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I am a warrior from Ascalon City. I wandered through the countryside for quite a while before making my way through the Ascalon Academy to answer a higher calling. I went on to complete the Tyrian storyline and then things stalled for me. After a few brothers and some sisters came into my life I decided it was time to complete several other stories. Cantha called me, but I did not actually finish its story until after visiting Elona and helping the Sunspears with their problems. Finally met up with Gwen again and worked with her to contain the Great Destroyer.

Since then I have been working on expanding my knowledge and available equipment. I have worked my through Sorrow's Furnace and begun exploration of the different bonus areas. When not exploring the various continents no longer holds my interest I find myself lost in the every changing maps of Alliance Battle.

I have made a number of friends along the way who are willing to help me out now and then. There is plenty for me to learn and unlock, so the adventure does not end here.

I have joined two different guilds in my time. The first one was going strong until the leader decided to step down. I stayed on for a few months in hopes of a return to glory, but that was not going to happen. The search for a new guild started a few weeks after leaving and since then I have found a wonderful home as a member of the Guild:Heroes Etc.

I am always looking to help out my Guild and Alliance mates with my strong back and sharp sword. Helping out people outside of my Guild and Alliance is whole other experience and my Friends list is ever growing.

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