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Other Characters[edit]

Ina Von Stovalt[edit]

  • The Character

Ina Von Stovalt is a Warrior from the Von Stovalts, a Kurzick House from Stovalwood, an area deep in the South of the Echovald.

  • Biography

She was trained to a small degree in the Arts of the Axe but was sent to Shing Jea Monastery for further education. There she was caught up in the business of the Plague. A classmate from the year above her, Daena Nightshade, was too happy to sort it out. Ina travelled to Tyria to spread the word of the return of Shiro and requested for allies in the Lionguard, of which she was slightly disappointed in the lack of interest in the fellow nation. Unperturbed, she requested help from the Dwarves in Droknar's Forge. She bought some Templar's Armour from the crafter and realised that she will have to rely on herself in the problem on Cantha.

  • Background

Ina's home is the South Echovald, in the outposts of Stovalt Causeway.

Malaika Qatari[edit]

  • The Character

Malaika Qatari is a Dervish from the region of Jahinur in South Vabbi.

  • Biography

Trained from a young boy in the art of Mysticism by Kahmu, Mailaka flourished under the Vabbian Hero's care. When he was trained to a short degree Mailaka moved to Wehan Terraces, where he learned under more tutorage. At the age of 16 he was given his trainer's scythe, The Soulbreaker, and went travelling with it. He took aboat and sailed from Wehan Terraces down the River Elon, where he set his eyes on the Fortress of Jahai. Kournan Soldiers blocked his way at that point and set him on his way back upstream. Disappointed, Malaika set upstream and settled at the Chantry of Secrets for a rest. There he was confronted by a Melandru's Watcher who told him not to give up, and that this spirit knew all nature on the land- espacially all the hidden routes. It told Malaika to get his small boat and take it to the other side of his village, where there were some secret caverns (the Bahdok Caverns).

He set off down the small stream, past Mahnkelon, past Moddok Crevice, and into the Barbarous Shore.

There, he was astounded with all the wild nature there, and the raw beauty of it all. Soon though, the place began to look a bit shady. There were dodgy doings being held. Deals and gambling were rife in this area. He was a bit glad when he emerged out into a bay next to the sea. He pulled his boat to shore and stepped out, analysing the view.

But the next second, something incredible happened.

A Melandru's Watcher appeared out of the roots of a plant. It told him not to go any further out to sea, and that there was a storm coming. It told him to pass through Camp Hojanu and be on his way out to the Dejarin Estate. Malaika was defiant. Why would he stop and carry his boat all the way inland? He told the Watcher that his only consideration was exploration and that he will go out to sea and venture towards Istan, buy some food, and then sail to The Battle Isles where he would become a Zaishen. He also asked the Avatar that if it was Melandru's little helper why doesn't it ask Melandru to change the weather? The avatar responded saying it was Melandru and it implores him to go inland now. Malaika said that he thanks Her Holiness for the consideration but he wasn't going far. Melandru retorted saying that if he was a Dervish he was meant to shower attention on all Gods, not the ones he chose. Malaika apologised for his stubborness but Melandru praised him for his courage and that he reaches Istan in time.

Malaika left across the sea, but as Melandru warned him, a storm came. His ship was ripped apart and he blacked out.

The last thing he saw was Gandara, The Moon Fortress with sea lashing its docks.

He woke up on a Canthan Trading Ship. According to what they told him he had drowned and was found floating on the waves. His nose was broken and he has a stake driven through his arm.

From then on he vowed to be zealous with the Gods' wishes and, even though he lost his powerful Scythe, his resolve was stronger than ever.

Focused Anger.jpg

Zen Kabuki[edit]

Who She is[edit]

Zen Kabuki is a level 20 Ritualist Assassin who specialises in offensive Communing Spirits. She can also heal competently in Restoration Magic.


Zen Kabuki currently wears:

  • Mystic's Ancient Headwrap of Vitae -dyed Green + Blue
  • Shaman's Ancient Raiment of Vitae -dyed Green + Blue
  • Survivor Imperial Bangles of Vitae -dyed Blue
  • Ancient Leggings of Vitae -dyed Green + Blue
  • Survivor Imperial Shoes of Vitae -dyed Green + Blue

For Reference:

In the past Zen has worn:

Zen hopes to purchase:


Zen wields:



User Daenanite Saeg Torgvil.jpg

Saeg Torgvil[edit]



She is a level 20 Mesmer Ranger who specialises in EOTN mesmer skills and ones which interrupt you when you attack next. (Clumsiness, Wandering Eye, ect.)

Mesmer-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Mesmer by nature.
Waste Not, Want Not.jpg Waste Not, Want Not is Saeg's favorite skill.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall
id Saeg's favourite armour is Asuran or Noble.


She has been commented on about her armour... once,but she admires it. It is:

  • Silver dyed 60 AL Courtly top
  • Silver dyed 60 AL Rogue Hose
  • Silver dyed 60 AL Enchanter's Shoes
  • Grey dyed 60 AL Stylish Gloves
  • Grey dyed 60 AL Canthan Mask


Saeg Torgvil posesses a build focussing on interrupting a person when they attack. They are:

Other spaces in her build may be filled up by:

The SAEG SAGA[edit]

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Prophecies.

Saeg Torgvil was created on the 17th of October 2006 in Tyria. Her starter armour was all blue. She was created into a guild which Aretheia joined the previous day, the Confederacy Of Invincibility. In Pre-Searing Ascalon she didn't do much apart from kill a bull (A Mesmer's Burden) and admire Lady Althea's armour. She left Pre-Searing and went off into the wide world at about level 5 with skills such as Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast, Empathy and Resurrection Signet. Saeg was always a coinosseur of armour. She bought Mesmer Stylish armor in its original green (before everything was grey when you buy it). She was very strapped for cash (50 gold was EXPENSIVE)so she couldn't afford dye. However, grey dye was available at merchants for 50 gold so as this was the cheapest option to have a different dye colour, she bought it. Her weapons at this time was a Luminescent Scepter (which wasn't much use then as it was a wand without a focus and 9 Domination Magic). This basically became her iconic image from then on. She then wanted Mesmer Courtly armor under the impression that the hose was the bottom half of the top, which would create a two layered effect with the Stylish top. However, she still wore the courtly armour anyway, and dyed it many colours before settling on a purple and silver combination (1k was EXPENSIVE at this time). However, to get to Yak's Bend she had to go through the toughest battles yet. She was very stuck on Ruins of Surmia and gained 3 levels just attempting to complete it. She came to Lion's Arch at the time where Daena Nightshade User: Daenanite/Daena Nightshade was being created as part of a Factions trial account. She went to Kaineng Centre and bought Conjure Nightmare. Nothing really happened until Christmas when Factions trial was reopened with my brother's Collector's Edition. There she bought herself new exotic armour variants (including Mesmer Shing Jea armor) and was allowed to use her precious Conjure Nightmare again. She was sadly unused for a while while User:Daenanite/Zen Kabuki was being taken through Nightfall, but her finest moments are when Eye Of The North came out. She revamped her Domination Magic and Illusion Magic build to a much more energy manageable Illusion Magic and Inspiration Magic build. She got run to Droknar's Forge and crafted herself Mesmer Courtly armor top and Mesmer Enchanter's armor and dyed it silver, in memory of her dream to loook like Lady Althea. Now she is a powerful (admittedly a bit fragile) Mesmer who has done so much but never really done anything. The End- For now...


For her one year old birthday present Saeg was grateful to recieve a Miniature Temple Guardian. She wanted a Jade Armor but she's happy the way it is, and besides, it matches her armour.

Acrippa Kerak[edit]


Acrippa is a level 20 Paragon Warrior who specialises in Motivation.


Acrippa Wears:

All of his armour was found from collectors, but he has since updated most of his armour to 80AL Elonian. His armour is a bit cliched but he'll hopefully raise the funds to change it.


  • His skills are:

Aria of Restoration.jpg Aria of Zeal.jpg "They're on Fire!".jpg Anthem of Flame.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Spear of Lightning.jpg Mighty Throw.jpg Slayer's Spear.jpg Signet of Return.jpg

  • Others may include:

Leader's Comfort.jpg Signet of Synergy.jpg

  • A build he hopes to have is:

Focused Anger.jpg "Stand Your Ground!".jpg "Go for the Eyes!".jpg "Find Their Weakness!".jpg Vicious Attack.jpg Mighty Throw.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Signet of Return.jpg

  • Possibly with skills included like these to make the elite more useful:

Spear of Redemption.jpg Unblockable Throw.jpg