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Necromancess Eraina
PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From America
Server American
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild Dark Order Of Tyria
Alliance Luxon
Favorite Skill Necromancer Spiteful Spirit


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Necromancess Eraina's Roleplay History for Guild Wars[edit]

  • The Pre-Searing:
Necromancess Eraina remembers much of her childhood past, having moved to Acalon from Kryta when her family decided to move. Her father was a humble father and her mother was of royal descent. However, shortly after moving to Ascalon, Evelynn (her original name) was often teased for her heritage. Growing tired of being taunted and teased, she stayed away from home, hiding herself deep within the Catacombs. Finding acceptance among the Necromancers there, Evelynn began her training as a Necromancer and was able to control her first Minion at age sixteen.
However, when her parents found out what she had been doing, they disowned her. Having no where else to turn except the Necromancers who trained her, Necromancer Munne and Oberan the Reviled. She stayed under Munne's teachings, however, until the day that Ascalon was attacked by the Charr. Evelynn's family was lost, and most of the ones who teased her died as well.
  • The Searing:
Evelynn had given herself a new name: Eraina. She had developed into a lovely woman, but the way she acted was far from lady-like. A tomboy at heart, during the Searing, she would got out and kill Charr daily, to test her new powers. When she was seventeen years old, she was sent to investigate a Charr camp outside of Ascalon's walls. Killing them, she turned to walk away when one of the surviving Charr drove its sword into her back.
Needless to say, Eraina was off her feet for a while. A good half year. Surviving the event, and after recovery, she want into training, but in solitude.
  • The Post-Searing:
Ascalon was all but lost. Eraina fought alongside Prince Rurik when Rurik lead his forces to Nolani Academy, and then into Rin. Clearing the Charr forces, Rurik's father came to congratulate him. Rurik, after brief words, told his father, King Adlebern, "You have grown proud, Adelbern of Ascalon...proud and foolish!" The King replied, "You would dare call your king a fool? I will hear no more. I banish you from Ascalon! You are no longer my prince, and you are no longer my son!" Rurik, along with a small handful of Ascalonians, and Eraina herself, followed Rurik to Yak's Bend.
Seeing the place was utterly cold, and of little importance, Eraina informed Rurik that she was going to Kryta, to see about making arrangements for a settlement near Lion's Arch. Little did she know, it would be the last time she ever seen Rurik again.
Having waited in Kryta for a long while, she grew tired of waiting on Rurik's forces. When she was about to leave for Yak's bend, a woman from Elona named Kormir. Kormir warned her that a force was going to attack Lion's Arch. And, sure enough, it did. Eraina, along with others, helped stop the evil force, and afterwords, Kormir explained the tale of Nightfall to her. When Eraina asked to help Kormir, Kormir gladly accepted her help, and the next day, they sailed to Kamadan.
Upon arrival, Kormir introduced Eraina to Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, and Tahlkora. Shortly after, Field General Hayao was informed of Eraina's deeds in Tyria. Seeing promise in her, he asked Eraina if she would like to take one of his students with her. She obliged, and was shown the students. However, one happened to catch her eye, one Eraina liked: Jin. Eraina took Jin with her on her trip back to Tyria.
However, a storm arose on the sea, and the ship was wrecked. Although Eraina and Jin survived, they found themselves waking up in Droknar's Forge. Eraina inquired about Jin, and was informed that Jin had went north to Beacon's Perch. Eraina, after recovering, went to Beacon's Perch as well. There, Jin informed Eraina that Eraina had been given a letter from a clan in Cantha, the Luxon Clan, requesting help overseas. Agreeing, the duo caught the next boat to Cantha, and met with an old friend - Brother Mhenlo.
Informed about the plague that sieged Cantha, Eraina went to quick work. But not before she created her Guild, the Dark Order Of Tyria. It wasn't long until she also formed an Alliance, her Guild being the Leader. Now, she fights alongside Jin and others, in a fight to stop the Afflicted.
  • Current Day
The Dark Order of Tyria now lays low after their forces were nearly put into extinction by an attack from the Afflicted. In addition, some of their were destroyed in Elona trying to fight the Kournans with the Sunspear Army. This has left the Order with only a small handfull of forces, and until they can recover, are hiding somewhere on the Corrupted Isle. Not to mention Eraina has completely withdrawn herself after the death of her lover in the chaos that erupted in Cantha. No one knows when the Order - or Eraina - will rise once more to their former glory.
Aside from all of this, Eraina has celebrated her 19th birthday as of recent.

RP Statistics On Necromancess Eraina[edit]

  • Name: Evelynn Rowls
  • Alias: The Necromacess, Necromancess Eraina (by those who know her name)
  • Race: Krytan
  • Age: 19
  • God Whom She Favors: Grenth
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries
  • Hated Food: Olives
  • Likes: Necromancers, other females, stories, fairy tales, taking on tasks, Eve.
  • Dislikes: Dervish, racism, sexism, arrogant adventurers, Cynn, and the White Mantle
  • Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Images of Eraina[edit]

"You guys better be paying me good Platinum to stand out here and freeze my face off!" - A picture of Eraina from the Character Select menu.
"Redrum!" - A picture of Eraina taken in Cantha. The saying is from the horror film "The Shining."
"Does this cape make my butt look big?" - A picture of Eraina taken at the Bloodstone Fen Outpost.
"Dinner is served!" - A picture of Eraina (right) and Magically Enhanced (left) goofing around at the Guild Hall.