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Will Aka Reaper

Will Of Tyendinaga

Arrows From Reaper

The Unseen Reaper

Spear Of Reaper

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Reapers Hiddin Bow

My Zaishen Menagerie

Ranger-icon.pngArrows From Reaper
User Will Aka Reaper Arrows From Reaper.jpg
My Armor at the Moment is the Ranger Leather armor
  • Pet:
Melandru's Stalker.jpg

Level 18 Hearty Melandru's Stalker

  • Heroes:
  • A few Titles:

A well seasoned Ranger, always checking the landscape for advantages or disadvantages in a hill, bridge or even a tree he tries to be one with nature an with his animal companion called Star(as in the sky star) in english

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