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Best Vandal Ever

Random Box (Archive)

Random Box Addition #11<br.>Just Another Lie – Egypt Central

For all the times that I've done wrong, you've paid it all back twice to me.
Why don't we just get along?
This life was built on unity.

Open up - you won’t change, you’ll only stay.
‘Cause you won’t change (you'll never change) and I won't stay (I can't stay.)

It's just another lie - to make me believe;
It's just another lie - to make me believe in you.

Nothing more that I can do, to resurrect your hopeless point of view.
I can't stand to see your face; I can't stand to watch this got to waste.

Open up - you won’t change, you’ll only stay.
‘Cause you won’t change (you'll never change) and I won't stay (I can't stay.)

It's just another lie - to make me believe;
It's just another lie - to make me believe in you.

It's just another lie - to make me believe.
I see you deceive, to get what you need.
Honestly, I could never understand why people wear a mask, to cover up the inside.
In the end, it's you and your reflection.
Fuck this; I'm sick of this deception.
You made me believe, I made you believe.
Now you can see.
Open up - you won’t change, you’ll only stay.
‘Cause you won’t change (you'll never change) and I won't stay (I can't stay.)

It's just another lie - to make me believe;
It's just another lie - to make me believe in you.

It’s just another lie; it’s just another lie...
...To make be believe in you.

Recent Projects: Category Cleanup

  • User images with user names who start with "G" (Done, alone, in three hours.)
  • User images with user names who start with "R" (About 1/4th of the way done)

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Ryuu Desu[edit]

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=^-^= Warning:
This user thinks they're a cat, and might try to lick you. Meow~! Tango-heart-icon.png

Hai ^^

The Infos (And then some...)[edit]

First Halls win.

Name: Kole

My Friends: Pika, Yazzie, Prose, Underwood, Jette, Rift, Adrin, AJ, Felix, Titani, Armond, Vili, Raine, Misery, Interface, Rhi, Garrett.

Guild: The Five Ds Of Dodge [Ball] (Only during festive events. Core snowball ^_^)

Most frequently played profession: Monk Monk

Gender: Male

Species: I'd like to be a Cat, but unfortunately, I'm only a neko =/

Life goals for Guild Wars:

  1. Have two sandstorm spike teams with Sand Shards gank out blue in the hall of heroes. (Having ~16 copies of sandshards on the alter.)

How I got into the world of Guild Wars: A friend of mine who told me about the beta, which I played, after that, I wasn't able to play for quite some time. About three months after the release of Prophecies, that same friend gave me his account, along with his (and now my) 20 warrior, I played elementalist, which really, I couldn't really get into... Later on, I bought Factions, made an assassin, and haven't looked back. Once Nightfall was released, I made a monk, and realized my best profession. So, you could say that I've been here since beta.

Random Quote:

Who's that? <.< I only know Miku :3




Currently, I have 10 character slots which consist of the following characters:

Main Characters:[edit]

Monk.png Ryuu Nito - Elonian

Monk.png Ryuu Nito Neko Mode - Elonian

Other Characters:[edit]

Warrior.png Ryuu Lockhart - Tyrian

Assassin.png Rawrz Destroy Stuff (PvP) - Zaishen Main PvP.png

Monk.png Rawrz Heal Stuff (PvP) - Zaishen Main PvP.png

Main PvP.png PvP Slot (Currently does not exist)

Paragon.png Paragon Pwnage X - Elonian

Elementalist.png Ryuu Desu Meow - Tyrian

Mesmer.png Ryuukai Mamori - Elonian

Monk.png Rawr Goes Pre - Tyrian

Ranger.png Ryuu Kuraki - Canthan

Assassin.png Yuudai Aki - Canthan

User Boxes[edit]

Vista-vlc.png This user patrols Recent changes far, far too much. Seriously, it's disturbing.
Infuse Health.jpg Infuse Health is Ryuu Desu's favorite skill.
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This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
Haunted Ground.jpg Stalk, stalk, stalk...
This user is very, very lost.
Spell Breaker.jpg This user spent way too much time doing runs in the Cathedral of Flames, until ArenaNet nerfed them.
^^ This user likes to make things a little more interesting and entertaining. xD
User Santax Owl.jpg This user is nocturnal.
User Adi Xfire.png This user's Xfire username is pwnzorx.
Rabbit This user doesn't trust rabbits, and thinks they're actually evil.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory because Canada doesn't have its own.
Male.png This user is Male.
PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
Death Penalty.jpg This user performs better with 15 DP or more.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.

User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user is a Canthan at heart!
Dwayna mural (Gandara).jpg This user is a devoted follower of Dwayna.
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Simple Thievery.jpg This user steals userboxes that he thinks are cool.
Dragon Blast.jpg This user loves the Dragon Arena.
Platinum.png This user's had 650Platinum.png as his highest amount of gold.

Sand Box[edit]

Personal Sand Box



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