Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition

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Contains both Guild Wars Prophecies and Game of the Year Upgrade.

Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition

Prove your worth in a world where skill decides your fate in the original award-winning Guild Wars(R), the game that revolutionized online roleplaying.

Be the best!

Build a personalized character to traverse an epic storyline in a vibrant fantasy setting, compete in head-to-head battles with players from around the world, and find adventure in missions and quests.

Free online play!

Join more than a million players worldwide who have become enraptured by the Guild Wars (R) universe!

Bonus items: This special edition of Guild Wars includes seven exclusive weapons, and a Fire Imp combat ally to assist in your adventures in Guild Wars. After you log into the game, type "/bonus" in the chat window to have the bonus weapons and Igneus Summoning Stone that summons the Fire Imp added to your inventory.

— In-game description

In the "Game of the Year" edition, you can type in "/bonus" in the chat system while in a town or outpost to create 7 max weapons exclusive to the Game of the Year edition customized for your character.

Bonus items[edit]

1Game boxes purchased from retail stores must contain the Guild Wars 2008 Upgrade to enable this item.


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