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The Guild Wars In-Game Store (formerly called "The Guild Wars Official Store"), introduced in the July 28 2006 game update, is an internet-store for ArenaNet's Guild Wars related products, accessible by the client itself, from the character selection screen. It offers additional campaigns, character slots and other upgrades. All purchased goods are automatically added to the account that has been used to log into the Store, so there is no physical shipping at all. There are several methods of payment including credit or debit card.


[edit] Available goods

[edit] Products

See also PvP Access Kit ($19.95 / €17.99 / £11.99) - for PvP-only access.

[edit] Upgrades

1Promotional Storage Pane from Fourth Anniversary does not counts towards this total.
2Additional character slot from Pre-Order Nightfall Bonus Key does not count towards this total.

[edit] Removed features

The following items used to be for sale in the store, but are no longer available:

  • Guild Wars Prophecies ($19.99 / €25.99 / £15.99) (replaced by game of the year edition)
  • Eye of the North: Prerelease bonus pack ($4.99 / €4.99 / £3.49) (counts toward cost of the release)
  • Prophecies PvP Edition ($39.99 / €35.99 / £23.99)
  • Factions PvP Edition ($39.99 / €35.99 / £23.99)
  • Nightfall PvP Edition ($39.99 / €35.99 / £23.99)

[edit] Methods of payment

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PaySafe card
  • Pre-purchased gift card such as those that bear the Visa trademark.

[edit] Notes

  • After purchase you will receive an email which contains a section entitled "Keys - Keep these for your records". While the keys are automatically applied at the time of purchase, this email provides backup in case you need them at a later date.
  • Because Guild Wars is available in different countries, a price must be set in each country. Differences in currency exchange rates can make it appear that players in a certain country pay "more" than another country. However, economic and other factors vary from region to region, so comparing prices can be misleading.
  • Up to 64 items can be added to the shopping Cart.

[edit] Tips for successful use of the in-game or PlayNC store

Here are some steps that players can take to help the purchase go as smoothly as possible:

  • Set up your PlayNC Account now. You need to have such an account to make the purchase, so why not be set and good to go when the game is offered?
  • Remember to use a unique user name and a solid password. Do not share this information with anyone, and make sure that both are different than your Guild Wars user name and password.
  • Enter credit card and personal information carefully and use a credit card that isn't near the maximum spending limit.
  • If you are rejected, you can try again. Remember: Enter all information with care. The rejection can be for something as simple as forgetting that your credit card uses your middle initial.
  • If you time out, wait for a couple of minutes before trying again.
  • If you time out, check your email before you attempt to make the purchase again, because the time out message may have been sent a split-second after the transaction actually completed.
  • If your purchase is rejected, immediately send a support ticket with all the details. Support will be on board to deal with any store issues, and they can and will help you if they are able to do so.
  • It is possible to pay with a Paypal account at NCStore, however the account must be capable of making 'instant' payments. If you wish to pay using a bank account, the funds must be transferred to your PayPal account before making a purchase.
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