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Guild Wars Wiki Helper Program

This page is a listing of users who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the wiki.

  • To contact a helper, please visit their talk page using the links below.
  • If you wish to be listed as a helper, please add your name to the box below in alphabetical order.
  • Since this page is designed to be as helpful as possible to newer users that need help, we ask that all users that wish to be listed as a helper have a general understanding of wikicode, policy, and formatting guidelines.
  • To add your name to the listing, please use the format * [[User:Example|Example]] <small>''[[User talk:Example|talk]]''</small>
  • Helpers are also encouraged (but not required) to place the {{Guild Wars Wiki:Helpers/Userbox}} template on their userpages to display their willingness to help.
  • If the above userbox is not used, helpers are also encouraged to add their user page to the helper members category. To do this simply add [[Category:GWW Helper Program members|{{PAGENAME}}]] to your user page.
  • Helpers must take note that if you become inactive for over a month or two, your name may be removed from the list and your user page edited appropriately to remove both the user box and the category.
Helper Listing