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Guild Event Notes[edit]

Current Listings:

Listed below, are the areas / events, that our guild & alliance regularly participates in...


  • Happening all the time
Open to House Of Lefem members, Alliance Members and our Friends
Check the guild status board or ask around in the Guild Channel or Alliance Channel for any upcomming parties


Every year, [HoL] with the [OBE] alliance hosts a district
Feeling lucky?
Blast from the past with two recurring quests!
Birthday celebration and Cupcakes too!
Deliver the Orbs!
Cool off with a Snowball Fight!
Revisit many interesting areas of interest while completing the four quests during this celebration
Also coincides with the initial launch of GW2
Farm your Grog for the Beverage and the "Drunk" points too!
Wear your PiNk ArMoR and show your support!
More information is found here. Pink Day in LA
Halloween Celebration and Party with the Mad King!
Pie, pie, pie.... More pie!
Sleigh bells a ringing...


Solo / Group / Team participation, helping to aquire gold, exp. points, faction points and/or reputation points, depending on the books used and the corresponding campaigns involved.
Excellent way to aquire the points to make R3 Survivor
Never fight, alone!
  • Guild / Alliance - Festival Item Farming
Team up with friends, guild / alliance members and gather the items needed for the upcomming Festival Event(s), ie:Wintersday, Canthan New Year, etc. to trade for "Festive Items" at these Festivals
Our guild and Alliance, like to help out a district with the needed items for the chefs, during the Canthan New Year
Cheer and Boost the morale of those hunting, the elusive Mini Polar Bear, during Wintersday
For a listing, see Category:Festival trophies
Or just to help build up the needed Material Items for armor,weapons, etc..
Need a Small Equipment Pack for your weapons? or how about upgrading that older head piece, for some better Headgear, since you have all those Red Iris Flowers.
Come and lets find the crazy items that Nicholas needs.
NOTE: Item(s) required changes each day at 0700 UTC
Come and lets find those crazy "fetish items" that Ol' Nick, always seems to need.
NOTE: Item(s) required changes each Monday at 1500 UTC (0700 Pacific time zone)


  • Scrimmage
One on One or get a team together to try out your build or develop tactics against another player in the Guild Hall
Excellent to learn team tactics
Perfect place to practice before any upcomming GvG events
Information to the PvP player
Good place to hone your skills for PvP combat
Good place to learn the basic mechanics of the game
Area to test out your PvE builds
Good place to learn the basic mechanics of the game
Area to test out your PvP builds

[Faction Arenas] PvX


Boss Slaying, Excursions, Fun, Farming...

[Historical Events:]

October 22, 2009
October 22, 2009
Items of interest