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The Only Warrior
User The Only Warrior User-The Only Warrior New.jpg
Affiliation Servant of Madness|User:The Only Warrior/Servant of Madness|Servant of Madness
Type God
Professions Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 35 (40)
Campaign Core


And then it was, that on the 8th day of Battle, the human soldier did cry out, "Balthazar be damned! Will this fight never end? If not to the god of war, then to whom must we pray for salvation? Who will help us against these Demons?!". And with his cry, there came a laugh, from deep beneath his feet, a laugh so horrible that none would dare mistake it for joy. And as the laughing faded, a chasm did appear, dividing the very ground on which he stood, so wide that neither demon nor human could cross. Then arose he, God of Madness and Trickery, The Only Warrior. And as the demons did look upon him, they began to attack their own kind, ripping each other limb from limb. Seeing this the soldier did cry out again, "Who is such a god that commands such power!? You have saved us oh mighty lord!". Only a laugh did he hear, for blinded by what was in front of him, he neglected to see that his own men had began slaughtering each other well before the Demons. Seeing this the soldier did proclaim "Balthazar save us from this monster!". But it was too late, as the last syllables crossed his lips, he was overtaken by his own captain.

This act angered the other gods, for they wish to protect these mere humans. Yes, they do so love their toys. Like a child they play games with their creation, appearing and disappearing at will, always there to take the credit, but never to take blame. I so despise my siblings as they despise me. Lock him away they say, keep his madness from this world. Madness? MADNESS? HA! They know not the meaning of Madness... but I will show them...

600 Years it has been now, 600 years in my prison... but now i shall have my freedom. The one called Odran has left the door open for me; typical of a human to not realize their own mistake, now I shall have my revenge, lets see how they like it when a few of their toys go missing...hahaha....MUAHAHAHAHA.....

-- Scriptures of The Only Warrior, 851 AE

-- This document found on the steps to the Hall of Heroes, recover by Lord Odran, and hidden away in his study, lest the world discover what evil he hath awakened


This Foe can spawn in any area, at any given point in time. The following is a list of places where he is most frequently sited.


When Defeated[edit]


The Only Warrior will spawn randomly; he can spawn at any time in any area. He is accompanied by a group of 8 Ascalon Veterans, which attempt to fight him.


Pre-Battle Dialog[edit]

The Only Warrior: "Muahahaha! Pathetic mortals! Face your DOOM!"
Ascalonian Veteran: "Don't fall for his tricks men! Its just another Illusion! Attack!"
The Only Warrior: "Weaklings! Perish!"
Ascalonian Veteran: "Don't give in men! Push Forwaaaaaarrrggghhh..."
The Only Warrior: "What's this? Another gang of pathetic heroes dares to challenge me? YOU MUST BE MAD!"

Battle Quotes[edit]

"You love it, I know you love it"
"Madness! Madness!"
"Wtf?"(when Interupted)
"Just Resign."
"Your <Profession> Fails."
"Are you even trying?"
"Madness!? THIS IS CANTHAAAA!"(Factions-only)
"Madness!? THIS IS TYRIAAAA!"(Prophecies-only)
"Madness!? THIS IS ELONAAAA!"(Nightfall-only)

After Battle Dialog[edit]

  • You Lose
The Only Warrior: "DIE DIE DIE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
  • You Win
The Only Warrior: "What!? I have been beaten by a... MORTAL!? What trickery is this!?."
Avatar of Dwayna: "It is no trick; these mortals are OUR champions!"
The Only Warrior: "OUR?"
Blathazar's Eternal: "Yes, our champions."
The Only Warrior: "These mortals are no champions of mine!"
Lyssa's Muse: "No. They are not. For you are not a god. Not anymore."
The Only Warrior: "Who are you to make such a decision lyss? You have been after my power for years!"
Voice of Grenth: "That is right, we all have."
Melandru's Watcher: "Because you can not control the power that was given to you, we must take it, for your own good."
The Only Warrior: "Blasphemy! This is Madness! Madness i say!"
Seer of Truth: "It is not madness, it is the truth, i have seen it."
The Only Warrior: "YOU have seen it? Maybe you should take your blindfold off mortal, for you can not see your own faults, let alone mine!"
Blathazar's Eternal: "That's quite enough. It is time you came with us."
Voice of Grenth: "Accept your fate."
Avatar of Dwayna: "You can not escape this."
Melandru's Watcher: "Resistance is futile."
Voice of Grenth: "Your time is at an end."
The Only Warrior: "No. This will not be the end of me. You shall see. I WILL NOT BE PUT BACK IN THAT PRISON!"
Seer of Truth: "Nor shall you. We have a special place picked out for you."
<Player Name>: "Wait!"
Avatar of Dwayna: "What is it, small one?"
<Player Name>: "Let him go! it is his burden to bare! Not yours!"
Voice of Grenth: "You ungrateful little swine! How dare you talk to us that way? You are nothing without us! Nothing!"
<Player Name>: "It seems as though his madness is already affecting you..."
Lyssa's Muse: "Wait! Stop Grenth! He is right... his madness is too great for us to control. I know my brother better than anyone. It will destroy us..."
Melandru's Watcher: "Then what are we to do with him?"
Voice of Grenth: "Perhaps it is not for us to decide."
Blathazar's Eternal: "Agreed. What say you mortal?"
<Player Name>: "Let..."
The Only Warrior: "I'm taking matters into my own hands this time! I've found a way out of this mess...and so... I bid you a fond fairwell... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!"
Lyssa's Muse: "Run little ones! Run!"


  • The Only Warrior spawns at random intervals at a random spot anywhere in the game.
  • Has approximately 80,000 health.
  • He is approximately 5 feet taller than Maw the Mountain Heart
  • Sources indicate that The Only Warrior is a Warrior of Tyrian origin.
  • When his health reaches 1 he will turn non-hostile and regain all health.
  • After the dialog has finished The Only Warrior will activate Final Explosion. You will have only 10 seconds to get out of the "Blast Radius". "Blast Radius" in this instance is Radar Range.
  • After the Explosion, each member of you party that is alive will receive 1 Burnt Parchment Piece.
  • The Only Warrior will sometimes appear as the The Only Warrior.
    • Recently, rumors have spread that The Only Warrior has been lending support to both Dhumm and Menzies, while no evidence of this can be found, it would not be surprising.

Additional Notes[edit]

See Here.

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