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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Form. For NPCs using the same name, see Siege Devourer (disambiguation).

Form. You have mounted a siege devourer. You can command the siege devourer to move and to use its skills.

Siege Devourer

ID unset
  • 1,000 Maximum health
  • 25 Maximum energy
Eye of the North

Form. You have mounted a siege devourer. You can command the siege devourer to move and to use its skills.

Concise description
Form. Mount the siege devourer. You can command it to move and use skills.

Game mechanics[edit]

  • To receive this form, you have to find a hostile Siege Devourer and reduce its health to under 20%. The Siege Devourer will turn neutral to the party and the Charr Bladestorm riding it will dismount to attack. Once neutral, a character can mount the Siege Devourer by talking to it. The Siege Devourer will use the Mount skill on the character that talked to it. Once the Mount skill successfully activates, the character will be under this form.
    • This form will be kept when zoning between the three Charr Homelands explorable areas.
    • This form is temporarily lost when starting a mini-mission, but will reappear after completion.
    • This form is lost upon zoning into a dungeon or outpost.
    • Any pet you have before entering this form will still follow you.

  • While in Siege Devourer form, your maximum health is fixed to 1,000, your maximum energy is fixed to 25, and your primary attribute is set to zero.
    • Equipment properties and consumable effects will not change maximum health, maximum energy and energy regeneration; they will otherwise work as expected.
    • The auto attacks dealt while in this form will always be armor-ignoring typeless damage and unaffected by attributes. Vampiric and zealous weapons will still have their effects. The damage and special properties of the attack will vary as follows:
      • Sword, axe and hammer: Melee, 55 damage.
      • Dagger: Melee, 40 damage. May deal double attacks.
      • Scythe: Melee, 35 damage. May hit a second foe if it is adjacent to target foe.
      • Bow, staff, wand: Ranged, 40 damage. Range and attack speed depends on weapon.
      • Spear: Ranged, 55 damage.
  • While in this form, if your health goes to 0, the Siege Devourer will die instead of you, the form will end and you will appear next to the corpse of the Siege Devourer, with full health and energy. If you want to keep the Siege Devourer alive, you have to use Dismount before this happens.
    • While dismounted, the Siege Devourer will become neutral. This allows you to prevent the Siege Devourer's death by dismounting before it dies.

  • Unlike the Desert Wurm disguise:
    • Health and energy bonuses from equipped items do not affect this form.
    • The Siege Devourer skills and both its blank skill slots will replace all skills of the character inside, including Signets of Capture. If you want to capture a skill from a defeated boss, you need to Dismount first.
  • Similar to the Desert Wurm disguise:


Devourer Siege.jpg
Devourer Siege
Devourer Bite.jpg
Devourer Bite
Siege Devourer Swipe.jpg
Siege Devourer Swipe
Siege Devourer Feast.jpg
Siege Devourer Feast
Dismount Siege Devourer.jpg
Dismount Siege Devourer


Temporarily, by defeating and talking to a Siege Devourer; in the following areas:

Related skills[edit]


Several Players[edit]

  • The easiest way to reach any desired number of Siege Devourers is to zone between Dalada Uplands and Grothmar Wardowns, killing and mounting the nearby Siege Devourer in Dalada Uplands.
    • Two or more Siege Devourers in one party can make farming reputation points much easier.
    • With multiple Siege Devourers you can alternate attacks, helping one another conserve energy.
Anomaly Anomaly.When you board a Siege Devourer, your skills are replaced with a set for controlling it. However, if you learn a new skill while riding it, such as from a reward from a quest, you can immediately add that to the skill bar and use it while on the devourer.
Bug Bug.If you die while in the Siege Devourer, you might find yourself still wearing the model -- but without the stats or skills of the devourer -- upon resurrection.
Bug Bug.If a player has the camera zoomed to first person when Mount finishes its activation, the camera will change to a far one like normal, but the Siege Devourer model will not be loaded, and it will look as if the camera was stuck in first person.


  • If you resign while mounted, the Siege Devourer completely disappears and is replaced by your corpse.
  • After mounting, the camera changes to a much higher one, and it is not possible to zoom in to first person.
  • You cannot talk to a Siege Devourer while under this disguise.
  • Siege Devourer models respond to some emote commands:
    • /dance : The Siege Devourer jumps and starts swaying left and right, clacking its pincers.
    • /stand, preceded by /sit: The Siege Devourer performs its knockdown animation.