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Necromancer Wave Of Mutlation [3] User Mooseyfate WaveOfMutlation.jpg

Mesmer Oblivia Fate User Mooseyfate ObliviaFate.jpg

Monk Jiao Fate User Mooseyfate JiaoFate.jpg

Warrior Moosey Fate [4] User Mooseyfate MooseyFate.jpg

Ranger Nimrods Son [5] User Mooseyfate NimrodsSon.jpg

ElementalistSilvaria Fate User Mooseyfate SilvariaFate.jpg

Ritualist Clairevotic Fate User Mooseyfate ClairevoticFate.jpg

Assassin Mortal Fate User Mooseyfate MortalFate.jpg

Dervish Scarab Fate User Mooseyfate DervishFate.jpg

Paragon Zealot Fate User Mooseyfate ParagonFate.jpg

Unknown Moosey Pvp User Mooseyfate MooseyPvp.jpg

Monk Vitas Fate User Mooseyfate VitasFate.jpg

  • He died.
Nightfall Chest Run History
  • 3/15/08-3/17/08: E>N>Rt>W>R>Me>Mo (from loose memory, average seemed ~24.5k)
  • 5/20/08: Rt>W>R>Me>E>Mo>N (19.4k average per char after selling/id/salvage/storing) (seemed more profitable to do runs from end to beginning)
  • 6/25/08: A>Rt>W>R>Me>E>Mo>N (7.566k average -- per 3rd time character -- BEFORE selling/id/salvage/storing) (average gold from 2 characters in order from end to beginning were 1549>1455>920>776>694>607>527>257>247>258>122>128, so just do Vabbi and higher) (3rd time characters got all purples, except Rt who got 2 diamonds) (average purple value was 130, or 1.5k for all) (Conclusion: runs 1-5 = ~1.7k; runs 6-12 = ~7.5k)
  • 8/19/08: N (finished another set of treasures from vanquishing; 11 purples, 1 saphire)
  • 9/30/2008: D (20.6k, 12 golds =23.6k after salvage) > A (17.6k, 7 golds 20.9=k after salvage)


Gulfstream el Taco [GS] [6]
Metal Headz [MH] [7]
Tribe Of Covenant [TOC]
Lack of Talent [LUCK]
Cries of Frustration [Cry] [8]
Brotherhood of Omegus [Boo] [9]
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GameAmp [11]

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