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User: Boenan (boʊ.nɛn)
Primary IGN: Seraph of Boenan
Guild: None
Alliance: Guild Wars Online (GWO)
Faction: Kurzick
RL Info:
Location: Orig. Arkansas; Currently: Boston, MA
Occupation: Systems Administrator; Adjuct Faculty - Design
Birthdate: 06/20/83

Richard Phung (wikipedia)

Interest: Backpacking, Climbing, Travel, Nature, Mind, Body

Welcome to the user page of Boenan.

Simply put, I love Guild Wars. I've been playing for a while, and I never get tired of it. The imagery, the meta-game/mechanics, and the sheer replay value of this game has made me a true fan of this this title.

I'm lucky to have felt that I have been able to hold down a professional career, go to school, and still manage to embrace the finer aspects of role-play. Anet and its products are of particular interest of mine, and I feel that the time invested these past few years have been well spent. You can learn more about me as a player by checking out my info and userboxes. Contact me in-game anytime. ^_^

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  • Net worth: ~ 400 plat (excluding armors/dyes)

Avatars of Boenan
Warrior Errant Aggro - Monk Devils Apothecary - Necromancer Ms Spookyfish - Mesmer Lonely Heartz - Elementalist Bergamot Coriander - Ritualist P Cubensis
Ranger Boenan Dalibrarian - Assassin Boenan Damalemodel - Dervish Boenan Dahashfarmah - Paragon Seraph of Boenan