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Necromancer Kornelius Valrick

Name Meaning –

Kornelius is Old English Meaning “Horn or Horned”
Valrick is a Two Part Conjunction
Val (Part 1) – “The Dead, The Slain”
Rick (Part 2) – “Power, Ruler”
Full Meaning – “Horned Ruler of the Dead”

Derived from Latin element “cornu” meaning “horn”, Cornelius has been used several times over the last few centuries. In Acts in the New Testament Cornelius was a centurion who was directed by the angel to seek Peter. After speaking with Peter he converted to Christianity, and he is traditionally deemed to be the first gentile converted. The name was also borne by a few early saints including a 3rd-century pope. In England it came into use in the 16th century, partly due to Dutch influence. Valrick consists of two parts both of an Old Norse influence.
“Val” – part one is from the word valkyrie which derives from Old Norse valkyrja, which is composed of two words; the noun valr (referring to the slain or dead on the battlefield) and the verb kjósa (meaning "to choose"). Together, the compound means "chooser of the slain".
“Rick” – part two is from Eric which is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr. The first element, ei- is from Proto-Norse aiwa(z) meaning "ever" or "eternal”. The second element -ríkr is from rík(a)z meaning "ruler" or "prince" The name is thus usually taken to mean "one ruler" or "eternal ruler"

Kor Kneel E Us - The first name given to this character because I was not going to keep him alive long enough to do anything with him. His life consisted of crossing GotH's and festival items to PostSearing. He grew on me and I think he will be my LDoA/perma-pre character.

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Titles and Honors
Mission Progression

Vanquish Progression

Elite Skills

PVE Only Skills

Mesmer Norgu No   Warrior Koss No   Paragon General Morgahn No   Warrior Jora No   Dervish Kahmu No
Warrior Goren No   Monk Dunkoro No   Ranger Margrid the Sly No   Ranger Pyre Fierceshot No   Mesmer Gwen No
Monk Tahlkora No   Elementalist Acolyte Sousuke No   Assassin Zenmai No   Assassin Anton No   Ritualist Xandra No
Necromancer Master of Whispers No   Dervish Melonni No   Necromancer Olias No   Necromancer Livia No   Elementalist Vekk No
Ranger Acolyte Jin No   Elementalist Zhed Shadowhoof No   Ritualist Razah No   Paragon Hayda No   Monk Ogden Stonehealer No
        Paragon Keiran Thackery No           Dervish M.O.X. No