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I actually have too many characters, 20 currently, two are just a holders of stuff though. Instead of giving one character a lot of builds I tend to create a new one. For example, I have 4 warriors, one axe, two sword (one is female) and one hammer. I also have two monks, one smiter and one protector/healer, the latter is at Survivor 1 and trying for 2. My first necro does alternate between mm and curses and so he has two sets of armor. My second necro uses blood magic exclusively.

Ramei Arashi is the first of my characters, created in late August of 2008. Eagle Feathers, Blue Fiend, R O A D Rage and Akakage The Ninja were all created in September. Whirlwind Romance (my first female character) and Mystic Master Mind came in October and Tenpai Yari in December. Shy Samurai is the first character I created in 2009, with all the others following after. Seirei Teishu was originally created in 2008 but was deleted after he lost Survivor. After I recreated him he lost it again but I decided to keep him.

I have all the Oppressor Weapons, mostly on heroes as my player characters don't need them.

My Characters:[edit]

Ramei Arashi

Eagle Feathers

Blue Fiend

R O A D Rage

Akakage The Ninja

Whirlwind Romance

Mystic Master Mind

Tenpai Yari

Dr San Guinary

Shy Samurai

Kewalaka Iohunukonu

Seirei Teishu

Not So Mighty Thor

Saffron The Pius

A One Eyed Jack

Jim Lightning

Watari Goro

Love Is A Rose

Catherine Coldheart

Tsuyoi Meimu

Kissa Nimbleclaw

Aka Kaen

Etienne Martel

Thank you MafooUK, Fox007,Wynthyst,Atlantis29 for your templates[edit]