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Dervish.png Hi I Have Ear Fluff
Pious Renewal.jpg Pious Renewal is Hi I Have Ear Fluff's favorite skill.
Avatar of Grenth.jpg Avatar of Grenth is Hi I Have Ear Fluff's favorite skill.
Onslaught.jpg Onslaught is Hi I Have Ear Fluff's favorite skill.
User Brendan12303 Hi I Have Ear Fluff.jpg

Favorite Builds:
"Pious Derv PvP"
Template Code: OgCjkuqI7S/XBYPXZbihbX5X9XA
Crippling Sweep.jpg
Wearying Strike.jpg
Twin Moon Sweep (PvP).jpg
Rending Sweep.jpg
Pious Fury (PvP).jpg
Pious Renewal.jpg
Pious Restoration.jpg
Winds of Disenchantment.jpg

"Grenth's Fury"
Template Code: OgCjkuqI7SjhDYQXcfibfXdfwXA

Crippling Victory.jpg
Chilling Victory.jpg
Victorious Sweep.jpg
Radiant Scythe.jpg
Heart of Fury (PvP).jpg
Mystic Vigor.jpg
Grenth's Aura.jpg
Avatar of Grenth.jpg

  • Dervish
  • Level: 20, Elonan
  • Gender: Male
  • Created: 2008
  • Experience: 1,029,068

Character titles

0 XP (ongoing)
Legendary Defender:
0 XP (staying)

Tyrian Cartographer:
0% explored
Canthan Cartographer:
0% explored
Elonian Cartographer:
0% explored
Master of the North:
0 EotN Mastery points

Tyrian Protector:
0 Missions finished
Canthan Protector:
0 Missions finished
Elonian Protector:
0 Missions finished
Tyrian Guardian:
0 Missions finished
Canthan Guardian:
0 Missions finished
Elonian Guardian:
0 Missions finished

Tyrian Skill Hunter:
0 Elite Skills captured
Canthan Skill Hunter:
0 Elite Skills captured
Elonian Skill Hunter:
0 Elite Skills captured

Tyrian Vanquisher:
0 Areas vanquished
Canthan Vanquisher:
0 Areas vanquished
Elonian Vanquisher:
0 Areas vanquished

Sunspear rank:
0 Sunspear points
Lightbringer rank:
0 Lightbringer points

Asura rank:
0 Asura reputation
Norn rank:
0 Norn reputation
Deldrimor rank:
0 Deldrimor reputation
Ebon Vanguard rank:
0 Vanguard reputation

0 minutes spent drunk
Party Animal:
0 Party Animal points
Sweet Tooth:
0 Sweet Tooth points