Song and Stone

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Song and Stone
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Count zu Heltzer
in House zu Heltzer
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest
Song and Stone map.jpg
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Head to the Cathedral zu Heltzer and keep enough Stone Singers alive.

Quest information[edit]


  • Patrol the area and protect the Stone Singers from the raiding Luxon forces. 5 Stone Singers must survive. You have [8...0] out of 8 remaining.
  • See Count zu Heltzer for your reward.



Start from Altrumm Ruins. Follow the quest markers to the stone singers then protect them. The quest markers will lead you on a specific path (due to the complex nature of Arborstone's landscape), if you already know the locations of the singers you can find your own (possibly quicker path), or keep following the marker.

When you get to the places where Stone Singers are, as soon as you get close, they will plead for their lives and two or three groups of Luxons will spawn nearby within a few seconds and rush towards them. Each group of Luxons usually have about three units.

If there is only one Stone Singer, make sure your party quickly surrounds him in order to act as a shield. The Luxons will aggro your party and engage the soft targets, ignoring the singer. If you have one or more Ritualists in your party, setting up spirits around the singer will also help distract the attackers, therefore allowing you to easily attack without the worry of having to protect the Stone Singers.

The one location where it might be problematic is point 3 in the map above. There are three singers there and it could be hard to cover all of them since the Luxons approach from three directions, and there is usually a group of Stone Scale Kirin and Dragon Moss nearby that is hard to avoid. If you are playing with other players, spread out further and take on the individual groups. If you're playing this with henchmen, try to stand near the middle and move about as the Luxons approach to take the aggro. Please note that henchmen do not heal the Stone Singers. If this is difficult, then try to protect just one of them, since the quest can still be completed even if you lose a couple singers.



Humans (Kurzicks)


Humans (Luxons)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Count zu Heltzer
"I cannot tell you how happy I am that the plague is under control, but it has come at a price...the Luxons are growing even more bellicose. It's high time we healed the living stone and rebuilt the cathedral, but their raids are keeping all of my usual forces occupied. You look like a fair hand in a fight. I need someone to protect the Stone Singers while they complete the ritual songs that will heal the cathedral stone. The Luxons are sure to make it difficult, so you must be wary. Help us complete the rebuilding process, and the gods will surely smile upon you. And if that's not enough compensation, House zu Heltzer will make it worth your while."
Yes Accept: "The cathedral will rise again!"
No Decline: "Security for a construction site? Forget it."
Ask Ask: "Head to the cathedral. The Stone Singers must not remain unprotected for long."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Count zu Heltzer
"You have done a great thing for the Kurzick people, and the gods will surely reward your efforts. But if you're looking for more immediate gratification, please accept this with my personal thanks."


  • If you have the quest Wardens On the March active in your Quest Log and follow the path put forth by the quest markers, getting to the last marker will require you to go through the large mob of Wardens from that quest. They will be waiting on the stairs between points 7 and 8 (refer to the quest map), but of course you can either avoid this mob, or save time and do both quests at the same time.
  • If you find it too difficult to get past the mobs of the wardens in order to get to point 8, you can purposely die to get to the Resurrection Shrine. From there, backtrack all the way to the Altrumm Ruins exit and then use the back door to the cathedral. While it is a long way, there are no enemies along this route, so it easily lets you complete the quest.
  • Having the quest Charting the Forests at the same time is a also good idea as you will be easily able to complete the charting of the area with only minimal extra effort.
  • A Restoration Ritualist should drop healing / protection spirits near the Singers. If possible, focus all of your efforts on keeping the singers alive not your party.
  • A Necromancer hero (Master of Whispers, Olias, or Livia) set up as a minion master is very helpful to divert Luxon attacks away from the Stone Singers which you are supposed to protect in order to complete the quest.
Bug Bug. If you are doing this quest with just heroes and/or henchmen, sometimes your healer NPCs will completely ignore the Stone Singers.
Bug Bug. Follow the direction of the above map, doing this quest in reverse the last 3 singers will not appear as objectives on the map and you won't be able to complete all 8 requirements.
  • Pathing tip: After saving the trio, continue following the stream to the next point (which will be empty). After saving Treff, you will need to backtrack a bit; stay in the water until the wood ramp.