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Healer Zophar
PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From Netherlands
Age 25 years old
Server Europe
Played 49 month(s)
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild British Bulldogs
Alliance Kurzick
Best Title God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals
Favorite Profession Monk Monk
Favorite Campaign Prophecies
Favorite Skill Monk Infuse Health
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Saxxon gwen.jpg This user plays the Eye of the North expansion.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Monk-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Monk by nature.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user is a Tyrian at heart!
Infuse Health.jpg Infuse Health is Healer Zophar's favorite skill.

Warrior.png Monk.png Ranger.png Mesmer.png Assassin.png
Ritualist.png Elementalist.png Necromancer.png Dervish.png Paragon.png

British Bulldogs website where you can also find a link to our forum. (temporarily inactive/reforming)


Completed Grandmaster Treasure Hunter (27th maxed title) - December 2007

Completed Drunkard (28th maxed title) - December 2007

Reached 30M XP - March 2008

Completed Sweet Tooth (29th maxed title) - 5 April 2008

Completed Party Animal (30th maxed title) - 5 April 2008

Achieved God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals on my Monk - 5 April 2008

Achieved Legendary Survivor on my Dervish - 18 September 2008

Completed Blessed By Fate - February 2009

Achieved I Have Many Leather-Bound Books on my Assassin - June 2009

Completed Source of Wisdom - 30 August 2009

Achieved My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany on my Assassin - 30 August 2009

My first character celebrated his 5th birthday - 4 July 2010

Achieved 50/50 HoM points - 4 November 2010

Currently Working On:

Kurzick Allegiance title (4.46M/10M)

God Walking Among Mere Mortals on my Assassin (25/30)

Delayed stuff I might get back to working on:

Hero title (9299 fame)

Gamer title (1510 points)

Gladiator title (230 points)

Unlucky title (236K/500K)

Zaishen title (2435 points)

Luxon Allegiance title (525K/10M)