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PvP "Leavers"

I was just writing to let you know of a little problem that I feel should be looked at. I'm not sure of Anet's exact response to characters leaving PvP areas(Dishonor only if match is lost, and for 10 minutes?) but I think it possibly should be re evaluated and lengthened. I have been playing Ft Aspenwood and such on both sides and have noticed over the last few weeks that there are an incredibly large amount of leavers. Just about every single game I have been in has had about one and sadly most have 2 or 3 leavers. They always leave right at the beginning or as soon as they feel we will lose, so you know it was not a sudden disconnect or something that's occurs every single game... Also I've noticed it in other PvP arena's as well but not as much as here, the purpose being swaying the player count in favor of other side? not wanting to wait to lose? or whatever it may be... I, as well as many other players find it rather annoying to say the least and obviously the leavers do not find the consequences adequate enough themselves as there are so many of them. Would it be possibly to give them unconditional dishonor points whether the team wins or loses? I mean if we win that's because of the players that stay not the leavers, so why should they get credit as well? I also think lengthening the duration of dishonor from the beginning would be another suggestion.. I know there are some players that have disconnects and such but the majority in this area are purposeful. I just feel specifically the punishment for "leaving" needs to be looked at once more. Thank you for taking the time to consider this --O Frost O File:O Frost O Sig.GIF 15:07, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

Dishonor isn't conditional. If you leave before the end of the fight you get dishonor points regardless of who wins and who losses. -- Salome User salome sig.png 15:34, 11 May 2008 (UTC)
Actually i 100% DISagree with with frost. You get a R/any with Power shot, warrior with frenzy and no elite, and an assassin with 4 lead attacks is outright ridiculous when you are a r4 monk with leet armor and skills. There should be more of a (rated) RA match. A title system mabye for Random arenas solely to show the amount of experience you have, so when being paired in Random arenas, the new players will learn the game with other new players while versing other new players, while the 1337 players can fight. I dont find it fair to always be teamed with new players when I am not. TBH what is really IMBA is having noobs vs. pros who sync RA, for they will not understand what guildwars is about. They will get the idea that Thay are better than me because they are a dervish or something outright riduculous like that. If new players learn the game with other new players, they will begin to learn how to have an advantage over a foe instead of why the cool guy with full black armor is killing me. Thank-you :)--CRφssPurifying Veil.jpgFIRE© 00:57, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

r4 takes like 10minutes to get. Also, ranked RA... oxymoron in my book. keep it how it is. there will always be new players, get to love them! -- 05:33, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

Nobody does Ft Aspenwood but PvE'ers. If its not on the isles its not PvP.Talk page Drogo Boffin 15:10, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Silence is not golden here.

Advice to keep players attracted to Guild Wars and the upcomming Beta. More and more get less interested. Resources for GW2 are important but who are you making GW2 for? Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 13:36, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

Hmm, I just realized I haven't played in 3 days, and my time here is getting less and less as well. I think I will continue to not play until something is done about Ursan, one of my main pet-piss-offs. Info on GW2 has been dead for ages, been waiting months to hear anything about the HoM, the only relevant thing at the moment, but I'd get more information or interest by talking to the local crazy lady than looking here for Arenanet info. 19:06, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
Sounds just like me and /agreed. Dominator Matrix 19:08, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
They'll release information when they're ready. It's been months since they've announced it, but you know how slow ANet is.--Arkantos
GW2 was announced April 2007, more than 'months' -- 16:26, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
There comes a time with most MMO developers that they start to slowly bring the players in on what to expect in the game they're developing. So far, all we have is a handful of races, some backstory, and a few hints from EotN. Numerous sources cite ArenaNet claiming that the game should go to beta around the second half of 2008 (or maybe early 2009), and still we have absolutely nothing more than we've had a few months to a year ago. I'd even be satisfied knowing when we can expect to hear something, but we know E3 is out, and while ArenaNet will be at PAX, we have no way of knowing what (if anything) will be shared. It's a very frustrating experience to see GW2 running dark for so long. I can't blame ArenaNet for not releasing information, but any update would be a welcome one. 17:31, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
What keeps me from playing right now is the grind, so I mostly play in the Kurzick/Luxon areas, where the points earned are account-shared. Updtes is what keeps me more in the game, like the last Prophecies endgame update. MithUser MithranArkanere Star.pngTalk 13:33, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
My guess is that we won't receive information about GW2 until PAX 2008, as Arenanet is a sponsor of that festival, and it they'll keep all info to be released on that expo to excite a lot of it's visitors. It's a pity in fact, that not more info has been shared before. It's not that players want to know every single detail of GW2 yet, but even the slightest hint keeps people motivated, happy and interested. I've heard a lot of my members ingame talk about other games so far, most of them are looking out for Aion (another NCSoft game) simply because they know it has been announced it will be released end of 2008, pictures are available and even some vids. I really hope A'net decides to release some info soon, PAX is so far away... It's hard enough to keep a guild together without info on GW2. grtz --User Tribina base.png (Tribina / talk) 15:07, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
Aion cought my eye too. And it looks nice with promises for GW2. It did not draw my attention away from GW. PAX is in August 31th in Seattle, USA. How many will be able to visit that? (Europe, Asia?) --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 16:47, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
I would expect PAX to be big with lots of info on GW2, but that is really a long way off. Considering the loyal fan base GW has and the extraordinarily long span of time since anything new has been announced, it sure would be nice if we got some info before then. I agree with Tribina, we don't need to know every detail, but some general information on how it's progressing would be nice. Lady Chevon 18:25, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
They kinda had to announce GW2 really early to explain for the lack of further chapters. Since then there hasn't been much to show us. Not sure what people are expecting to see at this point tho. We got some basic lore, but it is far too early for screenshots and the like. So I guess we got no info, because there isn't anything they can share. Release is still almost a year (if not more) away, we just have to be realistic and be patient. Dutchsmurf 23:55, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
I agree 100% with Silverleaf.-- 02:36, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I would like to add my agreement that silence is not golden. I don't know how many (especially you Regina) have read this, but I suggest you do. It totally mirrors my thoughts on Ursan, and also about the 'statement' that Anet is making by not doing anything to change it in all the months that it has now been in play. Quite simply, Anet needs to just come clean with the reasons they have refused to even comment on what Ursan Blessing has done to pve play in this game. Even after the immense monetary investment and time commitment I have made to Guild Wars, the utter lack of concern that Anet has shown for pve players in the year plus since they have unveiled the grand plan of starting from scratch with GW2 and the subsequent release of EoTN and introduction of Ursan Blessing, has convinced me that further investment of money into this company is a waste, so I currently have no plans of purchasing GW2. By not addressing the clearly voiced concerns of a large portion of the player base, Anet is ultimately costing themselves. I also find myself logging on less and less, and when I am on, there is very little excitement or drive to accomplish anything because those accomplishments mean virtually nothing to anyone any longer. I hope that you can talk some sense into whoever has decided to remain utterly silent on this issue.--Wyn's Talk page Wynthyst 03:41, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

I couldn't give a sweaty toss about Ursan, as I gave up PvE. My real gripe is with the lazy attitude Anet and our new "Community Manager" are taking to things. I am not talking about weekend events. Just the general "silence" ever since EOTN came out. Why should i buy GW2 and help pay Anet Staff salaries when they have given up? -- 09:00, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

First of all can u guys stop complaining about ursan, Regina already said that they're looking into it, and I'm tired of seeing every topic converted in your negative thoughts about ursan. Second I think its not too early for screenies and info about GW2 since the beta is later this year. Also I agree with silverleaf about PAX. It's not fair if they release all the info their as there are ppl who can't attend cause of the great distance. --MageUser MageMontu sig.pngMontu 10:06, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I am forced to agree with these statements unfortunately. There is not enough involvement from the admins directly to the community and in game. ANET has gotten way to laid back with the automated tournaments and the weekends in regards to shaking things up. While there are up dates and changes there is no new buzz to the game, it just feels like the same stuff repackaged again and again. A good example is the Z-Rank. Sure there is a new e-mote and a new title but the concept and feel of it are not new. Also there is not much to look forward to with GW2. The people who are looking ahead to it are mainly concerned with the HoM and grinding out titles. No new concepts or ideas have been thrown out there except "We are looking into it." or "You will be informed when things are ready."
Some good solutions these problems is to have a more active presence in game. While Gaile did not tell us much she was always willing to put herself out there to here these concerns. Reading this talk page makes me sad about how little feed back players are getting from A-Net. Sure upkeep and making things work is great, but if people don't feel confident about the people running the game they will be less interested to play. The people who come here are some of the most active people in Guild Wars and have a good feel on the flow of the game. People don't need to be kept happy but they should be listened to and understand that there concerns are heard.
A good way to fix the issues surrounding GW2 would be to just announce some ideas that are under consideration and are no way final. This keeps people guessing and interested in what is coming up. A huge release of information at once may make good headlines but the buzz level of GW2 will drop off again. By releasing updates on the progress you keep people interested and can get immediate feedback on different ideas.
I hope this helps but I personally think ANET won't change it's tune. I will still keep playing GW because I love the game and will continue to hope for some more direct involvement.-- 10:19, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
While I agree that some more info on GW2 would be nice, I don't think its fair to say they're doing nothing about GW1. They said in the last update that they would be doing a major rework of the skills system with respect to PvP/PvE. I got the impression that this would be accompanied by some pretty major buffs for PvE versions of skills. I hope that if they do choose to nerf ursan, this is when they do it, lessening the impact on the casual community with buffs of other skills. Ashes Of Doom Talk 12:17, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I would like to remind people that ANet, like any other company, cannot be catering to everyone's wishes all of the time. Seeing as they are working on a new product and have given feedback that they are continuing support for the original, as well as revamping the PvE/PvP skill system, I think that should be enough said on their stance. People often forget that those working on the product are people as well, and at this current point in time, they're putting most of their effort into trying to push the new product along as quickly as possible, while maintaining high quality. I don't know how many people here have actually worked on making a serious game (as in commercially) but it's allot of hard work (and for those of you that will go on your rants about other jobs being hard work, enough said).
While I too would like more information, I would say it is safe to say that silence is as much part of the business as is communication. Saying things too early makes people get the wrong idea or develop unrealistic expectations. I would say, that if their schedule holds to what they predicted, expect some actual information this Fall and not a moment earlier in regards to Guild Wars 2. Best to keep the beast in the box until its time to unleash it.
Also, as one more side note, let's keep the Ursan rants in the discussion page for it. We've already seen posts archived because of it, everyone's been given answers as to the current situation in game and with the developer's views on it. Let's just wait and see how it pans out. Currently it's a "----ed if you do, ----ed if you don't" situation. We all get it, let's move on for now. Anyhow, my two cents. Davnian Siscus 15:20, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I must agree with Davnian Siscus, Although I eargerly await news from GW2, they are developing the game over a new engine, so I guess I must be patient, It's higly dangerous to rush any programming project(being a programmer myself). True that I don't play as much, because even though there are many things I want to do... my Guild and friends have been mostly inactive. I also Agree about the "Ursan" topic, the amount of posts on the topic is inmense... funny thing is that, when (and if) they do something about it (whatever it is), we'll get a new batch of posts stating how awfull/good Ursan was handled. So I basically do what Regina has stated, simply don't pay attention to the skill or the many groups requiring it. --Nekki 15:40, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

We understand your frustration about not having any recent GW2 updates. The developers know you're anticipating the new game and want more information. Right now, there really is nothing that we can talk about that isn't already out there. I think I've noted this before in relation to a different topic, but this situation is partly about trying not to mismanage expectations. The reason we can't talk about a whole lot right now is because we wouldn't want to talk about some cool new feature, have people get super excited, and then later down the development cycle, decide that we don't have time or resources to implement it after all. In that scenario, even though players may know that information and features are subject to change, they may still be incredibly disappointed and jaded if something they want was not delivered in the end. We don't want to over-promise and then later possibly disappoint a lot of people. The developers are of the opinion that it's better to keep things a surprise and reveal information if they are totally sure about features. It's a balancing act. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:58, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Regina, I thank you for your post, and my response means no disrespect to you or A.Net. I just feel that developers and publishers are way too... well I think they think we are just "the public." There is a betaleaks site I have been watching for Warhammer Online info, and a lot of information has been leaked from the closed beta. The most interesting thing is the way the community there treats the non-polished information. It is nearly the complete opposite of the gullible mismanaged expectations that are always lauded (here and in other places). People seem mostly aware that stuff is still being heavily polished and worked on (even if it will change). And if they aren't, there are plenty of people to remind them.
I know my posting this will probably have no effect on A.Net's marketing policies, but I do think it is something to think about. Maybe I am just too naive thinking gamers usually comprise more people on the sunny side of the bell curve... even with Gabriel's internet theory. --Ravious 19:34, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I noticed this section in passing and wondered if there isn't a different approach to releasing information. That is, not releasing information about game features but about background story or historical information or story-line information that fills in bits and pieces of the time between EoTN and GW2. For instance, we know that the sylvari make an appearance in GW2 (if I recall correctly as a playable race), what if information were written in that fills in more about them? Things that don't necessarily impact the gameplay in GW2 but are related in that they address how the Sylvari came to Tyria. Or possibly the dragons, which have been noted but little backstory is available for. I'd imagine all this is also being finalized but in theory (the happy, optimistic type theory that all of us end users seem to like) "teasers" and other small-ish tidbits could be released as they become finalized. Just a passing thought. Lojiin 19:47, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

How bout confirming that you will be showing GW2 at least something of if at PAX? At least we'll know then something is coming and dont have to keep asking about it. This void of silence is no way to handle expectations -- 19:48, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

I just read all of this and I totally agree. We all understand that you cannot release a ton of info on GW2, but you could give us some. I mean we have been like wating forever :P. I like Lojiin's suggestion above, just give us details on some small things that do not effect major gameplay. If you guys do not hurry and do something, you may lose more of your fan base; which I know that you do not want. Phnzdvn 20:07, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

It's not as easy as me simply deciding to tell you stuff. I am not the only one involved in a decision making process to reveal or not reveal inforamtion. There are several departments involved in this, and these issues that you are bringing up regarding GW2 information are issues many people are aware of and are discussing. People here are very cautious of revealing information for the reasons I stated above. I have not been given any clearance to reveal any information. Until firm decisions have been made within the company on releasing GW2 information and through what methods, I will not be giving any hints at all. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 20:20, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
I think people would be more then happy if once a month SOMETHING showed up. So we know you are still there. That something however doesn't have to be screenshots or gameplay details. As you pointed out, it is better if it isn't. Warhammer was pointed out earlier, but Warhammer is a lot closer to release then GW2, so naturally more accurate info can be 'leaked'. However, there must be things you can show us. Some artwork maybe or some lore. Like for GW1 we had the story of Devona and friends, which were a nice read while waiting for the next beta weekend. Like those dragons we have, they probably weren't born under the ground. So they must have gotten there for some reason. Things like that will keep the people entertained, without giving problems later. We don't want a lot, just a little at a time to keep us excited. Dutchsmurf 12:33, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
It's not even listed on this site as being in development. Beta testing is anticipated 3rd quarter of 08. That is 1 to 4 month(s) away. I'm sorry, I just don't buy the line that there is nothing that can be discussed if that timeline is going to be met -- and if it's not, it would be nice to have an update on how that's going. Lady Chevon 16:52, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

I'd have to say this topic is all dependent on the timeframe ANet wishes to adhere to. How should GW2 and it's information release be compared to other games? We know that there have been vids and screenshots out for a long, long time for Aion. Additional info about it is slim as far as I know. There are a multitude of games out there right now with releases in the future that have their official site up that include screenshots, vids, forums, etc. One just needs to browse as a starting point to glean all sorts of info. Compared to other new games coming out and comparing those to the estimated time of GW release, then yes, information is probably quite a bit behind.

Is ANet thinking on a separate level than other companies on what they do to create some buzz for their upcoming game? I don't know. I do know that there's really nothing in regards to it on though. If potential gamers out there are looking for the game they want to play in the future, right now they're looking at Warhammer, Aion, Stargate, Jumpgate, etc. I don't believe GW2 has any sort of grasp on any minds other than GW players. I can only imagine that they've created their timeline to allow a sufficient period for anticipation building.

We loyal players of GW do have a different level of expectation for information. We're not the same as your standard looking-for-a-new-game player. We've been told that some things we do have ties to GW2, but we don't have a clue how. So we hang on that tidbit while playing, just waiting for any little thing we can. There's quite a bit that could be 'leaked' to create some buzz, because to be honest, GW is buzzless now and appears to be staying that way. A simple screenshot or concept art would help to keep interest. Things like that don't bind developers hands at all. Right now, as current players, we wait anxiously in the silence and really start to wonder if GW2 has been cancelled. Communication has fallen off the table with GW, other than for tournaments there isn't much news (last headline on official site is May 9)... I don't know, it is just a bit concerning when it gets so dark. A little 'night light' would be super. :) Clobimon Craiggy 16:51, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

I have been talking to people over the past few of days, with all of your comments and feedback in mind. We don't have firm plans for what information we're going to disclose, and how, but I have made people in key departments more aware of how much interest the community has in any new GW2 information, and these issues are under discussion and at the front of their minds. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 19:20, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
"You sending the Wolf?" -- Jules from Pulp Fiction. Seriously thanks Regina. I think that is great, and I thank you for doing that AND telling us. I support your style... with absolutely no disrespect to Gaile... it's refreshing. --Ravious 19:30, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
Hey, so reagarding this developer blog idea that a few people here (and on GWO) seem to support. I'd like people's feedback/thoughts on what you'd like to see in it. Please read my latest journal post for more. :-) --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 00:50, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
Discussing a lot... very little action. 00:15, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
This is a typical case of "You get what you pay for" and in Anets case its all talk and no action, like the above poster said-- 02:30, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I'm just sharing. Sure the lack of silence is definitely deafening but I rather have my expectations met than be thoroughly disappointed by the end result. Let's assume that they do release information that changes once alpha is out. It leaves a bad taste since it was not the game you were told it would be. You then would tell your other friends how GW2 sucks, which in turn makes them not want GW2 and not buy it. We the players will not lose out since we are just the users, we are not the makers. aNet just simply wants to make sure they do not have such an affect on people even if it means complete silence on their part and alienating their current players. Even if you say "I'm never going to play GW2 because of lack of updates" or "because they completely ignored me and my friends," you know deep down inside yourself, your curiosity about GW2 will eventually win you over. Even if you have to secretly use a friends' computer to look at GW2 with the fear that aNet is tracking down your IP address (yes, complete paranoia). In the end, Regina is right. They're just managing expectations more than anything else. If they promised you flying mounts, god-of-war-esque type of boss fights and in the end does not deliver, who loses? We the players or the makers of the game? End of sharing. Renin 04:36, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
Eh, days without Guild Wars and I don't seem to miss it. Expected to come on and find something to make me want to install it again after so long playing, but all thats left is the grind. Wanted to do a full Hall of Monuments but thats just a massive grind with greatly hard to reach titles etc and there's always the questions of what it actually means.
The expectation at the moment is that Guild Wars = grind for anyone who's actually finished a hang of a lot of the content. 08:57, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I don't know of many games coming out in 2009-2010 that have any serious information available already, so I don't see how GW2 is behind. Games people are pointing out as giving more info are all coming out a lot earlier. As in this year. When GW2 has a couple of months until release, there will be lots of info available too. One thing I do agree with is that Anet has been really silent the last months about everything, including GW1. Even their balance updates have been more sources of disappointment then getting people excited. Would be nice if Anet can do something to make people more positive about the game again. Dutchsmurf 14:53, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I think managing expections are one thing when it comes to Guild Wars 2, I like so many of us are worried Guild Wars 2 will go the way of other MMOs - sorry but from what we have heard most of my guild agrees Guild Wars 2 = WoW with a guild wars theme to it. Its the funny thing though, a lot of points will be set in stone soon, or should be when it comes to whats in GW2
I criticize Anet's handling of Guild Wars at the moment. Skill updates - BS new grinding titles - lets face it thats all it is. The old girl seems to be becoming more and more let out to dry and GW2 isn't anywhere near completed yet.
I also criticize when it comes to the connecting aspects between the two games, the Hall of Monuments. There are many questions that every gamer from casual to hardcore want to know about it, players play in various degrees but doing and Hall of Monuments is hard work and people would love to know more info. I criticize any company who at this point wouldn't know these answers for something similar to the Hall of Monuments, you should and seeing as its something you're using to keep people going, because lets face it for many people thats all we've got left, you would think a lot of care would be going into keeping us wanting to play.
In the end I question why I type this; Regina will just go down the usual CM-cushioning road instead of actually doing something. Many of the concerns, questions and begs for info have been asked before, Wiki seems to echo itself, Gaile said she said something to the devs, you're saying you're saying stuff to the devs but as more and more time goes by, and the more and more goes seemingly ignored many of us are questioning why we've devoted - for some of us - 3 years to this game just to be bitterly let down here.... 18:46, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I bet you guys in the future Anet will give up on GW2 just like they have done with GW1. Two years after GW2 is released GW3 would be announced and we would cop the same crap we are getting now-- 07:07, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

You know I really don't mind the silence, Anet thankfully gave us the info way in advance that GW1 was going to come to a close.. that allowed a lot of people the time to change focus, finishing up titles ect in preparation for GW2. I mean they could of just kept the community in total dark, of course a lot less people would be playing as a result. The only thing I would like to see which didn't really happen for the betas of factions and NF was allowing the "active" players to beta.. so many players that were invited to the betas for the last chapters had abandoned the game for months.. they came in, tried out the new chapter, told us whatever info they pleased and then left GW again just as fast.. now that was rather disheartening to see. I think giving the beta info in game as well as wherever else it's posted would definitely bring a bigger more diverse crowd, not just the regulars from the forums ect.. Of course there might be reasons to allows the same old regualrs to beta to get them excited about the new GW ect, but I think more hype would come from active players having the opportunity to beta and spread the word throughout the game..and you have to remember a lot of them don't even use forums.. heck I just found out about them myself.. I mean its beta for your new game.. why not give it the the gamers that still actually play your old game? And who stole my little polar bear -.- Avenge him for me Regina! --O Frost O File:O Frost O Sig.GIF 19:58, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

The announcements for the Factions and Nightfall test events were both originally posted on the in-game login screen, as well as the Guild Wars website. Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 20:03, 30 May 2008 (UTC)
Wow are you serious? I played everyday and never saw it I guess I must of just been oblivious then haha --O Frost O File:O Frost O Sig.GIF 15:43, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
April 2007 till June 12 2008. Nothing much changed other than 2 teams working on GW1/GW2 and a new CC pressing the request for more information. Is anyone still taken serious? Who are the Bosses? -- Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 11:30, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Seriously, ANYTHING would be FANTASTIC. A single screenshot, a peice of concept art, anything. I don't care how minor, as long as it lets me know there is a team alive and at work on GW2, instead of just getting GW updates and a comunity manager telling us she can't realy tell us anything. Also, concept art is a GREAT thing to give us, it gives us a general idea of possibilities, gets us excided, but at the same time, lets us know, hey this thing isn't done yet, and this could very well change. If I see some cool armor or creature or building in concept art, and it doesn't make it to the game, sure, I will be a little bummed, but people a little bummed out b/c the don't get an armor sytle or creature, or place is MUCH easier to deal with than people suffering from information starvation or telling us about a feature and having it not come through. Concept are is a great and easy way to give us SOMETHING without realy giving us anything. It gives us something to talk about and at the same time says "this is in no way final" without actualy having to say it a million times. On that same note, maybe a screen-shot or two of some random area, even if it is juts flora and landscape, I'm very curious to see how things are progressing. There is something interestign about seeing progression in that area, to where I can look at a couble screenshots and say, this one looks pretty good, but look how much better it has gotten. As I recall, with the anouncement of GW2, we were given a single screenshot, why not more like it? Please, give us something, anything, it doesn;t have to be solid or in anyway conclusive. Earlier Regina, you stated that you were talking wiht the devs about what exactly you would be able to give us, Concept art, excelent place to start, and maybe landscape screen-shots when graphics get more finalized, I'm a sucker for a good landscape shot. Thanks in advance for reading this, and I (for one) will love you forever if something is produced. Still rootin for you and the devs! --Wolf 21:01, 16 June 2008 (UTC) ( I belive someone asked if Regina was sending them the Wolf? Well, I'm here now, you may send me wherever =D )
Well, the third quarter 08 is right around the corner. Is it safe to assume that Beta testing will not be occurring then? Oh well, I guess there's always Aion to look forward to. AoC is pretty fun too. Lady Chevon 21:56, 18 June 2008 (UTC)
I wouldn't consider it safe to assume anything about beta testing, or game release when it comes to GW2.--Wyn's Talk page Wynthyst 22:01, 18 June 2008 (UTC)
My point is, if beta testing were going to occur at any time in the next 102 days, the Anet folks would have something to talk about. Kinda the point of this topic is that silence, which in this case has been prolonged, does 'speak' loudly. The difference is it speaks to one person differently than it speaks to another. To me, the message is that GW2 is a concept that may, or may not, be released in the future. It's not well into development, but rather still in its infancy - it's an idea with some rough sketches and a rough storyline. Anet is losing me, and I don't think I'm alone here. I think Anet spilled the beans too soon about something new coming down the road, and that they were not going to further expand the original game. If they honestly believed people would stick around for years with no further expansions, that's pretty naive. Lady Chevon 23:24, 18 June 2008 (UTC)
Well Anet, you look like a ship in troubled waters, now is your chance to prove us wrong, or confirm our fear. Keeping us guessing too much longer is only gunna make people think you've long sink sunk. I'm rootin for ya. --Wolf 00:23, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Well, I have spent several hours a day for several days now giving suggestions, asking questions, giving input, and over-all trying to help the situation on both sides, but so far, all of my efforts were in vain. With that I take my leave of the wiki for a while until something else happens, I will be checking my talk page from time to time tho. Best of luck to you all and Goodbye. --Wolf out. 13:47, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

I concur with Lady Chevon. As of now all we know of Regina is “GW2 PvE is going to be great!”.and the things we know form the PCGamers article: that there will be the “dragon attacks bridge, player defend” aspect of the open world. That there will be none at all or a very high level cap. That items will be far more important then they where in GW1. That the HoM gives us “some not game affecting something”. That we’ll be able to jump and swim (do we really need this?). That you are not sure which ones and how the profession in GW2 will mirror GW1s. That the open beta would be held around mid to end 2008 (suggesting you should be reaching closed beta about… now). That all we knew of the GW1 world is being destroyed by the cataclysmic rising of the ”dragons” (cheap story telling to begin with).
That’s about it. And this information is fast growing a one year old beard! Taking the above: at this point, with ANets pre stated beta date approaching fast, you still want to make us believe that: You still don’t know if there will or will not be a level cap? You still want to say, that you have not made any final decision you can talk about on what “in game goody” the HoM is going to give players for various achievements? You still have no information on what profession, and what possible race benefits we can expect? That you cant offer any in game screen shots so we can at least get an idea on who much more superior the GW2 world will be like compared to GW1? And on and on… Taking the profession uncertainty and the not yet made decision on a level cap, how in Jesus Christ’s name can ANet design GW2 at all if not even these fundamental design elements have been set in stone yet?? Especially with the already mentioned open beta in mind which is supposed to be happening in under 6 month!? This is our, or at least my PoV, based on what information we have got about GW2. And since you always say you don’t have anything new to talk about, I guess that would mean you do nothing at all and are still shoving around conceptual ideas and possible game play elements on the Devs tables! Ludicrous! Since I DO believe ANet IS working hard on GW2 there MUST be some information already set in stone (eg. level cap, professions etc)! Some design elements MUST be final, so that the Dev team can work around them to create the world that will be GW2! The foundation of the game mechanics MUST be there! Other wise the beta date was a lie! And since this a logical deduction on what we know you MUST have information you COULD share with us! You are just not willing to do it! And right now I tell you … you are loosing customers because of your information blockade AND because you are seriously neglecting the product your customers are currently playing… GW1! Add to this some rather unpopular design decision made by the Devs to GW1 (away from skill>time… and closer to time>skill e.g Luxon/Kurzik PvE Skills and associated title) which player are complaining about and you are not looking at a very good starting point community mood wise for GW2!I really don’t get that kind of behaviour! Stroke the egos of your current products customers now by maintaining it as best as possible and listening to customers sorrows AND acting upon them and you can be sure these same ppl are going to switch to your new product! But you opt to not listen, to not giving any new information on the new product and by not acting on month old player angers! Well… you certainly know that a angered customer seldom returns! Regards ~Garbaron~; 20th Jun 2008
If they say anything and then change their mind the torrent of critical winge will make the complaints about Ursan look like a praise-Anet party, so. Also, the show preview button is your friend. --Star Weaver 13:28, 20 June 2008 (UTC)
Euhm I think a lot of people tend to blame Regina for not releasing any data candy. I am sure everyone is eagerly awaiting any kind of news about GW2, but don't shoot the messenger . It's not Regina's call to make data public, it's the call of the bosses. I hope I'm right with my assumption that they aren't releasing any data yet, because they don't want cheap copycats in the near future after release of GW2. Arenanet has always made sure to astonish gamers with the gameplay they developed (read gameplay and not skill functions etc.). Arenanet is a company, and companies need to make profit and if you watched the DVD with CE of Nightfall, you will noticed they have some crazy, wacky but talented people out there! I am confident GW2 will be awesome, I don't like the silence either, but I can understand their point of view. Just wait another 2 months maximum, because at PAX (gaming exhibition where A'net is a sponsor) their will be some more information released, I'm pretty sure of that. --User Tribina base.png (Tribina / talk) 11:01, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

As I see it GW2, as stated somewhere here on this Wiki, appears to become a WoW clone with the basic lore and characters aka races founded in Guild Wars. So ANet does not need to worry. The “copy cat” is ANet themselves and it seems they are afraid that, if they release information too early, we might realize that GW2 really is WoW without a monthly fee. I base the WoW reference on the “no/high level cap”, “items more important” and “stuff you see in GWEN will be used in GW2” (IMO title grind linked to merchant/quest/area access) and the general direction GW has taken since NF release (grind more important then fun; skill>time no longer viable). And since ANet does nothing to disproof my assumption by releasing new information on GW2, am EXTREMELY sceptical about GW2!!! To say it bluntly: at this point am still not convinced if I really want to buy GW2! Regarding “don’t shot the messenger” am not convinced by any statement made by Regina so far and am sorry to say so, but to me she just does not fits the extremely big shoes handed over by Gaile! Yes I had my run ins with Gaile too, but I respected her more because she had something in her that made her part of the player community. Regina on the other hand appears to just be doing her job, which is not a bad thing at all. But to me she seems cold in reaction and detached from the player base. Like her “there is no use to in game visits by me! It does not work as an information dispatcher” attitude which seems to imply she does not want to relate to the community ingame wise. That’s my personal impression and is by NO means to be taken as an attack on her or insult or something like that. It’s just my impression I have got of her ever since she took over as CM. Regards ~Garbaron~ 20th Jun 2008

On the GW homepage...

I count all girls. How's about tossing some eye candy in there for the female players of Guild Wars too? :)

Just a thought I had when I looked on the site today. 03:40, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

How about that hunky Paragon on that wallpaper? 06:53, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
It's not only females that need male eye candy, y'know. >,> Kokuou 07:11, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
LoL GG-- 07:27, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
Not all females are opposed to female eye candy, either. ;) Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 07:36, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
Lol, nice 1 Aiiane. Anyway since this is about the site, it should be on Emily's Page. --MageUser MageMontu sig.pngMontu 07:56, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
You people crack me up! XD --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 20:47, 21 May 2008 (UTC)
Yes, but what about the people who just want candy?! :0 -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 07:48, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I would like some candy... =D On the site, It would be nice to see some variety, instead of the same poster-girl for each campaign. --Wolf 21:05, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Not just America.

I cannot refrain from making this point. Although an American originated game it is targeting a Global Audience. Except that the "Global Community" is hardly recognized. You have a German, French and Spanish Community Coordinator. But they lack profile and "accessibility". So ... a reluctant American Community Coordinator online at times most Europeans are not able to attend, feel the social aspects and Important "Community Feeling". I cannot but advice to make a difference and make it a higher priority in Communication Issues currently under review. -- Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 06:42, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

I can understand where you are coming from, and ingame appearances are nice for socialising, the reality is that players want solid information whenever they see one of us online. If we are not able to deliver that, player get frustrated and vent this on the boards. So this has nothing to do with "accessibility", but with perception. If you want to contact me, details how to do this are on my wiki page, and you can also reach me (and my european colleagues) via Guru and GWO. --Martin Kerstein (talk) 10:08, 28 May 2008 (UTC)
Thank you Martin :). This is really about the Community. Not about me. I know where to find all the (most) CC. the "perception" from (a part of) my fellow players is that there is a lack of "accesability" and "Information". I Made a point about the possible 5 million out there. -- Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 14:07, 28 May 2008 (UTC)
Martin, on the „information“ account. I concur that when a CM comes online, ppl expect her/him to have something to say rather then having her/him start a conga or talk about the weather report. You know it, the community knows it, I know it, everyone does know it. So… what keeps you CMs from ONLY coming online when you HAVE some new information? I know from WT that you (and Regina too) mostly reject online appearances to be used as means to convey new information’s but that really only is because in the past most of the time CMs had NO information at all when coming online although KNOWING ppl would be asking for it. So it really only comes down to that a CM should be prepared to give some information when she/he is coming online. And pardon the pun, but I guess noone really ever cared to hear what min pets where stored in Gailes Xunlai chest or what bows she has collected since that could be read at her Wiki page. Bottom line: ingame visits by CMs CAN be a benefit to the community and CAN be used to negotiate news about Guild Wars IF the CM is prepared to share new information since that simply IS what ppl expect to get from a CM showing up in LA!! Regards ~Garbaron~ ; 9th Jun 2008

If all GM's would just be online to play once in a while and dropped that it will be possible in the near future to add tormented weapons to HoM that would be "stimulating" and "in-game news". Currently the "Buzz" is out of the game. Breath life in it again...for all continents! -- Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 11:36, 12 June 2008 (UTC) languages

Some time ago i asked about Polish and Russian language on and I just received message from Gaile "(...) Perhaps in the future, though, we will have a website in Polish, Russian, and other game languages that do not currently have website pages -- Gaile 02:43, 28 October 2007 (UTC)"

Any news in that case? --GrethortUser Gret Chii.jpg 12:14, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

Uhmm... hello Regina? ~~ --GrethortUser Gret Chii.jpg 05:34, 3 June 2008 (UTC)
I love your fast anserws, zomg! oO" --GrethortUser Gret Chii.jpg 19:49, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
There are currently no plans to have websites in other languages besides what already exist in the game. This may be possible for the GW2 website, but realistically it's unlikely for GW1. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:30, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Fansite Roster

The fansite roster needs better moderating, even if it's just reading the emails from time to time. ;)

I sent an email probably 12 months ago pointing out that ANZGW ( would no longer be meeting the requirements for a listed fansite. Now the site has been taken down and the domain released. The link on the official website now directs you to a typical sex enhancing pills spam site, which I'm fairly certain you wouldn't like unless ArenaNet is exploring some new business ventures?

Thanks 01:59, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 15:59, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

yeah viagra?--User Raph Sig.pngRaph Talky 02:11, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

you could take this as a sattire of how Anet feels about the community....... 08:55, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
more site's dont work of that list either(example tc fish fansite.) Death Slighertalk: Death Sligher 10:52, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Uhm, with thousands of players of all ages, how many emails and notices does A-NET get from customers, from co-workers, from management, from providers and who knows where else? And I'm sure no one in A-NET is being paid to ONLY read and reply emails. My point is, even though there is always room for improvements, just because there is silence doesn't mean they don't care/read or listen. In fact, I feel closer to A Net than with other game commpanies. So sure, comment on how the community feels and what their needs are, (And broken links to Viagara) but let's not assume they don't care or don't try to please everyone (which is humanly impossible). Just my opinion though. So far I think Regina has done a good job as a CRM and I'm sure she will get better over time. --Nekki 15:25, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Please, you are obviously oblivious to the fact there is an email address specifically for fansites. Filter spam and manually filter bogus/malicious correspendance and it'd probably take 10-20mins to clear the inbox. Why do people always insist on adding their mindless, stupid commentary? 21:25, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
It's true, the fansite inbox could do with some more reading. If Regina alone is responsible for the fansite inbox it's probably understaffed. Although I don't know for sure how many emails it gets.HeavenMonkey 21:36, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
That's pretty funny re: viagra. But I'm sure it'd only take 10 minutes top every month to click on those links. Assign an intern or a peon to that and poof problem solved. :) – User Barinthus Magical Compass.png Barinthus 22:26, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Anniversary Sweepstakes

I just did a quick re-read of the rules and found that it says to receive a list of the winners in the U.S. I would have to send an envelope to ArenaNet. My question is, Will the winners also be posted at or is that the only means of finding out if you won?Ranger-icon-small.pngBlackie ewilson92 14:50, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Look at the website now--Yankeefan984 21:45, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
Errr i can't find any mention of the EU sweepstakes anymore. -- Salome User salome sig.png 01:03, 13 June 2008 (UTC) "We’ll be announcing winners very soon." (Note, that it said "around June 11th" 2 days ago, so they must have had a delay somewhere.) — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o 02:25, 13 June 2008 (UTC)

Bannings for cursing

My account is tempbanned for saying some combination of 4-letter words. Why?

The terms of use and EULA state that I am not supposed to offend people. People who choose to play with their chat filters OFF do so for a reason, they are not offended by what it censors. If they were, they'd play with the filter on.

Banning someone for working around the filter, I can see that (S U X O N My K U R D I C K [GULP]), but why ban **** that zero people are offended by? I choose to play with the chat filter off, and because I'm not a crybaby when I lose to Shard's teams in HA, I never report people for cursing. When other people say **** or **** or ****, I don't care, because I choose to play with the filter off and I don't mind playing with people who use them. Sometimes it even makes the game more entertaining.

Banning people for saying censored words is like banning victims of scams for being gullible. ~Shard (talk) 23:31, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

take it to gailes page --Cancer Angel talk 23:59, 20 June 2008 (UTC)
Contrary to popular belief, the chat filter is not a license to spew profanity. There are many sociolinguistic views on the usage of profanity--some which condone it, some which don't--but from a business point of view, sometimes it's in a company's (read: ArenaNet's) best interest to ban people for doing so. Seriously, though, if you can't get a point across without using your non-naughty (that doesn't mean you have to be nice) words, then maybe you should stop by Amazon and pick up a dictionary? (Okay, I'm begin facetious, but you get my point.) Kokuou 00:00, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
I would like a Player v Environment/Player for all ages where all have no use of chatfilters. --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 01:15, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
I agree with Kokuou -- Salome User salome sig.png 01:22, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
ur opinion is worthless, take it to gaile who tell u to take it to support who sends u a letter telling u about why u are wrong. --Cancer Angel talk 02:30, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
Why take it to Gaile's page? This is a community relations issue. If nobody in the community is offended by my language, why am I being punished?
Also, anet bans you for non-cursing too. They take away fame for ranking izzy's corpse in HB. They, however, do not ban you for abusing most game mechanics. Anet is a terrible customer service company, and issues like this are why.
IMO IWAY scrubs need to cry less when I roll their faces in with a balanced build.
One last thing, telling someone to pick cotton is not a racial slur. All races are equally skilled at picking cotton. ~Shard (talk) 07:34, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
I find this quite amusing. Censorship is dumb. Banning someone for foul language is dumb. Those word are a part of the language.
I also fail the see the problem with "go pick cotton" but maybe that's an american thing. -- NUKLEAR User NuclearVII signature 3.jpgIIV 10:41, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
Maybe the problem is with the fact many consider it to be "part of common language". --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 11:17, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
Ya know who picked cotton? Slaves. Telling someone to go pick cotton implies that you are calling them a slave. What kind of people were slaves? Black (I would say African-American, but they aren't just american) people. So, you get where I'm going with this? Also, there old arguement comes up that "Just because you can, does that mean you should?" -- 12:16, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
African American is a stupid term. They're not African. Telling someone to pick cotton is not a reference to slavery. If I had said do mandatory labor on a plantation for no pay like your great grandparents, that MIGHT be a racial slur, but telling someone to pick cotton is not. Is telling people to shut up offensive to mutes? Is telling people to play Tetris offensive to children without Gameboys? 99% of the humans on this earth need to grow up. Racism only exists because people are too sensitive about something they aren't even affiliated with. ~Shard (talk) 22:24, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

Te filter does NOT excuse you from the rules. The filter is there because people may break the rules. Of course, there's a problem about double morals and being too much touchy in USA, making mountains out of molehills when they don't understand what are you talking about or regardless of where you are from in Spanish, we say 'Nigro' refering to 'Nigromantes'(Necromancer), just like some people say 'Necro' in English. People must understand that such things happen. But when but no one is forcing you to use impolite words. You don't need them, so don't use them. MithUser MithranArkanere Star.pngTalk 11:25, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

Shard, I have to agree with Mith here. Just because there's a filter, doesn't mean you can swear. You say 99% of the people on this world need to grow up? Either you're among the 99% that need to, or you're among the 1% without the ability to understand that 1% is in fact a serious minority, in which case that 1% may just need to grow up. Telling someone to go pick cotton is offensive. Slavery still exists in the 21st century. Maybe not in Europe, maybe not in the USA, but the world is bigger than that. The GW community is bigger that that. History, and sociolinguistics, are bigger than that. Some terms and phrases acquire a negative meaning over time, and the thing about negative experiences, be they personal or of a global nature, is that they tend to stick around for a very long time.
Racism still exists, and as long as it does, terms referential to past (and present) slave labour and practises will continue to offend. Racism exists because people like you deliberately offend others, all the while yelling that "you're not a racist, you're just misunderstood" or some similar nonsense. Guess what? You're not misunderstood, you're simply ill-mannered and hideously rude.
Now, I hate to point this out to you, but banning people for breaking the rules is not the same as banning the victim of a scam. For one thing, you consciously broke an existing rule. You read the Terms, you accepted them every time they were updated, too, or you wouldn't be playing anymore. Now, regardless of whether or not you actually bothered to read the whole text (one would hope you're intelligent enough to do so), the fact of the matter is that you agreed to behave in accordance to the rules ANet set. You broke the promise, you got punished. Apparently you're not mature enough to accept these consequences. It's like crying that you got arrested for shooting someone, and pleading innocence because the law gave you the right to bear arms. Your argument is crooked. Flawed. Self-righteous. You broke the rules, get over it.
You say you're not a crybaby? Sounds to me like you're crying now. You see, even though you loudly proclaim that no one is offended by the words you use, you did get reported for them. You know what? That means that people took offense and felt it was necessary to report you. Support seems to have agreed with these people, and felt you had been offensive enough to be rewarded with a ban. So, honestly, get over it. Sit in a corner and cry if you like, but when you get back, try to behave. You got banned once. Sure, you might feel inclined to continue your puerile practises, but I can guarantee you that sooner or later you'll find yourself banned again, maybe permanently. That's what happens in the real world too, you know? Rights and responsibilities tend to go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 12:42, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
Elv, you remind me of this one time I posted the "How To Treat Your Woman" build in alliance chat. They told me it was uncalled for and I had to grow up. Okay, now step back and think. Obviously I'm not a misogynist, but they were surely convinced that they were more mature than me. They can't handle a joke build being posted and get all shitfaced over it, and yet, I need to grow up. No, they need to get outside of the house and experience life. That's like the parents that don't let their kids swear: it's going to happen eventually, you're just delaying their growth. So no, I don't think you're mature, I think you're quite immature for BAWWing about swearing. It's the fucking internet. You can visit lemonparty and get 3 guys sucking each other off, disguised as a link to If you can't handle seeing terrible things such as "swearing" in GW, you put your damn filter on. And please, get some thicker skin, because our world is only getting worse. Vael Victus Pancakes. 13:24, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
I work in the oil industry. I'm one woman between a LOT of men. I put up with sexism every day. I think the fact that I'm still standing (despite sexist comments, swearing, and really bad jokes) should be a fair indication of the thickness of my skin. Yes, I can survive these attitudes. No, it does not justify other people being disrespectful, rude, immature or in poor judgement. Nobody's perfect. I'm not, you're not, Shard's certainly not. But for the love of chocolate, let's try to be sensible? The rules are there for a reason. I really prefer playing GW in a friendly, pleasant environment over a GW environment equal to a free-for-all rudefest. I do keep my filter on. It doesn't catch everything, and it certainly doesn't catch those people avoiding it by alternative spelling.
As far as I'm concerned, the rules there are now are fine, and there really is no excuse for breaking them. Getting banned for breaking a rule has nothing to do with the thickness of another person's skin- it's got everything to do with your own behaviour. So, rather than calling other people immature (which is what Shard did, and this is the only reason why I held up that mirror), try to look at your own faults first, and acknowledge that you may have been wrong. It might not be pleasant, but hey, it's the mature thing to do. As for the build name you gave... misogynist? Maybe, but I've seen worse (in literature, no less). Poor judgement? Possibly. Poor sense of humour? Maybe.
I wouldn't have reported you for it, just as I've never reported anyone for a single use of the f-word. (Rare as the occasion may be, I've used it myself, gasphorror.) I do report repeat offenders, or people clearly out to provoke others. In this same way, I have little sympathy for people who break the rules knowingly and then complain when they face the consequences. Dealing with those is, once again, the mature thing to do. And as for the equation of being allowed to swear being the same as growing, and growing up... wow. Just wow. Should we condone rape then? And murder? Because surely, punishing people who break the rules is just "delaying their growth"... I'm sorry, but that just doesn't fly with me. I'm all for allowing people to grow and to broaden their horizons. I have done a good deal of it myself, on the happy bunnies and rainbow side as much as on the darker sides. However, I have never broken the law of the country I live in in the name of growing up. I wouldn't even think of throwing about racial slurs in the name of free speach. This might be an unfamiliar concept in the age of the internet, but it is in fact perfectly possible to express yourself without swearing, just as it is entirely possible to say that you don't agree with something or someone without resorting to the most degrading uses of language. People don't seem to know the limits, and they complain when they discover that there are some. Just because I'm one of the people who still value the existance of these limits doesn't mean my skin is as fragile as porcelain. All it means is that I still believe in such a thing as respect.
People are aware of the rules, it's time they tried a little harder to live up to them. Not a lot of people will be upset at an occasional slipup. Personally, I'd arch an eyebrow and then move on. However, people will get annoyed when others keep "slipping up" or consciously continue to break the rules. It's these people I wouldn't miss. They'll have to learn there are limits somehow. -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 16:55, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
Elv, thank you for the long and thought-out post, but I really don't see the connection between swearing and raping. I think that's just a liiiittle bit of a stretch. The only reason words are bad is because of the social taboo we put behind them. Whether racial (that I personally do not agree with, but in my own endeavors in which I do allow complete freedom of speech, allow) or cuss words, they are only seen as bad because of taboo. Whereas raping and murdering, well, that's genuinely acknowledged as something bad, everywhere you go. People do get older and do swear more, and kudos to you for not. I don't swear that much, I'm just defending someone getting banned when there's a filter. Now dodging their filter is definitely not appropriate and if you did that, Shard, then you deserved the ban. Unless it was like a measley typo obviously. Vael Victus Pancakes. 20:13, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
Vael, I know it's a little off stretch. It wasn't meant to equalise the offenses, because obviously, they're very far apart. The thing is, though, and this is what I hoped to stress- we have to draw lines somewhere, and that doesn't just go for severe crimes, it also goes for levels of behaviour. Most of us swear, at times, and depending on both the culturue and the social environment you grew up in (I confess, personally I didn't exactly grow up in the bad part of town), the trend tends to be that we peak on our levels of profanity in our teens and twenties, and then find other ways of going about expressing ourselves. In my area, at least, I've not found a lot of people in or past their thirties who still make it a habit.
So, while you said that you allow racial slurring in the name of free speech, I think that's taking tolerance a step to far. We have a politician over here who'll say absolutely anything and justifies it like that, but the sad fact of the matter is that all he's managed to do is spread hatred, and kindled racism, and frankly, he reminds a little too much of Adolf Hitler. Now, I absolutely agree that everyone's entitled their opinion, and there's nothing wrong with expressing it, but I do think people should try and be a little more sophisticated about it. I don't agree with radical Islam, to take a modern-day example, but you'd never catch me calling Islam on the whole backwards or retarded. I do not agree with Sharia law, and while I will never understand that there are people who do, I respect that they believe in this system of law. I disagree with it as much as this radical politician I mentioned, but as you can see, I've managed to disagree with the viewpoints without resorting to racial slurs. Really, what's wrong with disagreeing a little more respectfully? :)
Racism and discrimination are also genuinely acknowledged as bad, and while I'm sure there are a few areas or nations that disagree there, the world at large condemns it. We've seen the ugliness of slave trade. We've seen the drama of WWII, we've had the tragedies of Apartheid. A single racial slur, in your opinion, might not be the worst thing, but the sad thing is that they inspire others, and incite hatred and fear. While GW won't exactly be subject to WWII, I don't think it would be a pleasant environment to play in if such sentiments were allowed to stay and fester.
The filter is there to catch people who break the rules. I've discussed some issues I've had with it (with Gaile, among other people) and I'm glad to say that they have largely been fixed. I keep it on again nowadays. There was a time, however, when I switched it off, just because I couldn't type the word Assassin without getting filtered otherwise, and there were a number of other words getting the filter slap this way. The pro side was that with the filter off, I could discuss game mechanics and read my own text properly. The con side, of course, was that I found myself subject to whatever profanity people felt they needed to spew at the GW community. I'm very glad to have a better filter these days. Even so, the filter is not there to allow people to swear at will. It's there to catch people who do swear, and to ensure that these words don't spoil the atmosphere instantly. People who bypass it more than deserve the ban, but let's face it, if you keep Local Chat on for a while, and someone is constantly sending "----" in it, then it doesn't matter whether or not you can read the "bad words"- what matters is that someone is deliberately trying to spoil the fun somehow- someone is quite consciously breaking the rules. Then there's the thing about racial slurs, of course. While I have no doubt that say, the "N-word", would be instantly filtered out, there are many more ways to make racist comments (by context, for instance) that will still get passed. Take the picking cotton thing, for example. Shard can say whatever he likes, but he wouldn't have told someone to "go pick cotton" as a random way of telling someone to go away. It's very specific, and I have no doubt that he was very much aware of the racial tone, and I'm quite certain that's exactly why he chose that particular phrasing. And while he claims that he was only banned for some 4-letter words, his defending of the use of the phrase here on the wiki makes me suspect that he's done similar things in game, and I suspect it's that attitude more so than a 4-letter word, that might have gotten him banned.
The filter is just the net to catch some of the worst, it's not the shield for rule-breakers to hide behind. There are clear rules about swearing and general conduct, and regardless of whether or not there is a filter, people should stick to them. -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 09:59, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Damn you're good! Glad to see something so well-written. My only beef is the racial slur freedom of speech stuff. I allow it in my game (just be aware I run a community, that's all that matters) as long as it's not hardcore trolling. Two types of racism: "every _____ is bad", and "I hate ___ because they *generally* act this way". The first is obviously illogical because not every one race can be bad, which while I do allow, will just get you a bop on the head for being stupid. The second is acceptable as long as they can back up their arguments. But it's not like the game is a racist community or anything, I just don't want to push family-talk bullshit on the community, as is, like, everywhere. I know you feel swearing is immature, but putting in filters to block out fuckshitpiss is really not going to change anything, except it might detract people like you, who... no offense meant, are not really who I'm targeting when I write for, or make for, anyone. Vael Victus Pancakes. 14:32, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Slippery slopes and straw men are cool, no? --User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 10:13, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

I'm sure you're referencing me because you're Brains12. I get the straw man, but I don't see where I used it. Slippery slope's wikipedia entrance confuses me and I also don't see where I used it. If you weren't talking to me, then sorry. :P Vael Victus Pancakes. 14:32, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Only if it's the Straw Man from The Wizard of Oz and he's trying to go up a hill on the yellow brick road when it's raining. :P Kokuou 10:16, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
I skimmed Elv's posts and saw a slippery slope/straw man or two. (And what was "I'm sure you're referencing me because you're Brains12" about o.o?)--User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 14:35, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh. Alright. Actually you know, Brains, I just figured you didn't like me because I'm a bit crass and I think you yelled at me once on my talk page under "Hello." Sorry mang. I like you finely. Vael Victus Pancakes. 00:44, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
I just don't really understand why someone would feel a need to report someone because their screen said "Someone says, '____ you _____'." But then, I'm pretty hard to offend, so. Also, tend to prefer Puzzle Pirates's system (short: "If sender OR receiver have filter on, chat is filtered. Default is to change things to be pirate-like replacements for swear words, e.g., f___ => scupper.) --Star Weaver 15:03, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
The positive thing about straw men is, though, that they burn quite well. ;) -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 16:39, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Well in that case, if it's your argument, wouldn't your argument... burning in flames... be bad? xP Vael Victus Pancakes. 00:44, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
IF. ;) -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 18:11, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh, is THAT what the Charr are doing. (Also, I can't find a page for the burning titan effigies e.g Eastern Frontier on this wiki O_o.)
Yup, they're basically going pagan with their Tyrian version of wicker men. There's a lot of titan effigies in Pre as well, actually. Wiki has no page on those? :o -- User Elveh sig.png Elv 16:57, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Seems that way. I know i've seen a page on them, must have been Guildwiki. --Star Weaver 17:07, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
I also chuckle when I have that chat filter on, especially when it obsecures words I didn't know where 'bad', especially names or parts of name Arenanet themselves put into the game. [looks shocked] Arenanet, putting bad words in the game? [pouts] So who do I complain to about that? :P 23:05, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
"----ed Clerk is using Symbol of Wrath!" ---- NUKLEAR User NuclearVII signature 3.jpgIIV 13:30, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
"LFG ----ang's Last Stand" --User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 13:32, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Getting back to the topic at hand, rules are rules and the chat filter is not to be used as a means or excuse to break them. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 21:27, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

You know what its really easy SAY IT OUT LOUD NOT ON THE BLASTED KEYBOARD! duh. --Briar

Guild of the Week and Notable Guilds page on the website

Hi Regina! I have been working on the guild page policies here lately, and we just made a change to how Notable guilds are tagged. We are referencing this page and using it for a basis for determining Notable status, but it does not contain all the guilds chosen for GotW. I have also noticed there has been no GotW since March 25th. Has that project been shelved?--Wyn's Talk page Wynthyst 08:24, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

It most likely has been shelved becuase I sent in three seperate applications for my guild and never heard back.-- 17:23, 19 June 2008 (UTC)
Guild of the Week is under discussion. The traffic/readership statistics for GotW have been very low for a long time -- long before I came on board. There are questions as to how much of our efforts to edit and publish these interviews on the website are worth it, given the lack of traffic. Part of the reason for the lack of traffic is that the format/structure of the interviews have become stale and repetitive. Another reason that the stats are a lot lower is that GW1 is a three-year old game at the tail end of its lifecycle, so there isn't a lot of interest from players in reading these interviews. If you've got any ideas on how to improve the program or refresh it, let me know, so I can justify to others here whether to continue it in its existing format or change it entirely. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 17:39, 19 June 2008 (UTC)
Honestly, I think as it stands it is near worthless. It sure is exciting for the guild chosen, but that's it. I don't know how to change it, but I would say the problem for low readership is the information provided doesn't really help or affect the average reader. That, and the content does really seem to repeat itself a bunch. I'd rather see effort go into more dev updates and community event news. --Ravious 18:14, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Another thread you need t o read.

While you're there, can you do us the common courtesy of at least admitting it's true. If it's not true, time for you to come out and prove it.

Also while you're there, why don't you just admit that you've completely left hero battles to go to rubbish.

another gay thread u dont need to read --Cancer Angel talk 02:27, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
You're not even a good troll. Try using correct grammar and actually putting effort into trolling, all you're doing is making me *facepalm* mentally because of the fail you're continuously emitting. (cursed angel) Although hey, I'm sure the cancer of your name fits well at other sites you may enjoy. :) Vael Victus Pancakes. 13:27, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
lol im not trolling at all --Cancer Angel talk 17:15, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
Then I'd love to hear how that page is homosexual, why you feel you had to state that, and why you continuously type "u" instead of "you" outside of instant messaging. Vael Victus Pancakes. 20:14, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
Quit it, both of you. Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 21:31, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
nyoro~n :3 Vael Victus Pancakes. 00:45, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

An Open Letter to ANet

[1] read it, respond to it if you care about your community

That's a pretty good summary of what I and most of pvpers have been screaming for all these years: "PvE needs to be become closer to PvP". I hope you guys do read it, because it is made of 100% win. odd, considering what guru usually has to offer... 20:59, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
Well, in my opinion, while there are one or two valid points, it's nothing more than another thread lamenting about Ursan Blessing. So many people have the old-fashioned idea that "the customer is always right." Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), this just isn't true anymore. Were this true for the Guild Wars community, ArenaNet would have 3,482,490 different versions of their game. Seriously, Regina has stated that they're mulling things over amongst themselves, just sit tight and be patient. Kokuou 21:16, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
The customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer. 09:39, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Did you read the whole post? Because 16 minutes isn't much for that long of an essay/letter. And I do think that you, Regina, should read it, and maybe some of the longer replies (the shorter ones are all '/signed x 100' or 'this thread is made of win') but the longer ones have some good suggestions for the game or reasons why the author is wrong. I would highly suggest this as the start to getting some of your player base more interested in the game. -- 21:32, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
I read it before this was posted in Regina's talk page. And yes, I read the whole thing. Sure, the letter's a little more eloquent than the majority of threads on Guru, but it's just as impatient and whiney. Every game, after playing it for so long, gets stale. Sure, I agree with a few points he's going on about, but the majority have been brought up again and again and again. Kokuou 21:36, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Since now seems to be the time to bitch and moan about the problems of the game, I'd like to draw your attention to User:Gem/Request for balancing PvE. The article itself is a bit outdated, but to my surprise the petition at the bottom has kept gathering names even during the period of time that I've been inactive on the wiki, even though there has been hardly any visibility for the petition. I guess it shows that people really want changes done and it's already taken too long, and they are looking for every possible way to make their opinnion visible.

Also, I saw your reply to the open letter ar guru and noticed how you managed not to answer most of the stuff in the letter at all, but from atleast one of the replies it seems that some players actually fall for it, so I guess your job there is done. Since your introduction as the CM after Gaile left, me and a lot of other players have felt that the transparency between the developers and the players has, in some ways, vanished. We hardly know what's going on and when ever we actually try to come to you and ask/suggest/complain all we get is a semi-negative answer. As someone might have noticed, I completely stopped posting on your talk page after the last time me and you had a discussion, and from what I've been watching, it seems like others seem to stay away from this page too. To me it's kind of worrying that people don't want to communicate with the CM anymore. Maybe this is a good time for the dev team and the community relations team to think about their near future actions closely. The player base is getting unhappier all the time, based on any interactions happening in and off the game that I am aware of.

Thank you for your time, -- Gem (gem / talk) 22:48, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

gem u QQ too much, maybe she isn't supposed to tell us things at all --Cursed Angel talk 00:43, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh really? I'm not actually whining about not getting actual facts about GW2 or what ever. I very well know that the CM only tells what he/she is allowed to. It's the general feeling and the style in which you present or don't present the information that I am talking about. -- Gem (gem / talk) 01:04, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Gem: We're addressing the transparency issue with more frequent and visible Dev Updates. Do you have additional suggestions on how devs can improve this? One of the ideas someone proposed was to have devs participate in forums personally. This is pretty hot topic at ArenaNet, and until we can come to some sort of agreement on how we would like this to work, the Dev Updates and wiki pages are the main tools for the developers to use.
Your perception may not reflect reality. I communicate with tons of people from the community each week. This wiki and the visible areas of the internet, like the forums, are not the only methods I have been using to get feedback and answer questions. For example, people PM me on the forums regularly and I have instant message conversations on Xfire. I personally answer questions and have dialogue with individuals on email. I actually participated in an ad hoc, informal chat on Xfire other day with members of a Guild Wars group in that community. I am accessible and people do take their concerns to me, but just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
You say you want to know what's going on, and when I tell you that these issues are being discussed and debated, it's not a satisfactory answer. Game design decisions are not made by one person. They are made through discussions and collaboration, so unfortunately you cannot have immediate results. The dev team is currently split between two huge projects: maintaining GW1 and developing GW2. There are staffing issues here. We're actually recruiting for more developers so that we can work on both games. The recruiting process is taking a while because we want to get the right people on board, but the goal is to have one designer and one programmer dedicated exclusively to GW1 so that we can work on these GW1 issues that are so pressing. This is a positive thing, because it will take the work load off of those who need to work on GW2. I'm sorry that we are making slow progress on the issues that you've brought to our attention recently, but the reality is that we don't currently have the resources to work on everything in GW1 that needs attention, however we are addressing it through recruiting efforts and exploring ways that we can more efficiently collect feedback. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 01:25, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
What I and many other players would like is a clear statement from Anet telling us the direction they plan on taking Guild Wars. Though their original statement was skill > time, they've made many decisions in the recent past contrary to that (namely Ursan.) If they plan on abandoning skill > time, then state this. If they plan on firmly standing by it in GW2, then state it. Many players, including myself, would like to know. It isn't possible for Anet to be this far into GW2 development and not have you main goal set in stone, as this should be one of the first things that was done. Thanks, User FlamingMetroid Metroidsig.pngMetroid 02:22, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for the response here and at GWG. A.Net does seem to be growing in leaps and bounds as of late... I noticed a bit ago the "entry-level" scripter job (to quote Professor Farnsworth.. "A man can dream [about a finglonger]") ... and all sorts of others. It's a tough chokepoint that community relations had and still has in GW. A big problem is dissemination to the public. Like you had some X-fire chats recently, and I doubt "juicy" hints were dropped. But, it is communication many don't see. I think your "work blog" is a great way to disseminate more to the public, and I suggest maybe just talking about the small community relations you do that no one sees. Not in depth, just "I got some good feedback from the X-fire GW community last week." Peace. --Ravious 12:03, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Thank you for the lengthy and neutral styled post.
I am sure you comunicate a lot with people through forum PMs, Xfire, e-mail and any other private methods that you happen to use. That however doesn't contribute to the transparency and publicity of problem solving and community relations in general, since what the majority of us see is what happens on forums, on the wiki and during in game public discussion situations. The forum portition of player-developer discussion has always been too small in Guild Wars. Basically most of the times that developers have taken the time to post on forums seem to be the times when there are major crisis situations going on, but what many players are used to from other gaming experiences or just otherwise expect is more regular and visible participation in forum discussions. For example there is the huge suggestion forum on guildwarsguru, and a couple of us even bothered to make huge compilations of the reasonable suggestions, but not once did we get actual feedback on those forums concerning all of the suggestions. Yes, Gaile has often pointed out that the dev team has people reading through all of it, but what people really need is to see it for themselves by seeing replies in those suggestion topics, or atleast the summary topics.
The same goes nowdays with the wiki since it has grown to be a place where both the players and developers have active presence. It's been getting better all the time here now that the dev team is getting more used to using a wiki, but there's still a lot of things to get better with. There aren't any major problems with the wiki participation of devs, since most of the people that actively use it also actively respond on their talk pages. Some examples of active wiki users are Emily, Mike, Gaile and you, and it's a positive thing. However, devs from different parts of game design entering the wiki would benefit the game and the community even more. What we have now is devs from the writing team, quest and other misc stuff and the community relations + support, but devs from some major areas of game design are still absent. For some time Izzy was active before his talk page turned into a flame feast, and his presence here as a skill balancer was great. The same would go for other parts of the dev team.
And concerning the topic of splitting staff between GW1 and 2 I am aware of all of the positive plans and support them. The problem here isn't that ANet isn't taking steps to make things better, it's the fact that it has taken far too long. You say "I'm sorry that we are making slow progress on the issues that you've brought to our attention recently", but to me and the rest of the players Ursan (just to pick an example, I hope people don't turn this into an Ursan love/hate discussion) and other problems are not recent. Most of the problems that are been complained about date back to the latest expansion which was released months ago, and some of the problems date even further back to the history of Guild Wars.
Again, thank you for taking the time to discuss these issues with us. -- Gem (gem / talk) 13:03, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
A lot of what I've been reading on the Wiki just highlights Arenanet's poor design choices, lack of communication and very little interest in much of their player base. Only recently have they implimented things that should have been done years ago, for example this PvE/PvP split, gives both sides of the game the opportunity to balanced/fun while still remaining challenging enough whether you are a PvPer/PvEer or both.
With nothing else coming for Guild Wars in terms of products its understandable that this is the time where Arenanet will be doing stuff but it seems too little too late for a lot of us. Talking to people like Gaile and Regina is sometimes in line with keyboard crushing frustations as most of the time people can pretty much predict the neutral, PR cushioning they will do. Not actually giving answers. I was getting really sick of guys "we don't have that level of detail yet, so we can't say" style of answers when it came to some question; Hall of Monuments etc. It truly took me back, "you guys don't know what you're doing yet?" The term "WTF" comes to mind a lot of the times I read what Regina or Gaile (in the past writes) say.
Working more on Guild Wars 2 is completely understandable, you guys want to keep your jobs and get money and produce a good game, and thats admirable, but you can't just keep doing this BS with Guild Wars. Yes, you did a pve/pvp split, recently fixed issues that have been ingame for long while now but it seems your only tackling issues that have been brought up months, if not years ago. We have many issues with the game now, Ursan being the biggest whipping victim at the moment and this community waiting aspect you're jamming down our throats is getting tiresome and old. We're getting information on the HoM next week apparently, but I can pretty much guess it won't be that helpful, we have a huge HoM page on this wiki and I'm sure most of the more important "relating to now" questions will be overlooked.
Sometimes I actually sit back after reading the forums and the wiki and seriously ask myself, "Do you guys actually want us to return for Guild Wars 2?" Sometimes I feel you're doing a good job, sometimes I feel you're being like a neglecting parent - just doing the bare minimum to see the game through another week and the next support cheque, the latter coming into my opinion of you more and more. 01:56, 13 June 2008 (UTC)
To be totally honest, I felt somewhat hesitant about the PvE / PvP split, and felt that like so many things these days, really went against the core foundations of Guild Wars, where PvE and PvP were once intertwined tremendously. Lets take a recap back to the beginning of the game. I mean, the very beginning, April/May 05. Back then, there were no Balthazar points, this perhaps representing the first real bond broken. Before Balthazar points were added, PvE was an essential part of the game; even for PvPers, PvE was necessary, for this was the only way to unlock skills and weapon mods. Then Balthazar points were added. For the first time, you literally could just play PvP and unlock any skills. Then, foward quite a bit, the next bond linking the two gameplays was broken; the Temple of Ages. Now I can't truely feel bad about this one, as an American, and as such constantly trounced by Europe in the hall of heroes, but none the less, the idea to change the favor system to make it solely PvE was a signifigant change. Finally, the near last bond has been broken, (only followed by complete seperation, denying PvEers access to the Battle Islands), and the skills have literally been divided. The only upside to this was an assumed nerf of several clear imbalances in PvE (I'm looking at you, the bear with the Armor of Salvation on.), supported by several buffs to necessarily nerfed skills because of PvP. Three weeks in, and nothing has happened, leading me to wonder why they bothered.-Warior Kronos User Warior Kronos Sig.jpg 03:08, 14 June 2008 (UTC)
The best of intentions but not really followed through? 11:05, 14 June 2008 (UTC)
agreed with 119.92.91... and warior kronos, a lot of the changes especially now have relay kind have been after thoughts. and have been quite disappointing, and i for one cant believe they haven't gotten more flames for some of the updates like the addition of a z-tile here you have had zkeys in the game for about 2-3 months and then you guys add a title and don't give credit where credit is do for the people who had been using those keys since the start, and this isnt the only time you have done it eather, the luxon/kurzick changes as well, where not retro active. on another note you guys have been making it easier so people can come in and play pvp but you haven't made any changes to how pve'ers can make the leap to pvp easyer, there is a lot of things you could do right now to change that. and one last point that warior kronos was making and that is when you play though the Prophecies campaign, especially the Cristal desert that hole area is trying to get you ready to pvp. i also have to agree that a lot of the changes that might be made to the hom are probably going to be to little to late. i for one want to see greens and be able to display my other ch's armors in all of my hom's i relay don't want to have to grind to get 5 armor sets for one ch especially with how limited space is, same goes for the weapons why should i make all theses weapons that my rit wont even use? i bet there is a lot more i could say about this letter and discussion but i think for the most part i have coverd the main points i wanted to cover. 22:06, 14 June 2008 (UTC)
Ah, I had entirely forgotten about Tombs. Adding onto my initial list of separations, the removal of PvP areas in PvP was also a significant change. Ascalon arena (I believe) is one of if not the only PvP arena remaining in PvE; they all were moved to the newly founded Battle Islands when Tombs were taken over. I agree, I liked the fusion of the two elements of play were nice, and separating the two makes it feel like a truly different game :/...a common theme these days.-Warior Kronos User Warior Kronos Sig.jpg 03:11, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
Anon, the reason the Zaishen and Kurzick/Luxon titles where's retroactive it simple. It wasn't tracked! There was no mechanism there to count the number of times you oppened the Z Chest, so what do you expect, everyone to get a random number of points for the title? Oh, and there's also an Arena in Shing Jea and Kamadan, and I think Yak's Bend too. All of those are < level 20 arenas. — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o 05:36, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
actuality the kurzick luxon title was tracked if you look on the part that has how much faction you have if you hold your mouse over it tells you how much faction you have gatherd. 06:09, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
But you also lose faction (without any benefit) by earning faction over your cap, and by redeeming faction to the other side of the conflict, so that's not an accurate representation of how much faction you SPEND. — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o 07:18, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
regardless it would have been nice if they would have given you a boast they also have what current rank you are and at the time before the update there was only one way of getting points for that tile, my other point about zkeys is that they should have releazed the title at the same time. even if the ranking system wasnt done yet, its unexseptable how they handled it. 09:06, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
I said it before and I'll say it again, Gem, you need to mind your own business and not worry about what other people are doing in PvE. Yeah, the consumables exist. So don't use them if you don't like them. I use them because the lack of having more heroes and having to use ANet's shitty henchies makes elite areas too hard. I'm sure you're a fan of a running precise team-builds just to own one mission, but I'm not and never will be. What I do in PvE doesn't affect you beyond finding a group with me, and if you think it does, then tell me - what was the last thing I did in PvE? Vael Victus Pancakes. 15:19, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

The core philosophy behind GW design, which is "have fun now" was behind those decisions. The designers are well aware that they can't please everyone, and that trying to please everyone is an exercise in futility. Not all parts of the game will appeal to everyone. So what do the designers do? They look at how most players are playing the game. For example, they saw that people who liked PvP wanted to get in the game and play right away without having to spend too much time unlocking skills ("Have fun now" -- remember?), so they made changes accordingly. The devs have read that open letter thread on Guru. I've discussed what the OP was concerned about with James Phinney. He knows that there are facets of the game that could use some work, and there are also facts that will not change at this time. We haven't abandoned GW1. One of the main issues we are facing here, which I have talked about time and again, is resources. Our design and programming teams currently spend most of their time on GW2 and some people split that time with GW1 responsibilities. You all feel like no one is listening, and for example that's why I'm working with the developers to get more frequent and detailed Dev Updates so you get the explanations about game changes that you want. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 19:26, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Excuse me Regina but you’r over using the „we cant please everyone“ phrase! PPL are asking for more missions, more quests for MONTH! Even before GWEN And all you guys come up with the past months is the Zaishen Title? Hello? Not every GW player likes to do that and my guess is that quite the majority does NOT want to max out titles. Where are new quest lines? Some like the moa pet one that sends you across all chapters?? Where are new mini stories that elaborate on lets say Jins, Sousukes, Koss’s back story (you did it for Anton didn’t you)? Where does ANet cater to the PvE players who care little about maxing our titles and would rather dive deeper into the lore of GW ?? It seems you simply have forgotten those players! Granted you did deliver the BMP but it was lousy executed with ANets complete inability to offer additional payment options to European players on time! And please don’t give me the “devs all work on GW2” excuse either since your current customers are playing GW ONE! And although highly anticipating GW2 its just NOT what is being played by your customers right now. Ppl start to complain because for them aside from Izzys balance updates and Bug fixes little is added to GW! Yes you gave us the Prophecies end game greens which was a nice but long over due surprise. But that adds nothing to the replayability of your game! Which is something GW really is lacking! Replayability! Regardless of what profession EVERYONE has to travel down the same road. Why? Why not spend some more development time and give slightly altered routs and missions to different profession that need their abilities to complete? For example a warrior needs to break down a barricade (can only be destroyed by swords, axes and hammers), to kill a boss, retrieve an object (too rarely used in GW! its mainly killing some boss monster). While a ranger has to sneaks up through a hidden bath and shoot some guards sniper stile with his bow! And for good measure throw in some different set of monsters too. By this the replayability of that particular mission has been doubled! Now imagine you slightly alter the way a mission unfolds for every one of the ten profession! And you do this with every mission! The replayabillity of would GW be increased by the factor of TEN! That is TEN different ways to experience GW from its story point of view and it will feel different for each profession! THAT IS what IMO GW lacks! And apparently ANet never got to that idea. All they had in mind ever since NF release is “add title Y and tie it to Skill C; the higher title rank Y the more power full skill C”… this was kind of fun for sunspear and lightbringer but judging form the players reactions you should have realized that it was not really a welcome change, because it gets tiresome and boring to farm faction points rather fast!! But no you even took the next step and tied title rank to merchant use! VERY bad Idea! My advice: add more story depth and character development to your game! Noone really cares for their characters since he/she is never developed through the story aside from might and gear! We never know where he/she came from. What’s his/her back story? And as a consequence there is hardly any emotional binding. The character is just the toon the strolls through the GW storyline! If you want to know how story based character development works play The Witcher! If you copy only 30% of The Witchers character development for GW then GWs character development will be increase by 90%! What I mean to say is that GW has become a grind fest and seriously lacks story but most RPG fans want a deep story and you guys are fast loosing those players who have very little interested to farm faction points of any sort. One of them is me and if GW2 is not drastically better when it comes to character development and story telling I’ll be one of them who won’t come back for GW2. Regards ~Garbaron~; 16 Jun 2008

I personally like the fact that they haven't added a back story to my characters, I don't personally roleplay but I do come up with a little story of my own to explain why my character is on the quest they are on or where the came from. I think that adding some generic history for millions of characters would be pointless and would ruin the game more for me. (SPOILERS AHEAD, BEWARE) Rather than adding a story(s) for player characters I think they should have developed other in game characters better, for example I was not terribly upset that Saidra dies in the Ice Caves of Sorrow mission because we never got a good chance to know her. I agree that more lore based quests would be a lot of fun, right now most of the time I just skip what is being said on some of the quests because they don't advance any of the storyline or lore in the game. The missions are fine as is at the moment, I think retooling them for 10 professions would be too much work for not enough pay off although it would be an awesome mechanic for GW2. -- BroodlingUser Broodling67 sig.PNG 13:23, 17 June 2008 (UTC)

I don't think you actually understand the design underpinnings behind GW1. The game wasn't designed to be an MMOG. It's obvious that the storyline is linear -- it has a beginning and an end. This is in contrast to MMOGs, where there is no end. I think there is a problem about expectations. Because it is an online game, players expected the same depth as subscription MMOGs. You don't have that with GW1. Instead you have a very flexible game that allows players to become involved in a linear story and also allows for balanced, arena style PvP play. Guild Wars is not an MMOG and for you to expect the same things you expect from MMOGs or even traditional offline RPGs is a little unfair. The decision to add ranks and titles wasn't arbitrary; these decisions came from observing how players play the game. GW1 is a three year old game. Currently, there are no plans to add additional storylines or major content to it. We are working on making the sequel even bigger and better than GW1, and I do think that your desire for character development and storytelling will be addressed in GW2. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:17, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
She makes a good point. GW is not a traditonal game and does not fit the mold of other MMOs out there. And for us to expect it to do somethign that is was CLEARLY designed NOT TO BE, is probably the most BS and unfair thing for us to do. What drew me to GW is how UNCONVENTIONAL it was, and the fact that PvE and PvP tend to not blend, that you can spend the majority of your gameplay doing one or the other, if not both. It has two seperate worlds within it's self, to ask those two worlds to blend more is like asking GW to become something that is not GW. Although, (begin light-heartedness) I have to disagree with one thing Regina said, GW is in fact, in a way an MMO, even if it was desinged to be. Its massive (over 3 mil players [easily] last I checked, [way too long ago] easily more), It's multiplayer (unless you H/H everything, sell only to merchs, don't join a guild, or talk to people in town and don't PvP.) and is online. (end light-heartedness) I can't help but think, "Dear God, help these people" after reading 90% of the suggestions for GW1/2 and just general complaints about stuff, the basic vibe I'm getting is hey, keep GW, GW, but at the same time, make it WoW. Nope, Sorry, doesn't work like that. I think the devs have done 120% awsome on GW, and I am faithful they can do the same with GW2. The only thing that needs to change is nothing. If they have done 1 thing wrong, it's having trouble getting us any GW2 info. I get wanting some skills toned down, and not liking the way some have been balanced, but after reading that letter I couldn't help but think, does this person REALY want to be playing GW, or is WoW or L2 closer to their tastes. 95% of all suggestions for change of game mechanics would lead GW to no-longer be GW. Next time you have a problem with the way the core of things work, ask yourself, "would changing this REALY make GW better at being GW, and not closer to something like WoW?". The devs are a very smart and well educated bunch, and know very well what they are doing, have some faith guys. Regina, plz let the devs know I'm still rootin for em, and let them know I said to keep up the good work! =D --Wolf 19:08, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
i am sorry wolf but what your saying is contradictory to the Prophecies story line especially the Crystal Desert. that hole part of the game talks about getting favor. something that is primary pvp and before that it used to be that prophecies had arenas everywhere. i would also like to point out that Garbaron has a really good point that touches back to the op's letter. and that is we keep getting the same excuses for changes that people would love to see in the game and not just a small fraction but large amounts of people. and they are "sorry working on gw2" or a more resent favorite which makes no since because you guys are saying we want to try to please everyone is "sorry we cant please everyone" there are a lot of simple changes they can make like changes to the hom adding a name changer, and hair stylist (i have heard hair is much harder then name ) and i for one think the reward point system needs a complete over hall you have guilds doing AT just to farm reward points and then you can get them for free every month right now reward points are like buying gold on line with less having to pay for anything. if they really want them to be reward point then make them be rewards no something that everyone gets. like you get 20 reward points for wining halls and 1 rp every 2 wins in ra and ta and you get 25 rp for wining gvg. also make it so if you want to reward people in at's make it so not just the first party gets rp but every time people enter battle they get them and just reduce the amount rewarded. 20:22, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
I'm also seeing their points how-ever. Not so many fo us want you to fill in our characters back story, or make it so we cna roleplay like that, I have moy won imagination to do that, and it's pretty dang good. I think what people are asking for is for YOU to develope YOUR characters, let us get to know them better. The bonus mission pack was a pretty good start, we got to see how Gwen escaped the charr, how Palawa Joko fell, How Master Togo became awsome, and the same for Saul. I find it much easier to play a game and become attached to it and it's charaacters when I know more about them, know their past, their motives, what makes them tick. The end-game disscusions helped do this ina sense that it more clearly established eaach character's personality. In EotN, going on rampages wiht Kilroy were fanstastic and exciting, and extremly humorous. In Prof, you did a pretty good job of developing Prince Rurik into a full blown character, that i was actualy realy pissed off and sad when he died. There are also tones of jts pure random things scattered around the game, and some NPC dialog that gives some very good back-story. A very large amount of the stopry and character development people are asking for has already been done, it just needs to be brought more twards the surface and there needs to be more of it. Prophacies' and Factions' side quests and Nighfall's main story did a pretty good job of establishing the world as it was when our character's entered it, and a small amount if thier pasts, but not enough. You already have the peices and the know-how, you just need to put it all together. Adding strong character backstory and game lore isn't all that difficult, you have done it already to a degree.
On the matter of Transperency between Devs and players, there is one thing that the devs can do that would make things MUCH better, and its not that hard, drop us a post on the forums letting us know that they read our suggestions. You have the devs, and you have the player base, and all we have to link that is the CM. Recognition that the devs do infact know what we have to say would improve the situation 10 fold. Also, one more easy thing to do, Once a week, maybe oyu could take a bit of time and giev us a dev update wwith just what they are working on. All it needs ot be is something like this. "(Insert day here) The Devs are currently very have at work trying to figure out how to fix/balance Ursan Blessing (I choose this as it is a ver yhot topic)." and then maybe you could give us thier brief thoughts on several ways they could solve the problem or what they think can be done, give us their options and opinions, so we can give more direct feed-back and not just complain about whats broken. Then the devs can learn what the players thing of their fix, BEFORE it becomes a fix, and you don't waste time on an update you think is the right thing to do, when in fact, everyone hates it. I personaly see the exchange of information, thoughts and opinions between the devs and the players VASTLY mor einportant than just getting a game out. I have long sat on the stance that game devs can take all the time they need to get a game out, as long as they spend that time making a game the best that it can be. The lack of info sharing between Anet devs and the player base is dangerous. Bungie not to long ago tackled that problem in a fantastic way. They ahve a group of players that play the game, play wiht their friends and help manage forums and such. Their sole purpose is to collect input on the game and deliver it strait to the devs, the devs give their input and thoughts, reasons, and then that goes strait back out to the community. The one-way flow of information at the moment kills, I have no doubts that the devs know what we have to say an dwhat we think, but we don't knwo what they have to say on our suggestions and what they think. If we knew what the devs were aiming for, and what they think should happen, then we cna easily tailor our ideas to fit their goals and motives, instead of this blind, here is what I think, and not clear, conlusive acceptance or rejection of weither or not its GW2-ish material. Here is an excelent example of what can be done with the Dev Update. I'm guna go with Ursan again.
Dev Update
We are currently working on a way to re-balance Ursan without making it a completely useless skill. We are currently considering the following options
  • Reduce damage of skills
  • Increase energy degen rate
  • Increase recharge time of Ursan Realted skills
  • Buff many other skills to give an easy and just as effective alternative
Then we, as the players will have the ability to give input on which option we think is the best route to take.
User Input
Well, I think you should decrease the dmg done a little, increase recharge times by a small amount too, and give a small buff to some other skills to give an easier alternative, without creating the need to abandom ursan all together --(signed some user)
And then maybe the dev can comment something like,
No, we think this is a good/bad idea, (and maybe) and here is why......
And even if the devs outright reject every idea given to them, it will provide a great deal of comfort to players knwoing their voice has been heard. On forums or even on the wiki page, when a dev reads a suggestion, they can give initial thoughts on it, even if it as simple as "Bad idea", "there is a possibility that somethign like this could work", or "Hey, that sounds like a pretty good idea", and maybe say thanks and what dev was reading it. BAM! In two sentences you ahve given affirmation to the players that yes, the devs are out there and alive and do know what we have to say. Also, Regina, I'm sure this would also make your job as the CM much easier and pleasent, because you wouldn't have everyone that has ever made a suggestion jamming it down your throat that they think they are being ignored and that the devs don't care about what they have to say as a player. The main reason I post my few ideas here is not because I want to know what other players think of my ideas, in fact, I could care less. I want to know vaguely what the devs think and that MY opinions are being heard directly and not watered down like they tend to be when you have one person summing it all up and feeding it to the devs. Right now there is only one link between the devs and us, thats not enough, and its not quite direct enough. Heck, I would be happy wiht a breif, "Hey Wolf thanks for your idea" comment from a dev on my idea, as long as i can be conifent its not just you or some bod browing and automatically stickign that on every suggestion. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can solve most of the problems with GW just by giving us some more direct means of affirmation that the devs HAVE heard what we have to say, and loads more by letting us know what they are doing and think, and want to do, and are aiming for. We want the direction they are headed in and their opinions on things. I thinkwe can also deal with it if you get two devs from the opposite side of the story. Connect us, make the flow two way, and don't bottleneck and water it down to the point were the only response we get is that it is being worked on. STILL rootin for the devs. --Wolf 20:37, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
The problem with that is that it would set expectations for developer participation to a level at which they could not maintain adequate communication with the community and still do their jobs well. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 20:42, 19 June 2008 (UTC)
@ See my post just below yours. A lot of problems stem from the heavy lack of flow of info from the devs to us, and that we don't know why they are doing what they are doing ect. I never realy could get into PvP much, I quickly found i was lacking good teamss and didn;t have a guild capable of assembling one, so I guess my lack of involvement made it seem like a whole nother world to me, I'm sorry if my statements about PvE/PvP were contrary to how things are/where in any way. --Wolf 21:03, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
It's massive. It's multiplayer. I'm not sure if it's massively multiplayer. If you took Diablo II and let people meet up in the camps / cities rather than in a chat room, I think it'd be a lot like GW, multiplayer-type-style. OTOH, I like playing by myself-ish in a game where I can meet other people, so. --Star Weaver 20:39, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
True, you do have a point about it not being massively multiplayer. I was just pokin a little fun though. (hey look, I can comment on what two people have to say at once =D) --Wolf 21:03, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Just because Regina is making me feel guilty for saying that, I would like to point out that I completely understand and accept the way the game is, it was just a thought I had. I am quite content with the way the game is. -- BroodlingUser Broodling67 sig.PNG 23:10, 17 June 2008 (UTC)

Regina, Regina... why must it be this way? I'm not going to type out a view here, you know where to find mine. However, to reply to some of what you wrote: 'Because it is an online game, players expected the same depth as subscription MMOGs.' No. Stop. You have completely ignored the fact that Guild Wars had depth in terms of character design and tactical aspects, even in PvE. I'm not entirely sure you understand depth at all, or why Guild Wars had it. The ability to have a huge number of ways to play, and having to utilize the very open system of design, was what made the little content there was very open. This kind of depth has been torn up by making PvE more about big numbers in terms of mob design (group size and damage), by allowing non-attributed skills, by giving consumables, etc. While players do not have to use them, the fact that ANet is adding them, the fact that ANet has messed up PvE so much that they have to break their own game to compensate, is ridiculous. Areas like DoA do not have depth because what is viable in these places is extremely limited. Adding PvE skills may have helped a large portion of the community, but the only reason you had to resort to it was because PvE design as a whole was terrible, and messing up PvE design, when you're clearly focusing development on it, is mind-blowingly awful. At this point, I'm just wondering what ANet will add next to make the game simpler and easier.

Guild Wars may not be a traditional game, but these updates tell me ANet is doing everything they can to make it so. -Avarre 05:40, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

God help us Anet, if this is the direction you are taking with GW and GW2. If you realy think a game has to be simple, mindless, easy and a grind-fest to play, then, I hate to say this, but you will have lost my support. Please, don't let me down. I'm still rootin for ya. --Wolf 14:30, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

Guild Wars is not an MMOG and for you to expect the same things you expect from MMOGs or even traditional offline RPGs This makes me more anxious to hear about the development of GW2. Will it be a mmorpg, closer to being one, or a linear game where fun character progression has a definate end and at that point the design idea is for us to play pvp? Having led a strictly pve guild since Dec. '05 I've seen hundreds of players come through in my guild and several alliances that have started and quit GW that just will not pvp. Many of these players were hardcore pve players with many thousands of hours logged like myself. All of them were playing this game with the eyes of those of the traditional rpg player, regardless of how it's titled. Okay, so we've been told many times that GW2 will be a subscription-free game again. Does this mean that you'll be following the same root for the game as well? Should we expect a linear experience leading to pvp but with improved graphics, jumping, swimming and a few minor life skills thrown in? My belief has been that GW2 will have far greater depth and I've also been hoping for extensive rpg elements to be included. Without all of that it gets fuzzy as to why GW was scrubbed for a successor. That's where my viewpoint was formed. One doesn't ONLY play GW for nearly three years and well over 5,000 hours without liking it a little though, so I'll buy it. Three weeks ago, for the first time in 34 months, I loaded up another game (not WoW - ish) and have been playing that. I'm enjoying it, but not so much because it's a different game but because it's doing something new. Games can't sit idle and expect to thrive. Hopefully once GW2 is released more time is spent on adding new elements to the game on a regular basis and less time just balancing skills. You'll have many thousands of players that have no interest in pvp, and I dare say a majority or close to it. Fun things to do for pve outside of just killing foes is also a good topic to discuss. Clobimon Craiggy 22:30, 18 June 2008 (UTC)

Honestly... 34 months is a long time to be playing one game, especially exclusively. The fact that you found things to do for that long is evidence they're doing something right, one presumes. I know that it would be nice if there were a constant new stream of content, but 4 releases in 3 years isn't actually bad for a game working on a release model instead of a subscription one. Remember, that's their only source of income, so they have to make some choices about how to spend dev time. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be nice to see GWII evolve over time, but I'm not sure that they've really got a bad model here to base it on. --Xylia 12:49, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Well, I have spent several hours a day for several days now giving suggestions, asking questions, giving input, and over-all trying to help the situation on both sides, but so far, all of my efforts were in vain. With that I take my leave of the wiki for a while until something else happens, I will be checking my talk page from time to time tho. Best of luck to you all and Goodbye. --Wolf out. 13:47, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

@ Regina: Oh.. the “you don’t understand” phrase. What a surprise! I’m no game developer so I don’t know what is going on and am not able to think on my own. How very nice. As a matter of fact I have nothing against linear story telling where you go from A to B. But even on a Highway I can get from A to B via various routs. It does not have to be one road, one straight line for everyone! That’s 1990s game design! Even Ego Shooters break the “go form A to B” routine nowadays and offer various ways to reach the objective! But it certainly the easiest and cheapest way to do and that’s why ANet did it. Unfortunately it just seems like you guys simply never had enough imagination to slightly alter the A->B rout for each profession which would have kept ppl playing the game even longer, because with every new profession they play they would have experienced different story / game. Oh wait… you kind of did it twice: in NF where you can follow Magrid or the Master. THAT was nice. Only problem there was that the Master route was considerably more difficult then Magrids rout where of course more ppl chose to follow Magrid (killing the Drought and Dzagonur is pretty hard compared to what you face with Magrid) and then in F with the Luxon and Kurzik. But why not two complete alternate ways all the way down to Shiro / Abbadon? Would have increased F/NFs the replayability by a factor of 2. If you do something like this in GW2. That’s cool. But it’s not a catch argument for me anymore. There just are too many other issues I have with what we know of GW2. For example: “stronger focus on items”, “sidekick system”, “no or very high level cap”, “stuff you saw in GWEN is something you’ll see in GW2”. Let my elaborate: –Items-: if I wanted an MMO with item hunt as motivation platform I’d go play WoW. I favour a strong story and story driven character development 100% over some boring endless item hunt! –Sidekick system- : seems stupid, because once my higher rank buddy is gone I’m back to looser status and I have to grind my levels up to be strong again. So I can as well play without sidekick and get strong by myself! Additionally to me the sidekick system is nothing but an officially sanctioned “rushing to Droknars for 2k” system …nothing more! Mark my words “1337” players are bound to abuse the sidekick system to get rich! -No/high level cap- : Despite your “flat power curve” concept, high level/rank = player is 1337! I know it is not true in the real world but that’s how a lot of ppl see it! Therefore the “ultra lvl 180” player will be first to be picked for a PUG, even if he is the lousiest player on earth (probably pushed to that level via sidekick system) and -no cap at all- won’t happen, because players just want to see numbers to know how mighty their characters have become. -GWEN stuff-: I can’t help myself but fear it will be the “rank X needed to access merchant/quests/missions” stuff. It’s a bad idea if executed GWEN stile! Don’t keep your players on a tight leach with rank and title requirements to advance in the storyline or be allowed to talk to merchants! And as I speak of rank and titles: don’t kidd yourself by telling me the majority of players like to grind titles!! Judging from the “ohh… another title.. how great” responses after Zaishen-Title release, ppl are fast getting sick of titles! Originally ANet added titles so players kept on playing a game that has very little to offer to PvEers after the story is through! “Long term goals” was Gails favourite reason why ANet adds more and more titles ”long term goals”. Throw in a lousy Title where you need to kill 1 million fire bugs, open 10 million chests, kill 20 million players in ABs, then tie a PvE skill or emote to it and the idiots will go farm monster/faction/whatnot points like mad and be busy, hopefully forgetting for a while what little story GW really has to offer. Then add the HoM and tell ppl that they’ll get “something” for completing the monuments” and you have the next “long term goal”. Titles are nothing but adding content without actually adding any REAL content to the game. As long as a new chapter was on the horizon titles worked, but now there is nothing! GW2 will maybe be available some time in summer 2009 if not later. That’s a year or more from now! Do you really think you can keep GW1 players playing your game if there is NOTHING new added to what is already there? And some more “kill some 10 million something to be Scooby-Doo of the week” title won’t do any good either, because GW already has FAR TOO MANY titles (have a look at the title list and you see what I mean!!) I know it’s not possible to alter the GW1 missions to what I said. That was not my intention in the first place. But adding some new “Moa” stile quests should be possible! Maybe go ask the players if they’d like a second “sorrows furnace” kind of update… even if for a price of lets say 5 EUR! Am sure you’d get an overwhelming “YEEEEESS” response out of the players. GW1 still has so much potential, especially with the updated GWEN Tyria map. But you abandoned GW1 because you totally focused on GW2, forgetting that your customers are not playing that game! Don’t mater how great you guys think GW2 is going to be, we know only what we have got now and what we have got is getting boring pretty fast. Players hunger for new GW1 content! And you are too busy on the follow up to do anything about it. Bad promotion! Catering to your customers of our current product will lead to more ppl switching to GW2! The support we get now is a sign on what we’ll get when GW3 is on its way! And as of now… it’s a very bad sign! Since right now its literarily says “once we focus on the new project you won’t get anything new for the old one! Go and play what you have until we are ready with the sequel and then PLEASE all of you switch to the new one!!” That is not very customer friendly behaviour. Regards ~Garbaron~ ; 18th Jun 2008

@garbaron Agreed75.165.110.13 20:08, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Paragraphs, please? Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 20:15, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
I for the most part agree with what was in the above mentioned open letter and what Garbaron has mentioned but the realities of it is that Arenanet has moved too far towards Guild Wars 2 to add new content for Guild Wars. I do understand the frustation of the "We don't care about Guild Wars 2, we're playing Guild Wars" arguement, which does seem to be missed by Arenanet from what we get from Regina. They are focused on Guild Wars 2, the players are not, we are still very much into Guild Wars and it becomes difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when Guild Wars seems to be getting neglected from the developers. We have been told priorities are high for Guild Wars 2, which is completely understandable but it does present as an issue for those in the 'here and now' mind set as for the players its the true mindset. Yes, Guild Wars 2 sounds very appealing but we're in Guild Wars at the moment. Its like when the PS3 was released and it was milked on the 'future potential' of games yet to be released, that didn't make people feel any more confident with it.
As a modder this is where I would start modding, making new content myself, but this being an online game without that option I have to be content that this will never happen. This is the time where modding, in my opinion as I am heavily into that hobby, would fill in the blanks between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Arenanet can not be expected to keep bringing out new content for Guild Wars, it would be nice but not very realistic. I think if they just work on the issues at hand, in the here and now, would be far more important than any new content. There are many things that are coming, but they are long overdue and slow in coming. Guild Wars still has future potential, its just getting to that point that is going to test a lot of players and the divisions are starting to show. 23:25, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
your right 0000, one of my main reason i might not buy gw2 is how anet is treating the comunity right now. the thought prosses being ok so when guild wars 2 comes out and there are thing that need to be fixed were going to get the same answer sorry working on next chapter for guild wars2. and unless they change how they handle guild wars1 i probly wont get guild wars 2 at least for a wile. and some changes have been made but not enough and probly to late for some. the other thing is with them working so dligantly they have got to have something more, they can tell us about guild wars 03:13, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for that, its tremendous to have some post support. I do however think you need to understand that testing is very limited at Arenanet's end, sure they can run beta tests etc and get that input but there's nothing like a few (all be it an optimistic number) tens of thousand of people playing it, bringing all that input in. I would imagine there be at least a few months of careful consideration towards Guild Wars 2 after its release before any number of staff start on a new chapter to that game.
It is disconcerting to experience some of these issues that should have been taken into greater consideration when referring to Guild Wars though. Arenanet, through what information Regina has given, is working on staff issues, I respect the word "issue" being used and that they're working on correcting it. Yet, its this in between time that is testing a lot of people. I do however find conflict of thought (of self) when it comes to the handling of the Eye of the North expansion; I would have thought it would have been more closely watched for issues that effect not only the expansion itself but the other three campaigns; Ursan and consumables (EOTN related) seeming to be a major issue raised by the community that Arenanet seems to be having difficulty with.
  • [the poster would like to say "Yes, I know of the decision making process within a gaming environment but as someone who experiences a minor version of that on a daily basis - from an amatuer stand - I still find issue with the months this has been going on, even given staffing issues. And before anyone starts I am critical of the process Arenanet has used - my view on the issues is unimportant outside of a more suitable discussion of the issues themselves]
An observation period seems to have been missed with Eye of the North and from my preceptive, work for Guild Wars 2 started to dominate Arenanet seemingly too early. Understandable to a point, who wouldn't want to work on the new product? I know I would! Everyone would!
Guild Wars is an excellent game! [to quote my favourite critic] "Alright, alright, the use of the word 'excellent' should never go unqualified. Its far from perfect" but for the most part a very enjoyable game that definately still holds its own. I am hopeful Guild Wars will get the care and attention it needs from the developers because there are still many of us here along for the ride. 04:06, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
I see A.Net has major staffing issues. But I don't think A.Net gets the fact that you still need to maintain GW1 (not to your best ability). Its not hard for designers to just stop GW2 development for 2 weeks and clean up GW1. As there's gonna be a beta, then its realise, then a half-ass job to satisfy everyone. Just stop, pause and think "Do we really need to devote 90% of the staff to GW2 development and just abandon the players?". At this rate i'm not gonna get GW2 because A.Net was so ignorant to just focus on GW2 so blindly. Dominator Matrix 04:53, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

I was going to make some smart remark about how few of us there are posting here, and the even smaller number thats threatening to not buy GW2, but I thought better of it. Teams of a game development studio are not like the cores in a computer thata can each do thier own thing if needed and go seperate ways. They are like the parts of an engine in car, they must all be going full on, in the same direction on the same team. I work for a major software firm myself and I can tell yu from expeirience, when one team, or even a few people drop of the current project to work on something else, bad things happen. It would be like taking a few pistons out of a car engine, it just wouldn't work anymore. So, if Anet completely dropped GW2 for a week bad things would happen, only have the teams at best would be needed to Fix GW1, and the other teams would have nothing to do for a while, (very bad for a workplace) or, if they just kept working, they would no longer be on the same page as the other teams (very bad for software design). Diverting current man-power is not the answer. Hiring more people to work on juts GW1 is the right thing to do and a smart move. The oversight for some skills and Items in EotN, all I can say is crap happens. I have developed what I thought was a good peice of software, worked fine in my tests and ina few other peoples and looked 100% certifiably awsome. When we integrated it into the project it broke everything. Yes crab happens, even realy bad crap. Do you have to like it? No. Do you have to deal with it, Yes. Also, I understand the want for an official statement, but you realy can't give one if people are not of like mind can you? That will only cause more problems, inside Anet and out. Please people, juts bare with me and wait it out. I'm confident things will start to move forward with GW1 and start clearing up once Anet gets its staffing issues underway. In the meantime, there are PLENTY of good games out there, pick one up and play it for a while, GW doesnt have to be the only game you play. I would make some cool and creatice metaphor about storms and such, but one isn't comming to mind. Hang in there guys, I'm sittin in the same boat and storm as you are. It's past time but not too late to batton down the hatches and hang on. I'm still root for ya Anet. =D --Wolf 14:26, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

Wolf, forgive me but your post irks me to no end and I find several faults that are really bugging me, but I thinking dicesting it to any unnecessary point would become childish on my part, yet for someone who claims to have worked in such a situation "I" think its a poor message to try and bring across. Yes, patience is something many need to learn, its good to encourage it, but your 'rooting' for Arenanet is becoming stretched.
But I will say this: It is never good practice to tell/even suggest to someone to go play another game while the issues are being worked out of this one. You have to really think about the message you are trying to send, because its not as clear cut and simple as that.
Arenanet has admitted to 'issues' and to that they get a great deal of respect on my part, anyone who can admit 'issues' is someone who is aware, which is a positive. and Arenanet is taking positive steps.
Companies like customer loyalty, anyone in any business likes customer loyalty, you want that. Its a very good thing. Arenanet should be thankful it has such players, who although complain about certain issues actually stick with them. People have been right there "in the storm" just as you have, Wolf, some of them even longer. You never want to leave things on a negative note and say "come back later", its too much of a gamble. Future potential is a very difficult thing to manage, thats why there's the whole "managing expectations" saying been going around. Guild Wars 2 has a lot of future potential but the experience given 'now', near the end of Guild Wars's cycle is going to be one of the big factors for current customers to come back or not. What drew them to Guild Wars, the experience with the product directly and their experience with its environment - places such as this.
Its demotivational and unsupportive of players and of staff to turn around and say "We got issues, go play something else for a while.". This isn't just any game, its nature is different, its environment is different. Any smart business will never say something like that if they want their creditability and reputation to stay intact. And, thus Arenanet has not.
Only thing I've ever seen to that affect is Gaile saying players dropping off is part of the nature of things, which it is. I have never seen anyone at Arenanet suggest "there are PLENTY of good games out there, pick one up and play it for a while, GW doesnt have to be the only game you play." that would be poor judgement on their part. Understanding situations like that is what you want, they don't ever want to 'suggest' something like that though. 18:20, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Ok, I'm gunna start this off by saying I'm sorry if I misscomunicated anything. Also, I'm not trying to tell people to just detach from the GW community entirely or drop GW for a while completely or anything like that. Also, I'm sorry if my definition of a while caused any problems. I'm of the mindset that one should not stick 100% to one game. There ARE other good games out there and I think people should play and enjoy them a bit too. It would be like only eating one flavor of ice cream your entire life, you may enjoy it, but there are bound to be other flavors out there you will enjoy, so don't limit yourself. But yes I agree with you, that would be bad if Anet told us to go play another game. I know that a few times I have become frustrated with GW, and it got down to the point that all I was doing was sitting in town venting out my anger on inocent others, and I think this may be the case with a good number of other people. In times like that it helps me cool off to just play something else for a day or two and come back cooled off and collected. And yes, I do play other games, but I always come back to GW, always. I have never had thoughts of just dropping GW entirely and not comming back. I think Anet pretty much has me hooked on w/e they make for pretty much life, and it would take a MAJOR skrew-up or complete 180 to make me walk away.
And on the mater of rooting, consider Anet to be your favorite sports team, and there total work with GW to be a single game. While moral support and priase is good in all when your up, winning and doing good, it is EVEN MORE crucial in those times when the team is feelign down and is being beaten. I knwo if I was a dev and reading the wiki, I would feel pretty down and discouraged with all the flame and complaining directed RIGTH AT the devs and Anet in general. It only takes one person and as little as 10 seconds to make someone's day and let them know that despite what everyone else is sayign and digging into you for, that one perosn out there thinks your doing a good job and loves what your doing. Call it moral support and I think Anet could use some, as pretty much all thats getting through to them from the wiki is complaints and flame from some of these people, adn the rest are just here to ask questions and get answers. Contray to any conclusion you may draw on the wiki (this is the probably the only time I'll ever do this), but I think the vast majority of the GW player-base loves GW1 and is eagerly awaiting GW2. We as humans are always to quick to critisize and never quick enough to priase, and as a result of that, the few people that would give some praise are always drowned out by the complainers. So yes, I thnk Anet could use some moral support b/c I think they could realy use some. Every day it gets a bit harder for me as a player to come back to the wiki and keep posting becuase of all the negativity floating around, and I'm sure a vast majority is floating over into Anet. You said it yourself that any company likes customer loyalty, and I think I'm the only one here ready to and actively showing some. --Wolf 19:30, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Please play other games, IMO. Do other things. Don't just get stuck on one of anything forever. A major selling point of GW for me was the no-monthly-fees — I don't mind paying monthly for a game I'm enjoying, but I always drift away from and come back to games (e.g. we stopped playing GW and mostly played mostly UT04 for a few months earlier this year already) and that's so much easier without the monthlies. I might get into nethack for a week or two and then end up playing diablo 2 for a while and then spend all my time working in blender and then go, hey, guildwars. And coming back after being away for a bit always makes them feel more vibrant and exciting. If I haven't played GW in a few months, then pretty much anything is fun in it, even the most grindular grind. (Well, maybe not the dunes of despair or aurora glade, but ...) --Star Weaver 19:55, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
I honetly don't think Anet intended for GW to be the only game you played. I think they made that clear when they originaly stated their "Skill > Time" Philosophy, and please no comments on that. I think they inteded for you to be able to jump on, do a mish or two, do a few PvP matches, and go do something else. But at the same time they also catered to the elite who want to play all day by adding things like titles that take a long time to get and elite areas and such. GW isn't quite built to be layed all day everyday. --Wolf 20:02, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

Is this conversation repeating its self, getting nowhere and about to fall under the archival axe, or are we actualy getting somewhere in a way? --Wolf 21:49, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

Firstly, I must apology if my post seems needlessly confrontational, this shouldn't have been the case but I expressed my view as you did yours, and its refreshing to have a non-trolling conversation in such dicussions. These are the elements of these big discussions that I enjoy and that really need to be brought out.
People must realise that we - who are here and still playing - are still rooting for Arenanet, but not in the classic "Woot! You are awesome!" or "Keep up the good work" kind of ways. Some say such things, others are more wanting them to get back to basics. To what Guild Wars was before all the complexities that don't need to be here.
A fact of the matter is most people already play other games. I myself am modding two games, playing Guild Wars and still managed to sit down every now and then with old PS1 games. Guild mates still enjoy other games or other hobbies. People will continue to play a game that they enjoy, some may take breaks, I personally took a break recently after my personal frustations with Guild Wars pugs grow to an intolerable level. I entered groups and witnessed what could only be described as a near absolute reliance on Ursan for a very large number of people. I choose not to use Ursan, but my experience with Guild Wars was being tainted by an issue that indirectly is affecting me, I choose not to use it but a very, very large number do and for my sense of gameplay I won't become reliant on just one way of playing. In my eyes this should have been addressed long ago in my opinion, so I took a break. And am now back but still seeing the same thing, but in greater numbers.
Praise is all well and good, I will praise but personally I will not repeat it time and time again, thats just not who I am. I myself find the repetition to cheapen it, but thats how I would take constant praise, also depends on context. Yet cristism can still be a functional part of feedback, granted a lot of what is said here can't actually be called constructive but its one thing we see in large discussions like this is the constructive critisms but also the constructive praise. Yes, these discussions repeat but I personally see the constructive come out, even though can be heavily laced with unconstructive post.
Praise or critism, Arenanet should be thankful people are still passionate about them and the game; the elements of Guild Wars, the philosophies of the company. These elements that drew a lot of us still draw us here.
I don't personally think Arenanet's staff are overly concerned with all this, though I can not directly say I am not them, yet from what Regina has said most of them are already set up on Guild Wars 2, this will be there priority, that will be there concern. And since very little is revealed I would say its safe to assume for the most part they will be positive. The only ones I would say who would be overly concerned would be those still more heavily involved in the Guild Wars aspect of their company, but then again they're professionals and would now such unconstructive and constructive elements were to be expected, if it was getting to them too much they wouldn't last in their positions. 22:52, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Well, it doesn;t have ot get to them too much to be disheartening, which can hurt motivation a little. Yes, big discussions like this are good, and a little onconstructive complaining can get some people fired up into action. (don't ask me how, but it works for a small number of people I know) Although, what I'm not ok with is the people that don;t want to discuss, they just want to spew thier same rant over and over again and just seem bend on inflicting their missery on anyone that get's in their way. I'm not goign to name names, but there is one use who seems bent on dragging up Ursan everywhere they go. Look here. I applaud those people for not putting up or entertaining that user and shutting him down before he got going. I understand people may be passionate, pretty much everyone here is. Your not going to change any player's opion thats here, its a concrete as yours. Also, the Devs are a rather intelegent bunch, I'm sure THEY don't need it driven into their skulls that things are broken or something needs changed. By the time you get to the repeating part, everyone is already sick of hearing it. Idk about you, but when people thend to rant and complain constantly to me about something I'm doing wrong, It makes me want to fix it or help them LESS.
It's starting to happen now, but in the future we cna have more productive and constructive conversations and not degrade into a rant-fest like what is happening with ursan. Personally, I'm for Anet forcusing in GW2 much more than GW1, for reasons I'd rather not say again for fear of lighting things up again, but if you are resourceful, or have been reading everything here, then you already have them. Also, in some of my posts, it felt to me that there was no way to say something I wanted to say without the chance of it sounding like I'm grilling or flaming Anet for something, so I like to end on a positive note. I like to think I'm a pleasant and good natured person, and i try my best to incroperate that into what I'm saying here, and maintain a positive and pleasent air. There was a reason I told Regina a while back that if I ever get otu of line, or go to far, to call me out on it. Anyway, I think I'm comming close to rambling or already am, So I'm wrappin this stuff up. --Wolf 14:17, 25 June 2008 (UTC)
Balance, this is something I enjoy in my life, and something I encourage to others. I think Arenanet needs to balance things up a bit better between what we have now, Guild Wars, and what we have in the future, Guild Wars 2. And it seems they are moving towards this, which I again say is a positive. Yes, I'm all for them focusing (even 90% of their efforts) on Guild Wars 2 but they can't let Guild Wars slip otherwise the 90% will just be a waste because people will be bent out of shape. People are cautious about Guild Wars 2, yes it sounds like exciting but one of the common concerns I hear about Guild Wars 2 from what little we have is its going to be 'more of the same', not more of the same Guild Wars but more of the same WoW or any of the others, although I haven't really taken the time to digest every little bit of info for Guild Wars 2 I can't say if I would share this view of not. But, I do recall when Guild Wars 2 inforamtion was released the many, many discussions going on in-game about how many people thought it sounds a hell of a lot like WoW.
Wolf, so far I don't think you've really said anything that could be considered bad, and I don't think self editing is a very good answer. I wouldn't encourage it. If you have something to say, say it. Not doing so can be just as bad as the problem you think may occur after, but generally people will repress and then let it all out at once and that can be a big issue. Also, this is the internet where humour and wit can sometimes be lost to people, just as intelligence and insight comments; people can find them hard to find in a sentence that sounds like a flame. I say speak your mind, I encourage all to but there's a difference between speaking ones mind and being a bit of a dick about it.
Also for your link provided, yes, I have read it and I know of the user you are referring to but unlike most other users who spend their time completely bitching and moaning said user actually came up with countless suggests for the subject at hand. He himself has invested much time in trying encourage dialogue, some people see it as trolling now but he put in the hard yards to get some ideas out there, as we all have on many subjects. But, I do share in his frustation to some degree, I could sit here reasoning that but I don't really think I need to do that for 'one' skill. 22:35, 25 June 2008 (UTC)
It's not so much the ackage as the delivery. The self editing comes in by making sure I'm not flaming of insulting anyone. I only hold back my insults and degrading statements. I speak my mind 99% of the time except when whats in my mind should not leave it. People I know tend to see me as "the Nice-Guy" and I like to maintain that image. I also have very little against discussing ursan, but I don't like it when people purposefully twist topics that are completely unrelated just so they can be heard. Honestly, I think that if people wanted to read about ursan, they would go to the talk pages and read about it. It's also one thing to idly create a random topic somewhere out of place, its quite another and unaccepable in my views to twist a different subject in that direct, and I'm proud of the people thjat shut-down his attempts at it. He may have suggestiongs and thoughts, but there was not the place to put them. Once again, it wasn;t the package, it was the delivery. It's like being a salesman, if you can;t make people want what you have or present it ina good maner, it's not going to matter how good it actualy is. It wasn;t THAT he was discussin Ursan, it's WHERE he was. Anyway, my opinions, you don't have to like them, i won;t force you too, or begrudge you if you don't, as long as I'm not getting flak for them. --Wolf 23:31, 25 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh, I am grateful for those people who are in discussion. The HoM update was just an IOU, yes, nice information but still leaves even more questions.
As for 'his' comments, I can see both points though, his and yours.
The Hall of Monuments was a big thing for a lot of players but in terms of overall ingame importance I think it pales in comparison to the impact Ursan is having. I think priorities within Arenanet need to be addressed but then again with the Hall of Monuments update we weren't really given much, none of its done yet, as far as we know its only at the 'final approval' stage [And yes, I must declare, the account basis is very much appreciated but Torment weapons for me as a player are still in the same league as Destroyer weapons, I just don't have the time to do it myself. Yes, they are adding more, yet still doesn't mean anything to not an insignificant number of players.]
The user in question was discussing Ursan in a non-direct thread - direct only in sense of questioning Arenanet priorities, but obviously it fired you up enough to directly bring him up here, to the point of giving us a link to look at. Sometimes to get the point across one has to make waves. He throw a stone into the pond, the ripples started, and look where they have led? You imply you are not ok with such actions that he demonstrated, yet deliberately bring it to peoples attention, and one of three things happen:
  • 1. People won't care
  • 2. People like redirect it where it needs to be
  • 3. People will agree
He did bring up a valid point; its wasn't a rant, it wasn't repeating the same thing over and over again. Although, in reality the Ursan and the Hall of Monuments updates are still little more than just words. "we will consider the matter as we move forward" and "We are not able to announce a specific date at which these changes will be released". Nothing really has been done, and as Regina says, things can change. 09:38, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
I guess I was a little harsh in how I brought that out and such, but two things, 1: I tend to liek to back-up things I say if I have easy access to it and provide examples, ect. 2: While he is entilted to his opinion and did makes some good points and had good things to say, I don't think that was the place to do it. Ursan is a touchy subject and I didn't want to see a topic that was doin good and getting somewhere degrade into another Ursan rant like so many have. I'm not saying it would have. There are a good number of reasonably openended threads like this one where one could easily stear the topic into a certian direction aand then give their thoughts. I will say once again, I have nothing wrong with the user, what he has to say, or even it's topic, only where he decided to give them.
On the note of the HoM update and ursan, As Regina said, the vast majority of Anet staff is hard at work on GW2. If this is true, then I can see how a small update like the HoM and the recent skill-update and other such updates can quickly become few, far-between and take a long time to finalize and get out the door. Somethign like this HoM update could be some months in the works with how little time Regina is telling the dev team has to work on GW1. I understand the want for some hard proof beyond words, but what kind of proof is there to give? More words? I don't know if I have asked this, and I hope I can do this without sounding demanding or something like that, but Regina, what is the rational and reasons behind the lack of information flow? I'm sure you have given many good reasons scattered throughout the wiki, but it would be nice to have them all in one spot and maybe the rest of them if there are some reasons you have not shared with us. --Wolf 14:21, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Wolf & Arenanet @ PAX 2008

So, I've arranged for myself to end up at PAX this year and so I have a request to make. Regina, if at anypoint information becomes available concerning Arenanet and their attendance of PAX would you please be so kind as to drop it here for me? Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work. --Wolf 02:54, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

We're going to be at PAX. We'll have a booth (so stop by and say hello) and we'll have a party at Game Works like last year. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:45, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Certainly will do =D. On a side note, what's Game Works? --Wolf 18:51, 23 June 2008 (UTC) Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 18:53, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
It's this big arcade/restaurant/bar located across the street from the convention center. ArenaNet is renting it out on Saturday night of the con. Attendance will be limited to ticket holders for the first three hours, then after 9pm doors open to all convention attendees. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:53, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Awsome, I'll make sure to be there for that too. I'll be in Seattle for the whole weekend and convention, anything else happening I should know about? --Wolf 18:55, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Anyone else here going to be at PAX? --Wolf 20:02, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

I am! PAX is good stuff. I spent most of it at Anet's booth last year. Looking forward to this year's! User Purple llama sig.png purple llama 03:20, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
PAX-EUROPE/ASIA pls!! Or mention any other big time event in Europe/Asia where ArenaNet will be present? --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 08:28, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

Location, Location, Location

Well, unfortunately, back when Gaile was still in Community Relations, I never seemed to be online when she showed up in down and did her thing. However, things seem to have changed for me, I find myself online a lot more often and for greater periods of time. But in the whole deal, I never foudn out, Where are you when you come into the game (town/district) and decide to answer our questions and empart information upon us? Also, is there any specific time or day that you generaly decide to stop in? It would be nice if you could get us all a scedual if at all possible, so we can make sure to be where-ever you are when you show-up, that would be greatly appretiated. Anyway, where can I find you and maybe a general idea of when? Thanks in advance Regina! --Wolf 22:35, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

She doesn't, as far as I know. -- Gem (gem / talk) 00:11, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Doesn;t know what town and district she usualy apears in? --Wolf 00:16, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Can I say it more clearly? As far as I know, she does not appear in towns regularly to hold discussions like Gaile did. -- Gem (gem / talk) 00:20, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Ok, thats helps a lot. You gave an unspecific answer when I asked several questions at once, I was unsure as to which one(s) you were answering. --Wolf 00:27, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
I usually login during office hours, Pacific time, and I can be found in Lion's Arch or Ascalon City. I don't have a schedule for when I'm in-game. It depends on my own work and meeting schedule here, and that can vary week-to-week. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 15:55, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
International Districts? American? Other? Thanks for gettin back to me on this. Much appreciated --Wolf 16:12, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Always International. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 18:05, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Ok, thanks again! --Wolf 18:17, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Sorry, now that I read it again, even my second answer was a bit unclear, since the work regularily didn't stand out that well. -- Gem (gem / talk) 02:54, 18 June 2008 (UTC)
It's all good. --Wolf 02:56, 18 June 2008 (UTC)
( Why only prophecies outposts? Some of us dont own prophecies you know. >:(-- 22:55, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Possibly just personal preference, although visiting the two other campaigns and their primary and/or secondary main outposts would be nice, Factions: Shing Jea Monastery and Kaineng and in Nightfall Kamadan would be nice, especially for those who don't have prophecies. 11:48, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

A "thank you" to ArenaNet

After over three years and over 4,000 hours I have decided to stop playing Guild Wars. But before anyone references doom and gloom the reason is to have more time for real life things.

I have thouroughly enjoyed playing Guild Wars over the past few years; it has been a truly phenominal experience. ArenaNet have created one of the best games of all time, supported it throughout its life with consistent care and commitment, and should be proud of all that they have acomplished.

I have finished every quest and mission in the game, killed every foe, aquired EVERY item, kitted out every character and hero, maxed most of the titles, finished top 10 and top 20 in GvG seasons (way back when), won halls 67 times despite being (barely) rank 4, had a run of 50 in TA, beat PnH, EVIL, WM, Rus, played RA until I fell asleep in my chair, finished every campaign with every class, deleted a myriad of characters on porpose and by mistake, stalked the forums, fixed the wiki, and screamed at the top og my lungs on vent.

Guild Wars is a piece of art and I will in many ways be sad to see it behind me. Those who don't see this, or complain about minor changes are really missing something.

I leave behind one PvE character with a set of armour, starter sword, a shield, and a herring. But I also made a few people happy by giving away well over one million gold and items.


Edwinna Elbert (Maestro Ed)

Wow. Thanks for having the courage to to be done when you're done rather than sitting around not really playing but becoming bitter. :). --Star Weaver 15:03, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
Wauw Awesome you :). Can't but wonder what would have made you stay though? --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 16:13, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
It occurs to me that if one was a player from the beginning of GW, that arond now would be a good time to stop if you wanted to get away for a while and eventually come back to GW2 feeling fresh. ^_^. --Star Weaver 16:26, 23 June 2008 (UTC)
We need more threads like these. 'grats edwinna and thanks for the words and stuff. Vael Victus Pancakes. 23:56, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Respect man, respect.--Briar
Edwinna: We're glad you enjoyed the game for so long and with such passion. Good luck on your "real life things" and maybe when things get less busy in your life and when GW2 comes out, you'll be back exploring Tyria at that point. =) --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 23:45, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Invisible to me but did you tell players in-game about HoM?

Invisible to me but did/do you tell players in-game about the upcomming update to HoM? Would be a huge boost for a LOT of players and a very nice "Profile" for the message bearer/Anet. --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 07:16, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

PAX. I know, I need motivation to actually do something other than AB in GW too. Vael Victus Pancakes. 12:42, 25 June 2008 (UTC)
No they haven't, however I know alot of big alliances are spreading the news. the first thing i did when i saw it was go to the LaZy guild leaders and alotof other alliance/guild leaders I know, and asked them to tell their guildies, and now their guildies are telling more peeps out in the wider community and so on and so forth. I think this is happening across the board, so I think the information is slowly permeating the wider gw community. -- Salome User salome sig.png 11:48, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
I would think most people check the website too, so it's only a matter of time until it's common knowledge. --User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 11:51, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
Lots of people do not read the website...or wiki...or forums..they hear it from others. --Silverleaf User_talk:Silverleaf 13:04, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
Exactly. The people who do read the website will inform those who do not. Regardless, the message will spread. --User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 13:17, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
I still believe updates such as the Hall of Monuments and skill updates should have a position in the login screen's announcement box, I don't believe that the bulk of players know whats exactly been changed every time an update of any kind has been downloaded, or if people are generally aware of developer updates. I do not visit the actual Guild Wars website that often, once or twice a month. This site and the unofficial ones [and on occasion guru and a few others] are really the only ones I visit. I personally would like to have more of this kind of information directed to us on the login screen. Such things are important to educate the community. Why aren't they annouced on the Login? Its not hard to make the message, or very time consuming. Could help with communication between Arenanet and the community and thats always a good thing. 22:27, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
It was hinted at for those who were paying attention. --Regina Buenaobra User Regina Buenaobra sig.png 16:32, 28 June 2008 (UTC)
I'm sorry but "What?". May I ask why the Login screen isn't used to better inform the player-base? The Hall of Monuments update and maintenance period, and updates in general, are made avaliable on the official website and places such as this but I know from experience, hanging around the main cities, the hubs of the game, that many, many, many people were not aware of all of it. I mean, how many players visit these sites to those who don't? I wouldn't imagine many do compared to those who don't, many are really just not aware of these places.
Why isn't Arenanet make better use of a very powerful tool to encourage better understanding and communication? 00:03, 29 June 2008 (UTC)
agreed i suggested a wile back (when gaile was still GM) that when ever there was a skill update that the would put it up there and then just link you to like the wiki. i see so many people in towns right after an update saying wut changed? they should also have that little announcement thing in the ch selection screen, i for one use -password command and skip the log in because this is my personal computer which no one else uses. btw the format of that could be Game Updates: skill balancing, bug fixes, and other changes can be found at '' another extra step they could do is have a news caller in Lions Arch, Kaineng Center, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, and Great Temple of Balthazar. that would send you to the Developer updates and would just shout out things like "did you know that there will be changes coming to your hall of monuments? talk to me for more info" "Get ready for this weekend the dragon festal is coming soon talk to me for more info." i think that would be a grate way to get the community more informed. 23:46, 1 July 2008 (UTC)