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Earth damage is an elemental damage type that is usually caused by earth, tremors, dust, or other related sources. The majority of earth damage sources are found in the Elementalist's Earth Magic line, though earth damage is also plentiful in Dervish Earth Prayers skills, and is inflicted by several Deadly Arts spells. Earth Magic wands and staves inflict Earth damage, as do Mallyx's Endurance and martial weapons with an Ebon upgrade component.

Unlike in some games, earth damage has no inherent effects such as stunning on hit; however, earth damage is often seen in conjunction with knockdowns, blindness and weakness.

Earth damage is less effective against "stony" enemies such as Desert Wurms.

It is in a player's best interest to determine when to protect oneself against Earth damage, and when to wield it. Studying the makeup of PvE enemies in an explorable area or mission, or tweaking a PvP build to counter the metagame will likely involve the consideration of earth damage at some point.

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