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Power leveling describes the process of increasing a character's experience and level without playing the game the normal way (i.e. through missions or quests), but by killing a high amount of high level PvE foes . Though this is usually done thanks to another player with a higher level killing the foes on their own, the term now also refers to heavy foes farming thanks to the help of allies or special builds (see also disguise, form) or/and boosts during quests. A few dedicated farming builds used by low level characters, such as 55 Monk, in order to earn experience can also sometimes be referred to as power leveling.


A quick level up provide several obvious advantages, such as more attribute points, more health but it can also provide access to quests with a level requirement (such as quests unlocking Campaign travel or Vanguard Quests in pre-searing, which require to be at least lvl10, as well as starter quests in elona).


To maximise experience, it is not uncommon to reduce the team's size and use scrolls (such as Scroll of Berserker's Insight and Scroll of Slayer's Insight) to increase experience gain and make the process quicker (note : scrolls are not available in pre-searing). Certain map area Resurrection Shrines give bounties that give double experience for certain affiliations/creature types killed, especially in Nightfall.

To get to lvl10 quickly for Campaign Travel, the following quests can be used :

To reach lvl20, if you have Eye of the North, the fastest and most efficient way to power level yourself is by repeating the quest Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza!. Farming foes yields tons of experience, making it possible to get from level 10 to 20 in less than an hour. During Wintersday, repeat Snowball Dominance for high experience gain.

If you don't have Eye of the North, farming foes outside of Droknar's Forge (tyrian), Kaineng City(canthan) or during Consulate Docks (elonian) are other possible ways to get to lvl20, allbeit much slower.