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About Me: I've been on the wiki for a few months, and i've finally decided to work on a project here (out of boredom of course).

Favorite Foods: PB & J Sandwiches, mac & cheese, pizza, certain fish

Age: 24

Other games i like when i get bored: DOD: Source, CSS: Source, TF2, and Insurgency

Place I live: North Texas

Project: Category:Contains Rare Salvage Items[edit]

For this project, I intend to help set up a page for those who, instead of looking up each item he/she found in-game separately to see if it salvages into a rare crafting material, can look at a general purpose page a make a once through glance and then return to the game.

I am uncertain how the final layout will be. There are two categories now that I'm looking at for drops: trophies and armor. I may list items based in alphabetical order within each type of drop, or list them in alphabetical order by Rare Crafting Materials, i.e.: Fur Squares --> Drop A, Drop I, Drop Y.

However, upon listing all the items that state they have a rare salvage on the item pages, I found that most do not have proof of rare salvage in the discussion pages for those items. Those I will list in the discussion page for those who would like to help in the research.

I might also add the standard and prestige armor that is crafted, however, those that are crafted with rare crafting materials only have a chance to salvage those same materials, so they might not be in the list after all.

I also will make every effort to include how many rare crafting materials are salvaged per salvage.

Ok here goes it and tell me how you think of it:

Charr Hide --> Charr --> Ascalon (both before & after the Searing)

    ---> 1 Fur Square

Kraken Eye --> Kraken Spawn --> Boreas Seabed Mission

    ---> 1 Monstrous Eye

Jotun Pelt --> Jotun --> Tarnished Coast

    ---> 1 Leather Square

Molten Claw --> Titans --> Prophecies

    ---> 1 Lump of Charcoal

Mummy Wrapping --> Undead Mummies --> The Desolation

    ---> 2 Rolls of Parchment

Naga Skin --> Naga --> Jade Sea

    ---> Monstrous Fang

Sapphire Djinn Essence --> Sapphire Djinn --> Vabbi and The Desolation

    ---> 1 Sapphire

Shiverpeak Mane --> Shiverpeak Centaur --> Northern Shiverpeaks

    ---> 1 Fur Square

Soul Stone --> Shiro'ken --> Kaineng City region

    ---> 1 Lump of Charcoal

Stolen Provisions --> Yeti --> Pongmei Valley and Mount Qinkai

    ---> 2 Vials of Ink or 1 Tempered Glass Vial