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Dragion Festival[edit]

Time table GMT GMT GMT GMT
Thursday, July 2
Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena and Rollerbeetle Races open. 20:00
Friday, July 3
Mission one (Haiju Lagoon) 12:00 20:00 4:00
Mission two (Jaya Bluffs) 16:00 24:00 8:00
Saturday, July 4
Mission three (Tsumei Village) 10:00 16:00 22:00 4:00
Mission four (Seitung Harbor) 12:00 18:00 24:00 6:00
Sunday, July 5
Mission five (Tsumei Village) 8:00 15:00 21:00 3:00
Mission six (Seitung Harbor) 11:00 17:00 23:00 5:00
Mission seven (Shing Jea Monastery) 13:00 19:00 1:00 7:00
Final Event
Every two hours beginning at 9:00 (GMT);
final event ends at 6:59 (GMT)
Monday, July 4 - Sunday, July 12
Imperial Supply Master Kagno appears and remains in Shing Jea Monastery to exchange Victory Tokens for the new mask.


Emperor Kisu appears in Shing Jea Monastery every two hours, and gives an Imperial Dragon Mask to each player in exchange for 250 Victory Tokens (the tokens are taken from your inventory). Starts on July 5, 2009.

(24 hr format)
10:01 12:01 14:01 16:01
18:01 20:01 22:01 00:01
(July 6th)
(July 6th)
(July 6th)
(July 6th)

Toon art chooser[edit]

Elementalist Elite Flameforged armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Iceforged armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Stormforged armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Stoneforged armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Canthan armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Luxon armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Sunspear armor f.jpg
Elite Flameforged Elite Iceforged Elite Stormforged Elite Stoneforged Elite Canthan Elite Kurzick Elite Luxon Elite Sunspear
Elementalist Vabbian armor f.jpg Elementalist Ancient armor f.jpg Elementalist Primeval armor f.jpg Elementalist Asuran armor f.jpg Elementalist Monument armor f.jpg Elementalist Norn armor f.jpg Elementalist Obsidian armor f.jpg
Vabbian Ancient Primeval Asuran Monument Norn Obsidian

Testing Switching box[edit]

Mafoo Ni

Mafoo Ichi

Mafoo Shi

Mafoo Sho Go

Mafoo Sji

My Little Fairy San

Example Triggered Blessing Multibox[edit]

Hunt Rampage
Hunt Rampage (Asura).pngHunt Rampage (Deldrimor).pngHunt Rampage (Ebon Vanguard).pngHunt Rampage (Norn).png
Campaign(s) Core
Asura Asuran Bodyguard Asuran Bodyguard
Deldrimor Dwarven Raider Dwarven Raider
Ebon Vanguard Vanguard Patrol Vanguard Patrol
Norn Norn Hunting Party Norn Hunting Party

Normal Mode You earn double reputation points for each kill. This bonus ends if your party fails to kill an enemy for 45 seconds

Hard Mode You earn double reputation points for each kill. This bonus ends if your party fails to kill an enemy for 60 seconds