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Holla @ Me.
  • I've been playing this game for a long time, but I've been a Wiki permalurker. I finally made an account. It feels dirty and shameful.

  • I only play with people I've known offline for a really long time. I'm usually on So Long Lonesome (Rt) in some Korean District. Others include:
    • Elli Ru (E)
    • Melancholy Mechanic (Mo)
    • My Head On The Door (P)
    • We Laugh Indoors (R)
    • Lush Rush (D)
    • Not Falling Apart (Mo/R, pre-searing)
    • and Songs For Leaving (Me), usually in PvP just to ruin people's days.

  • All of my character's names, 'cept for Elli, are song references.
    • Elli Ru is a play on my middle name.

  • Member of Kierian Crusaders [KIE].

  • Don't take this game too seriously. It makes you suck.

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