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About Tbox875

I started Playing Guild Wars in July 2007 after being introduced to it by a very close friend. I have used Wiki a lot but never started a page until I realized that there were a lot of user pages that were doing the exact thing I was doing. Keeping a record of characters and what they have accomplished and always striving to better their brood. The only difference was that I had all my information in a binder and not on Wiki where it is easier to access and update, not to mention less papercuts. A lot of thought went into the naming of my characters. Each name was picked based on profession and overall personality that I wanted them to have. Explanations to each name is on the top of the characters pages and a brief history of the origins.

I have accomplished a lot since I started playing and I would like to point out a few that are pretty special to me.

  • I have fully mapped and completed all 3 campaigns and EotN expansion with all of the 10 professions. Each of the 10 professions have all of their primary profession skills and all PVE skills. All of my characters have 26/29 Heroes at Level 20 (excluding my presearing characters). Currently Lilith is the only one with Keiran Thackeray so she has 27 heroes. I have not completed Winds of Change Storyline, in fact I have not even started it. I am missing Miku and Initiate Zei Ri as they are given after completion of the storyline.
  • I have achieved LDoA on my ranger Faolan Gunther By Death Leveling (177,512 Deaths BTW, Before the Vanguard Quests were added :P )...Now that I have Kornelius he will become my Perma-Pre LDoA. Faolan did make enough to get a mini Grawl (100k and 8 Black dye) :p and still had 90k upon leaving presearing.
  • I have a full level 20 menagerie with all animals at teir 7.
  • Holy cow I have spent a lot of money on minipets.......lots. (years 1,2,3,4 and 5 completed along with a good bit of special ones) I have 97 of 127 total minipets (3 of the miniatures can be subtracted. The 3 frogs that were only given to Gaile Gray. So a total of 97 of 124 may be more accurate).
  • As if I didn't already have storage issues I have started to collect Everlasting Tonics. It started out as wanting one or two and now is a full blown addiction. Currently I have 31 out of a possible 65 Everlasting Tonics......This could get ugly quick. :)
  • I have "Champion of the Gods" Title for Guild Wars 2
  • I have "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals" Title for Lilith De Felidae

The Devils Toybox

Links I can't live without

Special Thanks

We are a small guild comprized of a few people. (mostly close friends and family)
The only members who currently have Wiki pages are:
Our Guild Leader - Malicious Snow
Officer - Camellion
Member - Rose

Our Cape
Our Hall

For the use of Templates to create my pages.

Goals for me

My contributions

  • Finish page for Lilith
  • Finish pages on other characters
  • Get LDoA for Kornelius Valrick
  • I have full Incubator kits for every character already so I may as well get at least one Moa Chick.
    • Moa Chick for Dakari
    • Moa Chick for Adira
    • Moa Chick for Ziv
    • Moa Chick for Lilith
    • Moa Chick for Sudhir
    • Moa Chick for Inanna
    • Moa Chick for Veronika
    • Moa Chick for Katsuro
    • Moa Chick for Faolan
    • Moa Chick for Freya

My Acount Accomplishments

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My Minipets Collected

My Hall of Monuments

My Menagerie

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My Festival Hats,Costumes and Tonics

My Unique Items Collected

Malicious Snow Alliance
Leader Malicious Snow
Members Lilith De Felidae • Dragon Rose