill 1498(edit) Staggering Force
Skill 1499(edit) Pious Renewal
Skill 1500(edit) Mirage Cloak
Skill 1502(edit) Arcane Zeal
Skill 1503(edit) Mystic Vigor
Skill 1504(edit) Watchful Intervention
Skill 1505(edit) Vow of Piety
Skill 1506(edit) Vital Boon
Skill 1507(edit) Heart of Holy Flame
Skill 1508(edit) Extend Enchantments
Skill 1509(edit) Faithful Intervention
Skill 1510(edit) Sand Shards
Skill 1512(edit) Lyssa's Haste
Skill 1513(edit) Guiding Hands
Skill 1514(edit) Fleeting Stability
Skill 1515(edit) Armor of Sanctity
Skill 1516(edit) Mystic Regeneration
Skill 1517(edit) Vow of Silence
Skill 1518(edit) Avatar of Balthazar
Skill 1519(edit) Avatar of Dwayna
Skill 1520(edit) Avatar of Grenth
Skill 1521(edit) Avatar of Lyssa
Skill 1522(edit) Avatar of Melandru
Skill 1523(edit) Meditation
Skill 1524(edit) Eremite's Zeal
Skill 1525(edit) Natural Healing
Skill 1526(edit) Imbue Health
Skill 1527(edit) Mystic Healing
Skill 1528(edit) Dwayna's Touch
Skill 1529(edit) Pious Restoration
Skill 1530(edit) Signet of Pious Light
Skill 1531(edit) Intimidating Aura
Skill 1532(edit) Mystic Sandstorm
Skill 1533(edit) Winds of Disenchantment
Skill 1534(edit) Rending Touch
Skill 1535(edit) Crippling Sweep
Skill 1536(edit) Wounding Strike
Skill 1537(edit) Wearying Strike
Skill 1538(edit) Lyssa's Assault
Skill 1539(edit) Chilling Victory
Skill 1540(edit) Conviction
Skill 1541(edit) Enchanted Haste
Skill 1542(edit) Pious Concentration
Skill 1543(edit) Pious Haste
Skill 1544(edit) Whirling Charge
Skill 1545(edit) Test of Faith
Skill 1546(edit) Blazing Spear
Skill 1547(edit) Mighty Throw
Skill 1548(edit) Cruel Spear
Skill 1549(edit) Harrier's Toss
Skill 1550(edit) Unblockable Throw
Skill 1551(edit) Spear of Lightning
Skill 1552(edit) Wearying Spear
Skill 1553(edit) Anthem of Fury
Skill 1554(edit) Crippling Anthem
Skill 1555(edit) Defensive Anthem
Skill 1556(edit) Godspeed
Skill 1557(edit) Anthem of Flame
Skill 1558(edit) "Go for the Eyes!"
Skill 1559(edit) Anthem of Envy
Skill 1560(edit) Song of Power
Skill 1561(edit) Zealous Anthem
Skill 1562(edit) Aria of Zeal
Skill 1563(edit) Lyric of Zeal
Skill 1564(edit) Ballad of Restoration
Skill 1565(edit) Chorus of Restoration
Skill 1566(edit) Aria of Restoration
Skill 1567(edit) Song of Concentration
Skill 1568(edit) Anthem of Guidance
Skill 1569(edit) Energizing Chorus
Skill 1570(edit) Song of Purification
Skill 1571(edit) Hexbreaker Aria
Skill 1572(edit) "Brace Yourself!"
Skill 1573(edit) Awe
Skill 1574(edit) Enduring Harmony
Skill 1575(edit) Blazing Finale
Skill 1576(edit) Burning Refrain
Skill 1577(edit) Finale of Restoration
Skill 1578(edit) Mending Refrain
Skill 1579(edit) Purifying Finale
Skill 1580(edit) Bladeturn Refrain
Skill 1581(edit) Glowing Signet
Skill 1583(edit) Leader's Zeal
Skill 1584(edit) Leader's Comfort
Skill 1585(edit) Signet of Synergy
Skill 1586(edit) Angelic Protection
Skill 1587(edit) Angelic Bond
Skill 1588(edit) Cautery Signet
Skill 1589(edit) "Stand Your Ground!"
Skill 1590(edit) "Lead the Way!"
Skill 1591(edit) "Make Haste!"
Skill 1592(edit) "We Shall Return!"
Skill 1593(edit) "Never Give Up!"
Skill 1594(edit) "Help Me!"
Skill 1595(edit) "Fall Back!"
Skill 1596(edit) "Incoming!"
Skill 1597(edit) "They're on Fire!"
Skill 1598(edit) "Never Surrender!"
Skill 1599(edit) "It's just a flesh wound."
Skill 1600(edit) Barbed Spear
Skill 1601(edit) Vicious Attack
Skill 1602(edit) Stunning Strike
Skill 1603(edit) Merciless Spear
Skill 1604(edit) Disrupting Throw
Skill 1605(edit) Wild Throw
Skill 1606(edit) Curse of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1607(edit) Aura of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1608(edit) Power of the Staff of the Mists
Skill 1609(edit) Scepter of Ether
Skill 1610(edit) Summoning of the Scepter
Skill 1611(edit) Rise From Your Grave!
Skill 1612(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1613(edit) Corsair Disguise
Skill 1616(edit) Queen Heal
Skill 1617(edit) Queen Wail
Skill 1618(edit) Queen Armor
Skill 1619(edit) Queen Bite
Skill 1620(edit) Queen Thump
Skill 1621(edit) Queen Siege
Skill 1622(edit) Junundu Tunnel
Skill 1623(edit) Skin of Stone
Skill 1624(edit) Dervish of the Mystic
Skill 1625(edit) Dervish of the Wind
Skill 1626(edit) Paragon of Leadership
Skill 1627(edit) Paragon of Motivation
Skill 1628(edit) Dervish of the Blade
Skill 1629(edit) Paragon of Command
Skill 1630(edit) Paragon of the Spear
Skill 1631(edit) Dervish of the Earth
Skill 1633(edit) Malicious Strike
Skill 1634(edit) Shattering Assault
Skill 1635(edit) Golden Skull Strike
Skill 1636(edit) Black Spider Strike
Skill 1637(edit) Golden Fox Strike
Skill 1638(edit) Deadly Haste
Skill 1639(edit) Assassin's Remedy
Skill 1640(edit) Fox's Promise
Skill 1641(edit) Feigned Neutrality
Skill 1642(edit) Hidden Caltrops
Skill 1643(edit) Assault Enchantments
Skill 1644(edit) Wastrel's Collapse
Skill 1645(edit) Lift Enchantment
Skill 1646(edit) Augury of Death
Skill 1647(edit) Signet of Toxic Shock
Skill 1648(edit) Signet of Twilight
Skill 1649(edit) Way of the Assassin
Skill 1650(edit) Shadow Walk
Skill 1651(edit) Death's Retreat
Skill 1652(edit) Shadow Prison
Skill 1653(edit) Swap
Skill 1654(edit) Shadow Meld
Skill 1655(edit) Price of Pride
Skill 1656(edit) Air of Disenchantment
Skill 1657(edit) Signet of Clumsiness
Skill 1658(edit) Symbolic Posture
Skill 1659(edit) Toxic Chill
Skill 1660(edit) Well of Silence
Skill 1661(edit) Glowstone
Skill 1662(edit) Mind Blast
Skill 1663(edit) Elemental Flame
Skill 1664(edit) Invoke Lightning
Skill 1665(edit) Battle Cry
Skill 1666(edit) Mending Shrine Bonus
Skill 1667(edit) Energy Shrine Bonus
Skill 1668(edit) Northern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 1669(edit) Southern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 1670(edit) Siege Attack (Bombardment)
Skill 1671(edit) Curse of Silence
Skill 1672(edit) "To the Pain!" (Hero Battles)
Skill 1673(edit) Edge of Reason
Skill 1674(edit) Depths of Madness (environment effect)
Skill 1675(edit) Cower in Fear
Skill 1676(edit) Dreadful Pain
Skill 1677(edit) Veiled Nightmare
Skill 1678(edit) Base Protection
Skill 1679(edit) Kournan Siege Flame
Skill 1680(edit) Drake Skin
Skill 1681(edit) Skale Vigor
Skill 1682(edit) Pahnai Salad (item effect)
Skill 1683(edit) Pensive Guardian
Skill 1684(edit) Scribe's Insight
Skill 1685(edit) Holy Haste
Skill 1686(edit) Glimmer of Light
Skill 1687(edit) Zealous Benediction
Skill 1688(edit) Defender's Zeal
Skill 1689(edit) Signet of Mystic Wrath
Skill 1690(edit) Signet of Removal
Skill 1691(edit) Dismiss Condition
Skill 1692(edit) Divert Hexes
Skill 1693(edit) Counterattack
Skill 1694(edit) Magehunter Strike
Skill 1695(edit) Soldier's Strike
Skill 1696(edit) Decapitate
Skill 1697(edit) Magehunter's Smash
Skill 1698(edit) Soldier's Stance
Skill 1699(edit) Soldier's Defense
Skill 1700(edit) Frenzied Defense
Skill 1701(edit) Steady Stance
Skill 1702(edit) Steelfang Slash
Skill 1703(edit) Sunspear Battle Call
Skill 1704(edit) Untouchable
Skill 1705(edit) Earth Shattering Blow
Skill 1706(edit) Corrupt Power
Skill 1707(edit) Words of Madness
Skill 1708(edit) Gaze of Moa'vu'Kaal
Skill 1709(edit) Presence of the Skale Lord
Skill 1710(edit) Madness Dart
Skill 1711(edit) The Apocrypha is changing to another form!
Skill 1715(edit) Reform Carvings
Skill 1717(edit) Sunspear Siege
Skill 1718(edit) Soul Torture
Skill 1719(edit) Screaming Shot
Skill 1720(edit) Keen Arrow
Skill 1721(edit) Rampage as One
Skill 1722(edit) Forked Arrow
Skill 1723(edit) Disrupting Accuracy
Skill 1724(edit) Expert's Dexterity
Skill 1725(edit) Roaring Winds
Skill 1726(edit) Magebane Shot
Skill 1727(edit) Natural Stride
Skill 1728(edit) Heket's Rampage
Skill 1729(edit) Smoke Trap
Skill 1730(edit) Infuriating Heat
Skill 1731(edit) Vocal Was Sogolon
Skill 1732(edit) Destructive Was Glaive
Skill 1733(edit) Wielder's Strike
Skill 1734(edit) Gaze of Fury
Skill 1735(edit) Gaze of Fury (attack)
Skill 1736(edit) Spirit's Strength
Skill 1737(edit) Wielder's Zeal
Skill 1738(edit) Sight Beyond Sight
Skill 1739(edit) Renewing Memories
Skill 1740(edit) Wielder's Remedy
Skill 1741(edit) Ghostmirror Light
Skill 1742(edit) Signet of Ghostly Might
Skill 1743(edit) Signet of Binding
Skill 1744(edit) Caretaker's Charge
Skill 1745(edit) Anguish
Skill 1746(edit) Anguish (attack)
Skill 1747(edit) Empowerment
Skill 1748(edit) Recovery
Skill 1749(edit) Weapon of Fury
Skill 1750(edit) Xinrae's Weapon
Skill 1751(edit) Warmonger's Weapon
Skill 1752(edit) Weapon of Remedy
Skill 1753(edit) Rending Sweep
Skill 1754(edit) Onslaught
Skill 1755(edit) Mystic Corruption
Skill 1756(edit) Grenth's Grasp
Skill 1757(edit) Veil of Thorns
Skill 1758(edit) Harrier's Grasp
Skill 1759(edit) Vow of Strength
Skill 1760(edit) Ebon Dust Aura
Skill 1761(edit) Zealous Vow
Skill 1762(edit) Heart of Fury
Skill 1763(edit) Zealous Renewal
Skill 1764(edit) Attacker's Insight
Skill 1765(edit) Rending Aura
Skill 1766(edit) Featherfoot Grace
Skill 1767(edit) Reaper's Sweep
Skill 1768(edit) Harrier's Haste
Skill 1769(edit) Focused Anger
Skill 1770(edit) Natural Temper
Skill 1771(edit) Song of Restoration
Skill 1772(edit) Lyric of Purification
Skill 1773(edit) Soldier's Fury
Skill 1774(edit) Aggressive Refrain
Skill 1775(edit) Energizing Finale
Skill 1776(edit) Signet of Aggression
Skill 1777(edit) Remedy Signet
Skill 1778(edit) Signet of Return
Skill 1779(edit) "Make Your Time!"
Skill 1780(edit) "Can't Touch This!"
Skill 1781(edit) "Find Their Weakness!"
Skill 1782(edit) "The Power Is Yours!"
Skill 1783(edit) Slayer's Spear
Skill 1784(edit) Swift Javelin
Skill 1790(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1791(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1792(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1793(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1794(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1795(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1796(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1797(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1798(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1799(edit) Eternal Suffering
Skill 1800(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1801(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1802(edit) Eternal Languor
Skill 1803(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1804(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1805(edit) Eternal Lethargy
Skill 1808(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1809(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1810(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1811(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1812(edit) Thirst of the Drought
Skill 1813(edit) Lightbringer
Skill 1814(edit) Lightbringer's Gaze
Skill 1815(edit) Lightbringer Signet
Skill 1816(edit) Sunspear Rebirth Signet
Skill 1817(edit) Wisdom
Skill 1818(edit) Maddened Strike
Skill 1819(edit) Maddened Stance
Skill 1820(edit) Spirit Form
Skill 1822(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1823(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1824(edit) Behemoth Hunt
Skill 1825(edit) Behemoth Hunt
Skill 1826(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1827(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1828(edit) Harpy Bounty
Skill 1829(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1830(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1831(edit) Demon Hunt
Skill 1832(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1833(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1834(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1835(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1836(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1837(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1838(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1839(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1840(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1841(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1842(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1843(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1844(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 1845(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 1846(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 1847(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 1848(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 1849(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 1850(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1851(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 1852(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1853(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1854(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1855(edit) Kournan Siege
Skill 1856(edit) Lose your Head
Skill 1857(edit) Wandering Mind
Skill 1859(edit) Altar Buff
Skill 1860(edit) Sugar Rush
Skill 1861(edit) Choking Breath
Skill 1862(edit) Junundu Bite
Skill 1863(edit) Blinding Breath
Skill 1864(edit) Burning Breath
Skill 1865(edit) Junundu Wail
Skill 1866(edit) Capture Point
Skill 1867(edit) Approaching the Vortex
Skill 1871(edit) Avatar of Sweetness
Skill 1873(edit) Corrupted Lands
Skill 1875(edit) Words of Madness
Skill 1876(edit) Unknown Junundu Ability
Skill 1880(edit) Torment Slash (Smothering Tendrils)
Skill 1881(edit) Bonds of Torment
Skill 1882(edit) Shadow Smash
Skill 1884(edit) Consume Torment
Skill 1885(edit) Banish Enchantment
Skill 1886(edit) Summoning Shadows
Skill 1887(edit) Lightbringer's Insight
Skill 1889(edit) Repressive Energy
Skill 1890(edit) Enduring Torment
Skill 1891(edit) Shroud of Darkness
Skill 1892(edit) Demonic Miasma
Skill 1893(edit) Enraged
Skill 1894(edit) "Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh"
Skill 1895(edit) Wild Smash
Skill 1896(edit) Unyielding Anguish
Skill 1897(edit) Jadoth's Storm of Judgment
Skill 1898(edit) Anguish Hunt
Skill 1899(edit) Avatar of Holiday Cheer
Skill 1900(edit) Side Step
Skill 1901(edit) Jack Frost
Skill 1902(edit) Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill)
Skill 1903(edit) Avatar of Dwayna (snow fighting skill)
Skill 1904(edit) Steady Aim
Skill 1905(edit) Rudi's Red Nose
Skill 1911(edit) Volatile Charr Crystal
Skill 1912(edit) Hard mode
Skill 1913(edit) Claim Resource
Skill 1916(edit) Sugar Jolt (short)
Skill 1917(edit) Rollerbeetle Racer
Skill 1918(edit) Ram
Skill 1919(edit) Harden Shell
Skill 1920(edit) Rollerbeetle Dash
Skill 1921(edit) Super Rollerbeetle
Skill 1922(edit) Rollerbeetle Echo
Skill 1923(edit) Distracting Lunge
Skill 1924(edit) Rollerbeetle Blast
Skill 1925(edit) Spit Rocks
Skill 1926(edit) Lunar Blessing
Skill 1927(edit) Lucky Aura
Skill 1928(edit) Spiritual Possession
Skill 1929(edit) Water
Skill 1930(edit) Pig Form
Skill 1931(edit) Beetle Metamorphosis
Skill 1933(edit) Sugar Jolt (long)
Skill 1934(edit) Golden Egg (item effect)
Skill 1937(edit) Infernal Rage
Skill 1938(edit) Putrid Flames
Skill 1940(edit) Flame Call
Skill 1942(edit) Whirling Fires
Skill 1943(edit) Charr Siege Attack (What Must Be Done)
Skill 1944(edit) Charr Siege Attack (Against the Charr)
Skill 1945(edit) Birthday Cupcake (skill)
Skill 1947(edit) Blessing of the Luxons
Skill 1948(edit) Shadow Sanctuary
Skill 1949(edit) Ether Nightmare
Skill 1950(edit) Signet of Corruption
Skill 1951(edit) Elemental Lord
Skill 1952(edit) Selfless Spirit
Skill 1953(edit) Triple Shot
Skill 1954(edit) "Save Yourselves!"
Skill 1955(edit) Aura of Holy Might
Skill 1957(edit) Spear of Fury
Skill 1959(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1960(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 1961(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1962(edit) Mandragor Hunt
Skill 1963(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1964(edit) Giant Hunt
Skill 1965(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1966(edit) Skree Battle
Skill 1967(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1968(edit) Insect Hunt
Skill 1969(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1970(edit) Minotaur Hunt
Skill 1971(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1972(edit) Corsair Bounty
Skill 1973(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1974(edit) Plant Hunt
Skill 1975(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1976(edit) Skale Hunt
Skill 1977(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1978(edit) Heket Hunt
Skill 1979(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1980(edit) Kournan Bounty
Skill 1981(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1982(edit) Undead Hunt
Skill 1983(edit) Fire Dart
Skill 1984(edit) Ice Dart
Skill 1985(edit) Poison Dart
Skill 1986(edit) Vampiric Assault
Skill 1987(edit) Lotus Strike
Skill 1988(edit) Golden Fang Strike
Skill 1990(edit) Falling Lotus Strike
Skill 1991(edit) Sadist's Signet
Skill 1992(edit) Signet of Distraction
Skill 1993(edit) Signet of Recall
Skill 1994(edit) Power Lock
Skill 1995(edit) Waste Not, Want Not
Skill 1996(edit) Sum of All Fears
Skill 1997(edit) Withering Aura
Skill 1998(edit) Cacophony
Skill 1999(edit) Winter's Embrace
Skill 2000(edit) Earthen Shackles
Skill 2001(edit) Ward of Weakness
Skill 2002(edit) Glyph of Swiftness
Skill 2003(edit) Cure Hex
Skill 2004(edit) Smite Condition
Skill 2005(edit) Smiter's Boon
Skill 2006(edit) Castigation Signet
Skill 2007(edit) Purifying Veil
Skill 2008(edit) Pulverizing Smash
Skill 2009(edit) Keen Chop
Skill 2010(edit) Knee Cutter
Skill 2011(edit) Grapple
Skill 2012(edit) Radiant Scythe
Skill 2013(edit) Grenth's Aura
Skill 2014(edit) Signet of Pious Restraint
Skill 2015(edit) Farmer's Scythe
Skill 2016(edit) Energetic Was Lee Sa
Skill 2017(edit) Anthem of Weariness
Skill 2018(edit) Anthem of Disruption
Skill 2020(edit) Freezing Ground
Skill 2022(edit) Fire Jet
Skill 2023(edit) Ice Jet
Skill 2024(edit) Poison Jet
Skill 2027(edit) Fire Spout
Skill 2028(edit) Ice Spout
Skill 2029(edit) Poison Spout
Skill 2030(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 2031(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 2032(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 2033(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 2034(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 2035(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 2036(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 2037(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 2038(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 2039(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 2040(edit) Anguish Hunt
Skill 2041(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 2042(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 2043(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 2044(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 2050(edit) Boulder
Skill 2051(edit) Summon Spirits
Skill 2052(edit) Shadow Fang
Skill 2053(edit) Calculated Risk
Skill 2054(edit) Shrinking Armor
Skill 2055(edit) Aneurysm
Skill 2056(edit) Wandering Eye
Skill 2057(edit) Foul Feast
Skill 2058(edit) Putrid Bile
Skill 2059(edit) Shell Shock
Skill 2060(edit) Glyph of Immolation
Skill 2061(edit) Patient Spirit
Skill 2062(edit) Healing Ribbon
Skill 2063(edit) Aura of Stability
Skill 2064(edit) Spotless Mind
Skill 2065(edit) Spotless Soul
Skill 2066(edit) Disarm
Skill 2067(edit) "I Meant to Do That!"
Skill 2068(edit) Rapid Fire
Skill 2069(edit) Sloth Hunter's Shot
Skill 2070(edit) Aura Slicer
Skill 2071(edit) Zealous Sweep
Skill 2072(edit) Pure Was Li Ming
Skill 2073(edit) Weapon of Aggression
Skill 2074(edit) Chest Thumper
Skill 2075(edit) Hasty Refrain
Skill 2077(edit) Cracked Armor
Skill 2078(edit) Berserk
Skill 2079(edit) Fleshreaver's Escape
Skill 2080(edit) Chomp
Skill 2081(edit) Twisting Jaws
Skill 2083(edit) Mandragor's Charge
Skill 2084(edit) Rock Slide
Skill 2085(edit) Avalanche (effect)
Skill 2086(edit) Snaring Web
Skill 2087(edit) Ceiling Collapse
Skill 2088(edit) Trample
Skill 2089(edit) Wurm Bile
Skill 2091(edit) Shadow Sanctuary
Skill 2092(edit) Ether Nightmare
Skill 2093(edit) Signet of Corruption
Skill 2094(edit) Elemental Lord
Skill 2095(edit) Selfless Spirit
Skill 2096(edit) Triple Shot
Skill 2097(edit) "Save Yourselves!"
Skill 2098(edit) Aura of Holy Might
Skill 2099(edit) Spear of Fury
Skill 2100(edit) Summon Spirits
Skill 2101(edit) Critical Agility
Skill 2102(edit) Cry of Pain
Skill 2103(edit) Necrosis
Skill 2104(edit) Intensity
Skill 2105(edit) Seed of Life
Skill 2106(edit) Call of the Eye
Skill 2107(edit) Whirlwind Attack
Skill 2108(edit) Never Rampage Alone
Skill 2109(edit) Eternal Aura
Skill 2110(edit) Vampirism
Skill 2111(edit) Vampirism (attack)
Skill 2112(edit) "There's Nothing to Fear!"
Skill 2113(edit) Ursan Rage (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2114(edit) Ursan Strike (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2116(edit) Sneak Attack
Skill 2117(edit) Firebomb Explosion
Skill 2118(edit) Firebomb
Skill 2119(edit) Shield of Fire
Skill 2122(edit) Spirit World Retreat
Skill 2124(edit) Shattered Spirit
Skill 2125(edit) Spirit Roar
Skill 2126(edit) Spirit Senses
Skill 2127(edit) Unseen Aggression
Skill 2128(edit) Volfen Pounce (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2129(edit) Volfen Claw (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2131(edit) Volfen Bloodlust (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2132(edit) Volfen Agility (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2133(edit) Volfen Blessing (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2134(edit) Charging Spirit
Skill 2135(edit) Trampling Ox
Skill 2136(edit) Smoke Powder Defense
Skill 2137(edit) Confusing Images
Skill 2138(edit) Hexer's Vigor
Skill 2139(edit) Masochism
Skill 2140(edit) Piercing Trap
Skill 2141(edit) Companionship
Skill 2142(edit) Feral Aggression
Skill 2143(edit) Disrupting Shot
Skill 2144(edit) Volley
Skill 2145(edit) Expert Focus
Skill 2146(edit) Pious Fury
Skill 2147(edit) Crippling Victory
Skill 2148(edit) Sundering Weapon
Skill 2149(edit) Weapon of Renewal
Skill 2150(edit) Maiming Spear
Skill 2151(edit) Temporal Sheen
Skill 2152(edit) Flux Overload
Skill 2154(edit) Phase Shield (effect)
Skill 2155(edit) Phase Shield
Skill 2156(edit) Vitality Transfer
Skill 2157(edit) Golem Strike
Skill 2158(edit) Bloodstone Slash
Skill 2159(edit) Energy Blast (golem)
Skill 2160(edit) Chaotic Energy
Skill 2161(edit) Golem Fire Shield
Skill 2162(edit) The Way of Duty
Skill 2163(edit) The Way of Kinship
Skill 2164(edit) Diamondshard Mist (environment effect)
Skill 2165(edit) Diamondshard Grave
Skill 2166(edit) The Way of Strength
Skill 2167(edit) Diamondshard Mist
Skill 2168(edit) Raven Blessing (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2170(edit) Raven Flight (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2171(edit) Raven Shriek (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2172(edit) Raven Swoop (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2173(edit) Raven Talons (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2174(edit) Aspect of Oak
Skill 2176(edit) Tremor
Skill 2180(edit) Pyroclastic Shot
Skill 2184(edit) Rolling Shift
Skill 2185(edit) Powder Keg Explosion
Skill 2186(edit) Signet of Deadly Corruption
Skill 2187(edit) Way of the Master
Skill 2188(edit) Defile Defenses
Skill 2189(edit) Angorodon's Gaze
Skill 2190(edit) Magnetic Surge
Skill 2191(edit) Slippery Ground
Skill 2192(edit) Glowing Ice
Skill 2193(edit) Energy Blast
Skill 2194(edit) Distracting Strike
Skill 2195(edit) Symbolic Strike
Skill 2196(edit) Soldier's Speed
Skill 2197(edit) Body Blow
Skill 2198(edit) Body Shot
Skill 2199(edit) Poison Tip Signet
Skill 2200(edit) Signet of Mystic Speed
Skill 2201(edit) Shield of Force
Skill 2202(edit) Mending Grip
Skill 2203(edit) Spiritleech Aura
Skill 2204(edit) Rejuvenation
Skill 2205(edit) Agony
Skill 2206(edit) Ghostly Weapon
Skill 2207(edit) Inspirational Speech
Skill 2208(edit) Burning Shield
Skill 2209(edit) Holy Spear
Skill 2210(edit) Spear Swipe
Skill 2211(edit) Alkar's Alchemical Acid
Skill 2212(edit) Light of Deldrimor
Skill 2213(edit) Ear Bite
Skill 2214(edit) Low Blow
Skill 2215(edit) Brawling Headbutt
Skill 2216(edit) "Don't Trip!"
Skill 2217(edit) "By Ural's Hammer!"
Skill 2218(edit) Drunken Master
Skill 2219(edit) Great Dwarf Weapon
Skill 2220(edit) Great Dwarf Armor
Skill 2221(edit) Breath of the Great Dwarf
Skill 2222(edit) Snow Storm
Skill 2223(edit) Black Powder Mine
Skill 2224(edit) Summon Mursaat
Skill 2225(edit) Summon Ruby Djinn
Skill 2226(edit) Summon Ice Imp
Skill 2227(edit) Summon Naga Shaman
Skill 2228(edit) Deft Strike
Skill 2229(edit) Signet of Infection
Skill 2230(edit) Tryptophan Signet
Skill 2231(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Courage
Skill 2232(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom
Skill 2233(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
Skill 2234(edit) Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support
Skill 2235(edit) Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Skill 2236(edit) Well of Ruin
Skill 2237(edit) Atrophy
Skill 2238(edit) Spear of Redemption
Skill 2240(edit) Gelatinous Material Explosion
Skill 2241(edit) Gelatinous Corpse Consumption
Skill 2243(edit) Gelatinous Absorption
Skill 2244(edit) Unstable Ooze Explosion
Skill 2246(edit) Unstable Aura
Skill 2247(edit) Unstable Pulse
Skill 2248(edit) Polymock Power Drain
Skill 2249(edit) Polymock Block
Skill 2250(edit) Polymock Glyph of Concentration
Skill 2251(edit) Polymock Ether Signet
Skill 2252(edit) Polymock Glyph of Power
Skill 2253(edit) Polymock Overload
Skill 2254(edit) Polymock Glyph Destabilization
Skill 2255(edit) Polymock Mind Wreck
Skill 2256(edit) Order of Unholy Vigor
Skill 2257(edit) Order of the Lich
Skill 2258(edit) Master of Necromancy
Skill 2259(edit) Animate Undead
Skill 2260(edit) Polymock Deathly Chill
Skill 2261(edit) Polymock Rising Bile
Skill 2262(edit) Polymock Rotting Flesh
Skill 2263(edit) Polymock Lightning Strike
Skill 2264(edit) Polymock Lightning Orb
Skill 2265(edit) Polymock Lightning Djinn's Haste
Skill 2266(edit) Polymock Flare
Skill 2267(edit) Polymock Immolate
Skill 2268(edit) Polymock Meteor
Skill 2269(edit) Polymock Ice Spear
Skill 2270(edit) Polymock Icy Prison
Skill 2271(edit) Polymock Mind Freeze
Skill 2272(edit) Polymock Ice Shard Storm
Skill 2273(edit) Polymock Frozen Trident
Skill 2274(edit) Polymock Smite
Skill 2275(edit) Polymock Smite Hex
Skill 2276(edit) Polymock Bane Signet
Skill 2277(edit) Polymock Stone Daggers
Skill 2278(edit) Polymock Obsidian Flame
Skill 2279(edit) Polymock Earthquake
Skill 2280(edit) Polymock Frozen Armor
Skill 2281(edit) Polymock Glyph Freeze
Skill 2282(edit) Polymock Fireball
Skill 2283(edit) Polymock Rodgort's Invocation
Skill 2284(edit) Polymock Calculated Risk
Skill 2285(edit) Polymock Recurring Insecurity
Skill 2286(edit) Polymock Backfire
Skill 2287(edit) Polymock Guilt
Skill 2288(edit) Polymock Lamentation
Skill 2289(edit) Polymock Spirit Rift
Skill 2290(edit) Polymock Painful Bond
Skill 2291(edit) Polymock Signet of Clumsiness
Skill 2292(edit) Polymock Migraine
Skill 2293(edit) Polymock Glowing Gaze
Skill 2294(edit) Polymock Searing Flames
Skill 2295(edit) Polymock Signet of Revenge
Skill 2296(edit) Polymock Signet of Smiting
Skill 2297(edit) Polymock Stoning
Skill 2298(edit) Polymock Eruption
Skill 2299(edit) Polymock Shock Arrow
Skill 2300(edit) Polymock Mind Shock
Skill 2301(edit) Polymock Piercing Light Spear
Skill 2302(edit) Polymock Mind Blast
Skill 2303(edit) Polymock Savannah Heat
Skill 2304(edit) Polymock Diversion
Skill 2305(edit) Polymock Lightning Blast
Skill 2306(edit) Polymock Poisoned Ground
Skill 2307(edit) Polymock Icy Bonds
Skill 2308(edit) Polymock Sandstorm
Skill 2309(edit) Polymock Banish
Skill 2310(edit) Mergoyle Form
Skill 2311(edit) Skale Form
Skill 2312(edit) Gargoyle Form
Skill 2313(edit) Ice Imp Form
Skill 2314(edit) Fire Imp Form
Skill 2315(edit) Kappa Form
Skill 2316(edit) Aloe Seed Form
Skill 2317(edit) Earth Elemental Form
Skill 2318(edit) Fire Elemental Form
Skill 2319(edit) Ice Elemental Form
Skill 2320(edit) Mirage Iboga Form
Skill 2321(edit) Wind Rider Form
Skill 2322(edit) Naga Shaman Form
Skill 2323(edit) Mantis Dreamweaver Form
Skill 2324(edit) Ruby Djinn Form
Skill 2325(edit) Gaki Form
Skill 2326(edit) Stone Rain Form
Skill 2327(edit) Mursaat Elementalist Form
Skill 2328(edit) Crystal Shield
Skill 2329(edit) Crystal Snare
Skill 2330(edit) Paranoid Indignation
Skill 2331(edit) Searing Breath
Skill 2333(edit) Brawling
Skill 2334(edit) Brawling Block
Skill 2335(edit) Brawling Jab
Skill 2337(edit) Brawling Straight Right
Skill 2338(edit) Brawling Hook
Skill 2340(edit) Brawling Uppercut
Skill 2341(edit) Brawling Combo Punch
Skill 2342(edit) Brawling Headbutt (Brawling skill)
Skill 2343(edit) STAND UP!
Skill 2344(edit) Call of Destruction
Skill 2346(edit) Lava Ground
Skill 2347(edit) Lava Wave
Skill 2351(edit) Charm Animal (Ashlyn Spiderfriend)
Skill 2352(edit) Charr Siege Attack (Assault on the Stronghold)
Skill 2353(edit) "Finish Him!"
Skill 2354(edit) "Dodge This!"
Skill 2355(edit) "I Am The Strongest!"
Skill 2356(edit) "I Am Unstoppable!"
Skill 2357(edit) A Touch of Guile
Skill 2358(edit) "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
Skill 2359(edit) "You Are All Weaklings!"
Skill 2360(edit) Feel No Pain
Skill 2361(edit) Club of a Thousand Bears
Skill 2364(edit) Lava Blast
Skill 2365(edit) Thunderfist Strike
Skill 2367(edit) Alkar's Concoction
Skill 2368(edit) Murakai's Consumption
Skill 2369(edit) Murakai's Censure
Skill 2370(edit) Murakai's Calamity
Skill 2371(edit) Murakai's Storm of Souls
Skill 2372(edit) Edification
Skill 2373(edit) Heart of the Norn
Skill 2374(edit) Ursan Blessing
Skill 2375(edit) Ursan Strike
Skill 2376(edit) Ursan Rage
Skill 2377(edit) Ursan Roar
Skill 2378(edit) Ursan Force
Skill 2379(edit) Volfen Blessing
Skill 2380(edit) Volfen Claw
Skill 2381(edit) Volfen Pounce
Skill 2382(edit) Volfen Bloodlust
Skill 2383(edit) Volfen Agility
Skill 2384(edit) Raven Blessing
Skill 2385(edit) Raven Talons
Skill 2386(edit) Raven Swoop
Skill 2387(edit) Raven Shriek
Skill 2388(edit) Raven Flight
Skill 2389(edit) Totem of Man
Skill 2391(edit) Murakai's Call
Skill 2392(edit) Spawn Pods
Skill 2393(edit) Enraged Blast
Skill 2394(edit) Spawn Hatchling
Skill 2395(edit) Ursan Roar (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2396(edit) Ursan Force (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2397(edit) Ursan Aura
Skill 2398(edit) Consume Flames
Skill 2401(edit) Charr Flame Keeper Form
Skill 2402(edit) Titan Form
Skill 2403(edit) Skeletal Mage Form
Skill 2404(edit) Smoke Wraith Form
Skill 2405(edit) Bone Dragon Form
Skill 2407(edit) Dwarven Arcanist Form
Skill 2408(edit) Dolyak Rider Form
Skill 2409(edit) Extract Inscription
Skill 2410(edit) Charr Shaman Form
Skill 2411(edit) Mindbender
Skill 2412(edit) Smooth Criminal
Skill 2413(edit) Technobabble
Skill 2414(edit) Radiation Field
Skill 2415(edit) Asuran Scan
Skill 2416(edit) Air of Superiority
Skill 2417(edit) Mental Block
Skill 2418(edit) Pain Inverter
Skill 2419(edit) Healing Salve
Skill 2420(edit) Ebon Escape
Skill 2421(edit) Weakness Trap
Skill 2422(edit) Winds
Skill 2423(edit) Dwarven Stability
Skill 2424(edit) Stout-Hearted
Skill 2426(edit) Decipher Inscriptions
Skill 2427(edit) Rebel Yell
Skill 2429(edit) Asuran Flame Staff
Skill 2430(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2431(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2432(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2433(edit) Haunted Ground
Skill 2434(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2435(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2436(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2437(edit) Energy Channel
Skill 2438(edit) Hunt Rampage (Asura)
Skill 2440(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2441(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2442(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2443(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2444(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2445(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2446(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2447(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2448(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2449(edit) Great Dwarf's Blessing
Skill 2450(edit) Hunt Rampage (Deldrimor)
Skill 2452(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2453(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2454(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2456(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2457(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2458(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2459(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2460(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2461(edit) Vanguard Commendation
Skill 2462(edit) Hunt Rampage (Ebon Vanguard)
Skill 2464(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2469(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2470(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2471(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2472(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2473(edit) Strength of the Norn
Skill 2474(edit) Hunt Rampage (Norn)
Skill 2481(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2483(edit) Gloat
Skill 2484(edit) Metamorphosis
Skill 2485(edit) Inner Fire
Skill 2486(edit) Elemental Shift
Skill 2487(edit) Dryder's Feast
Skill 2488(edit) Fungal Explosion
Skill 2489(edit) Blood Rage
Skill 2490(edit) Parasitic Bite
Skill 2491(edit) False Death
Skill 2492(edit) Ooze Combination
Skill 2493(edit) Ooze Division
Skill 2494(edit) Bear Form
Skill 2496(edit) Spore Explosion
Skill 2497(edit) Dormant Husk
Skill 2498(edit) Monkey See, Monkey Do
Skill 2500(edit) Tengu's Mimicry
Skill 2501(edit) Tongue Lash
Skill 2502(edit) Soulrending Shriek
Skill 2504(edit) Siege Devourer
Skill 2505(edit) Siege Devourer Feast
Skill 2506(edit) Devourer Bite
Skill 2507(edit) Siege Devourer Swipe
Skill 2508(edit) Devourer Siege
Skill 2509(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2510(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2511(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2512(edit) HYAHHHHH!
Skill 2513(edit) Dismount Siege Devourer
Skill 2514(edit) The Master's Mark
Skill 2515(edit) The Sniper's Spear
Skill 2516(edit) Mount
Skill 2517(edit) Reverse Polarity Fire Shield
Skill 2518(edit) Tengu's Gaze
Skill 2520(edit) Armor of Salvation (item effect)
Skill 2521(edit) Grail of Might (item effect)
Skill 2522(edit) Essence of Celerity (item effect)
Skill 2527(edit) Duncan's Defense
Skill 2536(edit) Invigorating Mist
Skill 2537(edit) Courageous Was Saidra
Skill 2538(edit) Animate Undead (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2539(edit) Order of Unholy Vigor (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2540(edit) Order of the Lich (Palawa Joko)
Skill 2541(edit) Golem Boosters
Skill 2544(edit) Tongue Whip
Skill 2545(edit) Lit Torch
Skill 2546(edit) Dishonorable
Skill 2548(edit) Veteran Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2549(edit) Veteran Dwarven Raider
Skill 2550(edit) Veteran Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2551(edit) Veteran Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2565(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2566(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2567(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2568(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2570(edit) Great Dwarf's Blessing
Skill 2571(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2574(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2575(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2576(edit) Hunt Rampage (Deldrimor)
Skill 2577(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2578(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2583(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2585(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2589(edit) Vanguard Commendation
Skill 2591(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2592(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2593(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2594(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2596(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2598(edit) Strength of the Norn
Skill 2599(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2601(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2602(edit) Hunt Rampage (Norn)
Skill 2603(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2604(edit) Candy Corn (item effect)
Skill 2605(edit) Candy Apple (item effect)
Skill 2606(edit) Anton (disguise)
Skill 2607(edit) Erys Vasburg (disguise)
Skill 2608(edit) Olias (disguise)
Skill 2609(edit) Argo (disguise)
Skill 2610(edit) Mhenlo (disguise)
Skill 2611(edit) Lukas (disguise)
Skill 2612(edit) Aidan (disguise)
Skill 2613(edit) Kahmu (disguise)
Skill 2614(edit) Razah (disguise)
Skill 2615(edit) Morgahn (disguise)
Skill 2616(edit) Nika (disguise)
Skill 2617(edit) Seaguard Hala (disguise)
Skill 2618(edit) Livia (disguise)
Skill 2619(edit) Cynn (disguise)
Skill 2620(edit) Tahlkora (disguise)
Skill 2621(edit) Devona (disguise)
Skill 2622(edit) Zho (disguise)
Skill 2623(edit) Melonni (disguise)
Skill 2624(edit) Xandra (disguise)
Skill 2625(edit) Hayda (disguise)
Skill 2626(edit) Complicate
Skill 2627(edit) Reaper's Mark
Skill 2628(edit) Enfeeble
Skill 2630(edit) Signet of Lost Souls
Skill 2632(edit) Searing Flames
Skill 2633(edit) Glowing Gaze
Skill 2634(edit) Steam
Skill 2635(edit) Flame Djinn's Haste
Skill 2636(edit) Liquid Flame
Skill 2639(edit) Smite Condition
Skill 2640(edit) Crippling Slash
Skill 2641(edit) Sun and Moon Slash
Skill 2642(edit) Enraging Charge
Skill 2643(edit) Tiger Stance
Skill 2644(edit) Burning Arrow
Skill 2645(edit) Natural Stride
Skill 2646(edit) Falling Lotus Strike
Skill 2647(edit) Anthem of Weariness
Skill 2648(edit) Pious Fury
Skill 2649(edit) Pie Induced Ecstasy
Skill 2651(edit) Togo (disguise)
Skill 2652(edit) Turai Ossa (disguise)
Skill 2653(edit) Gwen (disguise)
Skill 2654(edit) Saul D'Alessio (disguise)
Skill 2655(edit) Dragon Empire Rage
Skill 2656(edit) Call to the Spirit Realm
Skill 2658(edit) Hide
Skill 2659(edit) Feign Death
Skill 2660(edit) Flee
Skill 2661(edit) Throw Rock
Skill 2663(edit) Siege Strike
Skill 2664(edit) Spike Trap (spell)
Skill 2665(edit) Barbed Bomb
Skill 2667(edit) Balm Bomb
Skill 2668(edit) Explosives
Skill 2669(edit) Rations
Skill 2670(edit) "Form Up and Advance!"
Skill 2672(edit) Spectral Agony (hex)
Skill 2673(edit) Stun Bomb
Skill 2674(edit) Banner of the Unseen
Skill 2675(edit) Signet of the Unseen
Skill 2676(edit) "For Elona!"
Skill 2677(edit) Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)
Skill 2678(edit) Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)
Skill 2680(edit) Distortion
Skill 2681(edit) Shared Burden (Gwen)
Skill 2682(edit) Sum of All Fears
Skill 2683(edit) Castigation Signet
Skill 2684(edit) Unnatural Signet
Skill 2685(edit) Dragon Slash
Skill 2686(edit) Essence Strike
Skill 2687(edit) Spirit Burn
Skill 2688(edit) Spirit Rift
Skill 2689(edit) Mend Body and Soul
Skill 2690(edit) Offering of Spirit
Skill 2691(edit) Disenchantment
Skill 2692(edit) Fire Dart
Skill 2699(edit) Journey to the North
Skill 2701(edit) Rat Form
Skill 2702(edit) Ox Form
Skill 2703(edit) Tiger Form
Skill 2704(edit) Rabbit Form
Skill 2705(edit) Dragon Form
Skill 2706(edit) Snake Form
Skill 2707(edit) Horse Form
Skill 2708(edit) Sheep Form
Skill 2709(edit) Monkey Form
Skill 2710(edit) Rooster Form
Skill 2711(edit) Dog Form
Skill 2712(edit) Party Time!
Skill 2841(edit) Awakened Head Form
Skill 2842(edit) Spider Form
Skill 2844(edit) Golem Form
Skill 2845(edit) Hellhound Form
Skill 2846(edit) Norn Form
Skill 2847(edit) Ooze Form
Skill 2848(edit) Rift Warden Form
Skill 2851(edit) Snowman Form
Skill 2852(edit) Energy Drain (PvP)
Skill 2853(edit) Energy Tap (PvP)
Skill 2854(edit) PvP (effect)
Skill 2855(edit) Ward Against Melee (PvP)
Skill 2856(edit) Lightning Orb (PvP)
Skill 2857(edit) Aegis (PvP)
Skill 2858(edit) "Watch Yourself!" (PvP)
Skill 2859(edit) Enfeeble (PvP)
Skill 2860(edit) Ether Renewal (PvP)
Skill 2861(edit) Penetrating Attack (PvP)
Skill 2862(edit) Shadow Form (PvP)
Skill 2863(edit) Discord (PvP)
Skill 2864(edit) Sundering Attack (PvP)
Skill 2865(edit) Ritual Lord (PvP)
Skill 2866(edit) Flesh of My Flesh (PvP)
Skill 2867(edit) Ancestors' Rage (PvP)
Skill 2868(edit) Splinter Weapon (PvP)
Skill 2869(edit) Assassin's Remedy (PvP)
Skill 2870(edit) Blinding Surge (PvP)
Skill 2871(edit) Light of Deliverance (PvP)
Skill 2872(edit) Death Pact Signet (PvP)
Skill 2873(edit) Mystic Sweep (PvP)
Skill 2874(edit) Eremite's Attack (PvP)
Skill 2875(edit) Harrier's Toss (PvP)
Skill 2876(edit) Defensive Anthem (PvP)
Skill 2877(edit) Ballad of Restoration (PvP)
Skill 2878(edit) Song of Restoration (PvP)
Skill 2879(edit) "Incoming!" (PvP)
Skill 2880(edit) "Never Surrender!" (PvP)
Skill 2882(edit) Mantra of Inscriptions (PvP)
Skill 2883(edit) "For Great Justice!" (PvP)
Skill 2884(edit) Mystic Regeneration (PvP)
Skill 2885(edit) Enfeebling Blood (PvP)
Skill 2886(edit) Summoning Sickness
Skill 2887(edit) Signet of Judgment (PvP)
Skill 2888(edit) Chilling Victory (PvP)
Skill 2891(edit) Unyielding Aura (PvP)
Skill 2892(edit) Spirit Bond (PvP)
Skill 2893(edit) Weapon of Warding (PvP)
Skill 2895(edit) Smiter's Boon (PvP)
Skill 2896(edit) Battle Fervor (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎
Skill 2897(edit) Cloak of Faith (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎
Skill 2898(edit) Dark Aura (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎‎
Skill 2899(edit) Chaotic Power (Deactivating R.O.X.)‎‎‎
Skill 2900(edit) Strength of the Oak (Deactivating R.O.X.)
Skill 2901(edit) Sinister Golem Form
Skill 2902(edit) Reactor Blast
Skill 2903(edit) Reactor Blast Timer
Skill 2904(edit) Jade Brotherhood Disguise
Skill 2905(edit) Internal Power Engaged
Skill 2906(edit) Target Acquisition
Skill 2907(edit) N.O.X. Beam
Skill 2908(edit) N.O.X. Field Dash
Skill 2909(edit) N.O.X.ion Buster
Skill 2910(edit) Countdown
Skill 2911(edit) Bit Golem Breaker
Skill 2912(edit) Bit Golem Rectifier
Skill 2913(edit) Bit Golem Crash
Skill 2914(edit) Bit Golem Force
Skill 2916(edit) N.O.X. Phantom
Skill 2917(edit) N.O.X. Thunder
Skill 2918(edit) N.O.X. Lock On
Skill 2919(edit) N.O.X. Driver
Skill 2920(edit) N.O.X. Fire
Skill 2921(edit) N.O.X. Knuckle
Skill 2922(edit) N.O.X. Divider Drive
Skill 2923(edit) Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Grog
Skill 2924(edit) Oath of Protection
Skill 2925(edit) Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP)
Skill 2928(edit) Amulet of Protection
Skill 2957(edit) Western Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 2958(edit) Eastern Health Shrine Bonus
Skill 2959(edit) Expert's Dexterity (PvP)
Skill 2962(edit) Grentch Form
Skill 2965(edit) Signet of Spirits (PvP)
Skill 2966(edit) Signet of Ghostly Might (PvP)
Skill 2967(edit) Avatar of Grenth (PvP)
Skill 2968(edit) Oversized Tonic Warning