Asuran Scepter

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Asuran Scepter
Asuran Scepter.jpg
Type Wand
Campaign(s) Eye of the North
Divine Favor
Healing Prayers
Protection Prayers
Smiting Prayers
Blood Magic
Death Magic
Soul Reaping
Domination Magic
Fast Casting
Illusion Magic
Inspiration Magic
Air Magic
Earth Magic
Energy Storage
Fire Magic
Water Magic
Channeling Magic
Restoration Magic
Spawning Power
Damage type(s) Dependent on attribute
PvP reward class Fancy
8 Silver Zaishen Coin
Value 110 Gold
Common salvage Granite Slabs
Wood Planks
Inventory icon Asuran Scepter.png

The Asuran Scepter comes in 21 different types following the naming convention of "Asuran <attribute> Scepter". There is one for each elementalist, mesmer, monk, necromancer and ritualist attribute.


Crafted by Nojj for 40 Wood Plank(s), 20 Granite Slab(s) and 5 Platinum only if your character has reached Not Too Boring (rank 4) in the Asura title track.


<Varies> Dmg: 11-22 (Requires 9 <linked attribute>)
Inscription: None


Dye affects the entire scepter. The orb on the wand's head and the wrappings will be affected the most while the handle will receive a tint of the dye color. The default color can be closely replicated with brown dye.

Asuran Scepter dye chart.jpg

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