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Tal to all, Free and owned
Or "Greetings and Welcome to My Page"

My (RL) name is Rik Packham. In Guild Wars people who know me as Master Rycharde; which is my primary character.

I am the Guild Administrator (Leader) of the Masters Of Gor guild.

Yes, the Gorean Lifestyle is My Lifestyle
Or "About Me"

My kajira is Kallisto.

More to follow.

It's All About Characters

Below I have my characters listed aphabetically save for Master Rycharde — my main character — listed first followed by Lairde Aonghus which is working on the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title.


My Masters Of Gor guild page.
My User Boxes.


My Sandbox | Master Tabs | Character Tabs | Colors
Guild Information | Special Commands | Emotes
Command line arguments