Cracked Armor

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The visual effect of cracked armor on a character: a white shroud circling around the legs
Cracked Armor.jpg

Condition. While suffering from this Condition, you have -20 armor (minimum 60).

Concise description: You have -20 armor (minimum 60).

— In-game description

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  • Cracked Armor takes effect before the armor cap.
  • There are no upgrade components that influence the duration of cracked armor, as there are for most other conditions.
  • For a maximum level character, an AR of 60, from a flavor standpoint, is essentially considered unarmored. An armor rating of 60 offers no damage reduction or increase to the listed damage of a weapon or skill.
  • Cracked Armor uses the same animation as weakness.
  • Opponents suffering the full effect of cracked armor will take 41% more damage.
    • It often has little or no effect on party members who are casters, since their maximum base armor rating is 60; it almost always has some effect on martial classes.
    • It almost always reduces protections offered by armor-boosting equipment mods, such as of Defense or Shaman's Insignia.
    • It almost always reduces the bonuses of armor-boosting skills like Armor of Frost.
    • Many foes in hard mode will suffer its full effects, since even casters can have armor ratings of 80 or more.
    • Since cracked armor gives a percentage-based increase in damage, targets with AR 80 (the lowest rating that receives the full effect) will suffer the highest amount of increased damage.
Bug Bug.Cracked armor will reduce armor ratings as low as that of the target's Core armor, if that value is below 60.
Bug Bug.Cracked armor has no effect if you use a skill or combination of skills or effects that boosts your armor by +46 or more. See also armor calculation.


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