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Skill balance ( in progress ) i will post on gww sugestions when i finish. feel free to coment and discuss so it can be improved(sorry for bad english)

E-> energy

C-> cast time

R->rechange time

adren -> adrenaline

Warrior Skills[edit]

PVE Only skills[edit]

-"Save Yourselves!" "Save Yourselves!" all other party members gain +50 armor +10 for each 2 points in strength (max 100).

Axe Mastery[edit]

-Cleave Cleave: 6 Adren deals +10...26...30 damage and inflicts crippled condition if target foe was moving.If target fow was already crippled deals +1...8...10 damage

-Axe Rake Axe Rake: 5 adren deals +5...12...16.If target foe was already crippled axe rake deals more +1...8...10 damage.

-Axe Twist Axe Twist: 6 adren Functionality change to: you twist your axe and all adjacent foes take 1...16...20 damage and inflicts weakness condition 10...15...20 seconds on any attacking foe.

-Critical Chop Critical Chop: 5E 1C 15R Deals +(1...8...10) damage.Interrupts ans action.If that action was a spell,this attack is automatically a critical hit.

-Disrupting Chop Disrupting Chop: reduce target foe interrupted skill disable time for 10 seconds.

-Executioner's Strike Executioner's Strike: low adren for 7 add functionality .Inflicts Deep Wound ((5...13...15)) if target foe has Cracked Armor.

-Furious Axe Furious Axe : 5E 8R Axe Attack. Deals +(5...25...30) damage. Gives you 1 strikes of adrenaline for each 4 points in strength.

-Keen Chop Keen Chop: 5 adren Deals +5...10...15 damage.Automatic critical hit on moving foes.

-Penetrating Blow Penetrating Blow: Reduce damage for 5...10...15. Reduce adren cost to 4.

-Triple Chop Triple Chop: Reduce damage to 5...15...25 damage.Reduce recharge to 5 seconds adds: you gain 1 adrenaline for each foe you hit

-Decapitate Decapitate:. 8 adren Inflicts Deep Wound condition ((5...17...20) seconds).Deals +(5...41...50) damage. Automatic critical hit. You lose all adrenaline and Energy.You gain 5 energy and 3 adren if target foe dies.

Hammer Mastery[edit]

-Counter Blow Counter Blow: Hammer Attack. Causes knock-down and weakness (10 seconds) if target foe is attacking.

-Irresistible Blow Irresistible Blow; 5E 6R Hammer Attack. Deals +(5...17...20) damage. Deals (5...17...20) damage and causes knock-down if you have more health than target foe.

-Mighty Blow Mighty Blow :Reduce adren to 5.


-"I Will Survive!" "I Will Survive!": reduce recharge to 20.

-"You Will Die!" "You Will Die!": 7adern 1R functionality changed to : melee attack target foe is struck for 5...12...15 damage. If target health was below 33% you struck for an additional 1...8...10 damage.If target foe die you gain 1...1...2 adrenaline.

-Berserker Stance Berserker Stance: Reduce time to 1...4...5 reduce recharge to 10.

-Bull's Charge Bull's Charge: elite stance ((5...10...11) seconds.) You move 33% faster. Causes knock-down if you hit a moving foe in melee, and your melee attacks deals +5...17...20 to knock-down foes.The first time you hit a foe while under the effects of Bull's Charge also removes a stance.Ends if you use a skill.

-Charging Strike Charging Strike : Elite Stance. ((1...8...10) second[s].) You move 33% faster.You deal +(10...34...40) damage with your next melee hit. The bonus damage ends when you hit or if you use a skill.

-Counterattack Counterattack: 5E 6R functionality changed to: the next melee damage you receive hits the source for more 1...5...10 damage.No effect unless you are attacking the foe that hits you in melee.

-Disarm Disarm: 5E 1/2C 15 recharge. melee Attack. Interrupts target foe. Interruption effect: disables interrupted skill for ((3...4...5) seconds) .

-Defy Pain Defy Pain: change 5adren to 5E add 20 seconds recharge time.

-Flourish Flourish : change energy for(2...4...5) adrenaline.disables your non-warrior skills for (5...2...1) seconds.

-Griffon's Sweep Griffon's Sweep/Leviathan's Sweep Leviathan's Sweep: 5E Melee Attack. Deals +(5...17...20) damage. Causes knock-down and deals (10...29...34) damage if target foe is in a stance.knock-down fails if target fow's health is above 75%.

-Lion's Comfort Lion's Comfort: 4 adren 1C 1 R Skill. You are healed for (50...98...110) and gain (1...1...2) strike[s] of adrenaline.You have -40 armor while using this skill.

-Rage of the Ntouka Rage of the Ntouka: Functionality changed to : 5e 15R Elite Stance.You attack 25% faster (1...5...10 second[s].).Inicial effect you gain 1...2..2 for each foe within earshot ( max 1...6...7).You take double damage.

-Signet of Strength Signet of Strength: 1/4 C 20R Signet. Your attacks deal +5 damage. Ends after (1...8...12) attack[s].

-Warrior's Cunning Warrior's Cunning: 10E 30R Stance For 1...5...10 seconds, your next 1...3...5 attack[s] cannot be blocked.


-Galrath Slash Galrath Slash/Silverwing Slash Silverwing Slash: 8 Adren increase damage to +10...34...40 damage.

-Hamstring Hamstring : Reduce energy to 5 and crippled time to 1...5...10 second[s].Add functionality Deals 1...8...10 damage.Deals 0 damage if target foe is to crippled foes. (damage first, then the cripple)

-Jaizhenju Strike Jaizhenju Strike/Pure Strike Pure Strike : 5E 8 or 10R Sword Attack. Deals +1...24...30 damage. Unblockable if target foe is in a stance and above 33% HP.

-Seeking Blade Seeking Blade : 5or10E 8or10R Sword Attack. Deals +1...16...20 damage and inflicts Bleeding condition (1...10...15 seconds). Deals 1...16...20 damage if blocked.


-"Retreat!" "Retreat!" : Change "No effect unless there are dead allies within earshot" to if any of your party members is below 33%HP

-"To the Limit!" "To the Limit!": reduce adrenaline gain to max 1...2...2.

-Victory is Mine! Victory is Mine! : Functionality changed to: 5E 15R melee attack Deals +1...32...40 damage. Deals +1...15...25 more damage and inflicts deep wound if target foe is below 50% Health.You lose all adrenaline.

-Bonetti's Defense Bonetti's Defense : scaled the energy gained to 2 for each rank in strength (max 5).

-Gladiator's Defense Gladiator's Defense : help me with this one please....

-Wary Stance Wary Stance : scaled the energy gained to 2 for each rank in strength (max 5).

No attribute[edit]

-"Coward!" "Coward!" : add 4 recharge. ( PvP version only)

-"For Great Justice!" "For Great Justice!" : 5 E 45R Shout. (20 seconds.) You gain 50% more adrenaline.No efect, unless strenght is 5 or higher.

-Flurry Flurry : 5E 5R Stance.( 1 second plus 1 second for each rank in strenght max 5 seconds) . You attack 33% faster. You do 25% less damage.

Elementalist Skills[edit]

Air Magic[edit]

-Arc Lightning Arc Lightning : Unconditional damage now also hits target foe.Reduce unconditional damage to 5...41...50

-Chilling Winds Chilling Winds : Reduce damage to 15...35...40. Change the next water hex to the next 1...2...2 hexes and change the duration to 50%.

-Glimmering Mark Glimmering Mark : Moved to energy storage.Ends if you use a non-elemental skill that targets this foe.Increase recharge to 15.

-Lightning Strike Lightning Strike : Now deals more 5...15...20 damage if target foe is knocked down.

-Windborne Speed Windborne Speed : Reduce speed boost to 25% faster and reduce time to (1...5...10) and energy to 5.Cannot self-target

-Lightning Surge Lightning Surge :functionality changed to: Initial effect:causes knock-down.End effect: deals 14...83...100 lightning damage. (if it's removed, it have the end efect just like shaterstone)

-Thunderclap Thunderclap : reduce recharge to 15 seconds.

-Lightning Javelin Lightning Javelin: This skill is now half-range.

Earth Magic Rework[edit]

The earth magic problem is that most of the skills have high cost big recharge and slow cast time and cause exhaustion so, you may think i am crazy but this is what i suggest:

-Stone Sheath Stone Sheath : Functionality changed to: 15E 2C 20R Elite Enchantment Spell. (5 seconds plus 2 seconds more for every rank of Energy Storage.)All your earth spells that are not projectiles cost 15 less energy (minimum 10E), cast time is reduced by 2 ( minimum 1 sec), dont cause exhaustion and recharge 10% faster(minimum 15 seconds recharge).Ends on all other party members.

-Ebon Hawk Ebon Hawk : Reduce damage to 10...55...65.

-Stoning Stoning : Reduce damage to 45...80...95.

-Obsidian Flame Obsidian Flame: Reduce damage to 45...80...95, cast to 1 second and increase recharge to 10 seconds.Removed the exhaustin.

-Stone Daggers Stone Daggers: Add functionality deals more 5...15...20 damage if target foe is enchanted. Add 5 recharge time.

-Ward Against Elements Ward Against Elements: Reduce energy to 10 add functionality: allies in the ward gain immunity to Burning.

-Ward of Weakness Ward of Weakness: Change when target foe takes elemental damage to when target foe take damage from a skill.

-Sandstorm Sandstorm: reduce recharge to 20, reduce energy to 10.

-Unsteady Ground Unsteady Ground: reduce damage to 10...26...30, increase duration to 10 seconds.No longer knock-down attacking foes.When it ends,knock down all nearby foes.

Energy Storage[edit]

-Energy Boon Energy Boon: Reduce duration time to 10 seconds, recharge to 25.

-Ether Prodigy Ether Prodigy: add functionality: your spells also heal you for 15...40...80. Increase recharge to 15.

-Ether Renewal Ether Renewal:

-Glyph of Energy Glyph of Energy: add functionality:and does more 50...100...150% damage of the inicial Energy cost of the spell.

-Master of Magic Master of Magic: Increase energy regeneration to 1...2...4.

Fire Magic[edit]

-Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds:Removing Incendiary Bonds prematurely using hex removal will still trigger the end effect damage.

-Lava Font Lava Font: Reduce castime to 1 second.

-Mind Blast Mind Blast:Moved to Energy Storage. Increase recharge to 5.

-Mind Burn Mind Burn:Increase unconditional damage to 25...55...85. Increase conditional damage to 25...55...85 and increase burning duration to 1...6...10

-Searing Flames Searing Flames: The damage now just affects the target foe.Reduce burning duration to 1...4...5.

-Star Burst Star Burst:5E 3/4C 10R Elite hex spell(3 seconds). for 3 seconds star brust have no efect.When it ends deals 7...80...100 fire damage to target foe and foe in the area. Nearby foes take damage twice and adjacent foes take damage three times. You lose 5 Energy if more than one foe is struck.

-Burning Speed Burning Speed:Reduce energy to 5.Increse recharge to 5.Increase duration to 10.Increase burning duration on you to 10seconds.

-Fireball Fireball:Reduce Cast time to 1 second. Decrease damage to 7...61...91.

-Meteor Shower Meteor Shower: Reduce recharge to 30.

Water Magic[edit]

-Armor of Frost Armor of Frost: lower duration to 5...15...20 and recharge to 25.Functionality changed to:Any foe that struck you in melee takes 1...8...10 cold damage and you have 50% chance to block ranged attacks.Ends if you use a non-elementalist skill.

-Frigid Armor Frigid Armor:increase recharge to 25.Functionality changed to:For 1...15...20 All damage you receive is converted to cold damage.Any foe that struck you in melee move 10% slower for 1...1...2 seconds.

-Ice Prison Ice Prison/Teinai's Prison Teinai's Prison: 10E 1C 20R functionality changed to: Create a cold prison at target foe's initial position.For 5...10...11 seconds, deals 10...1...20 damage each second to nearby foes.Target foe moves 15% slower (10 seconds).

-Ice Spear Ice Spear: Increase recharge to 5. add functionality inflicts bleeding if target foe is casting a spell or attacking.

-Icy Prism Icy Prism:Now Icy Prism interrupts any skills .Interruption effect: disables the skill for (3...8...9 seconds)if interupted skill was a signet.

-Icy Shackles Icy Shackles: Reduce unconditional snare to 50% and conditional snare to 66%.

-Mind Freeze Mind Freeze:Increase damage to 10...42...65. Reduce snare to 66%.

-Slippery Ground Slippery Ground: add functionality: you gain 3 energy if target fow was blind.

-Mist Form Mist Form: Functionality changed to:10E 1C 25R For 20 seconds you have 100% chance to block attacks.You lose 5% chance to block each second.Fail unless energy storage 5 or higher.

-Swirling Aura Swirling Aura: Reduce recharge time to 30 functionality changed to:For 0...12...16 seconds Spells trageting you have 25% chance to miss.Fails unless energy storage is 5 or higher

-Ward Against Harm Ward Against Harm:Increase recharge to 25 Elite Ward Spell. (8...18...20 seconds.) Allies in this ward have +12...22...24 armor and +80HP.

-Water Trident Water Trident: Change knocks-down moving foes to deals more 5...29...35 damage and causes knock-down to moving foes.

-Shatterstone Shatterstone: Increase recharge to 10.

No Attribute[edit]

-Glyph of Essence Glyph of Essence:Your next 1...1...2 elemental spell uses you energy storage attributes instead of the normal one.

-Glyph of Concentration Glyph of Concentration:Moved to energy storage. Increase the number of spells affected to 1...2...2.

-Glyph of Sacrifice Glyph of Sacrifice: Moved to energy storage.Your Next spell casts 50% faster.This spell takes an additional 15 seconds to recharge.

-Second Wind Second Wind: Moved to Air Magic.10E 1C 10R Functionality changed to:Causes Knock Down to target foe and up to 1...1...2 adjacent foes and deals 10...45...55 damage to target foe.If target is enchanted it also damage adjacent foes.Fail if air magic is 5 or lower.You are exhausted.

Monk Skills[edit]

Divine Favor[edit]

-Blessed Light Blessed Light: Increase heal to 50...100...160.

-Divine Intervention Divine Intervention: Reduce recharge to 20.Reduce Heal to 26...125...190.

-Divine Spirit Divine Spirit: Reduce energy to 5.Reduce recharge to 30. Reduce the cost of spells from 5 to 3.

-Holy Haste Holy Haste: Reduce Energy to 5 Cast time to 1/4 Functionaity changed to: You have +1...1...2 on divine favor and your divine favor skills cast 50% faster.Disable your smiting skills for 20 seconds.

-Release Enchantments Release Enchantments: Functionality changed to:Removes 0...1...2 monk enchantment from target ally.Heals the party for 25 for each enchantment removed.

-Signet of Devotion Signet of Devotion:Increase recharge to 8 and reduce cast time to 1 second.Cannot self-target.

-Scribe's Insight Scribe's Insight: 5E 15R Functionality changed to: Elite skill for 0...5...10 Seconds your next healing prayer or divine favor spell targeting a foe that is above 50%hp cast 50%faster.If target ally is below 50%Hp the next healing prayers or divine favor spell heal for more 20...50...68 heal and you gain 3 energy.

-Smiter's Boon Smiter's Boon:5E 1/4 cast 15R Functionality changed to:For 0...5...11 seconds you have more 0...1...2 to your smiting prayer attribute.

-Spell Shield Spell Shield:5E 1/4C 15R Functionality changed to: For 0...4...8 seconds 75% of the damage recieved from spells is transfered to your nearby party members.Ends after 0...5...10 spells.

-Unyielding Aura (PvP) Unyielding Aura (PvP): Increase energy to 10 and cast time to 4 seconds.Functionality changed to : Elite skill. Bring target dead party member back to life at full Health and full Energy.For 60 seconds this skill does nothing.When this skill end target ally dies. Deaths while under the effects of this skill do not incur a death penalty.

-Watchful Healing Watchful Healing:Reduces end effect healing to 20...92...110.Increase regeneration to 1...4...5.If this skill last its full duration it have no end effect.

-Watchful Spirit Watchful Spirit:Removed upkeep.Reduces end effect healing to 20...92...110.Reduces energy to 5 cast time to 1 increased recharge to 10.Changed +2 health regeneration to: for 10 seconds target ally its healed for half of the damage it takes.If this skill last its full duration it have no end effect.

-Withdraw Hexes Withdraw Hexes:5E 3/4C 12R Functionality changed to: Removes 0...2...4 Hexes from target ally and up to 0...1...2 adjacent allys.

Healing Prayers[edit]

-Cure Hex Cure Hex: Reduce healing to 15...80...110.

-Ethereal Light Ethereal Light:This skill has 150% of the normal range.

-Glimmer of Light Glimmer of Light: Increase heal to 20...104...130.

-Healing Breeze Healing Breeze: increase recharge to 10 seconds.

-Healing Burst Healing Burst: Increase area of effect to Earshot.Increase secundary heal to 15...25...40

-Healing Hands Healing Hands:Moved to divine favor. Reduce recharge to 15.Scaled duration to 0...5...10

-Healing Light Healing Light: Decrease cast time to 3/4.Decrease recharge to 3.

-Healing Ribbon Healing Ribbon: Functionality changed to: Heals target ally for 20...80...100. Heals four additional allies nearby.The healing decreases 20 for each ally effected.

-Heal Area Heal Area: Increase area of effect to neaby.Reduce healing to 10...50...120.Reduce energy to 5 and increase cast time to 10.

-Healing Ring Healing Ring: Increase healing to 30...110...180.Increase recharge to 10. Remove "the caster is not healed"

-Healing Touch Healing Touch: Increase healing to 16...61...80.

-Healing Seed Healing Seed: Reduce energy to 5. Increase recharge to 30.

-Karei's Healing Circle Karei's Healing Circle: 10E 1C 20R Functionality changed to : Create a karei's healing Circle at your location and for 10 seconds allies in the circle ( same as wards) are healed for 10 each seconds.

-Renew Life Renew Life: Reduce energy to 5 Cast time to 3seconds and decrease healing to 0...20...90.

-Restful Breeze Restful Breeze: Now just ends if tharget foe uses a skill.

-Restore Life Restore Life: Changed the range from touch spell to half range spell.

-Words of Comfort Words of Comfort:Increase non conditional healing to 20...60...80.

Protection Prayers[edit]

-Air of Enchantment Air of Enchantment: Reduce energy to 1.

-Amity Amity: 10E 1C 20R Functionality changed to :For 10 seconds target foe and nearby foes deal less 12 damage.

-Aura of Faith Aura of Faith: End effect: heals for 0...20...50.

-Convert Hexes Convert Hexes : Functionality changed to : affects all party members.Remove 1 hex. +5 armor on party members that have more than 1 hex remaining.

-Divert Hexes Divert Hexes: Reduce energy to 5. Cannot self-target

-Mark of Protection Mark of Protection: 5E 1C 20R Functionality changed to : elite enchantment spell (10 seconds) Negates the next 0...150...300 damage.

-Dismiss Condition Dismiss Condition: Increase recharge to 5.

-Mend Ailment Mend Ailment: Reduce recharge to 3.

-Pacifism Pacifism:Moved to smiting prayers. Reduce duration to 0...4...8 seconds Reduce cast time to 1 and recharge to 20.

-Pensive Guardian Pensive Guardian: Reduce cast time to 3/4.

-Purifying Veil Purifying Veil: 5E 3/4C 8R Functionality changed to: Remove 1 condition from target ally.For 0...2...2 second[s] target foe's condition expire 0...5...10% faster.

-Shield Guardian Shield Guardian: 5E 1/4C 12R : Functionality changed to :Enchantment Spell. (1...4...10 seconds.) Blocks the next attack skill against you.Heals you for 0...15...20 when you block the next atack skil.Ends the next time you block an atack skill.

-Shield of Deflection Shield of Deflection: Now heals you for 0...20...50 each time you block.

-Zealous Benediction Zealous Benediction: Reduce recharge to 3 seconds.

-Shield of Regeneration Shield of Regeneration: Reduce recharge to 3.

Smiting Prayers[edit]

-Banish Banish: No longer deals double damage to summoned creatures.Now recharges instantanly if it target is a summoned creature.

-Balthazar's Pendulum Balthazar's Pendulum: Increase recharge to 12 Reduce duration to 0...4...8.Now causes knock-down to foes attempting to knock-down target ally.

-Balthazar's Aura Balthazar's Aura: Reduce Cast time to 1 second.

-Defender's Zeal Defender's Zeal:Increased duration to 30 seconds. increase energy to 3.

-Scourge Enchantment Scourge Enchantment: Reduce Cast time to 1 second.Increase erecharge to 15

-Scourge Healing Scourge Healing: Reduce Cast time to 1 second.Increase recharge to 10 seconds and reduce damage to 8...34...40.

-Signet of Mystic Wrath Signet of Mystic Wrath: Reduce cast time to 1 second and recharge to 15 seconds.Functionality changed to : Deals 20 holy damage for each smiting hex on target foe (maximum 80 holy damage).

No Attribute[edit]

-Empathic Removal Empathic Removal: Increase recharge to 12.

-Light of Dwayna Light of Dwayna: Need help...just see "We Shall Return!" "We Shall Return!"

-Vengeance Vengeance: Increase duration to 60 seconds.

Mesmer Skills[edit]

Domination Magic[edit]

-Mind Wrack Mind Wrack: Split PvP and PvE. Reverted the PvP functionality.

-Ignorance Ignorance: Reduce recharge to 4. Now deals 25 damage for each signet target foe have eqquiped.

-Power Flux Power Flux: Increase the duration to 4...12...15 seconds

-Hex Eater Vortex Hex Eater Vortex: Functionality changed to: Remove 1 hex from target ally and from any party member suffering from the same hex.Removal effect: deals 30...50...80 damage and removes one enchantment from foes near target ally.

-Simple Thievery Simple Thievery: Now the skill that replace simple thievery uses the fast cast attribute instead of the normal one.

Fast Casting[edit]

-Arcane Languor Arcane Languor: Reduce cast time to 3/4.

-Symbols of Inspiration Symbols of Inspiration: Now your mesmer skills also use your fast cast attribute instead of their normal attributes.

Illusion Magic[edit]

-Crippling Anguish Crippling Anguish:(PvP)Increase energy to 15. increased health degeneration to 1...7...8; changed duration to 5...17...20; added the following functionality: target foe attacks 50% slower.

-Imagined Burden Imagined Burden:Reduce recharge to 20.

-Images of Remorse Images of Remorse: Reduce cast time to 1 second.

-Conjure Phantasm Conjure Phantasm: Reduce energy to 5. Scaled degeneration to 1...3...4 and reduces duration to 2...8...15.

-Conjure Nightmare Conjure Nightmare: Reduce energy to 10. Scaled degeneration to 6...7...8 and reduce duration to 2...8...15.

-Recurring Insecurity Recurring Insecurity: Increase degeneration to 4...8...10.

Inspiration Magic[edit]

-Discharge Enchantment Discharge Enchantment: Reduce energy to 5.

-Feedback Feedback: Reduce energy to 5 Cast time to 1 and recharge to 15. Reduce energy lost to 1...3...4.

-Mantra of Earth Mantra of Earth/Mantra of Flame Mantra of Flame/Mantra of Frost Mantra of Frost/Mantra of Lightning Mantra of Lightning: Reduce Energy cost to 5.

-Spirit of Failure Spirit of Failure: Reduce energy to 10 Reduced recharge to 15 and duration to 20

No Attribute[edit]

-Lyssa's Balance Lyssa's Balance: Moved to Inspiration magic Functionality changed for: If target foe have more enchantments than you target foe lose 1 enchantments and 5 energy.If you have more enchantments than target foe you lose 1 enchantmens and gain 10 energy.

-Signet of Disenchantment Signet of Disenchantment: (PVE) Moved to FastCasting.Functionality changed to: Signet ( 20 seconds), your next 2...3...4 signets also removes 1 enchantment.

-Signet of Disenchantment Signet of Disenchantment: (PVP) Moved to FastCasting.Functionality changed to: Signet ( 20 seconds), your next 1...1...2 signets also removes 1 enchantment.

-Shatter Storm Shatter Storm: Reduce disable time to 5 for each enchantments.


Blood Magic[edit]

-Life Transfer Life Transfer: Increase degeneration to 4..8...10. Increase regeneration on you to 4...8...10(Max:10)

-Dark Bond Dark Bond: Moved to death magic.

-Lifebane Strike Lifebane Strike/Shadow Strike Shadow Strike: Decrease cast time to 1 second.

-Touch of Agony Touch of Agony/Vampiric Bite Vampiric Bite/Vampiric Touch Vampiric Touch/Wallow's Bite Wallow's Bite: Moved to soul reaping.

-Vampiric Swarm Vampiric Swarm: Decrease cast time to 1 second.

-Soul Leech Soul Leech: Reduce recharge to 10.

-Awaken the Blood Awaken the Blood: No longer provides +2 to curses attribute.


-Atrophy Atrophy: Reduce cast time to 1/4.

-Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood/Enfeebling Blood (PvP) Enfeebling Blood (PvP): Moved to blood magic.

-Feast of Corruption Feast of Corruption:Decrease energy to 10, cast time to 1 and recharge to 10.Decrease damage to 8...33...40. Decrease life stealing to 4...17...20.

-Shadow of Fear Shadow of Fear:Reduce cast time to 1 second. Reduce duration to 3...20...24. Increase recharge to 8. +4 recharge if you affect more than 1 foe.

-Meekness Meekness:Reduce cast time to 1 second. Reduce duration to 3...20...24. Decrease recharge to 10. +5 recharge if you affect more than 1 foe.

-Insidious Parasite Insidious Parasite: Increase recharge to 15.

-Order of Apostasy Order of Apostasy: Moved to blood magic.Reduce the % of health lose to 15...7...5%.

-Pain of Disenchantment Pain of Disenchantment: Now removes 1...2...2 enchantments.

-Chilblains Chilblains:(PVE) Reduce cast time to 1 second.

-Defile Flesh Defile Flesh:Removed health sacrifice. Increase recharge to 15.

-Plague Signet Plague Signet:(PVE) Increase recharge to 20. For 20 seconds when you inflict or transfer a condition to a foe, those conditions are increased for 25...60...100% of the base duration and target foe takes 0...25...30 cold damage for each condition.

-Plague Signet Plague Signet:(PVP) Increase recharge to 20. For 20 seconds when you inflict or transfer a condition to a foe, those conditions are increased for 10...15...25% of the base duration and target foe takes 0...5...10 cold damage for each condition.

-Rigor Mortis Rigor Mortis:Disable your non necromancer skills for 10 seconds.

-Signet of Suffering Signet of Suffering:(PVE)0E 1C 15R. For 20 seconds you next 1...2...4 necromancer hex spells last 10...20...30% longer. You have +2 to your curses attribute.

-Signet of Suffering Signet of Suffering:(PVP)0E 1C 15R. For 20 seconds you next 1...1...2 necromancer hex spells last 5...7...12% longer. You have +1 to your curses attribute.Your non-necromancer spels are disabled

-Soul Bind Soul Bind: Change damage to life stealing.Increase recharge to 8.

-Soul Barbs Soul Barbs: Reduce cast time to 1 second and recharge to 15.

-Vocal Minority Vocal Minority:Increase energy to 15.Functionality changed to : Hex Spell. Also hexes foes near target (5...10...15 seconds).These foes shouts and chants now just affects nearby allies.

-Wither Wither:10E 1 C 15R.Elite Hex Spell. For 20 seconds target foe suffers -1 Energy degeneration. When this hex ends target foe loses 0...12...15 energy.

Death Magic[edit]

-Animate Flesh Golem Animate Flesh Golem: Reduce recharge to 20.

-Consume Corpse Consume Corpse:Increase energy to 10 and cast time to 2 seconds and Recharge to 30. Functionality changed for: Teleport to a corpse's location.For 5 seconds that foe cannot be ressurected.Exploits a fresh corpse.Disable your non necromancer skills (10 seconds).

-Necrotic Traversal Necrotic Traversal:Reduce energy to 5. Functionality changed to: Teleport to a corpse's location. You gain 25...85...100 Health and 5...17...20 Energy. Exploits a fresh corpse.

-Deathly Chill Deathly Chill: Reduce energy to 5 and increase recharge to 10.

-Order of Undeath Order of Undeath:10E 1C 20R functionality changed for: For 15 seconds your minions dont suffer from degeneration and attack 8% faster. You lose 1% of your maximum Health whenever your servants hit.

-Putrid Flesh Putrid Flesh:Enchantment Spell. (30 seconds.) inflicts Diseased condition (15 seconds) on adjacent foes if target minion dies.

-Vile Touch Vile Touch: Functionality changed to :target touched foe is poisoned and deseased for 0...10...15 seconds. if target foe is already poisoned or deseased it takes 0...5...15 damage for each condition.