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About Me

I'm a female Guildwars player, living in The Netherlands (and also Dutch from origin). My real name is Nadia, which is an Arabian name that is being translated in Dewdrop and Hope. But most people in Guildwars know me as Pepper, since Pepper Hotsprings is my main char. I enjoy the world of fantasy in many ways. I read fantasy books, play LARP (Life Action Role Playing games) and I used to play Lineage II as a very active player for almost 3 years. I tend to end up playing "the healer" no matter which game I play. And you could also describe my rl profession in that way ;).

Me & Guildwars

I bought Guildwars Prophecies and Factions in August 2006 after a friend told me about it. I started play it a bit, but I was so busy playing Lineage II that Guildwars soon ended up in a dusty corner on my pc. In January 2008 I started to play Guildwars again now and then and I created my currently main char Pepper Hotsprings. And also sadly enough I deleted 3 chars that I created in August 2006 not knowing anything about birthday presents. And I created the Hotsprings sisters, cuz I got all the time confused when ppl pm-ed me with a different char ;)
When I stopped playing Lineage II I decided it was time to stop being a lonely wolf and join a guild. In april 2008 I joined [KISS]. After it got disbanded me and my friends decided to create a new guild together: Serenity of the Eclipse [STAR]. We are a fun, laid back guild with experienced players. At the moment we are totally settled down; we have a full guildhall, an active forum and ventrilo. We are growing slowly but steadily and now have around 50-60 active players.
In addition to playing the game, I also work as a moderator at Guild Wars Auctions.

Things I <3 to do in Guildwars

I love Guildwars for its big variety in things you can do, but these things I enjoy the most:

  • Playing together with my friends
  • Thinking, thinking and more thinking about how to make playing GW more fun for more people
  • Dye mixing in search for new colors for my armor and weapons
  • Watching the cinematics during and/or after missions (sry for those ppl that have to wait for me :))
  • Running dungeons with 600/smite
  • Selling and buying (in game) Guildwars stuff on auction sites

Current Goals

I try to have as few goals as possible, since this is how I spend my free time. But I can't help it, this game just makes me want to reach some :P

  • Working on titles
    • Max out Sunspear title track (rank 9/10 atm)
    • Max out Tyria Guardian title track
    • Max out Tyrian Vanquisher title track
    • Max out Asuran title track
  • Getting a blindfold for Sunya
  • Getting elite armor for Rose (she keeps changing her mind...)
  • Getting some PVE skills for Sunya and Rose

  • Navigation bar and page lay-out inspired by Arduinna and Sander
  • I want to thank Bunny for inspiring me to make this page lay-out more than the wiki lay-out ;)
  • Big thanks for Seru, Y0 and Poke for fixing some issues on my pages x]
  • Possum for possumifying the grammar ^^
  • Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who created and/or uploaded the images/icons/userboxes/templates that I'm using on this user page. Including but not limited to Funky Jah and Zerpha.

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