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Skill 2000(edit) Earthen Shackles
Skill 2001(edit) Ward of Weakness
Skill 2002(edit) Glyph of Swiftness
Skill 2003(edit) Cure Hex
Skill 2004(edit) Smite Condition
Skill 2005(edit) Smiter's Boon
Skill 2006(edit) Castigation Signet
Skill 2007(edit) Purifying Veil
Skill 2008(edit) Pulverizing Smash
Skill 2009(edit) Keen Chop
Skill 2010(edit) Knee Cutter
Skill 2011(edit) Grapple
Skill 2012(edit) Radiant Scythe
Skill 2013(edit) Grenth's Aura
Skill 2014(edit) Signet of Pious Restraint
Skill 2015(edit) Farmer's Scythe
Skill 2016(edit) Energetic Was Lee Sa
Skill 2017(edit) Anthem of Weariness
Skill 2018(edit) Anthem of Disruption
Skill 2020(edit) Freezing Ground
Skill 2022(edit) Fire Jet
Skill 2023(edit) Ice Jet
Skill 2024(edit) Poison Jet
Skill 2027(edit) Fire Spout
Skill 2028(edit) Ice Spout
Skill 2029(edit) Poison Spout
Skill 2030(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 2031(edit) Dhuum Battle
Skill 2032(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 2033(edit) Elemental Hunt
Skill 2034(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 2035(edit) Monolith Hunt
Skill 2036(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 2037(edit) Margonite Battle
Skill 2038(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 2039(edit) Menzies Battle
Skill 2040(edit) Anguish Hunt
Skill 2041(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 2042(edit) Titan Hunt
Skill 2043(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 2044(edit) Monster Hunt
Skill 2050(edit) Boulder
Skill 2051(edit) Summon Spirits
Skill 2052(edit) Shadow Fang
Skill 2053(edit) Calculated Risk
Skill 2054(edit) Shrinking Armor
Skill 2055(edit) Aneurysm
Skill 2056(edit) Wandering Eye
Skill 2057(edit) Foul Feast
Skill 2058(edit) Putrid Bile
Skill 2059(edit) Shell Shock
Skill 2060(edit) Glyph of Immolation
Skill 2061(edit) Patient Spirit
Skill 2062(edit) Healing Ribbon
Skill 2063(edit) Aura of Stability
Skill 2064(edit) Spotless Mind
Skill 2065(edit) Spotless Soul
Skill 2066(edit) Disarm
Skill 2067(edit) "I Meant to Do That!"
Skill 2068(edit) Rapid Fire
Skill 2069(edit) Sloth Hunter's Shot
Skill 2070(edit) Aura Slicer
Skill 2071(edit) Zealous Sweep
Skill 2072(edit) Pure Was Li Ming
Skill 2073(edit) Weapon of Aggression
Skill 2074(edit) Chest Thumper
Skill 2075(edit) Hasty Refrain
Skill 2077(edit) Cracked Armor
Skill 2078(edit) Berserk
Skill 2079(edit) Fleshreaver's Escape
Skill 2080(edit) Chomp
Skill 2081(edit) Twisting Jaws
Skill 2083(edit) Mandragor's Charge
Skill 2084(edit) Rock Slide
Skill 2085(edit) Avalanche (effect)
Skill 2086(edit) Snaring Web
Skill 2087(edit) Ceiling Collapse
Skill 2088(edit) Trample
Skill 2089(edit) Wurm Bile
Skill 2091(edit) Shadow Sanctuary
Skill 2092(edit) Ether Nightmare
Skill 2093(edit) Signet of Corruption
Skill 2094(edit) Elemental Lord
Skill 2095(edit) Selfless Spirit
Skill 2096(edit) Triple Shot
Skill 2097(edit) "Save Yourselves!"
Skill 2098(edit) Aura of Holy Might
Skill 2099(edit) Spear of Fury
Skill 2100(edit) Summon Spirits
Skill 2101(edit) Critical Agility
Skill 2102(edit) Cry of Pain
Skill 2103(edit) Necrosis
Skill 2104(edit) Intensity
Skill 2105(edit) Seed of Life
Skill 2106(edit) Call of the Eye
Skill 2107(edit) Whirlwind Attack
Skill 2108(edit) Never Rampage Alone
Skill 2109(edit) Eternal Aura
Skill 2110(edit) Vampirism
Skill 2111(edit) Vampirism (attack)
Skill 2112(edit) "There's Nothing to Fear!"
Skill 2113(edit) Ursan Rage (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2114(edit) Ursan Strike (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2116(edit) Sneak Attack
Skill 2117(edit) Firebomb Explosion
Skill 2118(edit) Firebomb
Skill 2119(edit) Shield of Fire
Skill 2122(edit) Spirit World Retreat
Skill 2124(edit) Shattered Spirit
Skill 2125(edit) Spirit Roar
Skill 2126(edit) Spirit Senses
Skill 2127(edit) Unseen Aggression
Skill 2128(edit) Volfen Pounce (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2129(edit) Volfen Claw (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2131(edit) Volfen Bloodlust (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2132(edit) Volfen Agility (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2133(edit) Volfen Blessing (Curse of the Nornbear)
Skill 2134(edit) Charging Spirit
Skill 2135(edit) Trampling Ox
Skill 2136(edit) Smoke Powder Defense
Skill 2137(edit) Confusing Images
Skill 2138(edit) Hexer's Vigor
Skill 2139(edit) Masochism
Skill 2140(edit) Piercing Trap
Skill 2141(edit) Companionship
Skill 2142(edit) Feral Aggression
Skill 2143(edit) Disrupting Shot
Skill 2144(edit) Volley
Skill 2145(edit) Expert Focus
Skill 2146(edit) Pious Fury
Skill 2147(edit) Crippling Victory
Skill 2148(edit) Sundering Weapon
Skill 2149(edit) Weapon of Renewal
Skill 2150(edit) Maiming Spear
Skill 2151(edit) Temporal Sheen
Skill 2152(edit) Flux Overload
Skill 2154(edit) Phase Shield (effect)
Skill 2155(edit) Phase Shield
Skill 2156(edit) Vitality Transfer
Skill 2157(edit) Golem Strike
Skill 2158(edit) Bloodstone Slash
Skill 2159(edit) Energy Blast (golem)
Skill 2160(edit) Chaotic Energy
Skill 2161(edit) Golem Fire Shield
Skill 2162(edit) The Way of Duty
Skill 2163(edit) The Way of Kinship
Skill 2164(edit) Diamondshard Mist (environment effect)
Skill 2165(edit) Diamondshard Grave
Skill 2166(edit) The Way of Strength
Skill 2167(edit) Diamondshard Mist
Skill 2168(edit) Raven Blessing (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2170(edit) Raven Flight (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2171(edit) Raven Shriek (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2172(edit) Raven Swoop (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2173(edit) Raven Talons (A Gate Too Far)
Skill 2174(edit) Aspect of Oak
Skill 2176(edit) Tremor
Skill 2180(edit) Pyroclastic Shot
Skill 2184(edit) Rolling Shift
Skill 2185(edit) Powder Keg Explosion
Skill 2186(edit) Signet of Deadly Corruption
Skill 2187(edit) Way of the Master
Skill 2188(edit) Defile Defenses
Skill 2189(edit) Angorodon's Gaze
Skill 2190(edit) Magnetic Surge
Skill 2191(edit) Slippery Ground
Skill 2192(edit) Glowing Ice
Skill 2193(edit) Energy Blast
Skill 2194(edit) Distracting Strike
Skill 2195(edit) Symbolic Strike
Skill 2196(edit) Soldier's Speed
Skill 2197(edit) Body Blow
Skill 2198(edit) Body Shot
Skill 2199(edit) Poison Tip Signet
Skill 2200(edit) Signet of Mystic Speed
Skill 2201(edit) Shield of Force
Skill 2202(edit) Mending Grip
Skill 2203(edit) Spiritleech Aura
Skill 2204(edit) Rejuvenation
Skill 2205(edit) Agony
Skill 2206(edit) Ghostly Weapon
Skill 2207(edit) Inspirational Speech
Skill 2208(edit) Burning Shield
Skill 2209(edit) Holy Spear
Skill 2210(edit) Spear Swipe
Skill 2211(edit) Alkar's Alchemical Acid
Skill 2212(edit) Light of Deldrimor
Skill 2213(edit) Ear Bite
Skill 2214(edit) Low Blow
Skill 2215(edit) Brawling Headbutt
Skill 2216(edit) "Don't Trip!"
Skill 2217(edit) "By Ural's Hammer!"
Skill 2218(edit) Drunken Master
Skill 2219(edit) Great Dwarf Weapon
Skill 2220(edit) Great Dwarf Armor
Skill 2221(edit) Breath of the Great Dwarf
Skill 2222(edit) Snow Storm
Skill 2223(edit) Black Powder Mine
Skill 2224(edit) Summon Mursaat
Skill 2225(edit) Summon Ruby Djinn
Skill 2226(edit) Summon Ice Imp
Skill 2227(edit) Summon Naga Shaman
Skill 2228(edit) Deft Strike
Skill 2229(edit) Signet of Infection
Skill 2230(edit) Tryptophan Signet
Skill 2231(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Courage
Skill 2232(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom
Skill 2233(edit) Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
Skill 2234(edit) Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support
Skill 2235(edit) Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Skill 2236(edit) Well of Ruin
Skill 2237(edit) Atrophy
Skill 2238(edit) Spear of Redemption
Skill 2240(edit) Gelatinous Material Explosion
Skill 2241(edit) Gelatinous Corpse Consumption
Skill 2243(edit) Gelatinous Absorption
Skill 2244(edit) Unstable Ooze Explosion
Skill 2246(edit) Unstable Aura
Skill 2247(edit) Unstable Pulse
Skill 2248(edit) Polymock Power Drain
Skill 2249(edit) Polymock Block
Skill 2250(edit) Polymock Glyph of Concentration
Skill 2251(edit) Polymock Ether Signet
Skill 2252(edit) Polymock Glyph of Power
Skill 2253(edit) Polymock Overload
Skill 2254(edit) Polymock Glyph Destabilization
Skill 2255(edit) Polymock Mind Wreck
Skill 2256(edit) Order of Unholy Vigor
Skill 2257(edit) Order of the Lich
Skill 2258(edit) Master of Necromancy
Skill 2259(edit) Animate Undead
Skill 2260(edit) Polymock Deathly Chill
Skill 2261(edit) Polymock Rising Bile
Skill 2262(edit) Polymock Rotting Flesh
Skill 2263(edit) Polymock Lightning Strike
Skill 2264(edit) Polymock Lightning Orb
Skill 2265(edit) Polymock Lightning Djinn's Haste
Skill 2266(edit) Polymock Flare
Skill 2267(edit) Polymock Immolate
Skill 2268(edit) Polymock Meteor
Skill 2269(edit) Polymock Ice Spear
Skill 2270(edit) Polymock Icy Prison
Skill 2271(edit) Polymock Mind Freeze
Skill 2272(edit) Polymock Ice Shard Storm
Skill 2273(edit) Polymock Frozen Trident
Skill 2274(edit) Polymock Smite
Skill 2275(edit) Polymock Smite Hex
Skill 2276(edit) Polymock Bane Signet
Skill 2277(edit) Polymock Stone Daggers
Skill 2278(edit) Polymock Obsidian Flame
Skill 2279(edit) Polymock Earthquake
Skill 2280(edit) Polymock Frozen Armor
Skill 2281(edit) Polymock Glyph Freeze
Skill 2282(edit) Polymock Fireball
Skill 2283(edit) Polymock Rodgort's Invocation
Skill 2284(edit) Polymock Calculated Risk
Skill 2285(edit) Polymock Recurring Insecurity
Skill 2286(edit) Polymock Backfire
Skill 2287(edit) Polymock Guilt
Skill 2288(edit) Polymock Lamentation
Skill 2289(edit) Polymock Spirit Rift
Skill 2290(edit) Polymock Painful Bond
Skill 2291(edit) Polymock Signet of Clumsiness
Skill 2292(edit) Polymock Migraine
Skill 2293(edit) Polymock Glowing Gaze
Skill 2294(edit) Polymock Searing Flames
Skill 2295(edit) Polymock Signet of Revenge
Skill 2296(edit) Polymock Signet of Smiting
Skill 2297(edit) Polymock Stoning
Skill 2298(edit) Polymock Eruption
Skill 2299(edit) Polymock Shock Arrow
Skill 2300(edit) Polymock Mind Shock
Skill 2301(edit) Polymock Piercing Light Spear
Skill 2302(edit) Polymock Mind Blast
Skill 2303(edit) Polymock Savannah Heat
Skill 2304(edit) Polymock Diversion
Skill 2305(edit) Polymock Lightning Blast
Skill 2306(edit) Polymock Poisoned Ground
Skill 2307(edit) Polymock Icy Bonds
Skill 2308(edit) Polymock Sandstorm
Skill 2309(edit) Polymock Banish
Skill 2310(edit) Mergoyle Form
Skill 2311(edit) Skale Form
Skill 2312(edit) Gargoyle Form
Skill 2313(edit) Ice Imp Form
Skill 2314(edit) Fire Imp Form
Skill 2315(edit) Kappa Form
Skill 2316(edit) Aloe Seed Form
Skill 2317(edit) Earth Elemental Form
Skill 2318(edit) Fire Elemental Form
Skill 2319(edit) Ice Elemental Form
Skill 2320(edit) Mirage Iboga Form
Skill 2321(edit) Wind Rider Form
Skill 2322(edit) Naga Shaman Form
Skill 2323(edit) Mantis Dreamweaver Form
Skill 2324(edit) Ruby Djinn Form
Skill 2325(edit) Gaki Form
Skill 2326(edit) Stone Rain Form
Skill 2327(edit) Mursaat Elementalist Form
Skill 2328(edit) Crystal Shield
Skill 2329(edit) Crystal Snare
Skill 2330(edit) Paranoid Indignation
Skill 2331(edit) Searing Breath
Skill 2333(edit) Brawling
Skill 2334(edit) Brawling Block
Skill 2335(edit) Brawling Jab
Skill 2337(edit) Brawling Straight Right
Skill 2338(edit) Brawling Hook
Skill 2340(edit) Brawling Uppercut
Skill 2341(edit) Brawling Combo Punch
Skill 2342(edit) Brawling Headbutt (Brawling skill)
Skill 2343(edit) STAND UP!
Skill 2344(edit) Call of Destruction
Skill 2346(edit) Lava Ground
Skill 2347(edit) Lava Wave
Skill 2351(edit) Charm Animal (Ashlyn Spiderfriend)
Skill 2352(edit) Charr Siege Attack (Assault on the Stronghold)
Skill 2353(edit) "Finish Him!"
Skill 2354(edit) "Dodge This!"
Skill 2355(edit) "I Am The Strongest!"
Skill 2356(edit) "I Am Unstoppable!"
Skill 2357(edit) A Touch of Guile
Skill 2358(edit) "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
Skill 2359(edit) "You Are All Weaklings!"
Skill 2360(edit) Feel No Pain
Skill 2361(edit) Club of a Thousand Bears
Skill 2364(edit) Lava Blast
Skill 2365(edit) Thunderfist Strike
Skill 2367(edit) Alkar's Concoction
Skill 2368(edit) Murakai's Consumption
Skill 2369(edit) Murakai's Censure
Skill 2370(edit) Murakai's Calamity
Skill 2371(edit) Murakai's Storm of Souls
Skill 2372(edit) Edification
Skill 2373(edit) Heart of the Norn
Skill 2374(edit) Ursan Blessing
Skill 2375(edit) Ursan Strike
Skill 2376(edit) Ursan Rage
Skill 2377(edit) Ursan Roar
Skill 2378(edit) Ursan Force
Skill 2379(edit) Volfen Blessing
Skill 2380(edit) Volfen Claw
Skill 2381(edit) Volfen Pounce
Skill 2382(edit) Volfen Bloodlust
Skill 2383(edit) Volfen Agility
Skill 2384(edit) Raven Blessing
Skill 2385(edit) Raven Talons
Skill 2386(edit) Raven Swoop
Skill 2387(edit) Raven Shriek
Skill 2388(edit) Raven Flight
Skill 2389(edit) Totem of Man
Skill 2391(edit) Murakai's Call
Skill 2392(edit) Spawn Pods
Skill 2393(edit) Enraged Blast
Skill 2394(edit) Spawn Hatchling
Skill 2395(edit) Ursan Roar (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2396(edit) Ursan Force (Blood Washes Blood)
Skill 2397(edit) Ursan Aura
Skill 2398(edit) Consume Flames
Skill 2401(edit) Charr Flame Keeper Form
Skill 2402(edit) Titan Form
Skill 2403(edit) Skeletal Mage Form
Skill 2404(edit) Smoke Wraith Form
Skill 2405(edit) Bone Dragon Form
Skill 2407(edit) Dwarven Arcanist Form
Skill 2408(edit) Dolyak Rider Form
Skill 2409(edit) Extract Inscription
Skill 2410(edit) Charr Shaman Form
Skill 2411(edit) Mindbender
Skill 2412(edit) Smooth Criminal
Skill 2413(edit) Technobabble
Skill 2414(edit) Radiation Field
Skill 2415(edit) Asuran Scan
Skill 2416(edit) Air of Superiority
Skill 2417(edit) Mental Block
Skill 2418(edit) Pain Inverter
Skill 2419(edit) Healing Salve
Skill 2420(edit) Ebon Escape
Skill 2421(edit) Weakness Trap
Skill 2422(edit) Winds
Skill 2423(edit) Dwarven Stability
Skill 2424(edit) Stout-Hearted
Skill 2426(edit) Decipher Inscriptions
Skill 2427(edit) Rebel Yell
Skill 2429(edit) Asuran Flame Staff
Skill 2430(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2431(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2432(edit) Aura of the Bloodstone
Skill 2433(edit) Haunted Ground
Skill 2434(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2435(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2436(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2437(edit) Energy Channel
Skill 2438(edit) Hunt Rampage (Asura)
Skill 2440(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2441(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2442(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2443(edit) Hunt Point Bonus (Asura)
Skill 2444(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2445(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2446(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2447(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2448(edit) Dwarven Raider
Skill 2449(edit) Great Dwarf's Blessing
Skill 2450(edit) Hunt Rampage (Deldrimor)
Skill 2452(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2453(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2454(edit) Hunt Point Bonus
Skill 2456(edit) Time Attack
Skill 2457(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2458(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2459(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2460(edit) Vanguard Patrol
Skill 2461(edit) Vanguard Commendation
Skill 2462(edit) Hunt Rampage (Ebon Vanguard)
Skill 2464(edit) Boss Bounty
Skill 2469(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2470(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2471(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2472(edit) Norn Hunting Party
Skill 2473(edit) Strength of the Norn
Skill 2474(edit) Hunt Rampage (Norn)
Skill 2481(edit) Asuran Bodyguard
Skill 2483(edit) Gloat
Skill 2484(edit) Metamorphosis
Skill 2485(edit) Inner Fire
Skill 2486(edit) Elemental Shift
Skill 2487(edit) Dryder's Feast
Skill 2488(edit) Fungal Explosion
Skill 2489(edit) Blood Rage
Skill 2490(edit) Parasitic Bite
Skill 2491(edit) False Death
Skill 2492(edit) Ooze Combination
Skill 2493(edit) Ooze Division
Skill 2494(edit) Bear Form
Skill 2496(edit) Spore Explosion
Skill 2497(edit) Dormant Husk
Skill 2498(edit) Monkey See, Monkey Do