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The visual effect of a bleeding character: blood-colored mist circling around the waist
The visual effect on the health bar of a bleeding character: pale pink color and three arrows of degeneration

Condition. While suffering from this injury, you lose Health over time.

Concise description: You have -3 Health degeneration.

— In-game description

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  • Bleeding is a condition that causes 3 pips of health degeneration on a character. The visual indication of bleeding is a ring of dark red mist around a character's waist. The health bar for the affected character also turns pale pink.
  • If the affected character is also suffering from either disease or poison, or from a health degeneration hex, his health bar will be either green or purple, respectively, rather than pink.
  • Like poison and disease, bleeding only affects fleshy creatures.
  • Barbed weapon upgrades lengthen the duration of bleeding by 33%.
  • A Rune of Restoration or the inscription "Fear Cuts Deeper" can be used to reduce the duration of bleeding by 20%.
  • Bleeding is often caused by attacks. It can be used as a pressure and/or cover condition. There are a few skills that require it on a target for additional effects.
  • Bleeding in itself isn't usually a big problem, but can play an important role in condition pressure-builds. You should also keep an eye out for it when facing builds that use skills that need a condition as a prerequisite, as it is relatively easy to inflict and often lasts for a rather long time.

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