Mursaat Guardian

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Mursaat Guardian
Mursaat caster.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Mursaat
Professions Monk Monk
Necromancer Necromancer
Mesmer Mesmer
Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 24 (26)
Campaign Prophecies

Mursaat Guardians are Mursaat found at the end of the Abaddon's Mouth mission. There are four types of Mursaat Guardians, each with a different profession.





16 Blood Magic, 12 Curses (18 Curses, 16 Soul Reaping in Hard mode)


15 Domination Magic (20 Domination Magic in Hard mode)


15 Air Magic, 15 Energy Storage

Armor ratings[edit]

Applies to each type.

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 71 Piercing damage 71 Slashing damage 71
Cold damage 71 Earth damage 71 Fire damage 71 Lightning damage 71

Items dropped[edit]