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== %name%Peacekeeper Clairvoyant

Ritual Lord Ritualist/Elementalist[edit]

Destructive Was Glaive Ritualist[edit]

Caretaker's Charge Ritualist[edit]

Spirit Light Weapon Ritualist[edit]

13 Channeling Magic, 15 Restoration Magic (16 Channeling Magic, 20 Restoration Magic in Hard mode)

During Winds of Change Ritualist/Necromancer[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Enforcer

Earth ShakerWarrior/Elementalist[edit]


Forceful BlowWarrior/Dervish[edit]

Dwarven Battle StanceWarrior/Ranger[edit]

During Winds of Change Warrior/Necromancer[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Firebrand

Elemental Attunement Elementalist/Mesmer[edit]

Searing Flames Elementalist[edit]

15 Fire Magic (17 Earth Magic in Hard mode)

Master of Magic Elementalist/Dervish[edit]

Mind Blast Elementalist[edit]

17 Water Magic in Hard mode

During Winds of Change Elementalist/Monk[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Goon

Soldier's StanceWarrior[edit]

Battle RageWarrior/Mesmer[edit]



== %name%IIIII
== %name%Peacekeeper Huntsman

Heal as One Ranger/Paragon[edit]

Rampage as One Ranger/Warrior[edit]

Enraged Lunge Ranger/Warrior[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Marksman

Magebane Shot Ranger/Mesmer[edit]

14 Marksmanship

Burning Arrow Ranger/Necromancer[edit]

Barrage Ranger/Ritualist[edit]

11 Channeling Magic, 7 Wilderness Survival (17 Channeling Magic, 16 Wilderness Survival in Hard mode)

Expert's Dexterity Ranger/Assassin[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Mentor

Cruel Spear Paragon/Ranger[edit]

The Power Is Yours Paragon[edit]

Soldier's Fury Paragon/Elementalist[edit]

== %name%Peacekeeper Sibyl

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This page contains information about an element of Guild Wars that has changed since the original writing, and may need to be updated to reflect the current state of the game.

Wounding Strike Dervish/Warrior[edit]

9 Earth Prayers, 9 Mysticism, 12 Scythe Mastery, 12 Wind Prayers

Ebon Dust Aura Dervish/Warrior[edit]

13-14 Earth Prayers

Avatar of Grenth Dervish/Necromancer[edit]

15 Mysticism (16 Blood Magic, 20 Mysticism in Hard mode)

Onslaught Dervish/Ritualist[edit]

11 Wind Prayers

== %name%IIIII