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Due to a recent death in the family, I have taken a break from Guild Wars,
until the various issues which follow have been sorted out. I will
be returning to the game once the dust settles, but for now I can
considered "on leave of absence."

Thanks to all my friends for their continuing support.

Jack Blackserpent, 25th August, 2010

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About Jack Blackserpent

User-JackBlackserpent user pic.jpg
I have 7 currently-active PvE characters including a perma-Pre Necro/Monk (as well as a seventh "retired" PvE character and a PvP which mainly get used for storage), I own all 3 campaigns plus Eye Of The North, and have completed Factions and Nightfall. My favourite secondary profession is Necromancer, because they have so many handy little powers which help my playing style in other primary professions.

One of my favourite pastimes in Guild Wars is playing around with builds - I always feel like it takes the fun out of the game to use other people's established builds, and prefer to find my own way of combining skills. That said, my main character does use Sabway Necros (since he's the only one of my characters with 3 Necromancer heroes!).

I have recently started my own guild, The Black Serpents, and it's turning out to be a rewarding experience. Having worked hard to put together a full and complete guild hall, we're now concentrating on recruitment.

My main character, Jack, has a pet lion called Clarence - he was something of a celebrity in the old alliance, especially since I gave most of my heroes lionesses to form Clarence's harem...

For the most part though, Jack is now seen sporting his famous Conditions build rather than a Beast Master build, providing an overwhelming amount of AoE conditions with a combination of arrows, Necromancy and a couple of nasty tricks picked up in EotN...!

Active PvE Characters:


User-JackBlackserpent Jack Av.jpg Jack Blackserpent: Ranger

User-JackBlackserpent Muerta Av.jpg Explosion Muerta: Ritualist

User-JackBlackserpent Prosp Av.jpg Proserpine Mortis: Mesmer

User-JackBlackserpent Minnie Av.jpg Minerva Ducharme: Mesmer

User-JackBlackserpent Morgan Av.jpg Morgan Spiritsayer: Paragon

User-JackBlackserpent Ishara Av.jpg Priestess Ishara: Monk

User-JackBlackserpent Darien Av.jpg Darien Blackserpent: Necromancer (perma-Pre)

Contact Details:

Guild / Alliance:

If anyone needs to contact me in-game, feel free to private-message me on any of the names above; it's most likely I'll be using Jack, but try the others if you can't get hold of me.

I can't be sure of what times I'll be on though (due to sharing a computer), so leaving me a message on my talk-page here instead is probably the best way of ensuring I get the message.

I tend to use Skype for VoIP conversations, but for privacy reasons I'll only give out my username through in-game PMs

Guild The Black Serpents Symbol.jpg This user is a member of The Black Serpents guild
Our shiny guild cape

I joined the Wrath Of The Fallen Order guild when I was still using a trial key, and have only recently left to start my own guild, The Black Serpents; we're still loyal to the old guild though, and have joined the LIFE Is Worth Living alliance by their side.

Credit where due: I blatantly swiped this layout from BeXoR, and used boxes made by Barinthus and Rycharde.