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I've decided to somewhat take a need lead on things... So... As such... I will be taking down some of the 'negative' things I've been posting about Arena.Net in due time.

Let's hope for the best...

General Information

  • Handle: Lena The <insert name here>
  • Location: Marietta, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Country: North America


Guilt This user has spent 12850 hours in Guild Wars in 42 months (10.1 h/day).
AFK This user spends a lot of time in the game away from the keyboard.
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North American territory.
PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
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Epic 'lolwut' Stories

Arena.Net's Biased Ban

600 verbally owns himself

More Proof Arena.Net Biasedly Banned My Account

Personal Information/Background History

I used to always hang in Kamadan American District 1 and look for items to powersell but now these days I just AFK in my guild hall as I watch movies on my 28" HDMI LCD monitor with my girlfriend. :D When I am not doing that, I am either A) sleeping, or, B) at work. I am the Guild Leader of a guild named Guild Ancestors Reunited [ギルド] that turned 3 years old on February 17, 2009. I created the guild 2 days after I started my Guild Wars career and have been playing it everyday when not at work since then.

I currently have 34 maxed titles, r4 Gladiator (working on r5 currently), r3 Commander, r3 Champion, r9 Hero, r12 Kurzick, and r12 Luxon. I used to be an HA'er (Heroes' Ascent) but I truthfully can't be bothered anymore with HA because of how the way the PvP environment has turned to shit. Back when it was 6v6, I HA'ed lightly for roughly a month and got to r6 Hero (with roughly 1200 fame), and, quit so I could do other things that I wanted to do (with the occasional HA whenever double fame events came around). After about 2 years worth of a break from HA I came back and went from r7 to r9 (2200 fame to 4670 fame) in literally 7 days (thanks to in large part to "We Believe In Harvey [Dent]", a r11+ core I joined so I could get back into HA to finish up my tiger).

As for my r6 KoaBD, it took me roughly 5 1/2 months to accomplish (using a steady, easy pace that *DID NOT* involve the "grind" factor that so many people say you MUST do in order to achieve this title. /laugh @ them).

A Little More Intimate

Most of the time if you see me anywhere in Guild Wars you will see me with my better half, Light Feathers, whom is my current/indefinite girlfriend and an officer in my guild. A brief summary on our history: We met online in Guild Wars during the Canthan New Year event in 2006, where my girlfriend and I maintained a solid friendship for quite some time. On October 24th, we ended up hooking up to see where it would take us. With her living in Vancouver (BC), Canada and me living in Georgia, USA (if you are not geographically-aware, then, these 2 places are literally on the opposite sides of North America), it was a bit of a challenge. But, at long last, with much effort and strife, we managed to stay together and believe it or not we are currently living together. Our relationship would not have became a realization if it were not for Guild Wars existing and allowing us the chance to meet one another. :D In a brief summary, I would say that love stories like these truly do exist, and, I am the living proof that events like these DO happen to people. :)

More information

<coming soon to a theater near you>


Get r9 Hero

Get r3 Gladiator

Get r3 Commander

Get r3 Champion

Get r6 KoaBD (God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (6)

Get all the PvP titles in Guild Wars high ranked enough so I can put them in my Hall of Monuments.

Buy an Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.

Buy an Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic.

Collect every birthday/promotional Miniature Pet as UNDED (except for the high-end mini's).

PvP Accomplishments

All of these will not be increasing anymore (except for the very rare instance that I feel the urge to HA for 30 minutes or so once a week). Now these days all I only do is Random Arena to reach my r5 Gladiator title (in which case once I do achieve it I will have to find yet another goal, which honestly I may decide on going even higher {maybe r7} in my Gladiator title track <.< lol).

4750 Fame
845 Gladiator points
501 Victory points
100 Victories