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Dance is a continuous emote invoked using the /dance or /dancenew chat command or by using the respective localized version for your language. Each gender of each profession has their own dance. Also a disguise, form, or tonic can temporarily change your dance.

  • While in certain forms, the /dance emote will show a line in the chat window, but will have no visible effect.
  • If you do the Collector's Edition dance with the Assassin or Ritualist and Shadow step away, your background dancers will stay in their place, and continue to dance, but will disappear once you move.
  • Typing /dance * or /dancenew * will allow you to synchronize several dancing people, if all who have typed /dance * or /dancenew * have pressed the Enter button within 5 seconds of each other.
  • The Nightfall Collector's Edition dance (/dancenew) emulates the dance from Coming to America.
  • Typing /dance after typing /dancenew with a Dervish or Paragon will cause the character to keep the animation (Discoball or Lightorb), and dance their original dance.
    • Typing a continuous emote (i.e. /bowhead) after typing /dancenew will also cause the character (Paragon or Dervish) to continue their dance animation, for as long as the character does not move, or end the emote.
  • Typing /dancenew without having the collector's edition dance unlocked, will cause the character to dance their original dance, instead of the collector's edition dance.


Male Warrior Dance Frame.jpg Female Warrior Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance is a combination of John Travolta dance moves from Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. Players with Avatar of Balthazar active will use this dance.

Video of Saturday Night Fever dance (YouTube)


The female warrior dance emulates the dive, a popular dance style in the '60s. It was also seen in the movie Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman's character, Mia, dances.

Video of Pulp Fiction dance (YouTube).


Male Ranger Dance Frame.jpg Female Ranger Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance incorporates moves from locking and a breakdancing power move called the windmill.

Video of locking (YouTube).

Video of windmill (YouTube).


This dance features many common cheerleading moves, as seen at sporting events worldwide. Players with Avatar of Melandru active will use this dance.

Monk Monk[edit]

Male Monk Dance Frame.jpg Female Monk Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

The male monk's dance possibly emulates a combination of tai chi and capoeira.

Video of tai chi (YouTube)

Video of capoeira (YouTube)


The female monk dance appears to derive from a Changquan (or Long Fist) form. This particular dance is used by Zhang Ziyi in House of the Flying Daggers. Players with Avatar of Dwayna active will use this dance.

Video of Changquan (YouTube)

Necromancer Necromancer[edit]

Male Necromancer Dance Frame.jpg Female Necromancer Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance is a combination between headbanging and moshing. Players with Avatar of Grenth active will use this dance. This is the only dance where the player's weapon is still displayed.

Video of headbanging (YouTube).


This dance emulates Michael Jackson's Thriller. Players with Avatar of Sweetness active will use this dance.

Video of Thriller dance (YouTube).

Mesmer Mesmer[edit]

Male Mesmer Dance Frame.jpg Female Mesmer Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

The male mesmer dance resembles Riverdance or Irish stepdance. Players with Avatar of Holiday Cheer active will use this dance.

Video clips of Riverdance (


The female mesmer dance resembles the Spanish flamenco. Players with Avatar of Lyssa active will use this dance.

Video of flamenco dance (YouTube).

Elementalist Elementalist[edit]

Male Elementalist Dance Frame.jpg Female Elementalist Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance uses moves from two tv series, Seinfeld and Friends. which culminate in Elaine Benes's style of dancing from the episode entitled "The Little Kicks". This dance is unique in that it does not loop from the very beginning; instead, it loops from the start of the "little kicks" segment, as pictured.

The other dance moves come from "The Routine", a dance routine danced by Ross and Monica Geller in Friends.

Video of Elaine dancing (YouTube).

Video of "The Routine" (YouTube).


This dance emulates a version of the belly dance.

Assassin Assassin[edit]

Male Assassin Dance Frame.jpg Female Assassin Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This type of dance is called Popping. The assassin Divine Aura, in addition to resembling shuriken, resemble photons used in some street dances. The dance also contains the "Moonwalk" as made famous by Michael Jackson and the robot. The first part of this dance is taken from a dance performed by Will Smith during a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode.

Video of robot dance (YouTube)
Video showing use of photons (YouTube)
Video of robot dance from "Major Payne" (YouTube)
Video of Will Smith dance (YouTube)


This dance appears to have moves from street acrobatic martial art style called "tricking". Also, the beginning of this dance is known as "skanking," a style of dancing known to be seen at punk or ska concerts. This dance is perfectly in time with 'Hello' by Martin Solveig

Ritualist Ritualist[edit]

Male Ritualist Dance Frame.jpg Female Ritualist Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance emulates that performed by Jon Heder in the movie Napoleon Dynamite

Video of the dance from the film (YouTube)


This is a form of interpretive dance, most often done with a ball, but also called balance dancing as seen in Cirque du Soleil.

Paragon Paragon[edit]

Male Paragon Dance Frame.jpg Female Paragon Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance emulates the dance performed by Michael Jackson in the music video for "Beat It".

Video of Beat It (YouTube)


The Female dance resembles a traditional African tribal dance. A segment can be seen in video for song "Alane" by Wes.

Dervish Dervish[edit]

Male Dervish Dance Frame.jpg Female Dervish Dance Frame.jpg
Click an image to see animation

This dance emulates the dance done by Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice"

Video of Weapon of Choice (YouTube)


The female dervish emulates the dance of Sufi whirling dervishes. It also features elements of figure skating and ballet.

Video of whirling dervish (YouTube).


Click to see animation

The junundu will just wiggle its head from side to side.

Rollerbeetle Racer[edit]

Click to see animation

The animation used for the rollerbeetle racers is a mixture of the popular dance move called "Raise the Roof" where you push your hands up to the ceiling in time with a beat, and the popular breakdancing spin - the back spin.

Video of back spin (YouTube)

Siege Devourer / Trained Devourer[edit]

Click to see animation

Siege Devourers and Trained Devourers will just jump, then start side-walking left and right, while snapping its pincers as if it were snapping fingers or playing castanets. When Trained Devourers dance, they have the same spotlight and confetti / sparkles effects as Paragons performing the Collector's Edition dance.


If you do the /dance emote in front of Abaddon, before aggroing his Monoliths, he will do a segment of the Warrior Male dance, shortly before your whole party automatically dies, and a message will show on the screen, saying, "You Got Served."