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My name is Jeff, and I'm an engineer working along the central coast of California. In my last year of college, Guild Wars began to have the BWE events. Since my first time playing in December 2004, Guild Wars has grown to become my hobby. A bunch of my college friends along with my wife all began playing, and we formed the Guardians of Mrrr to keep in contact with each other as we graduated and went our separate ways in life.

Since our guild is small and work keeps my game time limited, I never played much in Hero's Ascent (41 fame... yay) nor GvG. Having unlocked everything, I mostly try to do stuff with the alliance, and in turn they are helping me learn the high level areas of the game. Otherwise I'll jump into Random Arenas, Alliance Battles, or Jade Quarry for some PvP fun. Or, I'll be fighting somewhere, leveing up pets for my menagerie while also working on my drunkard title.

I tend to play Guild Wars primarily solo with my faithful heroes and henchmen, and I've completed every mission in the game with only AI help (except in Hard Mode for Eternal Grove and Dzagonur Bastion). I do enjoy helping out when I can, so if you need assistance or advice, feel free to message me in game or leave a question on my discussion page. While I only dabble here and there with the high end stuff, I have considerable knowledge of the rest of the game. My wife calls me her Guild Wars encyclopedia. :)

Before moving to this wiki, I spent a good amount of time helping out at GuildWiki.

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Being a game, my goal in GW is to have fun, and these are some of the most fun I've had playing:


  • My wife for being awesome and playing GW almost as much as I do.
  • My brother for introducing me to GW way back during the BWE days.
  • Lensor for the templates I modified to make this page.