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Bad Skills[edit]

If you are familiar with rants, this needs no explanation at all. For those reading out of curiosity, this skills, in my opinion, are bad, awful or just don't have potential for more than a specific use. For example, the ranger skill Practiced Stance Practiced Stance, although it can be useful for Choking Gas, it has no more potential besides that. Preparations already have a long duration, if it isn't broken don't fix it. Exceptions are Choking Gas and Seeking Arrows which from the two Choking Gas looks more appealing.

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Derp Dee Derp[edit]

My intention to whom may interest random QQ crap: Skills that make you go "Bleah!" or "How much did I pay for this again?". Arena team's goal:"How much can we piss off our customers more than they already are?" or "How much more can we degrade the game this month?". I will be throwing the s if they get buffed.


I've always liked support classes. They make everything harder to kill or easier but they get the nerf bat to support the awful gimmick running around in PvP areas. That's the idea. To nullify the gimmicks running around but they prefer to tone done the Ritualist for non-gimmick player other than attack the problematic gimmicks. It's a problem when Weapon of Shadow is put onto a target? Really? You get a free hit every time you get removed the blind. But it's no problem to spam death dual attacks with Palm Strike or deal 100 fire damage a la Discord? Might as well do this:

  • Searing Flames:

5Tango-energy.png1Tango-activation-darker.png2Tango-recharge-darker.png Elite Spell. Hits foes near your target. Deals 10...82...100 fire damage to foes already Burning. Inflicts Burning condition (1...6...7 seconds). to foes not Burning.

  • Discord (PvP):

5Tango-energy.png1Tango-activation-darker.png2Tango-recharge-darker.png Elite Spell. Affect foes near your target. Deals 10...82...100 cold damage to foes already hex with Discord. Hexes foes with Discord if not hexed with Discord. Foes hexed with Discord have -x degen.

Spirits die way too fast, too costly and too high of a recharge. Spirits die way too fast, too costly and too high of a recharge. This makes Ritual Lord with Boon of Creation a staple combination. All other elites reduces the cost or fast recharge them but you loose to much on the way to make a fast recharge and reducing the cost doesn't help with their recharge. This makes Ritual Lord as the only maintainable fast recharge and Boon of Creation the only maintainable non-elite energy management.

Some skills shows not effort at all when been done like Armor of Unfeeling, Empowerment, Dulled Weapon, Spirit Siphon, etc. I have a beef with these skills. Take Spirit Siphon, you waste 10 energy overall on a spirit, waste 5 more for energy to get back 9 energy. So with some elemental calculations -10-5+9= -6, what's the difference if you didnt cast the spell? -10 energy wasted on a spirit and -6 energy wasted with this spell a difference of 4 energy saved. Is this good? It can be if only Essence Strike where to be nerfed. Then this skill needs to be moved to Communing or Spawning Power where it can find better use. Weapon of Aggression basically fails in all purpose for a Ritualist like wise to Lamentation and Ghostly Weapon. Soul Twisting has the distinctive problem of not gaining energy, costing energy and the recharge of 15 seconds where, again, Ritual Lord prevails.

Getting into details will make a wall of text so I will just put notes at the right side of the skills.

  • Ancestors' Rage (PvP) Ancestors' Rage (PvP)
  • Anguish Anguish->Spirits dont target the necessary targets
  • Armor of Unfeeling Armor of Unfeeling->The most useless skill in the game. If you are being damaged, move.PvE, nice job.--ShadowFog 03:00, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Armor of Unfeeling Armor of Unfeeling PvP->The most useless skill in the game. If you are being damaged, move.
  • Attuned Was Songkai Attuned Was Songkai->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit.
  • Brutal Weapon Brutal Weapon->Who doesn't use enchantments?
  • Clamor of Souls Clamor of Souls->I should make a list of useless skill. But I mean USELESS in all sense of the word and more. Free flare every 8 seconds. I want to see the meeting of that day.
  • Consume Soul Consume Soul->God awful anti-summon. Holy Spear is non-elite and decimates the summons. What the hell happened here?
  • Defiant Was Xinrae Defiant Was Xinrae->20% is around a spike of 100. So... anti-SF only, unless it adds god mode, dont use it.
  • Disenchantment Disenchantment->25 energy cost is too much for a 211 health 50 armored spirit.PvE. Good job.--ShadowFog 03:00, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Disenchantment Disenchantment->25 energy cost is too much for a 211 health 50 armored spirit.
  • Displacement Displacement->Cant be spammed, dies too quick and blocks normal attacks. Only useful with Ritual Lord.
  • Doom Doom->You lose too much and gain nothing too great.
  • Draw Spirit Draw Spirit->Cost 5.
  • Dulled Weapon Dulled Weapon->Fodder for Factions. No one gets a negative with this, not even Assassins tremble.
  • Empowerment Empowerment->See the talk page for my reactions.
  • Energetic Was Lee Sa Energetic Was Lee Sa->You lose 10 energy, as a item spell you lose around 20 energy and around 50 or more health, must wait around 14 seconds to gain the lost energy and too much of a loss to gain too little additional energy.
  • Explosive Growth Explosive Growth->Unless you always near someone and quick summoning, all signs of an anti-productive Ritualist, this will not work.
  • Feast of Souls Feast of Souls->Only used with Life and anti-productive.
  • Gaze from Beyond Gaze from Beyond->10 seconds recharge? Fail damage spell. Look at it's talk page for it's take.
  • Gaze of Fury Gaze of Fury->Only target spirits and can only be summoned by destroying spirits. No alternatives.
  • Ghostly Haste Ghostly Haste->Wasting 10 energy on this, wasting more energy on energy management because of no passive e.m., and then do a spell, makes this a definition to irony, will not spam spells.
  • Ghostly Weapon Ghostly Weapon->Fodder for EoTN line up. Read it's talk page for my take.
  • Lamentation Lamentation->Fodder for Factions.
  • Lively Was Naomei Lively Was Naomei->3 seconds delay and not stated in it's description but this wiki thinks it's not a bug to do a 9 seconds resurrection. Mailing a letter to a Anet staff.
  • Mending Grip Mending Grip->Inferior in all ways to Mend Body and Soul
  • Pure Was Li Ming Pure Was Li Ming->20 seconds to remove all conditions from a party where in a game conditions spams like crazy.
  • Reclaim Essence Reclaim Essence->30 seconds is too much to wait and anti-productive.
  • Restoration Restoration->Example of why Communing have problems.
  • Ritual Lord (PvP) Ritual Lord (PvP)->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit first. Only useful for Communing.
  • Rupture Soul Rupture Soul->Anti-productive and works with few spirits.
  • Shelter Shelter->Too high of a cost and dies to quick.
  • Signet of Creation Signet of Creation->Signet of Binding surpasses the benefit and... more skills related to kill spirits, isn't the Ritualist suppose to benefit from creation?
  • Sight Beyond Sight Sight Beyond Sight->Encourages second profession use only. Make it non-attribute with 8 seconds duration.
  • Signet of Ghostly Might (PvP) Signet of Ghostly Might (PvP)->When you are bored and less than a year to release a product, you need more fodder.
  • Signet of Spirits Signet of Spirits->Why the hell is this in Channeling? Oh wait even if that's true, spirits that actually benefits from this still have a long recharge. Ritual Lord please.->Good job, Anet.--ShadowFog 03:00, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Signet of Spirits (PvP) Signet of Spirits (PvP)->Example of how neglectful, sloppy and careless is Anet and it's team.
  • Soothing Soothing->Same thing. Too long of a recharge, spirits are weak, 25 energy cost, etc.
  • Soul Twisting Soul Twisting->Spirits are blah blah blah.
  • Spirit Boon Strike Spirit Boon Strike->See the talk page. Ignore other past issues(if ya can).
  • Spirit Channeling Spirit Channeling->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit. Problem solved.
  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit. Problem solved.
  • Spirit Transfer Spirit Transfer->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit. Problem solved.
  • Spirit to Flesh Spirit to Flesh->Bugged and anti-productive.
  • Spirit's Strength Spirit's Strength->One gimmick build and one build only where the ritualist must attack... oh wait, Ritualist are not made to attack.
  • Tranquil Was Tanasen Tranquil Was Tanasen->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit first. lol wut?
  • Union Union->Recharge WAY too long to prevent 2 Searing Flames while they cast 10 or more in one battle.
  • Vocal Was Sogolon Vocal Was Sogolon->See Signet of Spirits (PvP).
  • Weapon of Aggression Weapon of Aggression->It's made for the ritualist to attack? Secondary only.
  • Weapon of Fury Weapon of Fury->Go to it's talk page and read Noctarch's opinion.
  • Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Quickening->Go to it's talk page and read Elu's opinion.
  • Weapon of Renewal Weapon of Renewal->Go to it's talk page and read's and Gordon Ecker's opinion.
  • Weapon of Warding Weapon of Warding->UPDATED!!->Strategy:Tell your attackers to throw themselves into a ditch if they want 50% blocking. "Dont touch my Weapon(Sandvich)!"
  • Wielder's Boon Wielder's Boon->Only useful and better with 2 weapon spells.
  • Wielder's Zeal Wielder's Zeal->Make some kind of passive energy management for the Rit.
  • Protective Was Kaolai Protective Was Kaolai->Best stuff for Rit, now only heals, yeah because spirits are overpowered.



A support profession. Is slower then The Ritualist but unlike The Ritualist, no energy problem. The common mistake of many is taking builds a la Warrior to attack a la Warrior. The Paragon doesn't have skills that can block more than 1 block if it's not elite nor he can't attack through blocking stances nor enchantments unless he himself gets enchanted or ridiculously recharge 7 adrenaline (the most awful skill to remove stances in the game, Wild Throw) and the fact that the spear is too easy to dodge. Another mistake is attacking alone any target, you can be out matched by all professions, all melee equips blocking, you cant remove them and all casters have some melee hate. Every melee have better physical elite skills than the Paragon.

So it's a Saturday night, you cant remove stances nor can you pass any type of blocking. Good thing the spear has range. From Mid line or back line, you can build your adrenaline(and deal damage) to recharge your shouts and spear skills by picking off easy targets that have a difficult time maintaining a block. Then again you can rely on your team mates for a anti-stance skills(Wild Blow... dont like the example? fuck off) and anti-enchantment skills.

A dumb move most make is taking Aggressive Refrain to the wrong arenas. You will have Cracked Armor, not already you are easy to kill but now you take even more damage. A Paragon in a coordinated group, is difficult to topple since, if coordinated, he will have blocking and healing from his team mates while rewarding them(and him/herself) with buffs but if in a random arena, like JQ, FA and RA where objectives can be done solo, you are asking for trouble. If lady luck did smile on your way, you may find a monk or a rit to help you deal with the healing and the Cracked Armor.

So you can't block to save your own skin, you can't deal with blocking opponents plus you have the worst healing skill for a primary, Leader's Comfort. But you have the best support skills in the game. Anthem of Weariness-> you lower the whole enemy team's melee damage output by 66%. "It's just a flesh wound."->The fastest un-counterable removing condition in the game. "Make Your Time!"->Instantly charge 4-5 adrenaline plus 1 more if you just started to attack instantly recharging most high require adrenaline chants/shouts. Song of Purification-> One "Make Your Time!" is enough to recharge SoP, lowering the pressure from condition spammers. But where there's good skill, is bound to have a negative version of them. Below:






Next, the Ritualist.

Mesmer coming up and some skill count.

Some skills got left behind. Revising later.