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About me[edit]

My main characters name is Firoas The Almighty, but I'm more commonly known as Firo. I've been playing the game for roughly two and a half years. The game took me a little while to get used to, as it was my first real MMORPG experience (RuneScape doesn't count, the fact that I used to play it still shames me). Add me in-game if you want a chat.

Here are a few quickfire facts about myself.

  • I recieved this game for my 14th year birthday in 2006.
  • My first character was a necromancer, shortly replaced by a warrior, which would become my main character.
  • I play warrior mainly, but I also love playing as mesmer, assassin, and elementalist.
  • I has da bestest most hottest gurlfraend ever.


Firoas The Almighty
Noushi The Prophet
Yuriko Soulmender
Kurai The Mystic
Kao The Chaotic
Haruki Heavenguard
Daiyu The Seeress
Akane of the Abyss
Katana Soul

Skills and Builds[edit]

So, here are my made up skills and builds. View at your pleasure.

My feedback page

Uninteresting Stuff[edit]



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